8 Puerto Rican Vegan Meals

[UltraVid id=262 ]Hispanic vegan meals or as non- Hispanics like to say Spanish vegan dishes. We had all Puerto Rican meals this week. Here is a list of what we ate.
Sopa De Guandules y Bolitas De Platano (Pigeon Pea Soup and Plantain Balls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSXYUQSBdb8
Arroz con Habichuelas y Calabaza (Rice with Beans and Pumpkin)
Arroz Con Maiz (Rice with Corn) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Arroz con Vegetales (Rice with Vegetables) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Tofu Guisado (Tofu Stew) https://youtu.be/35ib5BHvdkI
Arroz con Guandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Ensalada de papas (Potato Salad) https://youtu.be/e0l8nWcTiNE
Tostones (Twice fried green plantain)
Maduros (Fried Ripe Plantain)
Aguacate (Avocado)

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How Is McDonald’s Different In Sweden?

[UltraVid id=179 ]- I am here to try all the unique things that they have on the menu here, including McVegan. In a country
where one out of 10 people is either vegan or vegetarian, does the burger really
live up to its hype? First off, falafel. In four or nine pieces with yogurt and herb dip. It comes in a little dry packet like that, but then you get the added dipping sauce. You can choose from a
massive selection of them. A little but spicy, like a little
bit herby. It’s really dry. Now for the Chicken and Hummus Salad. The chicken’s cooked really nicely. The whole thing’s got like a really big range of flavors in there. As well as normal fries,
McDonald’s does sweet potato fries. They’re not bad, they’re
just not overwhelmingly sweet potato-y. I think it’s probably just because of the grease and the salt. This is so good. This thing is genuinely
like the king of dips. This is just a peasant
dip, this is the dip king. It looks like a really,
really luxurious dip. Woah! That smells like truffles. It’s got really, really, really truffle-y, mushroom-y aftertaste. It just immediately tastes like a standard McDonald’s mayo. Yes, that is beer on the menu. It’s served in selected
European and Asian countries. What I’m expecting is quite citrus-y, and slight bitterness in the aftertaste. Hoping it actually lives up to that. It’s alright, maybe if you
have really flavorsome food, and you have this too, somehow
it’ll complement each other. It’s really nothing to write
home from Stockholm about. Last, but not least, the McVegan. The patty was developed
specifically for McDonald’s by Anamma, now Orkla
foods, a niche food company from southern Sweden, and
at just 25 Swedish Krona, (that’s $2.75) it’s a bit of a bargain. That yummy looking sauce? It’s got vegan McFeast
sauce in it, and ketchup. So apparently when this
was developed in 2017, what gives it its really,
really quite vibrant red color is the soy protein. It’s mixed with tomato powder, onions, and peppers. So what you’re expecting
from here is quite like a juicy soy protein burger but with quite a strong vegetable
taste to it as well. I think what really helps is
it’s got pickle in it as well. The pickle and the burger
go together really nicely. It’s got some ketchup in there. You can see that it’s got some onions. Yep, quite a bit of pickle actually. It’s not really, really
flavorsome, it just tastes like quite a good standard veggie
burger made of soy protein. It certainly looks very, very impressive. I really like the color of it. The McVegan: probably wasn’t worth coming all the way to Stockholm for. I can understand why people
get really crazy about this, it’s a cool thing on the menu. It’s probably just them
trying to keep up with other really popular
burger chains in Sweden that offer really good
vegetarian/vegan menus. The mayo’s good; best thing
on the menu in my opinion is the garlic dipping sauce. A nice little pot of garlic mayo heaven.


Meat Lovers Try Vegan Diets For A Week

[UltraVid id=148 ]Jose and I are looking at the email the things we can’t eat can’t eat eggs oh I [Music] really like any type of food except for like really really vegetable Hanabi food I’m not used to looking at labels and get like a lot of knowledge and the like what goes into foods and if you complain my diets better after this and hopefully I learn how to cook something I’ve just been on this like journey of having like healthy relationships with myself food and exercise and I’m just excited to like start something new and do it and that healthy positive mental space we’re going on our first grocery mission I don’t know what to look for maybe we’ll just go to what we normally get and then look for options I made it to the fruit section which we can guarantee is beacon I found some mate listen I’m here for sausage not in my sexual life just in this life we’re going for the safe option safe option probably not that healthy but alright let’s try this vegan sausage put some mustard on it that’s vegan to consistency a little questionable but taste very good oh my god actually kind of tastes like sausage we have a little meeting today and here’s all the food that I can eat alright so we had catered lunch today and there was tons of sandwiches all of which had meat except one and as tofu I do not like tofu but I’m sticking it out today Oh me and my friend were talking and she’s vegan she was saying how like she gets annoyed when people do this because he will like starve and just don’t end up eating because they can’t eat anything and so I’ve really been making it a priority to make sure I’m not starving and I’m not I feel very full and I’m eating vegetables and I’m eating fruits and I feel good so I’m facetiming my boyfriend and he’s eating eggs I’m really jealous that looks really good right now so today I realized that not all vegan food is healthy I know that’s kind of dumb to realize I snacked a lot I had Oreos I had chips there was a lot of things you can’t eat when you’re vegan and not all of them are great for you so I think from now on I kind of just need to watch myself make sure I’m just getting like the nutrients I need so it’s about 2:30 a.m. usually right now I would make an egg sandwich with cheese but I can’t so my lunch today is sausage list sausage and broccoli I’m at the mall and I keep smelling Wetzel’s freakin pretzels and I can’t eat it and it’s killing me we are on our way to go to an all vegan restaurant we’re here we look at the menus the best part of this is that we can just choose whatever [Music] so after being vegan for a week I’ve realized that it’s truly like amazing got meatless meat options it still made me feel like I was eating me but I felt better about it honestly because I knew I wasn’t eating animals I think it really just opened my eyes to the fact that like I just need to start reading my labels of the things I eat because honestly the things not even are good to eat that don’t have vegan stuff in it I’m like oh my god they have this amount of sugar and other things that I should be looking at and paying attention to I’m really glad I did this challenge and from that one I can definitely see myself exploring a lot more options on the food so yes I will be continuing some vegan habits but also yes I am driving to Korean barbecue at this very moment, I just say today