Communication Tips: Why Gossip Is Toxic

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Gossip in the workplace, at school… complaining about your coworkers, your boss, or anyone isn’t likely to make you look powerful or responsible. It’s likely to diminish other peoples’ opinion of you, and get in your way as you strive for your goals.

Here’s why alcohol can make gossip even worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLu8Qh-VrL0

“Ohhhhh, girl. Did you hear about Laura and Kevin? And what she said to his mom? And what he did after that?”

“YES! I couldn’t believe it. Could NOT. Of all people — I would never have seen that coming!”

Gossip is toxic. You know it, I know it, the person sitting two tables over eavesdropping knows it. It sets negativity in motion and, if we’re not careful, attracts more of the same. Gossip hurts you, it hurts the friend you’re gossiping with, it hurts the people you’re talking about.
Even when your gossip is ‘legitimate’, even when you have a right to feel scandalized or hurt by someone’s behavior …

You might be right about your feelings, but that ‘rightness’ isn’t helping you get what you want.

Instead, commit to talking about what you want and how you’re going to make it happen.

Alexa Fischer is an LA-based actress and career coach, teaching others the skills to reach their goals in business and life. She offers private coaching to creative people around the world, and is also available for lectures and presentations for business and organizations.

We just love to do it we do we can’t help ourselves we love to sit around we do I don’t know what that is but like activates something in us but the question is what is it really doing to us you see when we are gossiping it’s predicated on this idea that we don’t want somebody to hear what we’re talking about so in essence it’s not nice right it’s not in the camp that’s full of positive inspiring you know good things right it’s in that sort of this kind of thing now the problem is is that our words have power there is a momentum that is created when you are focusing on that which you don’t like and it in a way attracts that to you so if you find yourself spending a good deal of time or even a little bit of time in that gossip place I am Telling You you are getting nothing it is hurting you in addition to hurting the other person so while I do not want to sound like a Miss goody two-shoes pants I am telling you gossip can be a very destructive thing why it’s not getting you what you want it’s not you may be right about your feelings but that rightness isn’t helping you get what you want it’s not attracting the good things because what you focus on you create I’m gonna say that again what you focus on you create so if you are bitching around the water cooler about such-and-such doing blah blah blah and I can’t believe that and it’s so unfair guess what you are literally creating a life of unfairness it doesn’t matter what’s going on that is eliciting that response let it go on around you but what do you want start talking about that what things do you want to create in your life how do you want to feel what do you think is possible this whole thing that I’ve created here was based on the idea of I would love to do this would be unbelievable and if I had listened to all them you can’t do it well my money’s over how you making money I would never be here so tune that stuff out watch what’s happening on with your mouth and really set your intention to the good stuff because when you do unbelievable things happen life is too short to gossip so train yourself to not participate