7 Easy Tips to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle Today | by Erin Elizabeth

[UltraVid id=37 ]What is up you guys welcome back to my channel and Happy New Year today’s video I thought this would be the perfect timing to just share with you seven tips to just help lead a healthier lifestyle now these are things that I try to do on a day-to-day basis and incorporate into my lifestyle to try to live just overall more healthy so yeah I figured since it’s the new year and usually this is the time of year where people you know set those goals for themselves and try to just live an all-around healthier lifestyles so let’s get right into it alright so my number one tip would be to try and shop more fresh foods what Kyle and I usually do when we go grocery shopping is we like to shop around the outside of the grocery store we try to avoid the aisles as much as possible we really try to eat just fresh healthier foods so for instance when we’re in the produce section we load up on all of our favorite fruits and vegetables and we also try to shop like what’s in season at the time so for instance in the fall time we’ll load up on apples and usually like at our grocery store they have a local selection during the seasons so you can shop locally as well as the fresh foods so that’s always great as well and then like in the summer time it’ll be berries and things like that yeah if you try to live by that rule and just stay towards the outside of the grocery stores and steer clear of like the chip file and stuff like that then that’s gonna really really help you keep like all the bad stuff out of your home and then you’re not gonna be tempted to eat it when you are at home so my next tip would be to have healthier snack alternatives now I know we all get our cravings and I’m the kind of person who craves sweets so I always want like chocolate and cookies and all of that stuff and I know a lot of people crave salty things like chips and stuff like that so what I try to do is make healthier alternatives to sweets that I would be craving so for instance like recently I made a chocolate avocado pudding instead of having chocolate so I mashed up an avocado I tossed in some cocoa powder all this good healthy stuff in there and that I can have my chocolate fix without breaking my diet and another thing that I absolutely love what I’m craving cookies I make these bomb cookie dough bites that are just totally healthy like little protein balls have the recipe on my blog if you guys are interested so any time I’m like craving a cookie or something like that I will just whip those up and they’re super easy and then you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it so if you’re only got a person who likes saltier foods maybe experiment with things like roasted chickpeas and then you can have that as a nice like crunchy little snack and you can season it how you like or maybe some kale chips yeah just find things that are gonna cheer your cravings yeah you’re not gonna feel guilty about eating it afterwards all right tip number three is to stop mindlessly eating now this is something I am extremely guilty of and I’ve been really trying to cut down on it because I just don’t think it’s a good thing to do and that’s just like eating like say when you’re preparing food and you’re just snacking on everything or when you’re dinner’s all ready and you’re literally eating it on your way to sit down so basically take your meal put it at the table and only eat when you’re sitting down and you’re gonna fully enjoy eating that meal otherwise yeah you’re just mindlessly eating and that’s never a good thing because you’re not aware when you’re doing it and you’re just popping things into your body so I think it’s best if you just allot the time and only eat when you’re sitting down and you’re actually able to fully enjoy it so tip number three kind of rolls in to tip number four and that’s to keep a food diary you know this is something I started doing like later in the year last year and it’s honestly like so eye opening it’s crazy so when I was in like my best shape ever like four or five years ago I tracked literally everything that I ate and now that I’ve been trying to like get back on my healthy living and my healthy diet I decided I’d start tracking what I was eating again so I actually used this app called My Fitness Pal and this is the same app that I use like way back in the day so I decided to like redownload it onto my phone and actually like keep track of the things I was eating and it helps you see like if you’re getting all the vitamins and protein and everything into your diet as well so it tracks literally everything like if you have a cup of spinach you just pop in that cup of spinach and you can see like all the iron you’re getting everything like that so I personally love it for those reasons and just to keep like on track so yeah I think keeping a diary of what you’re eating is extremely beneficial and it just it just makes you aware of what you’re consuming and I think that’s a good thing just to know and not like push it to the back of your mind yeah I personally really like it and it really helps me stay on track personally so that’s why I like to do it and to make sure I am getting enough protein and all of that good stuff into my diet so my next tip would be to find things that are gonna keep you inspired and keep you motivated so what I personally like to do is I like to follow a lot of like veggie food accounts and stuff like that and maybe some fitness people that way I can get that inspiration while I’m just like mindlessly scrolling throughout the day and I think that is such a good thing to do because you want to have things around you or like in your feeds that are gonna keep you inspired and keep you motivated and make you want to live that healthier lifestyle I think it’s really important to just surround yourself with things that are gonna inspire you and keep you motivated because that is gonna affect like your just overall mood like maybe you’re feeling kind of down one day and in the dumps and then you see that quick little exercise video or those yoga poses from before-and-after photos and that’s gonna really push you and motivate you to keep going I also love listening to podcasts and stuff like that whenever I’m like at the gym or I’m just walking I always pop on a podcast that is gonna motivate me or just like success stories and interviews and stuff like that that always always always inspires me and makes me so motivated after I’m done listening so my next little tip would be to get exercise anywhere and everywhere that you can so whether it’s parking far away like when you’re going to the store and then you have to walk into the store and you are getting like those extra steps in or taking the stairs I personally take the stairs all the time I just like to do that and it makes me feel better about myself and also this is probably gonna sound really really weird but this is something that I do like if I I’m cooking food or Sam like warming up a meal in the microwave and I have like two minutes to kill I will do like squats for those two minutes or I will do we practice some yoga poses have been really trying to improve my dancer pose so I’ll do that during those two minutes yeah just anything like that and you’re killing time and you’re also getting in a little bit of exercise so try to incorporate a little bit more exercise whether you’re just doing a stretch while you’re microwaves on or are doing those squats and lunges I think any little bit helps and just to get the blood flowing and your body moving a little bit yeah that’s just something I personally like to do and my last tip tip number seven is to get active in the morning I am the kind of person that has to work out in the morning I don’t usually like working out at night time as much because I’m more likely to blow it off and decide not to go out so I have to like get up in the morning and do it right away kind of thing and then I know I’m good for the day and I don’t have to stress about it and I know for a lot of people like time is an issue in the morning so I would highly suggest finding a quick 10 to 15 minute workout you can do from home right in the morning I will just do like a really really quick like yoga routine or a quick Pilates or a workout or something like that and you really can’t have an excuse if it’s like a 10-minute quick like get your blood pumping kind of class so I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love like yoga with Adriene and boho beautiful and boho beautiful has a ton of classes that are literally just like 10 to 15 minutes and some of them really get your freaking sweat on so literally no excuses there are tons of YouTube classes you can do that are 10 minutes long and it just honestly helps it sets your mood for the day and you are gonna feel so good afterwards you never regret working out ever so I would definitely recommend just finding something quick to do right in the morning before you even start getting ready you make it the first thing you do when you get up and you were gonna feel like a million bucks afterwards and just be ready for the day alright guys so that wraps up my seven tips for living a healthier lifestyle like I said these are just like easy little things that I try to incorporate into my life to just live overall more so let me know what you guys do to try to live a healthier life on a day to day basis because I always love hearing everybody else’s tips as well and yeah that wraps it up so I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music]