Vegans Louise and Frank – Vegan business owners band members & created World Vegan Day

[UltraVid id=96 ]Highways and high five all right but we’re here about the Cabaret which is the cowboy at calomel so how did you like get into creating a vegan cafe gallery event space anymore things add to that well it was all quite random really we always kind of had a dream about some kind of dream that we did reality and then it would have been about a year and a half ago maybe a bit longer I just saw a random sort of facebook post about this particular venue and that possibility of taking over and running into the restaurant like way because we it’s all our daughter very close to you and we knew this space so I just leave trying to believe what I just don’t see it on Facebook and we used to have a chat about it long and hard about it decided we should give it a go because we didn’t at least new order for my situation here to compete against other people happy one I what’s the best event are like program you put on I what’s the thing like you remembered and on our that’s so cool that’s made my day however i think when we’ve had really good bands so we know for us to hear is to burn a couple of times we’ve been heading up to that it would be round I think we did reach the two big on over irrigation and I felt that’s a good number you can still move around is not too jammed you can see the bound in comfort oh yeah a good band lots of people reserves hmm as we got into this staff interested in the arts in as well the selection of staff you lied so let me get something right one of my favorite Oh and she’s she’s great I think she just touch with our it already in to eat her and so she kind of me oh good and raise some money you know as well that was really popular event very committed we had Tom Robinson come and play here who’s who had some big hits in some teas and 80s but it continues to be a BBC Radio 6 DJ uncle and he’s really well known for having glad to be gay and he did a version of that song adopted at one point which is really funny things that because everyone was a bit hesitant about singing because it has yeah and he was like hold on it’s okay you don’t have to be getting to sing this song here everyone and then after that everyone sort of thank you and actually it was really young it’s quite moving actually I found it please you create the world vegan day so how did you come about creating that and what are the achievements you’ve had from it okay well well big day when I was president and we were in the lead up to the Society’s 50th thinking about how to celebrate this amazing occasionally and already have one more I’d already have one idea which is to create a fill and then I’m current exactly remember how the ideas that came into my mind Wow why don’t we created died and so that was much easier than making the film because that was really just a matter of announcing it but when I thought about it was really to commemorate when the society would start it started by very small number of people who have this crazy idea that you could live without essentially live without exploiting animals and at that time which is in 1944 sightings found people literally thought we would die bad enough that you vegetarian now we all know clearly different actually you’re healthier as a beacon who you know you’re gonna Diagne be much healthier but at that time I just thought I find it incredible that those people at the beginning had this idea separately around the country came together as community for the day each other decided to found the society an into doing the war Second World War he’s in line when food was being rationed food was already severely restricted at that time and I’m just so inspired by these people and I felt they deserved to be remembered each year in fact that those people founded the society all those years ago so when we founded well-being well being in day we decided it would be the first of novo the exact date okay about so it was started in 1994 it’s amazing now it’s all over the world people do all kinds of and it just still serves as an opportunity to take the idea how to other people or to simply celebrate it and it’s you know it’s Damon people I think just celebrate create conditions that but you mentioned the film that you created so what was a film about well it was created by four of us really running drugs in in real life you’d be like but that was the first major undertaking actress but that at that time we were ye we were pleased to have the presenter Benjamins great British poet represent and we made a 25-minute promotional film about veganism that was well received I’m still proud of that work which you can see on youtube and yeah the film I’m really proud of go on it’s called truth or dare so lots of people want to start being businesses so do you have any tips for them the starting their own well because it happened to us by accident I just say really I mean we’ve been doing this for just over a year now if you want to get into the restaurant business the best and the key is really to get a good team you enter into this type of business what you need to and to be my advice is to be very determined set your goal and go for it if you make a mistake don’t worry we all do with their mistakes I made loads of the state’s every day and I try to learn from the run be a better person be tolerant of people some people like myself see a vegan argument and change very quickly other people they take but everybody is a potential video so be tolerant of people business other side so ten years to finally get it of you like leaving for life so you have been in a bun so as the band called and what’s it like traveling and playing music and well I think there’s nothing beats being on stage playing your own music in my experience so those of the highlights of my life are being the moment when you’re on stage playing us or moving beats my experience the band ring is calling this frenzy which we lazy about putting music out where we do have a small record deal most about next year do you drop in veganism in your music I think somebody asked you this before about I would say to us but it’s actually I think it’s really difficult songs can below nice but so we have sort of we did earn some gone on our album which is a little violence which cool it’s actually an ex somebody used to play these total king two gave it up because he couldn’t relating children into so that song which is kind of related he was the first he was an actor he changed his mind basically and regretted doing is instead a very powerful thing which is why he used the sample and then I wrote the music around that fitted in with the concept of the album which was an examination of violence what I put over the top of Everest sometimes quite shocking statements from people for examples of moments when they’ve been involved in a violent situation or contributed to violence in this case Ronald McDonald contributed and then become a reformed character i would say stay away from its own writers i find it a bit cringing it’s you’ve got to be very clever to pull it off in a way but other I recognize other people like in small but I have to jump in here and remember that i did do I’ve done a couple of league in field DJ mixes which is a collection of tracks some of them by very well known pretty much i buy very big all students a lot more than I ever thought that was it took me ages reserved so some of there are some really good it’s a great one quiet I goons that figure I did find a lot really do examples might be Dina by the youtube com vegan okay so in my case I have got involved with my local animal rights group in Southampton and I was already vegetarian although I didn’t stay vegetarian for very long because I met some vegans who were in a another animal rights group that was down the road and I came across a vegan society leaflet read it and I just connected immediately with the leaflet the argument like leaflet just very simply made the case for veganism and just like if I recognized immediately thought by the vegan mmm maybe not sort of conscious quite consciously in that way but my totally connected little got it I suppose and then basically I decided with my boyfriend at that time I think maybe we were both living at home or something so we decided to book ourselves a holiday in Jersey go away from here before decided to be season so then we both look begin at that time I was the age of 18 and even really met anyone who was vegetarian but I traveled to Europe I wanted to sort of broaden my horizons on a coached Greece somebody gave me Buddhism well vegetarianism was discussed and when I came back to make moment its soda seed in my mind because I didn’t want to be I realized I wouldn’t want to do that myself for me as well I just wanted to opt out of all that and then about a week later I’ve to go veggie I was in a Holland America parents store in southport and the first edition of the new revamped vegan magazine had come out I happen to see that I open it up when I read the definition I thought actually that makes more sense to me sort of bored out of a live-and-let-live attitude adding one of involved please do you have any tips for people that want to go vegan well I think I really enjoyed it you know it’s presented as you’re giving up something that you’re gonna miss I never missed eating meat or cheese or dairy once I found suitable alternatives the whole world of food opened up for me better healthier I declare a conscience i’m just literally recommend the thing is it’s enjoyable you know you’re not denying yourself something whole different way of living now is the time to go vegan because it seems that it’s really exploded in school now has been in the media but in my experience I will say it is the set maybe not the best decision I’ve made in my life that’s certainly one of the imagine not being thing just say it really contributes to the right thing but it’s the nature of the food itself as well it has so many positive effects on body or mental health emotions and it’s just a more enjoyable really like honest it’s more than that so much go to be I think as I ever not yeah I mean for the future the planets as well aware that fifty percent of greenhouse gas is actually generated from animal agriculture everybody’s we want to save the planet sometimes a lot of let’s go to be 10 billion season in this century a lot of people a book to start eating a hell of a lot more food you can see the beginning of that happening now I think I know it’s more related the future with mass migration because and that’s already it’s all there it’s also a resource we do start making changes and taken on radical ideas like a vegan future the planet will be destroyed by who hmm and append them vation because too many aspects of the planet and it’s all good year round so thank you good you’ll end up XP be coming for a professional a very good start yeah