Vegan Spirituality Retreat

[UltraVid id=92 ]My name is Lisa Levinson I am a vegan activist I organized vegan spirituality meetups that meet monthly and also annual retreats to me vegan spirituality is the practice that includes and is based on compassion for all living beings so veganism is a spiritual path when we decide to be vegan it’s including all living beings in our ideas of compassion we need many many tools on this path and I think that’s what vegan spirituality brings to the movement sometimes the best thing that people can do is stay centered take a deep breath and just acknowledge we stand I think what it does is it helps you to plan ahead for where you need to go I think it’s desperately needed in the movement in general spirituality is a part of the human condition no matter what we call it passion heart love it all comes from our true eternal spirit and our own inner wisdom that humanity is capable of infinite unconditional love and care for all beings the retreat is an opportunity to really celebrate to bond together in a way create a sacred sanctuary where we can create our own rituals that relate to being vegan it’s about joy it’s about community it’s about love it’s about compassion it’s about empathy it’s about understanding one another and know that we all are suffering these each retreat contains elements of connecting to nature we have a walk that people take or going into nature on the property and sitting and doing a quiet meditation we offer meditation and yoga these are ways to connect with ourselves and then we invite speakers to come and share their view about veganism as a spiritual practice spiritual mentality is a an awareness of the interconnectedness of all of life and how our actions always boomerang back be kind to each other whatever you most want for yourself give that to others take some time out relax spend some time thinking about what it means to be doing the kind of work you’re doing we invite you to join us for a vegan spirituality retreat there are lots of fun it’s a great opportunity to meet people the vegan movement and also meet people who just you relate to meet people who also feel that veganism is part of their spiritual nature and it’s just a fun day it’s a really great event and I hope you can join