Before & After Going Vegan | Our Health Transformation Story

[UltraVid id=313 ]There are many different ways to improve your health, and a number of different diets claim to do so, however, going whole foods plant-based, or vegan, is more than a “diet,” it’s a lifestyle!

We definitely did not make the switch overnight, it took many small steps and incremental changes to get to where we’re at now, but we couldn’t be happier about how far we’ve come and how much better we feel, now, in our 30s than we ever did in our teens and 20s!

EatMoveRest is about going beyond the kale, we’ve also invested a great deal of time into our fitness and sleep, and the 3 together have helped us to build a lifestyle that we can maintain for a lifetime, free of restriction and counting calories, and full of color, abundance, and energy!

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Hotel/Traveling Raw Vegan Fruitarian – Fast Food with The Raw Outlaw (San Diego Fruit Fest 2019)

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My name is Rebecca, and I have been vegan for the animals since 2009, but still continued to get very sick. I began my raw vegan fruitarian journey on October 12, 2014 to battle “incurable” debilitating Multiple Sclerosis, in addition to Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Alcoholism, Benzo Withdrawal/Damage (as prescribed), Caffeine Addiction, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux, Obesity, Pansinusitis, Sleep Apnea, and Narcolepsy. I initially lost 80 pounds, quit all medications, regained function of my body and mind, and found new purpose in sharing this healing message with anyone it may help.

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My Vegan Medical Doctor: Dr. Linda Carney (Buda, Texas)
My Vegan Dentist: Dr. M. Sylvester Gonzales (Round Rock, Texas)
My Plant-Based ENT: Dr. Oscar A. Tamez (Round Rock, Texas)



[UltraVid id=224 ]This is my morning routine in Bali! I have been in Bali for a few months now, and I hosted my very first fullyrawretreats. I am excited to show you a little bit of what my life looks like in the mornings before I begin the rest of my day.

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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram lives to inspire a FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy vegan lifestyle at www.fullyraw.com. A raw vegan lifestyle incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. KristinaFullyRaw posts new videos every week that include recipes, tips, tricks, vlogs, motivational, fitness, exercise, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.


Communication Tips: Why Gossip Is Toxic

[UltraVid id=199 ]: Why Gossip Is Toxic

Gossip in the workplace, at school… complaining about your coworkers, your boss, or anyone isn’t likely to make you look powerful or responsible. It’s likely to diminish other peoples’ opinion of you, and get in your way as you strive for your goals.

Here’s why alcohol can make gossip even worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLu8Qh-VrL0

“Ohhhhh, girl. Did you hear about Laura and Kevin? And what she said to his mom? And what he did after that?”

“YES! I couldn’t believe it. Could NOT. Of all people — I would never have seen that coming!”

Gossip is toxic. You know it, I know it, the person sitting two tables over eavesdropping knows it. It sets negativity in motion and, if we’re not careful, attracts more of the same. Gossip hurts you, it hurts the friend you’re gossiping with, it hurts the people you’re talking about.
Even when your gossip is ‘legitimate’, even when you have a right to feel scandalized or hurt by someone’s behavior …

You might be right about your feelings, but that ‘rightness’ isn’t helping you get what you want.

Instead, commit to talking about what you want and how you’re going to make it happen.

Alexa Fischer is an LA-based actress and career coach, teaching others the skills to reach their goals in business and life. She offers private coaching to creative people around the world, and is also available for lectures and presentations for business and organizations.

We just love to do it we do we can’t help ourselves we love to sit around we do I don’t know what that is but like activates something in us but the question is what is it really doing to us you see when we are gossiping it’s predicated on this idea that we don’t want somebody to hear what we’re talking about so in essence it’s not nice right it’s not in the camp that’s full of positive inspiring you know good things right it’s in that sort of this kind of thing now the problem is is that our words have power there is a momentum that is created when you are focusing on that which you don’t like and it in a way attracts that to you so if you find yourself spending a good deal of time or even a little bit of time in that gossip place I am Telling You you are getting nothing it is hurting you in addition to hurting the other person so while I do not want to sound like a Miss goody two-shoes pants I am telling you gossip can be a very destructive thing why it’s not getting you what you want it’s not you may be right about your feelings but that rightness isn’t helping you get what you want it’s not attracting the good things because what you focus on you create I’m gonna say that again what you focus on you create so if you are bitching around the water cooler about such-and-such doing blah blah blah and I can’t believe that and it’s so unfair guess what you are literally creating a life of unfairness it doesn’t matter what’s going on that is eliciting that response let it go on around you but what do you want start talking about that what things do you want to create in your life how do you want to feel what do you think is possible this whole thing that I’ve created here was based on the idea of I would love to do this would be unbelievable and if I had listened to all them you can’t do it well my money’s over how you making money I would never be here so tune that stuff out watch what’s happening on with your mouth and really set your intention to the good stuff because when you do unbelievable things happen life is too short to gossip so train yourself to not participate


Tony Robbin: Change Negative Thinking

[UltraVid id=198 ]Every one of us right now could get depressed piece of cake all we have to do is focus on all the tragedy that’s happening the world right now even little pieces of it children they’re dying right now starvation we can make pictures in our head out those bloated stomachs hearing the cries of babies just as they pass off into death sing flies eating their flesh how’s that for graphic at the same time every one of us could be an absolute total pleasure interrupts that pattern of a picture you’re looking at and think of something a great total pleasure and you know what they’re resilient things but to do that you have to stop focusing you have to delete all the negativity in the world and focus on things that make it feel great so you could focus on a relationship you have you could focus on how much you’ve already learned in the last six or seven or eight days you could focus on the people that love you you could focus on your ability as a human being to change your life at any moment in time you could focus on what learning means to you you could focus on the Sun you could focus on breathing fresh air you could focus on the fact you live in a free country you could focus on the fact that you have a connection with your Creator you could focus on anything and feel incredible you could focus on new babies being born to this moment they had a greater opportunity in life than any time in our history there’s so much we could focus on it feel good about the challenge is this you must control it through questions questions change what we delete we’re always deleting human beings we’re not gonna stop deleting things as long as I’m gonna delete things why not delete things that disempower you and focus on the things that empower you does that make sense the third thing that questions do is they help you to get access to resources within yourself I’m a big believer that anything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish you’ve already got the resources inside of you to make it happen that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and learn from somebody else or model the success of others I’m just saying the things you need to succeed are already in your core the resources are there you just need to get access to them by asking better questions I’ll give an example if I ask myself questions like gosh can I really do this that creates a feeling of doubt to hear how that does that and that feeling of doubt will keep me in a state where I’m not gonna get the most out of myself but if instead I ask myself a question how can I make this thing happen right now more powerfully than I ever dreamed of and have fun doing it if I keep asking that question my brain will get access to more of my ability because whatever I ask for my brain will give me but if you ask your brain can I really do this and you do it with a tone of voice of doubt you are gonna get access to the resources called out does that make sense if you think about it the greatest communicators the greatest teachers of all time were not people that so much taught us as they did ask us they shared things with us but they got us to use our own resources they ask questions all the great speakers have done this hey Martin Luther King asked questions about a dream John F Kennedy asked don’t ask what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country he wanted you to take the resources out of yourself and contribute and expand our country you must learn to ask habitual questions that empower you I want you to know that I believe the success in my life has all come down to one basic skill state management but a consistent basis I’ve learned how to manage my state and therefore I’ve been able to get myself to breakthrough and take action with very few people around me were able to do the same they were able to that’s probably not the best description they weren’t using their power because they didn’t have access to all of it and I’ve done that by everyday doing things that would increase my physical ability flexibility power energy by the way I’m moving the way I breathe and also by consistently and daily conditioning myself to ask the kinds of questions to create the kinds of focus that moves me towards larger levels of contribution and joy and fun and success and passion instead of the things that would pull me down that would pull me to areas of frustration and anger and giving up listen there is no capability difference between you and someone you consider to be an ultimate role model of success the only difference is they’ve learned to use their mind and body with more power on a consistent basis they have learned a manager state they’ve learned to use their body effectively whether they know it or not consciously doesn’t matter a lot of people do things without being aware of how they do it and they’ve learned to control their mental focus remember whatever we concentrate our focus on consistently and strive to learn from and make new distinctions about we will get great at I don’t care what it is if you focus on it daily and you strive to be better you’re gonna make little distinctions that’ll make you more and more effective every single day so you better decide what you want to focus on in your life and what you want to experience on a daily basis because that’s where your power is gonna come from that’s where your power is going to emit from that’s the genesis of your power I want you to know that many things that you think are impossible or difficult are only difficult or impossible because of the way you’re focusing on things you’re focusing on how it can’t be done and you can remember whatever you focus on is what you get so if you focus on how it can’t be done you are absolutely right and no one’s gonna prove you wrong so why not focus on what’s possible and create that I mean that’s how I created things like the firewalk seminar all I did was hold a new level of possibility instead of focusing on how it couldn’t be done or how it was a terrible thing or something like that I focused on hey this is an incredible example of possibility and if other people can do it my focus and my question is if they can do it then how can we do it how can I share it with other people how could it be used as an empowering experience it’s a lot of fun I did the same thing with teach people wood breaking you know I teach people how to break wood karate style not in two years but in about 20 minutes again not to make them this powerful person but to show them that by simply changing their mental focus by controlling their physical emotional state and by modeling someone’s success that they can get results in 30 minutes that takes most people two years and they have what we call a breakthrough literally I want you to know that you have every right in any moment of time to feel lousy to feel bad to feel sorry to feel hurt I am NOT saying by this tape program that you should never be disappointed or frustrated or angry or anything else because all of those emotions have their place in their proper proportion hey some of my greatest frustrations or angers or upsets or would have driven some of my greatest successes because it’s made me search for more but see what’s interesting is the pain drove me but what changed me from other people who just gave up is I ask better questions I found a way say what can I learn how can I grow from this how can I expand from this what can I take from this experience that’ll empower me what can I learn from this so I never have to experience it again and by asking empowering questions how can I take advantage of this what’s the actual benefit in this situation that I probably hadn’t noticed I began to find benefits whereas other people said why did this happen to me why does this always happen to me why did you do this to me Lord how come I’m not smart enough to pull this off why do I keep self sabotaging see that’s the difference between success and failure so I want you to know I’m not saying you can’t feel bad I’m just saying and when you’re done feeling bad here’s how to change and you may not want to spend quite so much time feeling bad in the future because feeling bad is based on focus if you change your focus you can feel good instantly right now at this moment now so let me ask you a few questions and what I’d like you to do for your homework is design some questions every morning my life I wake up and I ask myself questions now the truth is you already do this too the only problem is you’re not doing it consciously think about it when you’re shaving are you thinking and talking to yourself know that the process of thinking is nothing but asking and answering questions you’re doing it constantly that’s where your thoughts come from think about it now you might say well no that’s not true yes it is true if you said no it’s true or yes it is it’s because you ask yourself the question is that true or something like it see some of the questions you ask are subconscious your brain is deciding all the time if I get in this car if I turn here what’s gonna happen is that car coming too close or too far you’re asking questions constantly subconsciously but you’re also doing it consciously when you’re shaving or putting on your makeup or shampooing you’re asking questions but it might be questions like God why do I always have to do this why do I have to go to work today think about the kind of states that those questions create and what would be some more empowering questions like what could I do today that would make today more fun than ever before what can I do today that would create a breakthrough in my business what could I do today to connect more with my family members I wonder what’s gonna happen today that’ll make me feel total pleasure for no reason I wonder what I’ll see today that I haven’t seen before see those kinds of questions will empower you if you’re bored it’s cuz you ask lousy questions probably ask questions like why do I have to do this why do we do this all the time why do we always do these things versus looking around saying hi what could I notice today that I haven’t before see what can I see that I haven’t seen before what can I smell that I haven’t smelled before see it’s called directing your computer so here are some questions you might want to answer right now in your own mind and notice how they make you feel question 1 what are you really most happy about your life right now what’s one of the things you’re most happy about in your life right now answer that question in your own head what are you most happy about in your life right now or if your brain goes nothing what could you be happy about if you wanted to be if you ever ask a question yourself and somebody says well I don’t feel that way or I don’t think that way so I know you don’t but if you did or if you could what could you feel happy about right now think about it have you thought of something well good I’m asked a question what about that makes you happy third question how does that make you feel really allow yourself to feel don’t just go well my drip-drop II feel the feelings what else are you really happy about in your life right now think of a second thing what else are you really happy about in your life right now what about that makes you feel happy how does that make you feel here’s the second question for you what are you really excited about in your life right now what are you really excited about in your life right now answer the question in your mind think about it or what could you be excited about if you wanted to be excited about something think about it oh come on you’ve got more things to be excited about think what about that makes you excited why does that make you excited how does it make you feel what else you excited about your life right now come on what else what else are you really excited about your life right now or could you be excited about if you wanted to how does that make you feel here’s a third question for you what are you really grateful for in your life right now what are you really grateful for in your life right now what are some of the things you’re grateful for what could you be grateful for if you wanted to be answer the question honestly how does that make you feel I want you to notice do you feel state changes you answer these questions from where you were a few moments before that’s it so you can change your state instantly and you can make yourself feel great there’s so much to feel grateful for if you want my formula for wealth it’s real simple live every day in an attitude of gratitude say the more you feel like you have the more you’ll experience in your life and the more you’ll be willing to give see make sure that you’re always trying to give more than you take back and feel grateful for everything you have and you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams but you got to control your focus let me ask you another one what are you really proud of in your life right now what are you really proud about in your life right now or what could you be proud about in your life so far what are some of the things what about those things makes you feel proud how does that make you feel what else are you really proud of in your life right now how does that make you feel and here’s a final question for you who do you really love most in your life and who loves you think about it and don’t just go all my mom my dad my brother my sister get some feeling step into those experiences and feel what it feels like thing about who loves you and how that makes you feel who do you love and how does that make you feel to love that person so much I had a question for you what if every morning you started out asking yourself a series of questions that put you in this kind of state there’s some real power to see the state you’re in affects the way you look at your whole world doesn’t it affects the way you breathe the way you feel the way you treat other people and your level of success see a lot of people teaching life do bunch affirmations go I’m happy I’m FBI MEP MEP MEP I’m happy and then your brain goes bs alright now if you do affirmations long enough they may work because your brain may get bored and say well why am i happy at which time it’ll search your brain for an answer and then all sudden you’ll feel happy that’s what happens when you do affirmations or if you go I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy and you really create the physiology of happiness you know what I mean by that by using your voice that way then what you’ve done is the affirmation didn’t do it so much that’s putting your body in that state so affirmations are great but what only most questions are even more powerful because now you have a reason to be happy you’re not just jumping yourself up and run around with what I call a perma grin where people go why are you happy and go I don’t know but it feels good it’s better to have all these reasons so every morning you stack more reasons to be happy you come up with more reasons that you’re proud more reasons to be grateful more reasons to feel excited about life more feelings of love if you stack those every day you literally anchor them in your nervous system this is part of what I call destiny technology’s controlling your state you’re asking yourself effective questions this is the power of focus and here’s your exercise pause your success journal and right now I want you to write down five questions after you’ve designed these five questions but I’d like you ask yourself to do is this first of all let me ask you this if every single morning you got up and asked yourself five custom design questions that put you in peak States and they gave you lots of reasons to feel phenomenal so you weren’t just some guy out there again just babbling about how excited you are without any reasons for it I’m not talking about being somebody who’s just all pumped up for no reason but if every day you came up with lots of reasons and felt these powerful emotions what would that do to the quality of your life what would that do to your days would it be worth developing some new habits if your answer to these questions is yes then I’d like to challenge you to do something I’d like you to develop a new habit a one that will literally conditioned your nervous system to associate powerful emotions with waking up in the morning wouldn’t that be nice here’s what I want you to do if you’re willing to take on the challenge for the rest of this program approximately what twenty two more days each morning I want you to answer those five questions and every time you answer them you’ve got to create some feelings so if one of your questions was what am I most excited about my life you got to come up with at least two different answers and you got to think about why you’re exciting how great that makes you feel you got to actually feel the answer the question two answers to each of your five questions each morning again this is not added work you’re already asking questions you just may be asking questions like oh gosh why do I have to get up at this hour that may not be the best question to ask when the alarm goes off maybe you want to install a new one that empowers you would you be willing to do that for the rest of this 30-day program now I don’t want you to do this for the rest of your life because you might get addicted of feeling excellent for the rest of your life and gosh only knows what would happen to you then so don’t go any longer than these thirty days for sure but at least for the thirty days would you be willing to try it okay then go for it so you know your assignment design five questions that we’ll get resources out if you make you feel phenomenal each day that will make you get access to your real powered ability every single day also I want to say to you please use your success journal to write down each day a little bit about what’s happening to you what are you noticing have you already begun to notice that your attitude has changed obviously but also if you notice that maybe you’re willing to take some chances do you’re being more decisive you’re taking some actions you’ve been may be more powerful in some of your communication have you decided maybe to take some actions like lose weight or stop smoking and you’re in like day three or four of that or are you just feeling better about the possibilities of your future now that was each day you might want to just keep a journal jot down a couple of key ideas about what you learn that day or what you’re experiencing in your daily life besides this program I’ve kept journals for years because I believe that if my life is worth living it’s worth recording and for me what journals are as a way to go back and notice my growth because otherwise what happens for a lot of us is we get caught up but if you have a journal you can look and see how you’ve grown in your development and your ability and where you are in your life in addition your journals are things that you can give later on to your children someday they can look back and learn from the lessons you’ve learned in your life sir and valuable I hope you’ll decide to keep a success journal on an ongoing basis after this program but see if you get yourself in the habit right now for the next 30 days over the next 30 days you


How to thrive as a raw vegan in cold Scandinavia

[UltraVid id=178 ]I’m out fruits hunting today and I’m gonna bring you on a tour to show you what I’m buying and what you can eat on a raw vegan diets here in Oslo Norway during the winter there’s actually quite a lot and I’m going to show you what what I like to eat there’s even deer in there is it tree-ripened so they run in the hardware store yellow key yellow eerie next star and that’s usual the meat store is empty but the fruit shop is full thanks full of fruit got everything you need bringing the tropics to the cold winter [Music] gray Oslo concrete sunshine is a state of mind right so this is what we got from our food hall today it’s quite possible to try it on the raw vegan diet here even here in seminary during the winter so ya can always have good quality or okay positive analysis a staple and I buy lots of oranges they’re not that good for eating but really good for juicing so I make what some orange juice maybe they think it was some bananas ten kilos of oranges about five kilos of pears recently discovered that the pears are awesome they’re really sweet and satisfied pretty good some pears and maybe five kilos of the yellow key B which is also a really good fruit some dates and lots of mangoes for you to be my roommate here and even papayas they’re actually been quite all right really expensive but it’s worth it and some organic greens cucumbers tomatoes now it’s time for orange juice for me and I’m after a day in the city thank you for watching


My Advice to New Vegans

[UltraVid id=138 ]Okay so the question is what advice would you give to someone that is just getting started with all of this with all of this meaning diet or diet and training or what does all of this look like yeah the real challenges that keep coming up for me and most of the people that I talk with or work with it’s not the diet itself it’s how the diet is perceived that’s really the biggest challenge that’s the biggest hurdle to get around we have our we have our own brainwashing there were a lot of times when I started out running when I was doing the running raw project in those first few years where I really doubted that I was getting enough protein I wasn’t sure because I’ve been part of that cultural brainwashing and back when I was an athlete in my late teens I was doing lots of protein supplements and I was doing all kinds of gland products and all kinds of crazy crap and creatine and everything else because I wanted every edge I could take so you know fast forward 15 16 years into the future and part of my brain is saying well can I do it without those things is this diet enough I don’t know am I getting enough protein I am and there’s no evidence to show me the contrary but yet those doubts were still there and they those doubts stayed there for a couple years it’s only maybe the past three or four years that I’m really confident with this diet even though I had the data even though the data was right there I still had doubts well what if it doesn’t work for me what if I’m different somehow so it’s really about overcoming your own cultural brainwashing and then dealing with your friends and family and you know lovers spouses whatever it may be who are gonna have cultural programming as well that you could have to deal with then you’re gonna have to continually answer the question where do you get your protein or do get your FAS and where do you get this and where do you get that and how do you get your calcium and what about your b12 and we’re constantly bombarded with these things if you’re eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds you’re getting the most nutrient dense diet on the planet no standard American diet can compete as far as nutrient density goes as far as the wide variety of vitamins minerals and phytonutrients and fibers you can’t compete on those diets but yet the people eating those diets believe that somehow their diet is superior without any evidence to support it but it’s this like cultural virus that everybody has that they’re eating the deficient diet but clearly the vegans and the raw foodist those are the people that are deficient it’s like smokers telling people that they’re deficient in oxygen because they’re breathing clean air it’s like how could you get enough oxygen and breathing clean air you need cigarettes to get oxygen kind of you know what’s going on you know you get all these people that are eating a horrible diet which is heavily supplemented they’re like oh you can’t be vegan because you need b12 and that just shows the veganism doesn’t work well that’s interesting because your milk has vitamin D added your flour products have niacin riboflavin thiamine and reduced iron added to them and on and on and on all of the products that you’re eating are heavily supplemented your diet doesn’t work in fact your diet heavily supplemented still leads to heart disease cancer diabetes and on and on and on so the government tried to fix your diet by adding lots of supplements to it mandating that these foods be supplemented and you’re still falling apart but yet they believe somehow that were the ones that are deficient it just doesn’t make sense but this is what we have to deal with we have to deal with a culture that doesn’t make sense that’s going to alienate us and that’s going to attack us and it’s going to make us question ourselves so if you’re eating a wide variety of foods and a wide variety of flavors and textures you’re going to be okay and maybe you want to take some vitamin b12 maybe you want to take some vitamin D that’s up to you do your research get your blood tested but even so no big deal you’re gonna be healthy it’s really about dealing with the the emotional stuff dealing with the cultural stuff that’s the biggest hurdle so you know my advice is never defend yourself just smile nod you know make a joke about it but don’t defend yourself because you can’t win that conversation because it’s not a rational conversation


Top 7 Reasons People Fail on a Vegan Diet: Plant-based Pitfalls

[UltraVid id=135 ]Hey guys Aaron and dusty here welcome back to eat move rest and Happy New Year yes happy 2018 so with the New Year here a lot of you are probably thinking it might be time to clean up your diet lose a little bit of weight maybe you’re even entertaining the idea of going vegan after all dr. oz did say that it was like the trend of the year yeah so 2018 it’s only building steam we want to share with you guys seven pip pitfalls or seven reasons that people fail out of plant-based or vegan diet yep so let’s get right into it number one people don’t eat enough calories I know that when I started or we started this journey I got rid of meat and dairy and all of a sudden I was just starving I didn’t know what to eat what’s left right so make sure and get your calories number two too much vegan junk food yes there is such a thing if you go to Whole Foods or any grocery store you’re bound to find plenty of processed packaged junk foods labeled vegan and all the sudden you see the halo 4 minutes glowing light and you grab it snatch it up throw it in your cart bring it home prepare it and you maybe don’t feel any better than you did when you ate your regular burger no Aaron will tell you I am a vegan junk food addict I do my best but every once in a while I just have to order that vegan pizza and eat the whole thing and I feel like dying yeah so steer clear of the junk foods and stick to the Whole Foods plant-based foods yeah more on that later number three being unprepared now this is something that we still struggle with nobody’s perfect but being prepared is going to help I know again when we first started we didn’t know what to buy at the grocery store we didn’t know what to prepare at home and basically we were unprepared and then always hungry yeah so has the same goes if you fail to plan you can plan to fail right number four the fourth reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is criticism yes and criticism can be harsh it can be downright mean we haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of that especially from our online community it’s been overwhelmingly positive things on YouTube but it can also be just joking around and just giving you a hard time which can also be uncomfortable right so my father-in-law Erin’s wonderful father is the biggest jokester in the world and I don’t know how many vegan slang word nicknames that he’s called me and us but hey we have survived and you will too just stand up to that criticism yes stand firm be confident just walk the walk and eventually people will start to ask you questions right okay so number five money people say it’s too expensive to be vegan and that is simply not true we were just at our families for the holidays and somebody was cooking up a big hunk of meat sitting on the counter we looked at the price and it was $50 a $50 piece of meat do you know how many rice and beans we can buy with that and cases of bananas no kidding we buy beans rice lentils potatoes by the bay it’s so cheap they last forever you can do it for six reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is impatience patience is a virtue my friends yes it can be tempting to want to go cold turkey and switch overnight and think that everything’s just gonna be like all happy sunshine and rainbows but it can actually set you up for failure and you’ll end up reverting back to how you were before yes so it took me at least two years and it was a little bit quicker but yeah we started out with vegetarian we did it for 40 days then we went back and like it was a two-year journey for us and we’ve right here and we’re happy now but be easy on yourself and have patience and we’re still learning new things every single day that the journey continues and you’re okay with that because we feel great and we’re continuing to feel better right so finally number seven the reason people fail is confusion they’re like what I thought this but this guy says that and we’re all just confused what’s right dr. Oz says one thing Oprah says another thing and ritual dr. Gregers say another thing yeah our best advice is to check your facts yeah for example wheel of nutritionfacts.org dr. Michael Greger all of his research is pulled from medical journals that are not backed by industry it was unbiased it’s gonna be clean pure truth okay so to recap the top seven reasons people fail on a vegan diet are number one not enough calories yes number two vegan junk food number three being unprepared yes number four criticism number five money or budgeting number six my biggest one impatience and number seven confusion yes so if you guys like this video you know the drill give us a thumbs up leave us some love down below leave us a comment hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and follow us on social media yes at Aaron stanczyk at DB stanczyk and click that Bell that’ll make sure that notifications will be turned on yes you’ll get alerted when we put out new videos here because the next video we’re gonna do for you guys will be the top 7 ways to succeed at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle right so stay tuned we’ll give you all the best answers to this videos problems oh yes happy new year okay crazy and how much of that is just like meat that you have to shave off earth not me yeah alright yeah that’s okay that’s right


Vegan Transformation | 70 to 90 kg

[UltraVid id=119 ]That’s me 2014 adopting a plant-based lifestyle after a while on a whole food plant-based diet I realized not only how create excels and thrive but also how much suffering is done to the animals that we label as food and how severe the impact of animal agriculture is to our environment our ecosystem and planet then I understood how animal products harm our health our planet and of course the animal systems after realizing all of this I was more eager than ever before to build muscle on a plant-based diet not only because I found my passion in weightlifting but also because I wanted to become a great example that you can really build muscles on a vegan diet so more people can understand and less harm is created I learned the principal building strength with Marco learns to proper form of the compound movement was deadlift bench with over his desk bend over rows pull up and did I made sure I’m gonna slide to lower class so I have a positive nitrogen balance to continuously lean ball had a good push-pull legs list and later and upper body lower body split what I’m still doing and then the key to gain strength and mass just the distances focus on getting stronger at the compound movement and of course my form starts at the beginning but I was so eager to improve work and mobility watch tutorials read books film myself and analyze [Music] for words ‘proper and like a strong and strong with the compound movement because drag the key to building muscle mass [Music] sometimes you forget while we’re here it’s easy to fall off track these help us remember I had a dream something no one else could see tell me what it means when your face is falling beneath your knees and you can’t breathe everything you see reminds me of what your not of something you won’t be let it take what you give in that’s how we only had as the Testaments simply how we suggested I hear a lot of people talking like a college hisses this will be an accountant because it states in a business not because they want to do exist because they heard it changes the NASA before no one that’s how we can raise ideas dick heavy I can feel the weight the pressure of success like a hundred million pounds let’s say and I’m staying up late a while away – with gaseous burial pipe the day and age making me feel like the only way I’ll be a theistic time to a label and making money to rap I want to hear my emotion because the world is attacking the very sensible advice that lets the people be happy if you don’t have a reason agree why even the battles of our impressions Oh never [Music] I had a voice that reached a hundred million people a pelham there’s a reason that were all created equal some decide to be great and some the status to an average person’s life assisity what they want to be so you make your decision on notice what I’m doing all the time the light behind of the way as well and again I’ve seen it’s rated in the jungle walls of where I’m living and the words with the descriptive remind me of something written yes that is given down to be able to go this one we’re going to give indicated needed to Levin think you’re trapped in a life that you never wanted to is an infinite from mathematical life I’m saying I’m across and I’m speaking for what it’s working difference to find my friends in each battle cuz I’m a jerk I’m saying I’m a proxy it was what’s working by my friends Hey [Music] damn shirt thank you different person great spirit ahaha to bring me back to the nomadic where we threw the damage my whole thing my great feeling for my sister let me be the flowing liver but the banks the rocks that binder care me okay [Music] basically before my brothers let me be mountain under witty climbs to discoveries settle at progress rate see me all that hinders by reminders to my fingers I must be wrong [Music] Hey Hey great me before Marley can give them strength to face racism and everything girls get you and me now one feel our Great Spirit take me instead got me down the road of reds and kasha lon I am saying [Music] right cuz I believe mind is the body and the body is the mind not only my body transformed but also my life I also met a special girl in the gym she introduced me to a crow yoga and I introduced her to the benefit for being in lifestyle no she also thrive on plans we really got to know each other fall in love and now we live and list together my life just a great you my lip note together with my girlfriend and my two best friends all vegan goodbye I truly follow my classic cycle and life that is better and just in love life I became much closer to the person I want to be and really enjoy the darkness in the channel you you and just in love nice and I hope you do and that my story was not only inspiring but also motivating enough to create a positive change in your life for less harm and more compassion and do you remember my friend and training partner from Percy yeah this guy we adapted the bland based lifestyle together and he also got a great transformation solid cruelty free muscle mass and so can you [Music] [Music] and if you still not believe how greatly you can benefit SF athletes on a plant-based diet just look at my other friends roommates Julianne he also adopted the blend besides one year ago and had a great transformation this hype excitement isn’t where this thing is ejj brazilian jiu-jitsu and look what a plant-based diet did to him he looks great check like a real compassionate fighter.