Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

[UltraVid id=202 ]Has your group been labeled as a terrorist organization have you been labeled as a terrorist we got threatening phone calls to people following our trucks know hey we’re terrorizing our local farmers they’re terrorizing us. I’m in Berkeley California and I’m meeting with an animal liberation group called direct action everywhere also known as DXE they’re notorious for their extreme tactics which includes civil disobedience mass protests and trespassing because several of DX these tactics are illegal many of their members have been arrested some are even facing felony charges that could land them up to 60 years in prison but even with the looming threat of prison time DXE is planning the largest action in the history of the organization which will happen tomorrow morning at an undisclosed location let’s do it all one more time my name is Wayne Cheung and I’m co-founder of the animal rights Network direct action everywhere I’m also a lawyer and former and law professor we started the EXCI in 2013 because we wanted to build a movement for animal rights [Music] we haven’t labeled this terrorist and it’s shocking because we’re just a bunch of people volunteer at dog and cat shelters and really love animals some of these terrorist labels may be in response to past DXE actions in May of 2018 Wayne was indicted with multiple felony charges after breaking into a pig farm in Utah to document living conditions he removed two piglets from the property these charges could send Wayne to prison for sixty years if he’s convicted so you are facing pretty much the rest of your life in prison yeah and you’re still going to participate in this open rescue tomorrow yeah why for most the past 20 years of my life as an animal I attacked us I thought to myself that there will come a time where you have to make some sacrifices to bring exposure to this issue and you have to be ready to make those sacrifices I am several hundred activists from across the country gathered to hear Wayne’s final briefing as he reveals the specific target and mission of today’s action their objective is to break into a large egg farm and occupy the property until all the sick and injured chickens are removed folks we are about to march into a massive factory farm in the heart of darkness and hell we’re gonna expose what’s happening inside and try to take some of the Andals out and today we’ve got a legal opinion from a scholar we’ll be delivering to the company saying we have the right to be there we have the right to rescue these animals are we all ready to go a lawyer has written Wayne a legal opinion arguing that DX’s actions today are protected under a California animal abuse law Penal Code 597 II however 597 II has yet to be used as a successful legal defense for actions like this since DXE is technically trespassing vais will not cross property lines to film all footage inside the farm is filmed by DXE we are approaching the facility I can see the signs to say eggs so it seems like they’re starting to brush the facility they’re starting to run I’m an investigator with the rescue network for California peonies attached to this letter you can be de let’s uh sorry I’m not thank you very much sir thank you very much right to do this we do have the right to fire ace seems like a lot of the workers are coming out really confused about what is happening coming onto the property who has no right to be here these animals are not being missing so this is a good operation this is a very very good operation so you expect arrests I’m gonna go over and tell our deputy [Applause] you have a right under all right or anything we did you want me this ever right pictures [Applause] look at how crimps wave conditions are dehydration because they have no access to water as you can see there’s probably a few hundred of them to come and support the animals are going to be coming out soon we have at least three cars I don’t know how many officers are actually on sites it’s gonna they’re gonna be walking for a few minutes there’s a few hundred of them oh they’re all coming out over here is this one okay is there anything wrong with this one nobody in there is okay what do you have going on right now she was found in there 5 rescuers isn’t I’m just holding on to her right now is she dead yes it looks like the police are actually starting to like occupy the front of the building and probably stop them from going back in police have blocked the entrance to the farm DXE is considering going back into the property to release more birds Wayne is negotiating these demands with officers and farm owners we’re gonna check on animal patrols MTA okay I’m appreciative rays of operation so far so good and we’ll take a look here in a little bit thank you very much I appreciate it so Wayne what is happening what we’ve argued is that under 597 first of all we have the right to go again it doesn’t matter but they cannot stop it cannot sighs just like if someone is torturing their dog and you go to give the dog some assistance the other right to do it have a right to do all right what’s up is Sergeant Thompson asking you no go back in he’s asking us not to go back and right now and and he’s he’s saying that in exchange for not exercising our rights he will go in with animal control and we will have an opportunity to see some of these disease and distressed animals in the barn Wayne Wayne can I talk to you over here we’ll get going talking to [Applause] I’ve asked you to be reasonable I’ve asked you spend a winter with me yeah and you’re refusing that this is a setup Friday it looks your game file it’s leaves a box outside let’s leave the press and the cameras off and have seen the outside as well sure using both of you guys okay Dave going I don’t even want to go inside I don’t want any police officers okay so basically what’s happening is the owner said he wants to talk to Wayne without media without police so that’s where they went we’re gonna wait and see what happens they said we could remove sicker distressed handles but they kind of waffled on this and they said what do you see a sick and distress and they also said we did not remove any sick of distress panels so well the folks are applying to do a civil experience please approach the fraud we just announced everybody that they are going to go in here they go so there are walking across they’re gonna get arrested we see Wayne there are a lot of people who have charges who are going to get arrested [Music] Duane is getting arrested property in total 40 activists including Wayne are arrested and taken to sonoma county sheriff’s office and they’re released the next morning so we’re going to visit Mike he’s one of the owners of the farm that dxc escaped the break-in and I’m gonna talk to him about how he’s feeling a few months out how it has affected him how are you good my clever thanks for having me out here you bet so in the aftermath of what happened what what have your thoughts been what have you been thinking about right after it was really why me what was so bad with our operation that we were the targets we looked at DXE and after really understanding what they’re about and how they’re not for upsetting animal welfare standards they’re for the eradication of using animals if you realize there’s no way there’s a cover going to be a common ground they excel at trying to create some some mayhem and they they think it’s a positive or constructive way to have a discussion but it’s not it’s detrimental it shut our business down it concerned our employees and we have people today who have lingering issues about this type of thing happening again it’s a big operation but we’re small farmers do you consider your farm humane should there be a concern about how your birds are raised all farmers should be held accountable they should be doing everything they can to provide humane care for the amount of effort we put in to take care of these animals that’s the way it should be done we’re audited by three different groups that look at our animal care from a humane or animal welfare perspective the statements that dxc had made were false they were saying that the birds are not provided water and not provided feed basically and I’m happy to show you inside of our chicken houses so you can see that every chicken has feed and water access to it 24 hours a day this is a cage free house and these curtains this is where the nests are and what we’re doing is creating a safe place for them that’s dark because they like to lay their eggs in a place that’s safe from predators that’s why these curtains are here you can see the nipples as well up here if I push it and so they know to do that since day one they’ve been drinking water this way something from that day I do remember there was a dead bird that one of them did bring out yeah animals are just like humans if you have a city with a hundred thousand people in it there’s some people die every day it’s part of the natural process it’s one of the things that if I could run a farm and none of my animals ever died I’d be all for it but I can’t it’s hard it’s hard to be a farmer and have your integrity called on the floor by a bunch of people who don’t have any understanding of our industry the challenges we face the amount of effort that goes into producing this safe affordable and humanely raised product because of the DXE event we have evaluated everything we do from an animal welfare perspective we’ve looked at ways that we can improve it we’re actually making some changes so there’s there’s a good thing that comes out of it but it came out of it in the most unconstructive manner do you consider a DXE a domestic terrorist group that’s a great question they’re terrorizing us they’re terrorizing our local farmers there’s not a night that goes by that I hear a slow-moving car that I think that there’s somebody out there patrolling everybody is nervous now because of what they’re doing there’s nothing constructive about their action I mean were you know so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and last time I saw you you were being arrested so just update me what’s happened since then we’ve done a number of other mass demonstrations but most notably we went back to Sonoma County with a couple hundred people to do a demonstration of a huge poultry farm and as a result 58 activists including myself around up in charged with multiple felonies and now we have to win this fight in court so talk to me a little bit about that you know how are you guys working with 597 a when you’re in court facing some of the charges that you’re facing it’s always scary to be in court it’s even more scary when you’re facing dozens of felonies and that’s what we’re facing now at the same time we know this is an opportunity because if we can win one of these cases what that will mean is that the law and the court and the jury accept the fact that these animals are living creatures and that will open the doors for activists across the state and across the nation to start infiltrating these farms taking the animals out and exposing an industry that when exposed people want it to stop so I think what Mike would say and what I think he did say to you um when we weren’t there is that he’s doing everything by the book by the law but that’s not still not okay for you guys the laws are corrupt and the laws are often written and enforced by the industry for the industry their response is always one in the same which is this is an industry standard and our response to that is corporations don’t ride the laws that people write the laws they want to believe what they’re doing is not bad for the animals are bad for the environment their economic interests certainly are aligned with that belief but when we actually look at this with a an objective lens we have to acknowledge these animals are suffering do you think if you and Wayne ever talked again you don’t think that you guys would come to some sort of agreement I don’t know a good analogy for it but the only one I could give you is if you own a house and there’s an arsonist who once have a conversation with you a discussion with you how could you ever come to agreement on something he wants to shut all animal agriculture down I need to pay off the loans I want to continue our family business I want to continue to provide fresh food for the citizens of this state things happen and after they happen life is never the same for us it’s having several hundred people come break into your building and broad daylight push their way past your employees and steal animals out of your house that happened you know I can’t can’t go back can’t make it go away what you were doing is illegal you know what do you say to them you never change the world by following the rules first of all so some rules are meant to be broken when there’s an unjust rule someone should break it but more importantly I don’t see us as rule breakers I see us as rule makers that if you look at the course of human history these great social changes only occurred because people were willing to test the boundaries of the current system


74 Year Old Discovers the Fountain of Youth in Her Garden looks 40

[UltraVid id=185 ]Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m here in South Florida once again, and
I’m here actually at a really cool home that is growing food. And the reason why I am at this home today
is because the gardener here that I’ll be interviewing at the end, basically has found
the fountain of youth. And she’s actually been on many different
TV shows and the news media come and interview her and kinds of stuff. And basically the Fountain of Youth that everybody’s
always been searching for and they sent what Columbus or Ponstillion or whoever to find
the Fountain of Youth. What if it’s where you are right now? And basically, the fountain of youth that
she found is growing food at her house and eating the foods that she grows from nature. And eating foods from nature. And it’s, this lady is incredible. She’s a new friend of mine. I just met her for the first time today. And I’m going to go ahead and share with
you guys actually what she’s growing and how she’s growing it, and talk to you guys
about some of the benefits of the foods that she’s growing. And then at the end we’re going to interview
her about, you know, her diet, her lifestyle and of course her garden as well. So I mean, I really think it’s a sad shape
here in south Florida. Most people just have front lawns. And, you know, what if you could grow food
and keep your health and stay younger longer. Not because of any supplements or anything,
potion pill, you know, that you have to buy but just if you’re just growing your own
food and high quality food at that. Because she like me, also believes that you
know, we need to have a high quality food. So she’s adding things like trace minerals
into her food to have better than store bought quality food right at her fingertips and right
outside her back door. So anyways, let’s go ahead and head across
the street and we’ll show you guys how she’s growing not only in her front yard but also
in her back yard as well. So now we’re over in Annette’s front yard. And as you guys could see, she doesn’t have
a lawn here. She’s actually using the space more wisely
to produce food. And this is what I believe everybody should
be doing, at least growing a part of the food that they need to eat. You know, we have shifted responsibility for
our health to the doctors, to, you know, get us better when we’re sick, and to the farmers
that are growing food to hopefully keep you well. But I personally believe that in most instances
they’re failing on these tasks because there are more and more diseases, you know, than
ever. And like the top 15 killers are caused by
the food that you put in your mouth. And, you know, the doctors can only, you know,
help your body, assist your body to heal you in some cases but in many cases, you know,
they give you prescription drugs that just control the symptoms. And they never really heal you. So, you know, it’s my belief that the body
heals itself. And that’s why I think everybody should
take some responsibility for their health but also, you know, for the food they’re
eating. And that’s what Annette’s doing here in
her front yard. She has these wood chips in, so as the wood
chips are sitting on the ground it’s actually creating more fertility and adding fertility
to the soil in the forms of fungal dominated compost. And in this whole area here she has a whole
bunch of pineapple plants. So these will make some delicious pineapples
in, I don’t know, over a year, a year and a half. And then behind that, she has a big bunch
of bamboo. If you guys could see that, she could use
the bamboo for stakes in her garden, but more importantly, she’ll actually eat the young
emerging sprouts that she’ll cover up, you know, with an old trash can or even just pile
some dirt on it. And when they come up and they don’t get
hit by the sun, they’re a lot more easy and tender to eat. Now she does have a special variety of bamboo,
you know, for eating, you know, in it’s natural raw and uncooked state. Many bamboos can be, you know, cooked and
eaten and they get a lot more tender. But anyways let’s go ahead and go over,
oh I see one on the ground over there. Let’s go ahead and take a look at one of
her favorite foods that is probably responsible or partly responsible for her good looks. So now what we’re looking at is a tree that
she planted many years ago on her property. And this thing is huge. This is probably like pushing fifteen feet
tall and she told me earlier that this thing was taking over the front yard. So she actually had to cut it back a lot. But despite being cut back, this is actually
fruiting and producing lots of fruits and lots of leaves. And yeah, I mean you could see just there’s
so many fruits it’s also attracting bees and other beneficial insects here. And what this fruit’s called is it’s called
Noni. And it’s from the South Pacific, and in
Hawaii it’s very popular, and it’s often used in Hawaii, I have videos before where
I talk about Noni a little bit. But it’s a very medicinal fruit, and medicinal,
you know, read non-sweet fruit. And one of the things Annette does is she
never will pick these off the tree because if they’re picked off the tree, these are
not ripe, they’re really hard. She wants to get fruit in their peak ripeness. Which also means that they are at their peak
nutrition as well. So to do that you don’t pick them off the
tree, you actually just look on the ground. So right here, check it out, we found one
today on the ground. And when they’re on the ground they get
kind of little bit translucent. Here’s one here that’s like still kind
of green and what not and it’s nice and hard. I don’t know if you guys could see this
branch over here. But in the front there’s a little small
baby, a bigger one and then a green one, and in the back it’s starting to get a little
bit lighter in color, but it’s not as translucent as the guy over here. But yeah this guy is ripe and ready to go. And the thing about this fruit is if you smell
it, it has a strong odor. And it kind of smells like cheese. So, so yeah. Like this is probably not the tastiest fruit. Let’s go ahead and, how she normally would
do this is she would harvest it, she would wash it, and then she would store it in the
fridge. So maybe I’ll take this in and we’ll go
into the fridge later, I’ll show you guys washed fruit, and then we’ll explain how
she uses it, and then at that point maybe I’ll try one of these guys to let you guys
know how it actually tastes. But yeah. The Noni fruit, it’s definitely healing,
medicinal fruit, and she drinks the juice quite often as she has a huge tree that makes
more fruits than she could even eat. And I want to stop there, I mean, this is
more of a wild fruit tree. And I want to encourage you guys to get wild
fruit trees whenever you can. They’re generally higher in anti-oxidants
and lower in sugar, you know, than fruits that are commonly made today. A lot of fruits that actually you would buy
at the nursery or Big Box store are fruits bred for sweetness. And, you know, in my opinion we should have
fruits bred for nutrition. Because that’s what I’m after and that’s
my goal. I mean, sweetness is good but, you know, they’re
bringing things like the anti-oxidants out of the fruits so that they could be stored
and shipped well. Because a fruit could have many different
traits. And it would actually be cool someday if somebody
actually, you know, had a variety of Noni that is actually sweet with also the medical
benefits. Anyways let’s go ahead and share with you
guys more sweet high anti-oxidant fruits that could be grown probably many places in the
United States. So another fruit tree she actually has in
the front yard is right here. It’s these guys. I don’t know if you guys could see all the
berries on here. There’s like a whole bunch. The red ones are not quite ripe yet and these
guys are the ripe ones. These are black mulberries. So mulberries are really highly pigmented
berries and I encourage you guys to eat copious amount of berries because they are very high
in anti-oxidants and lower in sugar compared to many other fruits. And, you know, it’s the anti-oxidant color
that’s staining my fingers, this red color, it’s this color that has, mmm that’s quite
good, beneficial properties for us. I mean, they’re doing all kinds of research
nowadays and finding different anti-oxidants are effective against cancer and many other
diseases out there. But most importantly for me besides just the
disease fighting of the anti-oxidants is because the anti-oxidants protect us from free radical
damage. And I think this is the major contribution
to aging, you know. There are things you could do that will age
you faster. I mean, we know that smoking will give you
wrinkles and you know, your dietary choices will play a role in how fast you age. You could eat foods that will age you faster
or you could eat these high anti-oxidant foods that will prevent the free radical damage,
which means you’re going to age slower and be able to keep your beauty and your health
much longer. I mean, I like to look at my food like Hippocrates
said, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. An unfortunately in our society we’ve gotten
away from eating the foods found in nature. Like Annette grows and also eats. So what I want to do next is actually go ahead
and head in to the back yard and share with you guys some of the vegetables she’s growing
now and more importantly, the most important vegetables that she’s growing in her backyard
here in South Florida, but you guys could grow wherever you live. And I think everybody should be growing these
vegetables that I’ll show you in just a little bit. So now I want to share with you guys one of
the best leafy green vegetables you guys could grow here in the south, you know, that is
hot and humid that really likes the conditions. And it’s actually right over there yonder. So let’s go ahead and take you over there. So the leafy green that’s been growing the
best for her at this time of the year are these guys. These guys are known as the Georgia southern
collard greens. And you could see they’re nice and huge
and large. So greens are definitely one of the main staples
of Annette’s diet, and looks like she’s not having any problems growing these collards. In addition, she has the bottom mulched with
leaves, you know, so that she does not have to water as much. And this creates a layer of protection on
the soil because the soil microbes and earthworms and all the creatures in the soil are some
of the most important things for your garden. So I like that she’s doing that and all
this stuff looks super healthy. Now all the cruciferous vegetables such as
the kale, the collard greens, and bak choy, cabbage, all these cruciferous vegetables
have anti-cancerous compounds in there. And the best way to get them into you is to
harvest your greens and then chop them up and then eat them. So whether you’re going to chop them up
and eat them in a salad, or whether you’re going to put them in the blender, the blender’s
chopping it up, add them with a banana, some coconut water and drink it in a smoothie. Or whether you want to put these through the
juicer and have the juicer chop it up and then drink the fresh vegetable juice. Those are some of the best ways to get the
most amount of nutrients out of your greens. Next let’s go ahead and tale a look at another
area where she’s really growing some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. So as I mentioned before, another way that
Anette is growing food is actually in these pots here. And these are just standard nursery pots. And, you know, she has a lot of area that’s
actually ready to grow and raised beds and a lot of pots. But she also has a lot of landscape rocks
and things down where she maybe doesn’t want to grow in the dirt. So she actually is growing in pots. And I mean, you guys could grow a lot of foods
in pots even if you are renting, and you could take these pots and the soil with you when
you move. And she’s chosen to grow some of the most
nutritious plants in these pots and some of the ones that are very easy to take care of,
such as the herbs. I think everybody should have an herb garden
like Annette is growing here. She has things like the thyme and the cuban
oregano, both the variegated and non variegated standard oregano, and she has different kinds
of mints. She’s also growing of course the arugula
in the containers here. And these are all very important foods because
it’s all the different flavor components in the foods, you know, that actually protect
the plants from the insects and the bugs. You see what happens is the plants make plant
metabolites, and for instance the tomato can make up to 300 different plant metabolites,
so that means the tomato will produce 300 different compounds within it’s structure
as will the herbs, you know, to protect itself from external factors, you know, from the
stress, from the sun, from the pests, from disease. And when we eat these plants, we get protection
in us, because we’re not able to make our own protection, you know, anti-oxidants and
phenols and poly phenols and lignins and all these different plant compounds, essential
fats, essential oils. And its, that’s why the herbs are so easy
to grow because they have these essential oils that, you know, repel pests. But when we eat them, you know, those confer
you know, benefits to us. And I think it’s really cool that Annette’s
growing a lot of herbs. So I’m sure she gets a lot of high anti-oxidant
foods into her because the herbs are some of the highest anti-oxidant foods on the planet,
even over, you know, things like berries and fruits and other things like that. So besides the herbs, she’s also growing
a really good anti-cancer vegetable that I like a lot. And it’s actually, once again, in a container. So you don’t need to have a lot of land
space to be healthy, you just need to start growing some food. And even if it’s not a lot of food, even
in a container you could grow a lot of onions. And that’s what I’ll be showing you guys
next. So in these two small containers here, just
the little pot and a little container here, she has over two dozen onion plants. And not only will she get the onion bulbs
that we’re all familiar with, at any time she’s getting something more valuable than
just the bulbs, which are really good, they’re shown to be anti-cancerous, as is the whole
allium family which includes leeks, garlic and shallots. She’s getting the leaves. So to me, the leaves of onions and garlics
are much more valuable than actually the bulbs, which is what normal, most people eat. And these, the greens, I mean, once you got
the plant growing, it keeps throwing up greens most times. Actually the greens will turn brown. You have to just cut them off and get rid
of them. So why not instead harvest them and add them
to foods instead of having to wait, you know, the four months to get one bulb when you could
have greens all the time. So one of the things I enjoy doing is taking
cuttings from my onions year round, because I have, you know, Bunching Onions and Egyptian
Walking Onions that grow year round and take cuttings of them and put those in my salads
and in my meals every night. So I’m always getting an influx of these
anti-disease foods in me. So I believe, you know, health is not only
about staying young and eating high anti-oxidants but also disease proofing yourself. You know, it’s shown that the standard American
diet, you know, high in processed foods, animal foods in excess, you know, causes damage. And it’s this damage that needs to be undone
by eating nature’s foods, you know, such as the onions that we see here. Now another thing that Annette’s growing
that’s even more powerful probably than the onions and the herbs and the greens that
you guys saw earlier, are the sprouts. So that’s where she’s really focussing
a lot of attention to grow a lot of food. And the cool thing about the sprouts is that
you can grow them anywhere. So let me go ahead and show you guys her sprouts
operation. So probably one of the most powerful foods
that she’s growing and eating in large amounts here are what’s underneath these trays. And let me go ahead and reveal that for you
guys. Basically these are some kind of like bakery
trays and are like nice and oversized and she’s drilled a lot of holes in there for
drainage. Actually for moisture to escape. And what she has in here are basically all
sunflower seeds that she’s growing into baby sprouts. So as you guys could see, I don’t know if
you guys could see that but they’re starting to pop up here and emerge. And she’s growing these guys into a tray
of sunflower greens for her and her entire family. And over on this side, if we take the cover
off, you guys could see she’s got a lot of the buckwheat greens, which is basically
unhulled buckwheat, she’s growing it to the little baby greens. Now it’s these sprouts, and also known as
microgreens, are super important because it’s these foods that are a lot more nutritious. They say 4 to 40 times, sometimes even 200
times more nutritious than the larger vegetables that I showed you guys earlier. So we really want to be growing these and
consuming them because now you’re really getting a big influx of nutrients that most
Americans simply are not getting. And so we could really have a lot of nutrition
in a small amount of space. So we could actually eat less calories. And that’s one of the secrets to longevity
is eating less calories but getting all your nutrients requirements fulfilled. And that’s what the sprouts allow you to
do easily. These guys are so nutritious but they’re
low in calories. And that’s the only proven thing that’s
shown to extend the lifespan is calorie reduction. But the problem with that is if you’re eating
junk foods and processed foods, you’re not going to meet all your nutrition goals, so
you’re not going to have the best health even if you are extending your life. Alright. So yeah, let me go ahead and do some closeups
on what these guys look like. And then we’re going to go ahead and take
you guys to the finished product and show you how much mass of food you can grow in
just a small amount of space. Now we’re going to go ahead and show you
guys the sunflower sprouts that are starting to grow. As you guys could see some of them are starting
to emerge and pop up here. And these are just standard in shell sunflower
seeds. It would be the best if you actually grew
your own in the summer time and then saved the harvest and then grew those into sprouts
to eat, and of course save s few to plant out next year. And there are even heirloom varieties of sunflower
seeds. And the best kind to use if you’re going
to grow sprouts like this are the oilseed. So look for some heirloom oilseed sunflowers
to grow out and sprout. And, you know, any seed will work, you know. I don’t know exactly the seed she’s using
here but I have friends that use just the black oil bird seed that are meant for birds,
it says not for human consumption, but you’re not eating the seeds themselves you’re growing
them into the sprouts. Just make sure that they’re a 100% seeds
and there’s no oils or any other additives to that, if you do choose to do that. Over on this side she has some buckwheat greens
growing. I love these guys. I do not recommend juicing the buckwheat,
it’s definitely not too good. But if you’re just going to grow those and
just eat them, you know, mixed in with a salad with other things, I think that is definitely
great. And you guys could see it’s the unhulled
buckwheat. These are available at most health food stores. And you could easily grow some buckwheat greens. Now she’s growing this in, you know, in
partial sun. It’s out, it’s in the shade but and it
gets some, you know, side light but not a whole lot of light. And, you know, it doesn’t like to get, these
guys don’t like weather that’s too hot. So putting them in a greenhouse here in South
Florida will probably not be a good idea, it would get too hot in there. But basically the sunflower greens, the buckwheat
greens and the microgreens and the wheatgrass that I’ll show you guys in a minute, like
the temperatures that we like. So if it’s comfortable for us, it’s comfortable
for them. So like around 70 degrees would be really
good. And guess what, if you are climate controlling
your house, that’s you know the perfect temperature for these guys. So you guys can grow these guys indoors year
round, no matter where you live, no matter the season. So you could have the most nutrient dense
foods, anti aging foods that will keep you young. Next let’s go ahead and take a look at the
next food that’s actually maybe even more important in some ways than these small sprouts. It’s the wheatgrass. So now I’m going to share with you guys
the wheatgrass. But before I do, I want to show you guys these
guys right here. I mean, this is a massive amount of sunflower
greens right here that I’m holding out. These guys definitely need to get harvested. This tray is actually quite heavy. She does her own composting here as well. And you know, if you’re going to buy sunflower
greens, they can get actually quite expensive. I was actually at an organic farm that grows
indoors here in Miami and they are charging $14 a pound for sunflower greens or wheatgrass
or the other , you know, small greens that they offer. So $14 a pound man, that’s a lot of money. But it’s really easy to grow your own in
a small amount of space. And as I said, this stuff is all concentrated
nutrition. So here what we have is we literally have
a field of greens or wheatgrass here. You don’t want to be mowing this stuff with
your lawn mower, you want to take some scissors probably about now because it looks like it’s
a good time to harvest it right before the jointing stage. And you’re going to harvest it just cut
it off, and then you’re going to go ahead and juice it. And that’s how she uses the wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is thought of to be one of the
most highly chlorophyll foods on the planet. And that’s why they say wheatgrass is so
good. But besides just having chlorophyll, there
are many other nutrients in the wheatgrass that is beneficial, such as the trace minerals. So what she does is she adds the ocean solution,
which adds 90 trace minerals to the root zone and so the plant will absorb these minerals
and grasses absorb up to 90 different minerals. And she says when she does this, the wheatgrass
tastes sweeter, so that even people that don’t normally like wheatgrass will like it, because
this stuff tastes better. And let me tell you I have tasted the difference,
wheatgrass grown with or without the ocean solution. And the stuff grown with it tastes a lot better
to me, and it’s actually tolerable whereas the stuff that is not grown in it is not as
tolerable. Now the other thing besides adding those nutrients
to your grass, another thing that’s very important is getting high quality, good quality
seed. Much like there’s many different varieties
of apples, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji, there’s different kinds and varieties of
wheat seeds. Normally they recommend hard winter wheat
to grow the wheatgrass, but there are different varieties and depending on where it was grown
and how it was harvested, how it was grown and how the seeds were made, you know, it
depends on the quality of your grass. So there’s no substitute for getting good
wheatgrass seeds from a reputable dealer. Of course if you don’t want to spend the
big bucks on that stuff, just go to your local health food store and you could buy, you know,
wheat that’s supposed to be used for grinding into flour to grow your own wheatgrass. Now one of the things in wheatgrass that’s
really important to me is like I think it’s a plant growth factor. This is why wheatgrass in the first 10 days
really shoots up really fast, and it’s this plant growth factor, the wheatgrass produces
when we juice it and drink it, now we get that into us. And that, I believe is another anti-aging
component and healing component of the wheatgrass as well as all the other, you know, phytochemicals
and phytonutrients that are in there. And this is why wheatgrass is so important
to me. And if I was home where I’d probably be
growing it more, and it’s one of my goals to grow more wheatgrass and juice it on a
daily basis like Annette is doing here. And just seeing her motivates me to want to
grow more wheatgrass, seeing how much wheatgrass she grows for her and her family. So now I want to show you guys another place
Annette has some sprouts growing. And she’s not necessarily growing her sprouts
in here, but as they’re sitting inside her fridge they are still growing a bit very slowly
because it is quite cold. She’s actually kind of grown them already
outside and put them in there to slow down their growth so that she could catch up and
have time to eat them. But you will see how many sprouts she actually
eats. And this is for her family and this is a lot
of sprouts. And this maybe sheds some light on how important
of a food category this is for her. But unfortunately most Americans just simply
do not eat enough sprouts. Now I don’t necessarily know that I’d
recommend go out and buy sprouts, you know, at the store, because there has been contamination
with E Coli and all this stuff. And this is not because you could get E Coli
from sprouts. But the problem is there are, there is contamination
on the seeds from animal feces or animals that’s causing these problems. So they don’t have good seeds sterilization. So the best way I encourage you guys to sprout
is to grow your own seeds, grow some peas if you want to have some pea sprouts, grow
wheat if you want to sprout your own wheat seeds. You know, grow lentils so you could have your
own lentil seeds. And that way you know it’s clean stuff. Otherwise I encourage you guys to go out and
not just buy, you know, seeds from the local bulk bins which of course you could do and
it’s the least expensive. But go out and find a reputable sprout seller
that tests his seeds for pathogens, so that you do not make yourselves sick because of
animal contamination. So let’s go ahead and open up this fridge
and see what kind of sprouts she’s got inside. Alright so now inside her fridge of course
she looks like she’s getting the same carrots that I get, the Bunny-Luv carrots, 10 pounds
from Costco, the best price. These are some of the sweetest carrots. And you know, for me, you know, as much as
I could grow carrots, I don’t have a lot of space in my garden to grow a lot of carrots. I’d rather use the space to grow something
more valuable than carrots to me, which are leafy greens. And just buy my carrots. And one day when I have acreage and a farm
and a lot of space, I will definitely be growing some carrots, and they probably will not be
orange ones, they’re going to be the purple ones that are high anti-oxidant, and actually
they taste really good too. But anyways, inside here what she’s got
is she’s got two big one gallon jars with some cheesecloth on the top. And this is how she sprouts her peas inside. And these peas are getting a bit longer now. This is maybe not the ideal time to be eating
them. She usually let’s them get a bit smaller
but she’s been so busy lately, but these are still good and edible. And she would just grow these guys and take
them out and eat them raw. They’re nice and crunchy and delicious. And I encourage you guys to grow some sprouts
because when you grow a sprout, you know, this could be done in as few as like 5 days,
some of these sprouts. I mean, I sprout buckwheat inside just to
grow a little tail. And in the summer time, you know, I could
have sprouts within a day or two at the most. Of course when it’s cooler outside, sprouts
don’t grow as quickly. And if you keep it nice and cold in your house
it’s going to take a little bit longer. The main thing to remember with the sprouts
is you want to rinse them frequently and also let them get a lot of air to breathe. Now you know, some people may argue that glass
is not the best thing or a jar is not the best to grow sprouts, but as long as you get
enough air in there, you know, you won’t have problems with mold as long as all the
water could drain out. And it looks like Annette has a great system
to do that because I see no water in the bottom of these containers. In addition, besides that, she has small sprouts,
such as alfalfa or clover , things like that. I mean these are very expensive nowadays at
the grocery store, but very simple to grow yourself. And you know, when you get the seeds, you
buy the seeds, they expand, you know, literally hundreds of times their size for you guys
to eat. And you don’t even need any kind of sunlight
for these sprouts and they green up. And so these guys green up and because they
green up that means they also have the chlorophyll. And, you know, I want to encourage you guys
to expand and eat a diversity of foods in your diet. Alfalfa, unless you’re a cow or a horse,
you don’t normally eat alfalfa in your diet. But by sprouting alfalfa seeds you could not
get some of the nutrients from alfalfa in you, which I believe is super important. Now let’s go into the back here. She has one more one gallon jug here. And this is a category that unfortunately
many people into raw foods and into diet are not consuming, and these are the legumes. So she has, you know , many legumes can be
sprouted but should not be eaten in their raw and natural state. Because you could get very ill and even lose
your life. She has the ones that you can sprout to eat,
such as the lentils, different kinds of lentils, and mung beans. So she’s got like green lentil, she’s
probably got some black lentils and I mean I feed my dog like fresh lentils, they got
all kinds. And then the mung beans in here just a sprout
blend and a mixture in there. And she sprouts these guys. And looks like this is about the right stage
to be harvesting the tails maybe like a quarter inch long. And these are quite delicious, specially when
you put some dressings on it and what not, and you just mix them in with your salad otherwise. You could also dehydrate these into veggie
patties and burgers and do all kinds of cool stuff with them. But yeah, the beans, they’re another very
powerful food along with onions and leafy greens that I believe you guys should be including
in a regular basis on your diet. And my favorite way to enjoy those are actually
the way she’s doing here, is by sprouting them. So the last thing in her fridge that I want
to share with you guys today is right here. It’s what I showed you guys earlier. This is the Noni. So she collect the noni, as I said, and she
washes it and then she puts it in a bag. And normally, you know, the bags sit in here
for maybe a week at the most, and she’s constantly pressing out the juice out of this
Noni and she uses the hydraulic press to do that. And it makes a nice and thick mixture. The other thing that they’ll do is they’ll
actually drink the liquid that, you know, collects in the bottom. And that’s a lot thinner, more watery texture. What I thought I’d do in this episode is
actually go ahead and open one of these guys. And if you guys were here to smell this, probably
about like 80% of you guys, maybe 90% would be like man John that smells like something
rotten man. I mean, it kind of smells like, you know,
a fine cheese maybe, if you’re really into cheese, I’m not. But it smells like a funny fermented smell. So let me go ahead and open one of these guys,
open this bag up and I’ll take one out and I’ll show you guys what it is and I’ll
taste it on the camera. Uughhh oh my god, I don’t know, I might
like vomit or something, we’ll see what happens. I’ve rarely eaten Noni raw. My favorite way to eat it is actually to blend
it with some bananas and dehydrate it into like a fruit leather. That way it’s a lot more tolerable and it’s
not quite as strong. One of these days I want to actually take
Noni and freeze dry it and then see what that tastes like. Alright, so let’s go ahead and open this
guy up for you guys. Alright, so man it’s like really kinda juicy,
the juice is kinda getting all over. And that’s what it looks like. There’s a lot of seeds, you know, so that’s
a good sign, you know. Fruits with a lot of seed, that’s kind of
like more a wild food in my opinion. Like bananas, the bananas you buy in the store
are so far away from the wild ancestor bananas. Because wild bananas have tons of seeds in
there and there’s barely any flesh. And that’s always good sign for me. Because this is a food that hasn’t really
been too much modified, you know, naturally by man. Now I do not recommend any kind of genetically
modified food. But man has been modifying food, you know,
just by selective breeding for many years now. So as you guys could see, there’s like little
seeds pods and then around the seed pod is like some flesh. And that’s kind of like, kind of reminds
me a little bit of a pomegranate. And let’s go ahead and try a little bite
of this. Wow! You know what? Could be because I’m not eating the skin,
I’m just eating the fruit around the seed. It’s actually not that bad. And this might be the best tasting Noni that
I’ve had. Now I do feel al little bit of burn on my
tongue. I’m not exactly sure why that’s happening. But then maybe one of these days I might try
to juice this stuff. They are kind of getting a little strong bite
there. Kind of tastes like a strong cheese now. Tad bit hot, not like a pepper hot but more
like a water pepper hot. Hmm. It’s quite interesting. Maybe if it was in the juice form I’ll be
able to eat it better, but I don’t think I’m enjoying this one too much. Alright. So anyways, what I wanted to do next is go
ahead and sit down with Annette Larkins. And we’re going to go ahead and interview
her, talk to her about, ask her about the Noni, why she thinks it’s so good and how
she just drinks it like water., and about the sprouts and how important they are. And just about gardening and life in general
and get some of her beauty tips for you guys. So now I have the pleasure of introducing
you guys to Annette Larkins. And this is the garden that you guys saw today. And Annette’s garden is really near and
dear to her heart as my garden is to me. And if you take a look at Annette, you would
never know that she is a grandmother, and she could even be a great grandmother at this
point, because she doesn’t look to me like a day over 35. Completely amazing. And this she attributes to, you know, growing
food and her diet, and just simply what she’s eating. And, you know, in my opinion, this is what
I aspire to be, you know. We can be younger than our actual age. But it’s so unfortunate in this day and
age that people are eating the foods that, you know, cause them to premature, you know,
too early, in my opinion. She’s been featured on many different news
programs, you know, the doctors, the tv shows, she’s been asked , you know, video on many
other popular shows that she has maybe declined. But she’s been on many local media outlets
and they have plenty of videos on YouTube about her. And nobody’s ever until now showed her garden
and really got into the nitty gritty of what she’s growing and how she’s eating it. And so that’s why I’m here today now. She’s been growing her food now for over
45 years. So she has a lot more gardening experience
than I ever do. Actually she’s probably like been gardening
almost as long as I’ve been, as long as I’ve been alive. So. John: So anyways Annette, I guess what everybody
wants to know is what is that Noni fruit that I just had a little bit earlier, and why do
you juice it so much and why do you, you know, attribute part of your health to the Noni
fruit? Annette: Well, I just happen to like the juice. I really have never concentrated on, it certainly
has great qualities of course, but I’ve never concentrated on those qualities. It’s just that I drink it because I like
the taste of it. It gives me a little buzz. But the thing is, is that it does have a lot
of great health qualities about it. What it’s the elements that are there, they
do. But that’s just one of the things that I
do. And I don’t do it, you know, necessarily
all the time. It’s the same kind of a thing with the wheatgrass
juice. I drink wheatgrass juice. But if I don’t drink it, I mean, it’s
not like you know regimented to the point that I’m going to just be so out of whack
if I don’t, you know, I got to have my, my, I’ve got to have my wheatgrass, I’ve
got to have my Noni juice. No, no, no, no, no, those are the things that
contribute to health. But there are other things that contribute
to health as well. So the Noni juice, it certainly is a good
juice to drink as well as the wheatgrass juice. John: And these are two juices that actually
most people probably have never drank in life. Annette: Probably. Probably wouldn’t even like. But give it a chance, give it a chance. Because probably just have the wheatgrass. I know John, you are so familiar. And certainly people have been here and we’ve
been in the garden of course. But I’ve always had to do the talking about
what this is because they have no clue. John on the other hand, he knows everything
that’s there, and he gave it a good go of what’s what it’s good for and this and
that and the other. And I wasn’t out there with you John, but
I know, I could hear you out there. And he talked, we are both talkers. So you know. I mean, let’s not run over. But we both talk a lot. And the thing is that other people have been
here, but John I’m so delighted that he’s here because he knows. He’s someone who can totally totally relate. We just had some Brazilians here, about 8
of, there were 8 people here, Brazilians. But they have no idea about what’s going
on. They had to ask me everything. John he had to ask nothing, I just left him
out in the back yard, front yard, wherever he wanted to go. I let him travel there because he knows. And so that’s just a great thing to, I feel
so good about that. Feel so good the connection that we made in
the short time that we’ve been, we both know about each other of course, but we’ve
never met. This is our first meeting and it’s a greet
one. And we’re hoping it won’t be the last. John: Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah and thank you for having me out. I mean I know you don’t have everybody coming
out, you know, you have a big criteria list attached. Annette: I do indeed. And like I said, it’s such an, I’m always
having different experiences, and I really welcome different experiences because it’s
great, you know. Life, what is it about? You know, you have lessons and different experiences
and all that. And it’s great to have these experiences. But like I said, John’s experience is something
just it’s really really wonderful because it’s I mean he’s, we can relate. And I don’t think there’s been anyone
here before John, I don’t think there has been anyone here who can relate the way that
we can. You know, we’ve talked pre shooting, we
talked and you know we have so many things in common. Certainly there are things that we won’t
have, we disagree on certain things of course, but we can agree to disagree. And you know, we still have basics that are
important and I think that is what is important, you know, the basics of this whole thing. This health thing that we are into. John: Cool. Yeah, so let’s back into like, you know,
you’ve been gardening for so long. Why did you originally get into gardening? Annette: Well, I got into gardening because
after having gone, abstained from dead animals flesh for , well, I think it was about 5 years,
so whatever, after having done that, then I saw the benefits that I was getting from
doing, making this change. So originally it had my change into the different
food situation had nothing to do with health, really. I mean they can get my book, Journey to Health,
and find out what happened, how it came about that I got into, well abstained from the animal
flesh. But after doing that, being a bibliophile,
being the reader that I am, I came across material and it stood to reason that I would
come across some material that would lead me further onto the path because I had begun
a path, had absolutely no idea where it was going to take me. But after reading some things about the, what
the refined sugar and flour and how all of the nutrients are taken from the refined sugar
and flour, then I understood that because I felt differently abstaining from the meat,
the animal flesh. I felt differently after I had abstained from
that, so I’m going well you know there’s got to be something to what we’re putting
into our bodies. I knew your four basic food groups at that
time, like everybody else. But nutrition wise I was ignorant. And when I came across something that told
me about the dead food, I mean, refined sugar, flour, I decided okay that’s my next step. I’m going to give that up. I did. Again made a difference. Then it got into the dairy products with,
you know, and eggs with all the mucous causing, and I noticed I was, at each phase I noticed
a difference. So that is how I, so naturally you want to
build on your growth . And so it came to the point where I thought you know what, I don’t
know what they’re doing to the food out there, why not grow my own food. And that’s how it began. John: Yeah, I want
you guys to get independent of the food system because you don’t know how it’s being
grown, and even if you do choose to eat animal products, even if you, you know, grow your
own animals, slaughter them, you know, take their eggs or whatever, that may be better
than the industrialized animal products that you could procure. But at the same time there are still inherent
problems in my opinion, with eating animals. So Annette, you want to share some of those
things? Even if they have the best grass fed or you
know eggs you know organic, you know. What are some of the challenges you’ve seen
and why don’t you include them in your diet? Annette: Well, the thing is, is that yes I
would agree with you that if you’re going to do that, and we’re not here to tell anybody
what they should or should not do. I don’t gonna soap box and preach to anyone
nor do I try to convince those who do not wish to be convinced. I don’t mean to do any debates, you know. I just share what my knowledge that I have
acquired, and I share what I do. And that’s what it’s about. So my thing is like I was saying about the
dairy products and even the cooked food, it’s mucusy, you know it causes mucus. And it prevents people from having great bowel
movements, you know, all of that stuff. So, you know, it’s like the animals, it’s
going to be even worse because you’ve got uric acid that you have to deal with in the
animal kingdom. And I don’t think that we were designed
actually John, I don’t think we were designed, our bodies are not designed to digest, to
properly digest animal flesh. I mean, you get a tiger, you get a lion, they
have alimentary canals that are short. Ours is like 30 feet long. I mean, it’s got to go a long way. And you know digesting food is really, people
don’t understand, that’s a lot of work. It really really is, and you got to get down
into the capillaries, you got to, I mean small intestine, large intestine, you got to go
into the waste and all that. So it’s a lot of, lot of work. So the thing about it is is if we help our
bodies by what we put into it, our body, you know, it makes a difference. And so you want to help it as much as you
can. So the reason like you said, if you’re going
to do this thing with the, just if you’re going to do it hey do it yourself, you know. Maybe everybody can’t afford to have a farm
but you know what you do is the best you can. And that’s what I always say to people,
you do the best you can. So, but I wouldn’t, I , first of all, you
find out why I’ve stopped eating had nothing to do with nutrition why I stopped eating
animal flesh. I began to abhor it, I couldn’t stand the
taste, smell, I couldn’t stand to look at it. I mean it was just something to me, I equate
carnivoresism and cannibalism, I should say, to be one and the same. So that to me, I just can’t stand the idea
of eating flesh, you know, dead animal flesh and certain vegetable flesh like nuts, you
know, stuff like that, that’s good. But yeah if you’re going to do it though,
you want to be in control of what you’re putting into your body. You control what the animal if you’re going
to do that. I mean I certainly don’t suggest it. I’m just saying if you’re going to do
it. You know, just be in control. Because we do have control over, there’s
certain things that we don’t have control over, but there are things that we do. And I think that we need to take it and be
in control, do those things that are necessary in order to make it happen so that it will
benefit us. Why not? John: Yeah. I mean, I totally agree. And if you do choose to eat, you know, animal
products, what I recommend is this, because I recommend, you know, instead of how the
standard American diet does it, which they have it all wrong in my opinion, is big servings
of animal products and small servings of salads. How about big servings of vegetables and salads
and fruits and sprouts and what not and a small portion of meat. I don’t, I mean that in my opinion if you
do, you know, only small amounts of animal products, you know. It’s not really going to have a major consequence
in your life, you know, provided you eat enough vegetables. Now Annette on the other hand, gave up meat
50 years ago, and you know, she’s 74 years young now. And this is amazing. So if you want to look like Annette and keep
your beauty, right, maybe you want to eat all plants, so I’m going to follow in her
footsteps. So Annette, let’s talk about, you know,
the sprouts you eat and how important are the sprouts to you to eat, on a regular basis? And I mean I just showed everybody how many,
like wheatgrass and buckwheat sprouts and sunflower sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, bean
sprouts, pea sprouts, and all the sprouts that you’re growing. I mean, you must eat a good amount of that
everyday. Annette: Well, I even go, I have some stuff
that I sprout, the broccoli sprout, I have the broccoli seeds, I have those. You name it, I sprout it. And so I do all of that and yeah I mean you
know John if you think about it, people always want to know, they ask me well do you give
any tips on gardening which you do. I haven’t yet put it in any format, but
what my thing is is that before plants reach full maturity, they first grow from seeds
into sprouts, shoots, people call them microgreens, whatever, whatever. This to me is, you know, you think about it,
this is optimal healthy eating because even when you take it from the sprouting environment,
for example the sprouts that you showed that were in the refrigerator, those sprouts continue John: they’re still growing Annette: they’re growing right now, they’re
still growing. So even when you harvest them, take them out
of the sprouting environment, the growing environment, and put them away in the refrigerator,
they’re still continuing to grow. So when we eat these tiny delicious morsels,
we’re actually eating living foods. Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so. So this is the thing that keeps people, if
you’re eating living foods then that’s the living foods part of it. You only have live and raw. Now of course your carrots are not going to
continue to grow after you, well if you take a, the tops of carrots and you put them in
water, then they will grow the green leaves, you know. But I mean certain things like cabbages, you
know, those kinds of things, they’re not going to continue to grow after harvest. But nutrition wise, they still are superior,
because when you eat them in their natural raw state that gives you what you need. I mean, your enzymes are there, everything
is there. So, and I have a universal truth. I believe in this. If you eat something in it’s natural raw
state as opposed to overcooking it, over processing it, it certainly is going to benefit you more. I don’t see how people could argue with
that. But certainly there’s someone who will. John: Wow, Yeah I mean so the living foods
is the exact opposite end of the spectrum from, you know, dead animal foods. And so this is the result she’s getting
from eating living foods. And living foods are, you know, there’s
still a lot, as you eat them they’re still growing. And these, if you have ever known or heard
of Kirlian photography that kind of measures the energy rating of the foods. So if you have Kirliam photograph of, you
know, something that’s not alive like a piece of animal flesh, it’s just not really
that vibrant. But if you put a sprout on there, you know,
it’s totally shining, it’s like one of those aura photos if you guys know that. But it’s not really aura photos, it’s
measuring the rating energy. And in certain countries like Germany, they
call it biophotons, they call it prana in certain places, or chi. And this is the energy of the foods. And when you eat the energy, the live foods,
it transfers to you so that you’re more full of life, instead of full of not life
which is quite sad. And I see people you know, zombie like, people
walking around all the time who just are not eating enough live foods. Annette: And you know, we were talking earlier,
John, it came to my attention because John has been here a while now at my home and I’m
just delighted to have him. But we were talking earlier, we were standing
in the family room, and we stood, we had not sat down. This is our first sit down. We had not sat down the whole time. And that’s because we’re both so energized. We don’t have to sit. And isn’t that a wonderful thing. We do not have to sit. And I’m telling you, I get 8 miles of activity
every day, at least 8 miles of activity. I was telling John earlier, I go up and down
my spiral staircase until I achieve 50 floors at least a day. It’s more than 50 now because, but I’ve
done a 100 and I will still do a 100. But mostly it’s 50 floors, and when I go
down and come back up that’s one floor. So that I mean I just have energy, I have
energy to spare. I always said that if we could bottle and
sell the energy that I have, man we could be millionaires because it’s there. And I truly truly attribute it, attribute
it to my lifestyle. And it’s not just about food, understand
that. It’s not just about food. But that’s the foundation, that is a very
big part of it. So in addition, of course, to eating and drinking
well, we want to get exercise and that means exercising our minds as well as our bodies. And we want to get enough sleep. And sleep is dependent upon the individual
needs, you know. I was telling John that if I sleep for 4 hours,
which I do quite often, get up jump out of the bed, ready to meet the day with a smile
and attitude conducive to doing something positive, living a positive life, eating well,
drinking well, doing all the things that I do. And I do a lot of things. My husband sits back sometimes and goes whew
I just don’t see how you do it. But the thing about it is, you know, you want
to get what you need. Like I said if I do that there’s no scientist
in the world that can tell me , and I jump out of bed ready to go meet the day, there’s
no scientist who could tell me I need 4 more hours sleep. So it’s dependent, rest and sleep, dependent
upon the individuals needs, you know. And I think because where we are, we don’t
need the rest. Because I could sleep, I told John I could
sleep for days. I mean, I exaggerated but, you know, I’ve
slept much longer than I did. And you know besides getting the rest and
the sleep and the exercise and eating the right foods, of course, we need to include
some sunshine in our lives. You know, that beautiful sun that we have
is such a gift. I mean it lightens the world, it gives us
vitamin D and there are other minerals that come from the sun. So, you know, get that when you can, get some
sunshine when you can. And even in addition to that, I think having
a positive attitude. But you know what, you’re doing all those
other things, I think it’s apparent that you’re going to have positive attitude. I’m walking around in stores sometimes and
someone says oh you’re so happy. Well, why not? Because I’m, I might be listening or singing
or whatever, I might even be doing a little dance if the music is on. Because put the music on and I’ll move. But I don’t do that too often, but, in the
stores. But, you know, just saying it’s why shouldn’t
we be happy. And it’s contagious, when you are happy
and you’re smiling, it makes other people happy. You don’t know how many times I’ve, I
can’t count the times that I’ve had people say oh goodness you’re infectious, you know. So yeah why not, smile, you feel like emitting
love. I’ve had people tell me that I have a glow
or something or the aura, they can feel an aura around my head. Well, it’s because it’s coming from the
inside and it’s showing itself outwardly. It’s not a fake. It’s genuine. And you too can have that same aura. Just hey put those live foods in you, get
all that other stuff that we mentioned and just go with it. John: Wow, yeah. I mean for me it’s just been really fun
hanging out with Annette. Because I mean she’s often, you know, featured
on news shows because she looks so young. But, you know, just hanging out with her,
she’s much more than looking young. I mean she’s vibrant, energetic, she’s
sharp, she has energy. I mean, this is what everybody that’s 74
years young should be like. But unfortunately this is not happening because
people don’t take their health or their gardening seriously enough. And so Annette, do you want to talk about
that a little bit more, like talk about like how important this is to you and even for
example your husband, like you want to share with my viewers what your husband did for
a living and how he chooses to live his life or in the past? Annette: Yeah. Well, my husband was a butcher at the time
that I became a vegetarian, which no doubt was one of the reasons because when people
would ask me I’m going well I don’t know, I know your four basic food groups like I
said. But I was nutritionally ignorant. I just began to have horrible taste touch
smell of dead animal flesh. But I continued to cook it for my family because
I thought it would be unfair of me to subject them to an ideal that I had seemingly suddenly
come upon. Now in retrospect I really I understood that
it didn’t happen all of a sudden. There are things seething within us and then
one day bam it seems like it’s all of a sudden when it’s really not. It’s just that you’ve been building to
that point. But one of the things I believe that had an
influence was the fact that my husband owned a butcher’s shop. And I would go there and see these half cows
hanging up in that cooler. That just didn’t look right to me. It just did not play, didn’t look right
to me. And of course my husband was eating, well
we ate, you know I ate the stuff, I ate it because this was all I knew. Until that time that I did decide that no
no no no enough enough enough I’m 21 now, oh I can make my decisions, I was raised on
cows and hogs and all that but I can make a different stance now. And since I started disliking it or hating
it, couldn’t stand it, but I made the decision and that was it. But my husband, it was funny because I told
the story in the first booklet, Journey to health. We were sitting at the dining room table and
I told him I had not had any animal flesh in me for two weeks. And I said to him, I told him, do you know
this is a milestone. I said to him I have something to tell you. Well he was a little serious and everything
and I sat down and said to him, I just wanted you to know that i have not had any meat for
2 weeks and I don’t ever intend to have it again. Well he looked at me and he said what’s
the matter honey? You think you need to see a doctor? And the way he looked at me, I absolutely
fell on the floor laughing, because, and I understood where he was coming from, I loved
meat so he thought, you know. And we had never even met a vegetarian. This was in 1963, I was 21 years old. Never met a vegetarian. This is all we knew. And so I knew where he was coming from but
he thought I had gone bonkers. And when I , my husband respects me and that’s
so great to know and to feel all that because after 57 years , 57 years we are going into
our 58th year of marriage, the man still treats me like a queen so that is so wonderful. He’s always respected things, my thoughts,
you know, we have arguments and listen we don’t have a perfect marriage by any means
okay, but he, whenever we’ve talked about something, he’ll stop and he’ll think
about is and he’ll say well you know I never thought about it like that or whatever whatever. So even though he thought I had lost my mind,
he just well when I explained to him the reason why I wasn’t having animal flesh anymore,
he took it and nevertheless I think for a few he watched me very carefully because he
was still trying to see if I had really lost my mind. But you know, something interesting about
that is that he after when I was in my 18th year of vegetarianism, he decided that he
was going to become a vegetarian. He said he saw the benefits I was deriving
from being a vegetarian even. You know because I was telling John earlier
I would , you could come around me pretending you had a cold, I’d show you how to get
sick, I’d show you how to get down dirty sick okay. Nose runny, puffy eyes, I mean, headache,
stomach ache, everything, I would just get down sick. Now I’m exaggerating a bit okay but I mean
really the whole point is because I mean it’s just that I was so susceptible to colds than
anything else that was around. I really was. So that changed. Now he saw things different. He saw things. Not only was I feel and experiencing a difference,
just by abstaining from the dead animal flesh. He saw a difference. So he decided that he was going to make that
change. Now being a businessman and back during that
time they didn’t have the salad bars the way that they do now, and they would not,
certain things that were available the way they are now. So he being a businessman , about 6 years
later, he decided that he was going to start eating some fish. And you know that’s all he had to do is
start with one thing, and before you know it you’re back to where you started. So that’s what happened with him. But I initially told him when this all occurred,
I said to him listen I’ve been fair for 18 years , they can put that on my epitaph,
it was her endeavor to be fair, you can’t say that I always am but I still to this day
try to be fair. So I said to him I continued to cook it not
wanting to do it, but if you ever go back don’t expect me to cook it for you. You either have to cook it yourself or you’ll
go out and get it. Hence the reason why we have two kitchens. But he doesn’t cook meat now because he’s
given up, he’ll have some I don’t know what turkey or some seafood or something sometimes. But for the most part he’s giving up the
meat now. And I don’t know if people have heard the
story about his constipation problem. I thought we were going to have to give him
an enema for the rest of his life. But he started including more raw foods into
his diet, all that fibre, you know, fibre really acts like a broom to sweep out your
colon. So he started doing that. Because one time I told him about drinking
lemon juice in the morning and he , with warm water and he did that and he was ok. But then, you know, once you get so clogged
up because you know your colon’s like that, well you can spin it around, spin it around
with all that gook gook gook until all that gook is there and there’s a little hole
in the center. And so that’s not good. You’re gonna strain and all of that. And so he started changing , well this was
actually about 2012 that he started eating more raw stuff. And people always ask me is it too late for
me. I get these calls is it too late for me. But my husband he’s 80, he’s 9 years older
than I am, he’s 82 and the thing is, is that I tell them he’s a prime example of
not too old because he definitely, now let’s understand he’s on medications that , i
mean I haven’t taken an aspirin since a long, if I took an aspirin my body would probably
jump up, I’d jump in somebody’s poo and drown myself. My body would not react to traditional conventional
medication. But my husband he’s on medication, he’s
really improving upon his life. He always tells people of course that I wish
I had done what she’s done. And you know, this is after the fact, it’s
kind of like that old man of who said that if I had known I was going to live this long
I would have taken better care of myself, you know. That’s the after thought. But he is trying to make a difference now. And is just, it’s I believe it’s really
helping him to live better, you know. So it will if you, people notice, I have people
all the time telling me, you know when I eat a certain way that what you know that it is. When they tell me that they eat more raw fruits,
they eat more fruits and vegetables and they like you know lessening the meat intake and
all that, they feel better. Well of course you do, your body is going
oh wow wow wow feeling good feeling good. Your cells are being satisfied instead of
tantalized. So they’re enjoying what you’re putting
into it. So, you know, And you know that I tell people
listen the first thing you have to understand is that that old cliche Rome was not built
in a day. So if you don’t, you know, you’re not
in a race. You can go at your own pace. Unless you’re in diet straits of course
you know that means that you need a diet action okay, you need some radical action. But you take steps. Some people can go cold turkey while others
need to be weaned. You have to know what kind of individual you
are. And go with it. And it’s just , like my husband right now,
and you would think, people would call me all the time asking me is it too late for
me. They’re in their 50s , 60s. And I’m saying hey it ain’t too late until
the mail is in the coffin or the ashes are in the urn. So there’s always, as long as you’re breathing,
as long as you’ve got breath in you, there is generally the opportunity to make. And mother nature is so forgiving. You give it a little help, just give it a
little go. Even if it’s even after years of abuse. I’ve seen it with people years of abuse,
they can still make improvements. That’s mother nature. You give it a little help and it will take
you a long way . A long way. So understand that if you are giving it more
than a little help, understand how far you can go. John: Wow, I mean that’s so true. I want to encourage you guys to you know eat
more plants and more importantly start a garden if you’re not already , and specially the
sprouts and the microgreens, some of the most important foods. I mean I say this all the time to you guys,
I have videos on how to grow sprouts and microgreens if you guys want to learn , since we’re
not going to really get to have time to cover that today. The next thing I want to ask you Annette is
really important. It’s what’s the most important thing that
you want to share with my viewers today? Annette: Well, if I have a most important
thing, my thing is health is wealth. Get healthy. Get healthy. Anything else you want to do in life, you
can be more productive if you are healthy. We all know that we’re going to leave here,
right. But don’t concern yourself with the leaving,
concern yourself with the living here and now. Whatever age I am, I want to be psychologically,
physiologically and spiritually sound. I would advise you to shoot for that same
thing. Because it’s important. I want my faculties to be clear. I want to be clear. And if you’re eating a living foods diet,
and who’s perfect, none of us are perfect. I quoted Salvador Dali in my second booklet
in the introduction, Journey to health 2. Salvador Dali said don’t go looking for
perfection. I’m quoting exactly, I’m paraphrasing. But the whole point is he says don’t go
looking for perfection because you’ll never find it. So none of us are going to be perfect but
what I follow that up with is saying, but we can do the best that we can. And once you do that, I mean, you know, things
fall into place, you’ll want to do better. Once you start taking steps in the right direction,
you’ll feel so good about it that you’ll want it. And if you stumble, don’t despair, straighten
yourself up and refocus. If you stumble straighten yourself up and
refocus. If you stumble straighten yourself up and
refocus. You say that as many times as is necessary,
because you’re not , you know, don’t take that as failure. Just take it as an experience and understand
that you’ve spent a lifetime doing wrong things. So you have to understand that it’s going
to take some time to undo these wrongs. Give it the time that it needs and everything
is going to be alright. John: Yeah whether that’s with your garden
or your health. Because I know a lot of you guys may have
gardening challenges and you may not be able to grow anything. But let me tell you, sprouts, once again microgreens,
they are the easiest things to grow because you don’t got to grow them into big plants Annette: Right John: You grow them like 10 days and some
of them are ready in 3 days, little small sprouts, and they’re ready to eat now. You can’t really mess that up. And if you do, you’re going to learn how
not to do it. And you could do it better next time. Annette: And if I may say so, John, the sprouts
that you showed I don’t grow them long, I just let them peek out. John: Yeah Annette: The ones with the, like the, the John: the peas Annette: the mung beans and the peas and the
lentils and all of those, they usually just peek out. Somehow I got busy with something and let
them stay another day. And it doesn’t take long. Those peas and those lentils, they’re good
to go after you’ve soaked them appropriate time, they’re good to go in a day. So this point of time you’ve got live food
that you could have in one day. So if you talk about these things being time
consuming. What’s time consuming about that? You soak them, you drain them, they’re ready
to eat. And then you’ve got good nourishment. So, you know, whatever else you’re gonna
have in your body, put some good stuff in there to counteract all the bad stuff that
you might be throwing in. John: And yeah it’s that easy to be a gardener. So I want all you guys today to go out and
sprout some stuff so you could be an instant gardener and more, you know, importantly enhance
your life by eating the foods. I mean, this is why I garden. This is why I got into gardening and growing
food, because I had a health challenge and almost lost my life. And you know, that’s why I garden and it’s
so important to me. And hopefully it is important to you guys
as well And that’s why I make all these videos to educate you guys about gardening. And then how everybody should take some control
of , you know, food they’re eating and also choosing the right and better foods to eat
, so that you guys could have vibrant health. Because, once again, I agree with Annette,
your health is your greatest wealth. And people may say this but I don’t think
they truly believe it until maybe they’re sitting at the possible end of their life,
You know like I was in my 20s and I’m like my health is really my greatest wealth because
without your health you have nothing. I was almost maybe not even going to be here
anymore. So I really take this seriously, and want
you guys maybe if you don’t take this as seriously as me or Annette, that’s fine,
I don’t really care, but just you know make a little bit more of a part of your life and
take the time to garden, take the time to juice, take the time to make a blended smoothie
if you don’t want to take the time to juice, you know. But take some time in your life because you
are worth it. Annette: Indeed John: So anyways, that’s pretty much it
for this episode, it’s getting kind of rather long and I know a lot of you guys don’t
like the long episodes. So Annette if somebody wants to learn more
about you, your work, get your little booklets, your dvd, so that they could learn, you know,
what you do, how can they get a hold of you? Annette: Well, you could go to my website. I’ve got stuff on YouTube, you can go and
subscribe and any time you are, anytime anything new comes out, of course you’ll be alerted
if you subscribe to the channel Annette Larkins , that is what you put on there, and you’ll
separate the Annette from the Larkins and that’s Annette Larkins. Now put it all together, AnnetteLarkins with
a dot com – AnnetteLarkins.com – and that will take you to my website. So when you go to my website, if you are interested
in anything that I have, you can go to the orders page which is on that red strip which
is the Navigation bar, menu bar, go to the right of there and press Orders and you’ll
see everything that I personally have, my dvds and my booklets and that is is how you
can get more of what I’m doing. And listen good health to everybody. John: Awesome. Yeah, so , but, if you guys enjoyed this episode
hey please give me thumbs up to let me know. I’ll come back and visit Annette next time
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with growingyourgreens.com . We’ll see you next time, and until then remember- keep on


Local Organic Farm Tour | Midwest Plant-based Vegan Lifestyle

[UltraVid id=182 ]You want beef at the price of bread right well the system can’t sustain the system the industrial system can turn it out but the system s and the earth can’t sustain the time that we spend to think our ideas to grow to match them with the dressing or inappropriate use and get them to your table and the time that you spend deciding who to come out with getting all the way out here and the time around the table that’s all part of your experience in a meal there are three tiers so you know those restaurants that next up you know that was delicious right and then the third tier life is good hey guys Aaron and dusty here and welcome back to eat move rest so clearly we’re not in the kitchen today we are actually taking you guys on an organic farm tour yes so Jerry and Renee Cornett are the owners of lake house farm which is an organic produce farm just north of Lincoln Nebraska where we live and we became acquainted with them and have gotten to know them over the years at our local Sunday farmers market they own an organic farm-to-table restaurant right there on the farm called Prairie plate we had an awesome tour they sat us down with fed us an amazing meal we were there for like we were basically there all day and we had an absolute blast these people care about quality of food organic farming just amazing practices all the way around yeah eating seasonal like it’s it’s about as good as it can get especially where we’re located right here in the heartland this is the way food should be they’re bringing it back and this this place is literally a hidden gem in every sense of the word especially for here in the middle of the Midwest in Nebraska where everybody’s just worried about belying up at the local steakhouse and all-you-can-eat buffets this is locally sourced seasonal organically grown fresh as fresh as it gets and a lot of thought and preparation goes into each and every plate the menu changes on a weekly basis based upon what’s growing at the farm so thank you Jerry and Renee we had a such an awesome day it was so much fun we might be back like every Monday we’ll just do like a farm tour and you can see this lunch that would be amazing look we will let them do the rest enjoy you guys around so enjoy

Hey guys Aaron here at Eaton arrest and I am with Jerry and Rene cornet of Lake House farm which is a certified organic produce farm just outside of Lincoln Nebraska when we opened this restaurant we thought okay let’s celebrate food right let’s make food fun yeah let’s make it a celebration she wanted to a relatively small restaurant where you’re the chef maybe assistant it’s personal yeah not personal you go talk to your table you know 56 seats you know restaurant that’s different yeah yeah we kind of keep going through that they just don’t know what they don’t know yet yeah you don’t even know to ask the question and so where do you get the word to people and they’re always so offended that come out of your mouth how come you’ve been over in five years and I didn’t know yeah the way the farm grows and what we grow is based on what’s the restaurant need you know as a nurse through the season the folks that come from outside are like yeah this is awesome this is a unique there are probably a dozen restaurants like this in the United States right you know and most of them charge a lot more than we do and then there are some people that are retired farmers and it’s interesting because often I get the comment from them you know we used to eat this way right yeah we used to we used to eat this way yeah yeah very there wasn’t a lot of slaughter yeah to do what I know yeah you don’t have enough freezer space to put it you know kidding what are you gonna do it what are you gonna do with all of them yeah you know we use a oil block system and it’s essentially this little block we start to see it in this is a this is a summer lettuce called grandpa admire it’s an heirloom lettuce that does well in the heat and so will will grow winter lettuces and then we transition to summer lettuces and then there’s a point where okay lettuce just doesn’t grow very well here because it gets too hot it gets really bitter and so what we do in the restaurant okay at that point stop and then you go to a salad that is tomato and cucumber or not lettuce the first item on the menu is always lake house farm salad it will change to be whatever it is and we have that’s the best from the farm and sometimes it’s so people see salad they automatically think that so it’s very important the server’s remember to tell them that the salad isn’t lettuce if it’s not lettuce because we’re used to thinking that’s the only choice mm-hmm primary purpose of this is really protecting it from the wind yeah it’ll get down to ten below in here and the kale will be fine yeah vintage will be fine really even the lettuce will survive one or two frost yeah we grow more Tomatoes out here and like two and a half rows are just sauced tomato sandwich ah no so we they’re meant to be cooked down two types of sweet peppers one is long and the other one the sheep nose pimento is a small one it’s like a slow food yeah smaller but it’s got a lot more meat flesh to it and the skin is still thin so you don’t really have to peel them for a lot of things if you’re gonna appear it use them in something but they stuff and cook really well yeah what’s all of you guys been organic since day one yeah it’s hard that like the certification process is pretty rigorous it is every year you submit a plan and then they review it and then they have an inspector to come out and it really comes down to you know doing with you said you were gonna do and then paying attention to things like soil health yeah in mild adversity like they just added a biodiversity page for us we looked at I look at this property in two ways one it’s got an incredible amount of biodiversity yep and so I just let it go I don’t try to do anything to change it [Music] [Music] out in the middle of the desert is hopeful California and and we took the kids out there once just to go out and walk with the desert you know do some other fun things stayed there there’s actually a little Museum and they explained to you you know this is the carrot we grow you know because it can grow and stand yeah and a machine can harvest it yeah and you know sand doesn’t you know though the vegetable it’s not picking up nutrients minerals from sunlight statement you’ve got an atom just about everything yeah we’re here we have clay soils which means they can be a little more problematic to grow in but in a lot easier because the particles smaller for that plan to take up all of those nutrients or minerals right and then convert it into I like one flavor for us but for others nutrients so that carrot that grows in a healthy humus organic matter rich soil is naturally going to take up all of that all those flavors yeah yeah looks like yeah a formula versus breast milk Oh site in the Roman period when his remedy was actually very good where these science knows better yeah and so we’re gonna make formula that’s gonna have it everything the baby needs in its gonna and then they were finding out wait we missed this we did you know about that and you can’t simulate this other thing and then there’s a so all of that stuff that we don’t know because nature’s better at it yeah that also works for other system I asked in fact it was an old man you know I think is a retired farmer he’s like I said like why do you buy our carrots like they taste like the ones my grandmother used to [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we just got plated lunch and we’ve got sweet potato vindaloo and some rice well along with some steamed and sauteed chart so we’re excited busy in the ponies perspective you know when you when you grow it for the season you grow it for the region and then you harvest it for flavor focus one you don’t need to do much in the kitchen and two you walk away more satiating yeah and it’s celebrity there are three tiers I think in the restaurant industry this came for books one is for so you know those restaurants yeah that next up that you know that was delicious right and then the third tier was life is good I think we want to be kind of between that was delicious and life is good love that somewhere in there yeah but it never tastes better than in context in the season at the time the place that’s grown it’s not going to get any better the time that we spend to pick varieties to grow to match them with the dressing or an appropriate use and get them to your table and the time that you spend deciding who to come out with getting all the way out here and the time around the table that’s all part of your experience in the meal yeah okay so we hope you guys enjoyed this video if you know the drill give us a thumbs up give us a like leave us a comment below leave us some love let us know what you liked what you want to see more of in the future subscribe if you haven’t already hit the bell to stay notified and as always follow aaron and i @db stanczyk and a-tearin stanczyk if you guys are digging on Renae and Jerry you can find them lake house farms calm or if you’re local and you want to check out their restaurant they’re open 5:00 to 9:00 on Wednesdays send a Wednesday through Sunday so anyway we had a blast doing this we hope to do more live out in the field maybe farm tours just meeting people and yeah we’re gonna start to get more collaborative we’re gonna do more supporting local hope you guys are into it so until next time be sure to eat seasonal eat fresh by organic go to your local farmers market and as always eat move rest your best buy was a joke there that the Catholic priest yeah goes up in the Navy Catholic priest show us up checks in moves his stuff in and promptly everything is told and then they realized he was a Catholic priest yeah so they brought it all back.


The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

[UltraVid id=143 ]This is all my kitchen equipment and then here it’s kind of like pots and pans keeps the soup in there French press and I’ll move on to the next room and I’ve got my bed along with my closet on the side right here my surfboard this is my baby [Music] [Music] you know people ask me a lot of times like why I do this it wasn’t really anything I thought about it was just once I got this like I knew this is what I’m just gonna do this you know I didn’t do it really a thought process that went into I wanna you know make this liveable I want to do this and this and this is just this is what I’m gonna do that’s not terrible throw for your camp members in there be alright with Hannah so I get to learn a lot about myself just you know you’re by yourself a lot here it’s like complete you know alone we were in a meeting and she touched out for blue jays was making a joke about somebody’s van in the parking lot and how it had grown grass all around it I saw like Nora’s kind of laughing so I introduced myself and I met dia I met the big hippie so guys you know most guys aren’t hotels or houses you know he’s just a simple guy so he parks it at the beach or the old Walmart there and you know sleeps out no one giving me a hard time because you guys are here they love it I always want me to make cook for him and stuff [Music] a little kind of a nice shake I hold it [Music] every time I start it up like it’s it takes five minutes for me to get going so I like stop at a red light and all just die out you deal with it and you just gotta be patient really take that into other forms alive I guess I think my first year in pro belong to us in twelve I had an eight-and-a-half er a that’s not good that’s really bad and I became a bulldog on the mound it’s controlled chaos you know off the field I don’t really I never get like that but I’m human and baseball gets into my mind on my car maybe I can remember out some push-ups like it makes you feel like you know I did something to get better today I think of all day there’s an opportunity to do more just like tonight like before I lay down to sleep I’m gonna go to pull ups at Walmart well basically this is where I do my pull-ups like see if I can demonstrate a few before I get kicked out of here her Cyrus get a roll start and she’s off right now see that kind of I guess into it I can fill it up for 25 bucks but I usually try to my stop it gas station I felt like usually like five to seven bucks Inc if I have a full tank I’m always gonna go off on some kind of crazy adventure never know where I’ll end up so I gotta keep myself inside of a little window there’s time try to drive and I’ll kind of like start kicking myself because I’ll see something interesting and I’ll pass it by I’m just like dang it should I should I like check that out and so I I think recently I’ve done a lot better job if I see something I’ll hit the brakes or even like turn around you know but like now it is like I’ll just pull off to the shoulder and and like kind of get in the grass you know and then just go to it and walk this is what I look for like this is the way I was raised up and that’s what I enjoy just because money is there doesn’t mean that it’s you know you gotta have nicer things and you used to have you know no I’m not a money could really buy this I’ve been offered more than what I paid for it before and I just it’s easy for me to say no just because it’s like it’s a part of me just ever been in it and all that stuff sounds weird but it is you


3 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Long Term Success on a Raw Vegan Diet

[UltraVid id=140 ]Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw.com today with
another exciting episode for you and we have very special interview for you guys today
got my friend dr. Rick Dina who’s been on a raw vegan diet now
for 29 years. He actually started in 1987 and I myself have
been doing a raw vegan plant-based diet now since 1995 so I’m going into my 21st year
this year and we’re going to talk about a topic that’s important to the both of us,
is how do you maintain and stay raw for a long period of time? You know you might see other You Tubers on
YouTube that have been doing it 6 months a couple 2, 1 year 3 years and giving all these
tips but I really want to give you guys good solid information from people that have been
really been doing this a long time and have a lot more experience that you could really
learn from, grow from and benefit from. So we are going to ask Dr Rick and he will
share with you guys the top 3 ways how you can stay raw for the long term, so Dr Rick
what are these 3 ways that people need to know? Dr Rick: Well alright I’m borrowing some
information from a telesummit my wife Dr Karen Dina and I gave a little while ago on the
exact same topic how to stay raw over the long term? And we’ve got three basic reasons and you
could go into a lot more details with each of those reasons. Number 1 is motivation, people have to find
what motivates them and so the thing is, if you’re if you’re going along eating pizza
and cheeseburgers eating your donuts and everything’s good life’s great, why give up all the stuff
that you like? There’s no reason to so people find all sorts
of different incentives and reasons why they want to make some dietary changes in the first
place and those have to be compelling enough to get you to try something different and
learn some new things and give up some stuff that you used to like. So for a lot of people health is the main
reason so course weight loss is huge almost everybody out there in the world so many people
need to lose weight and literally it’s growing all the time in terms of the percentage of
our population that’s overweight so I mean a healthfully implemented raw food diet can
do that so well and I do say healthfully implemented cause there’s a lot of kind of raw food diets
out there that people gain weight on so fruit and vegetable based logical sensible good
education although that’s coming up in a minute. So people want to lose weight. People often time want to increase their athletic
performance I mean that’s huge God I’ve had so many people I’ve consulted with that
have said they have start eating more fruits and vegetables and their marathon times are
decreasing and they were recovering faster from the workouts and all sorts of stuff like
that. Sometimes people also noticed that their brain
capacity is improved it is dramatically better so for example my father-in-law is 90 years
old and my wife Dr Karen isn’t here right now because she is helping him out. She flew across the country and his brain
is functioning better now at 90 then it was previously at 85 and so she really helped
him make some major changes in his diet even though he’s not doing nearly as much as we’d
like him too he’s included more fruits and vegetables and it’s made a big difference
in how quick his mind is and how sharp he is and he’s still living on his own and it’s
his friends and neighbours are pretty convinced that if it weren’t for her help he wouldn’t
be on his own and he probably wouldn’t still be with us. So a lot of us have noticed that our brains
are the clearest when we are eating the healthiest. Lot of times people find for example you’ll
see a lot of yoga people who eat a raw food diet there’s a big connection there because
number 1 they’re interested in athletic performance and flexibility so they find that it’s easier
to get into complex poses and they can hold things longer and their strength improving
as well as there’s a spiritual connection with yoga so people find that when their body
is clear and clean they just feel more connected no matter what their take on things. or their spiritual religious views are they
just feel more calm and more connected to whatever they’re trying to connect with so
that’s a big part of it. Many people find incentive to improve their
health when they are faced with some type of major Health Challenge okay I’ve got high
blood pressure I’ve high cholesterol you know whatever other issues are going on and
people don’t always like the way they feel from the medications or they’re starting to
get angina pain and they know that that’s going to lead to heart disease for example
and they have grandkids that they want to see grow up and you know life’s good and
they don’t want to cut it short so disease reversal is a huge incentive maybe other than
weight loss may be one of the biggest reason cause it’s not so easy again to give up your
pizza and hotdogs and all that stuff you like. But when someone says when you get educated
and you realize wow is those things worth losing my life over wow you’ve got enough
incentive now to give those things up and it’s better to eat oatmeal and fruit smoothies
and stuff like that in the morning and enjoy yourself rather than have bacon and eggs and
not be around so that’s a big part of it. Then once people get healthy they want to
stay healthy so they to maintain their health they they want to keep eating healthy so that’s
another major incentive and then there’s a few of us out there that are wise enough that
we don’t want to wait till we have a health problem we’ve seen what’s happened to family
members we see what’s going on in society and we’re enjoying being vital and healthy
and youthful and we want to stay that way for a long time so there’s another good reason
so we’re still on the number 1 top reasons maintaining things long term is what motivates
people what gives them John: Why yeah what why? What motivated me I got into this because
of my health it was loss of my life and that that I didn’t need any other reason man I
mean I want to be here man. Dr Rick: That a good enough it’s only one
reason but boy that’s pretty big, stick around you know that’s huge and going back
to again with the spiritual connection and yoga that I was using in this example a lot
of people find that they feel better emotionally when they eat healthfully I mean people go
out and you know eat Diorites all day and all that kind of stuff and it’s hard not to
feel on edge and whatnot so emotional health can also be a big reason people find incentive
and then beyond personal health reasons there’s other reasons as well so a lot of people don’t
feel comfortable having to kill something so they can live so they just want to eat
plants instead of you know killing animals and I really can appreciate that and then
people also realize that okay if you eat some plants like this you can get the calories
directly from the plans but if you feed these plants to animals 96 or so percent whatever
it is of the calories from these plants go into the animal’s metabolism and then we don’t
actually get those calories back when we eat the animals so leaving a lighter footprint
on the earth it is a big reason also and the more reasons you have stacked up the more
likely you are to stick with it over the long term. if health is your only concern and you’re
feeling pretty healthy but someone says oh you need to eat fish for the DHA and EPA the
long-chain omega-3 fats highly and saturated fats are extremely important by the way. You might be like no problem bring on the
fish but if you’re concerned about the planet and we realize we’re overfishing and that’s
causing a lot of environmental destruction and that type of thing and you also actually
care about the fish themselves you’ll stay on a plant-based path, so you’ve got more
reasons than just your health. Sometimes people find that they they get healthy
they are feeling good but then some other things creep back into their diet, their joint
pain comes back or their blood pressure goes up again so the more reasons you have the
more likely you are to stick with it over the long-term all else being equal. John: So Dr Rick as much as I had you know
losing my life as my main motivation to start now that I’ve been doing this for over the
years I’ve seen and started piling on like you suggested other reasons that kind of give
leverage to me to stick with this diet since it is having like one brick you know as a
weight I have like 20 bricks as a foundation like I’m building a pyramid here man and
that pyramids is solid man it aint going anywheres and you know yea I mean I’ve experienced
doing it but experience like the different spiritual connection the connect with nature
wanting to conserve the planet the planet’s resources and being more concerned about that
and opening me up to like solar power and not consuming all these natural gas and gasoline
resources on the planet and does all these things are super important so as much as you
might have one that’s like the most important to you now put them in order make a list actually
of what the most important ones and as you go on in this journey you’ll learn other
things and why it’s so important to continue this and to keep it up. Dr Rick: Yea, that’s such a good point John
and I know for me I wanted to lose some weight and get in shape and my brain was kind of
cloudy and foggy and once I started doing that I started feeling so much better and
I started thinking about the animals. I use to think those animal rights people
bunch of whackos you know I don’t want to hear but you know I started to understand
them like that’s a really good point and then the planetary things and this spiritual
stuff I just yea it all starts to come together so it’s kind of nice you get into one arena
and once you’re or one avenue and then you get into the arena and you you realise all
the other reasons as well. John: Right
Dr Rick: So the more of those you can connect to the better. John: Absolutely, so yea that’s number 1
what’s the second way? Dr Rick: Number 2 and this is this is where
my wife and I what we do with our life’s work is so critical I think number 2 is education
it’s because people can have all the incentive in the world but then what happens is they
start on a plant-based diet they’re feeling good and sometimes they don’t do it right
they think that handfuls and nuts and seeds and all the gourmet food is going to be the
healthiest for them and maybe their health improved some but not nearly as much as they
were hoping. They don’t get the goals they were looking
for and they’re like why bother giving up all the other stuff I like if I’m still on
my blood pressure medication so you’ve got to take the right approach and there’s there’s
so many ways that people can get confused or lacking a nutrient sometimes they are not
eating enough fats and sometimes they are eating too much fats are afraid of fruit you
know all and then they’re eating more fat as a result and people are so confusing and
so number one they got to find what works for them. That’s absolutely critical but then there’s
a whole other growing reason, growing aspect of this where things are working well for
people but they’re not well educated enough to fend off if you will all the other stuff
bombarding at them, like where do you get enough protein and what about essential fats
you need to have fish right? and vitamin K2 oh you need your bone broth for that cause
if you’re not goanna get it your bone are goanna be weak and you’re goanna get hip
fractures you vegetarians better watch out, and and what else? Oh you got to cook your food for lycopene
and beta carotene you got to you know vegetarians are deficient in vitamin D and that’s true
but just as much as the rest of the population so I mean there is all these different thing
out there, oh iodine you have to do this and go on these crazy crazy mega dose protocol
and I mean there’s just and then people say you better eat fish so anyway there these
whole set of reasons why people not so informed who look at a raw vegan diet and think oh
my gosh that looks too challenging for me and then think Ok on the one hand if it’s
right and they don’t do it they feel like they are doing something wrong and that’s
tough it’s tough for everybody to look in the mirror and acknowledge their own issues
and shortcomings what’s much easier is let’s make it wrong let’s criticize it so B12d essential
fats protein you know all that other stuff K2 ah people it’s just easier to start complaining
about that and putting it out and then people want to get their own attention so they just
repeat the rhetoric and put that out and those of you in earnest who are trying to learn
about raw food nutrition you tune into to YouTube and you see some good stuff from some
of the good You Tubers and you see a lot of nonsense also and it throws you off the path
so proper education will number 1 get you on an approach that works the best for you
and number 2 will give you the confidence to stay there because you will not get thrown
off track by the people who are uneducated yet who have loud voices and a lot of outreach
so the education part is so important we teach a series of classes called the Science of
Raw Food Nutrition it’s a hundred hours’ worth of intensely pack information we could
turn it into 500 hours easily. People are just scribbling notes its super
dense. John: So Dr Rick besides like your hundred
hours of course that I know that people can go to attend actually for a lot of money and
there’s no substitute for going to a 100 hours of education that you packed in even more
information into I know you have you and your wife actually mostly your wife Dr Karen wrote
a book that I would actually encourage you guys to get that I have myself and it’s probably
the number one book I would recommend on a raw food that’s available at this time actually
I haven’t written my book yet but it’s solid so can you tell people more about that because
minimally if you don’t do anything else get their books so you can get a good solid foundation
of how to eat raw food that healthy. Dr Rick: Yea absolutely so first for our classes
you spend a few thousand dollars and you have a lifetime of education so many of our students
tell us our notes are references for them for years and years and years to come and
you think about that compared to being on medication for the rest of your life and dealing
with all the side effects so first of all I think it’s an incredible lifetime investment
and good value however that’s not the right approach for everyone and then so for 15 bucks
on Amazon you can buy Dr Karen book the Raw Food Nutrition handbook now I know there’s
lots of books on raw food and nutrition out there and a lot of times people hear a few
things they repeat rhetoric it’s in their book they put a fancy cover they get a marketing
team they sell a whole bunch of them. I can tell you our book though is based on
our 55 plus years of personal experience tones of education both formal and cool cutting-edge
stuff type of education and and our clinical experience and our research experience it’s
all condensed into a basic yet done very thoroughly to lay the foundation book called the Raw
Food and Nutrition Handbook so for 15 bucks you can get an enormous education about how
to keep on this path long term that way. John: Awesome yea also I’d recommend checking
out Dr Rick and Karen’s YouTube channel I’ll put links down below this video for
that or those links for their videos down below this video also for that also be sure
to subscribe to this channel if you’re not ready. I give some pretty good solid information
most of which Dr Rick would probably agree with maybe not everything. But we agree with like most stuff man. Dr Rick: Just to give you a plug John and
I have been friends since what 1998 or something like that and over the years we were just
on the same page with so many things I’m glad that you are utilizing YouTube to get good
information out there and I would so much love to say everybody on YouTube is giving
good information but I just can’t it’s just not fair from someone who’s been around the
block a few times and ah so keep checking out the videos that’s that’s good stuff. John: Thanks Dr Rick so moving on to number
3 now on how to stay raw long term, what’s that? Dr Rick: So number 1 we got motivation talked
all about health reasons, environment, animals etcetera. Number 2 education you got to know what you’re
doing. You can’t be successful at anything if you
don’t know what you’re doing and number 3 interesting enough is flexibility, because
sometime people hear, they’ll watch YouTube, go to a lecture, read some books and it’s
like the way to do it John: Dogma Dr Rick: This is the way this is it everyone’s
human have to eat the same way and you’ll always find a segment of the population that
that works great for and then you’ll find another segment of the population that that
didn’t work so well for. So if people are convinced there’s only one
way to do it, they do that way and they’re not feeling good and it’s not working for
them well, first of all they might start blaming themselves if they are thoroughly convinced
that’s way to do it oh I must be doing this wrong, there must be something wrong with
me, there must be something I’m missing. And that’s not about health that’s self-defeating
that’s beating yourself up, why should you have a dogmatic system that makes you beat
yourself up? Again that’s not about health or sometimes
they’ll go somewhere else oh my God someone else has the way to do it and it’s a different
way they say opposite thing so they switch over there and then maybe there’s some benefits
to that but then there’s some drawback to that and that, that might not work either
what we have found over the years like myself, my wife, John so many other people we know
who our long-term successful healthy raw food vegans is they are flexible and open-minded
enough and oftentimes even ten twenty thirty years in they’re still learning new things
that are helping them and by trying this trying that understanding this understanding that
making sense out of different things and then doing some personal experimentation sometimes
we can help guide people with lab work with that what works for them and what doesn’t
they find the approach that works for them and they also enjoy doing it they like eating
the food it’s fun and you feel good and you get all the benefits so that flexibility is
just absolutely so key. It doesn’t mean be so flexible that you’re
off the path but it means learn the fundamentals and then find what works for you and you can
enjoy it over the long term just such a critical piece of the puzzle there. John: Yeah I completely agree one of the things
you know that you’ll notice about me and if you watch my videos from I don’t know 6
years back when I started making them I change what I do like, not in any large way I still
eat raw plants you know, fruits and vegetables predominately but I’ve changed things up
a little bit and you can see me in my journey on my YouTube channel changing things up and
I’m highly suspect of people that always keep it the same right cause there in always
new information new data new research studies coming out and just as I learn more and get
more knowledgeable about things in life and I would always encourage you guys to work
on always improving yourselves whether it’s with your diet, your relationships, with growing
your own food ,whatever it is we should always strive to improve and make the world a better
place not only for us but for future generations, so yeah. If something’s is not working change and
modify and be flexible in your approach is the main message. So Dr Rick I know you have a programme coming
up that’s free available for everybody where you are going to have 25 long-term 20-plus
years for the most part raw foodies and people that do a raw plant-based diets successfully
that you guys could all benefit from for free, so tell my viewers about this program and
the summit you have coming up? Dr Rick: Well we have put together a programme
called the Raw For life summit number 1 you can you can have a lot of life and vitality
from eating raw foods and number 2 to keep it up for life so like John said we’ve got
over 25 people who have been successfully and healthfully and enjoyably maintaining
a either high to all raw diet for 18, 25, 30 or more years who have really stood the
test of time and we interview all these people each interviews like 45 minutes to an hour
someone a little bit over and we ask each person what is breakfast lunch and dinner
look like? Why do you do what you do? Is your diet the same today as it was back
when you started? And for most people there’s a certain foundation
but things have changed over time so that flexibility comes in handy. John you mentioned such a good point earlier
with flexibility with anything in life not just what you eat you got to be flexible enough
and change and see what works and what doesn’t. So we find out what they eat, why they eat
it, what gave them incentive in the first place, what kind of education they have and
what kind of flexibility they have? And it’s just so revealing and here’s a perfect
example 29 years in you know doctorate degree lots of education, lots of clinical experience
I learned a lot of new things talking to a lot of these people so it’s called the Raw
for Life summit so I think we’re going to put the link right here put it right there
for you guys, put it right there, there it is and yeah you can hear from all these people
and get their inspiration and again hear from the people who have stood the test of time
who it’s still working for and I’m going to speculate here that you’re probably going
to get some better advice if sticking with this long-term is your goal from listening
to people who have stuck with it long term vs people who are newer. Now we were all new at some point too but
you know when (cross talk: been around the block) when you take the new kids some make
it some don’t. When you take in to account people have been
at it 20 or 30 or more years they’re all in the long term camp, so can’t emphasize
the value of that enough. John: Yeah I mean I definitely recommend once
again I’ll put the link right here below and also there be a link in the description
as well as in the comments so click that to sign up for this free Raw For Life Health
Summit that you can learn and gain from. Now the thing I want to say is that there’s
going to be like 25 different people on the summit that Dr Rick and Dr Karen will be interviewing
and have an open mind, when your listen to you may not agree 100% of everything of any
one person says but they’ll be nuggets right pick out the things that make the most sense
for you and start incorporating those into your life. Dr Rick: Which is the central theme of The
Summit right, that one of the things that all the people do, they just don’t do it one
way we have a variety of approached but we don’t have anyone on there that’s too dogmatic
because the most of the dogmatic people don’t make it over the long term sorry to say, but
you have to be committed. So you’ll see how they find that balance
and you know not everyone agrees with everyone my wife and I don’t agree on everything believe
it or not a husband and wife don’t agree on everything, John and I don’t agree on
everything but we all have a certain foundation and by the way our lead off our lead off speaker
is is John he’s leading off the event cause he’s a 100% raw for a long time lot of (crosstalk
99.9%) people know about him well a lot of 9’s right we’ll cut you a little slack
there well I’m about 90% raw off and that’s what works for me all raw for extended period
but then you know I have some steamed vegetables here and there, so anyway John is our lead
off and it’s just a really great event and again I’ve learned a lot from interviewing
all these people and we’d like you to do the same. John: Awesome so Dr Rick why did you and your
wife Dr Karen decide to put this event on for everybody for free? Dr Rick: Well number 1 we would like to tell
people a little bit more about what we do that we feel like in a lot of ways we’ve been
the best kept secret in raw food nutrition for many years you know we’ve spent a lot
more time educating ourselves then we have marketing ourselves you know most people in
the raw food movement it’s just the opposite they go to a weekend seminar they read a few
books and then they are experts and they spend a lot of money on marketing and they you know
they have their channels they do their blogs and they have a lot of outreach but they know
very little so we been like heavily weighted on the research, the clinical experience,
the teaching, the education the working with people that’s number 1 and number 2 while
we are at it a lot of these summits they just get the people with the biggest list and say
let’s get all these people so we can get the most exposure and although we have some
popular people with big list and we are going to get a lot of good exposure. it was really important to us to maintain
the theme of the summit to just find people who we knew were healthfully and successfully
at this for a long time, to be of the most benefit to all of you so many of these things
you hear the one dogma, you hear the opposite dogma, you leave more confused than you were
before you started. We didn’t want that there’s too much of
that out there and it’s goanna continue, so we really wanted to provide something of
value to really help you keep this up for a lifetime. So you can keep getting all the benefits that
all of us do, that we enjoy so much. It’s such a central theme of our lives for
for good reasons because it enhances our lives and we want that for all of you too. John: Awesome yeah one of the reasons why
I continue to make videos to this day is just to share the knowledge and to help my fellow
man right. I mean this is just good for you, it’s good
for the planet, it’s good for the animals, it’s good for so many different things and
you know I’m glad you guys are watching to this point it is this video this lets me know
that you’re really committed. So I want you click that link right down below
and sign up for the summit that’s coming up really soon don’t miss out on any of
the episode including the first one that I’m in. Aright, Dr Rick so any other comments or things
you like to share with my viewers today? Dr Rick: Find your motivation stack up all
those reasons get some good education we’re not the only ones to do it but you’ll find
some other really awesome educators on the summit and be flexible in your approach see
what works and what doesn’t I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Tony Robbins ultimate
success formula. Number 1 know your outcome yeah you want to
be healthy you want to leave a lighter footprint on the earth etcetera number 2 start taking
action eat more fruits and vegetables and then number 3 this is where most people start
messing up see if it’s working or not and if it is keep it up if it’s not then number
4 change your approach and modify and be flexible and find what does work and you just keep
going through that cycle and you go about it rationally and intelligently you will be
successful and like John touched on earlier whether it’s your diet or anything any other
endeavour in life that’s the way to go about it so. J0hn: Awesome, awesome yeah I agree Dr Rick
and I and Dr Karen went to a Tony Robbins seminar together years ago unleash the power
within… yeah we unleash the fire we did it was great. So if you guys enjoyed this episode with Dr
Rick hey please give me a thumbs up to let me know also be sure to click that link down
below to get to the summit the Raw For Life summit sign up for that also be sure to check
the links below to Dr Rick and Dr Karen’s website you’ll learn more about educational
programs as well as their book that I would recommend you guys purchase and also be sure
to click the subscribe button right down below while you are at it I have new videos coming
out in 5 to 7 days you never know what you’ll be learning in my next video or what I’ll
be doing always having a fun time also be sure to (inaudible 28:17) my past episodes
I have several episodes with Dr Rick you know sharing with you guys some really good information
on raw foods and of course all my videos have lots of other good information as well that
will help you live a healthful plant based fruit and vegetable strong diet for life. So once again my name is John Kohler with
okraw.com we’ll see you next time, until then remember keep eating your fresh fruit
and vegetable they are always the best.


Top 7 Reasons People Fail on a Vegan Diet: Plant-based Pitfalls

[UltraVid id=135 ]Hey guys Aaron and dusty here welcome back to eat move rest and Happy New Year yes happy 2018 so with the New Year here a lot of you are probably thinking it might be time to clean up your diet lose a little bit of weight maybe you’re even entertaining the idea of going vegan after all dr. oz did say that it was like the trend of the year yeah so 2018 it’s only building steam we want to share with you guys seven pip pitfalls or seven reasons that people fail out of plant-based or vegan diet yep so let’s get right into it number one people don’t eat enough calories I know that when I started or we started this journey I got rid of meat and dairy and all of a sudden I was just starving I didn’t know what to eat what’s left right so make sure and get your calories number two too much vegan junk food yes there is such a thing if you go to Whole Foods or any grocery store you’re bound to find plenty of processed packaged junk foods labeled vegan and all the sudden you see the halo 4 minutes glowing light and you grab it snatch it up throw it in your cart bring it home prepare it and you maybe don’t feel any better than you did when you ate your regular burger no Aaron will tell you I am a vegan junk food addict I do my best but every once in a while I just have to order that vegan pizza and eat the whole thing and I feel like dying yeah so steer clear of the junk foods and stick to the Whole Foods plant-based foods yeah more on that later number three being unprepared now this is something that we still struggle with nobody’s perfect but being prepared is going to help I know again when we first started we didn’t know what to buy at the grocery store we didn’t know what to prepare at home and basically we were unprepared and then always hungry yeah so has the same goes if you fail to plan you can plan to fail right number four the fourth reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is criticism yes and criticism can be harsh it can be downright mean we haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of that especially from our online community it’s been overwhelmingly positive things on YouTube but it can also be just joking around and just giving you a hard time which can also be uncomfortable right so my father-in-law Erin’s wonderful father is the biggest jokester in the world and I don’t know how many vegan slang word nicknames that he’s called me and us but hey we have survived and you will too just stand up to that criticism yes stand firm be confident just walk the walk and eventually people will start to ask you questions right okay so number five money people say it’s too expensive to be vegan and that is simply not true we were just at our families for the holidays and somebody was cooking up a big hunk of meat sitting on the counter we looked at the price and it was $50 a $50 piece of meat do you know how many rice and beans we can buy with that and cases of bananas no kidding we buy beans rice lentils potatoes by the bay it’s so cheap they last forever you can do it for six reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is impatience patience is a virtue my friends yes it can be tempting to want to go cold turkey and switch overnight and think that everything’s just gonna be like all happy sunshine and rainbows but it can actually set you up for failure and you’ll end up reverting back to how you were before yes so it took me at least two years and it was a little bit quicker but yeah we started out with vegetarian we did it for 40 days then we went back and like it was a two-year journey for us and we’ve right here and we’re happy now but be easy on yourself and have patience and we’re still learning new things every single day that the journey continues and you’re okay with that because we feel great and we’re continuing to feel better right so finally number seven the reason people fail is confusion they’re like what I thought this but this guy says that and we’re all just confused what’s right dr. Oz says one thing Oprah says another thing and ritual dr. Gregers say another thing yeah our best advice is to check your facts yeah for example wheel of nutritionfacts.org dr. Michael Greger all of his research is pulled from medical journals that are not backed by industry it was unbiased it’s gonna be clean pure truth okay so to recap the top seven reasons people fail on a vegan diet are number one not enough calories yes number two vegan junk food number three being unprepared yes number four criticism number five money or budgeting number six my biggest one impatience and number seven confusion yes so if you guys like this video you know the drill give us a thumbs up leave us some love down below leave us a comment hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and follow us on social media yes at Aaron stanczyk at DB stanczyk and click that Bell that’ll make sure that notifications will be turned on yes you’ll get alerted when we put out new videos here because the next video we’re gonna do for you guys will be the top 7 ways to succeed at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle right so stay tuned we’ll give you all the best answers to this videos problems oh yes happy new year okay crazy and how much of that is just like meat that you have to shave off earth not me yeah alright yeah that’s okay that’s right


Raw Vegan Adventures in India – Color, Chaos & Karma

[UltraVid id=112 ]You the star greetings from India it is hot and humid here I think it’s 46 degrees today fifty percent humidity super hot that’s like 110 Fahrenheit and wow going to get some mangoes and some bananas we’re excited to see me here in this fruit market maybe they’ve seen the cool vegetarian website as per the Hindu religion is supposed to be pure vegetarians when I say / vegetarians we do not eat any kind of food not just cause sacred animal living the religion but we do not even need other animals other living beings that’s the philosophy of the Hindu religion but now obviously with globalization people do not follow the religion strictly to the core in all the aspects so in this aspect we can see now a lot of Hindu people also eat non-vegetarian food now but I till today in 29 years of my life I have not heard of one Hindu person eating a cow which is strictly anti-hindu might not be able to eat it even if they’re starting hmm even if they want to they might not be able to be conscious without an hour the concierge at my hotel help me find this place called health is wealth upstairs they sell coke and pepsi and all the regular crap and then downstairs they’ve got organic foods lots of live food options as well they got a fresh produce section mostly packaged and dried stuff some organic produce here at a fruit market outdoor market and have like lots of great mangos and coconuts papaya places awesome in India is actually a huge supplier of mangoes I never knew this but they supply over fifty percent of the world’s mangoes and they are delicious here damn you’re liking your juice it’s good sugar cane juice i’m here at the Taj Mahal in Agra India unbelievable this place was built out of love for the Empress who passed away during childbirth the first impression this gives you is that of a palace oh it’s never been a palace nobody has ever lived here only dead people live here because this is a movie mean there are tombs of the Emperor and the Empress inside the main wife Ellen and this was built by the 5th mughal emperor the construction of this building now began in the year 1631 and it took the next 22 years for it to finish finished in the year 1653 like 20,000 people working I made up a recipe for a very simple salad and then I had it translated into the local language Hindu how have I been in India when most people come here from America Canada become him to get sick so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been eating most of my meals from the hotel and I’ve been having a really simple salads mostly and I’ve been having fruits with thick skin stuff like bananas and mangoes and dragon fruit have thick skin that hang on a tree that aren’t flying in stillwater on the ground I’ve been having bottled water and I’ve been having a Himalaya brand of bottled water not the coke and pepsi brands because I don’t really trust those but the Himalayan brands been really good for me I’ve been putting minerals in my water so my water is really you know good quality water and haven’t been eating off the street there’s a cow just walking spray cow no owner just walking straight down the street all by himself cows are sacred here they spin Lucia hey Lucia hey



[UltraVid id=97 ]James Aspey is a animal rights activist from Sydney, Australia.
At the age of only 17 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had 6 weeks to live. He beat cancer after 3 years of chemotherapy and during that time he began partying and abusing drugs.
He turned his life around once again and became a passionate personal trainer so he could help others with their health.

He spent 7 years working on a cruise ship, and partying a lot was the norm. That lead to an eating disorder. His journey changed direction when he met a wise Indian man who told him eating animals is bad karma.

He went vegetarian for a 7 day experiment and felt surprisingly great. He researched into the health benefits and realized how much he has been missing out!

Upon more research he discovered the shocking and violent truth of what is being done to animals for food, clothing, entertainment and medical testing. It led him to the question, “If we don’t need to kill and eat animals to be healthy, what are we doing this for?” The best justifications he could find or hear were incredibly weak.

In 2014 he took a 365 day vow of silence and cycled 5000 kilometers to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.

He broke his vow during a live interview on Australia’s most popular morning TV show.

James is now travelling the world giving free speeches to make our planet a more sustainable place.


My EPIC Morning Routine [2018] + Men’s Healthy Lifestyle Tips

[UltraVid id=38 ]This last year I decided to make some huge shifts in my life I made the choice that mediocrity would no longer have a hold on me instead my life would be consumed by hardwork self-discipline and passion I love that sound every day I wake up in bed next to my beautiful wife is a blessing knowing that today is a brand new day and it’s full of opportunity and Wonder it always stirs up my passion for impacting the world in some kind of new way every day I like to kick off my morning with some positive music something that will get me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day I’ll go straight into brushing my teeth getting rid of that morning breath then of course hit the shower to wake me up using my steam spray to fight back any morning congestion besides washing my face and going through the necessary steps of my skincare routine I always find the shower as a quiet place where I can start my day right with meditation and prayer I never go a day without moisturizing my face so always make sure to use healthy products that are gonna benefit my skin and help me out in the long run now as most of you know I’m part owner of the premium hair care brand called shifu and today I’m actually testing out our newest hair product that we’re currently working on which will be launched a little later this year to go along with our other well-known products such as ocean clay which of course I used to style my hair with just about every day to save myself time I usually like to figure out what I’m gonna wear the night before especially on big days like today because in a couple hours from now I’ll be launching a little something I’ve been working on called individuals which is a community brand that anyone can be a part of individuals is all about embracing that things that make you unique your strengths your weaknesses see most people think that you have to be perfect to impact the world I say let people be inspired by your imperfections now I’m a big fan of staying healthy and keeping my body performing at the top of its game so every morning I’ll have my daily dose of vitamins and I’ll make a couple of these health drinks for my wife and I that are full of antioxidants fiber and other healthy ingredients we’ll have this along with an awesome breakfast that my wife always makes for us I like to always start off my day by reading positive development books I believe that having a high-quality personality is even more important than having a high quality style C in school we were never taught how to have vision or be an entrepreneur how to brand our name or how to even be good husbands or family men so reading learning and stretching ourselves every day is mandatory now about two or three days a week I like to go outside and just meditate I follow wim Hof’s breathing method and I absolutely love the way it makes me feel if I’m in need of a boost my wife and I like to hit up the coffee shop especially this little place called the breviary it’s this really good coffee joint located in Saint George Utah [Music] [Music] now this is also a great spot where I like to do all of my work before launching individuals I still need to upload and publish this YouTube video that I’ve been working really hard on for the last few days you know every time I post a video I get so excited to be able to chat with you guys in the comments section all the love and support that I get from you all is truly amazing and I feel so grateful that I get to be able to create content for a living and now that my videos up I’m gonna be taking the next hour just to finish up some final touches on some artworks just in time for the launch of individuals you know it’s crazy I’ve always wanted to create something that what you guys can be a part of and individuals is just that so if you want to join for free then click the link below and get a free gift for myself [Music] now before I continue my work today I’m gonna take about a two hour break and hit up the gym to get a workout in you know working out is a huge priority in my life it also gives me a chance to break away from my crazy world and put my focus elsewhere and just let my mind go kind of like meditation in a way now that my work is finished it’s about midday and I’m gonna be heading home to hit an a quick meal shower off and then I’ll be heading to my home studio for a few hours before working on some more videos for YouTube it’s kind of funny my brother and I grew up making music and this is how I was actually introduced to the whole YouTube industry way before i produce videos david and i used to make music and travel doing shows then one day we got in contact with a little youtube channel called tokyo TV that wanted to use our music for their videos so now things have come full circle and we’re getting ready to release our first album in over six years it’s been nothing but hard work and major dedication getting back into the groove again and creating our new sound over these past few years but now we’re ready to impact the world in a whole new way you know when it comes down to it being successful is all based on perspective and attitude being 25 and married creating YouTube videos being an owner of shavoo and individuals and now music all in the works my life gets pretty crazy I’m constantly on my grind non-stop but everything I’m doing I absolutely love it I love it all and I feel so blessed that God has entrusted me with so much I mean I can honestly say that I am truly grateful you know when you push yourself and I mean truly push yourself and when you stay grateful and full of faith no matter what circumstance that your current that’s a beautiful thing when you’re constantly helping other people and constantly dreaming big dreams regardless of what small-minded people think that to me is what true success is [Music] you [Music]