Vegan: Everyday Stories [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

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[UltraVid id=166 ]I want to share with you some results from a very important series of studies in 2003 the National Institutes of Health funded the Physicians Committee to study head-to-head a low-fat vegan diet and a more conventional diabetes diet for people who had type 2 diabetes up until that point people were saying okay well if you have diabetes that means there’s too much sugar in the blood don’t eat sugar don’t need too much carbohydrate that turns to sugar if you need to lose weight cut calories that was the conventional diet we wanted to see if a completely plant-based diet a vegan diet with no limit on calories no limit on carbohydrates would be as effective or maybe even more effective than the conventional diet well in 2006 we published the first results and what we found was astounding when you looked at people who made no changes in their medications at all the people who went on the conventional diet they did well the measure we use is called a1c hemoglobin a1c is a measure of your blood glucose control for about a three month period and for them it improved by about 0.4 absolute percentage points that’s good but for the vegan group it dropped three times more by one point two absolute percentage points that’s like a real heat crate pharmaceutical I have to say but except instead of being a pharmaceutical it was all food so the vegan diet was dramatically effective the next question was what happens when people follow it over the long term so in 2009 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition we published the long-term results and what we found was that with a conventional diet people tended to get back to where they started but with the vegan diet there was a little bit of give back but they were still healthier after the follow-up period than they were at the beginning dr. Esselstyn is a surgeon but as he will tell you he would rather not have to operate on people at all he’d rather get to the cause of their disease and so what he tackled was heart disease he brought in people who had existing heart disease and and I’m not talking about I’ve got a high cholesterol level I’m at risk these were people who had heart disease now they were at risk of premature death and many of them were on medications a list as long as your arm and what he said is let’s go to the cause the causes the cholesterol the animal fat that’s in meat and dairy products even fish he throw those threw those off the plate completely so this was a completely vegan diet and over time he found that as people are getting away from those foods and they’re enjoying the greens and the beans and the healthy vegan foods that have no cholesterol and no animal fat something happened in their bodies not only was their cholesterol level falling their blood pressure improving their weight melting away but the arteries were starting to open up again their chest pain melted away and instead of being at risk of premature death they were really living again and dr. Esselstyn showed that when people adhere to this program they become just about bulletproof so people may need medical treatments of all kinds but treatment number one is a healthy diet and that’s what dr. Esselstyn proved I want to share with you the results of a really important research study it was done by dr. Dean Ornish now you know dr. Ornish as the medical genius who showed that you can reverse heart disease through a program of lifestyle changes including a healthy diet well he then set his sights on prostate cancer as you know it’s a big killer of men particularly in their later years so what dr. Ornish did was he brought in a group of men and half of them were in the control group getting the treatments their doctors recommended the other half began a completely vegan diet it’s good for your heart will it be good for cancer now what he found was that among the people who were in the control group about six of them couldn’t wait anymore they had to go ahead and have treatment before the study was over I mean they had to have surgery or they had to have radiation because their cancer was progressing too quickly but in the vegan group nobody needed treatment in this year-long study because they were tracking their blood tests their PSA prostate specific antigen showed that their cancer wasn’t progressing in fact for them their PSA levels actually dropped by about 4% overall over the course of the year so it looks like a healthy plant-based diet isn’t just great for your heart it’s also good for cancer prevention and for cancer survival


Science Shows a Vegan Diet Benefits Athletes

[UltraVid id=162 ]Hi everybody I want to let you know about a brand new paper that our research team published in the journal nutrients it’s all about how athletic performance can be fueled by a vegan diet well you’ve heard about vegan athletes there’s lots of them it started out with runners like Scott Jurek and Brendan brazier and rich Rolle and many others then in the world of tennis and then pro football people who are getting either most of the way or all the way to a completely plant-based diet it’s really upping their performance in a great way so our paper was all about how does that happen well the first step is kind of obvious when a person is on a completely vegan diet it’s the world’s best recipe for a healthy lean body weight and if you’re trying to be a competitive athlete and you’re carrying 20 pounds of extra flab you just can’t compete with a really lean folks so a plant-based diet is a great way to do that how does it happen because the high fiber intake tricks your brain into thinking you’ve eaten a lot of food and it stops you from eating too much secondly a vegan diet totally plant-based diet also revs up your metabolism for about three or four hours after every breakfast every lunch every dinner so your metabolism is more like it was when you were 16 but that’s just the beginning you also get better tissue oxygenation let me tell you what I mean when you’re running when you’re performing in a sport your muscles need good blood supply because that’s what gives them oxygen well you sat down for lunch you had a ham sandwich with mayonnaise and cheese and those fat particles get into your blood they make the blood more viscous more thick and so it doesn’t flow as well and the oxygen can’t get through to your muscles so you’re tire out prematurely instead throw that out make it the totally vegan meals that you’re eating and your blood is less viscous less thick that means it flows more rapidly the oxygen gets to your muscles and you’ve got that extra burn third what are those batteries that keep you going it’s called glycogen glycogen is stored energy it’s in your muscles it’s in your liver especially where does it come from comes from natural sugars and natural starches that’s the grains beans vegetables fruits the more these are in your diet the more your liver and muscle store glycogen so when the other people are fading away you’re still going strong put that vegan power to work whether you are a top level athlete or you just want to get across though your living room you want to go shopping maybe you want to play on the floor with your kids put that vegan power to work thanks a lot