Ep. 1, Plant-Strong Season 2 | Heart of a Hero

[UltraVid id=321 ]In Episode One of Season Two, we lay the groundwork, first, by looking back on Season One and giving you an update on our Bronx firefighter, Joe Inga, who was the subject throughout the entire first season.

In this episode you’ll also meet City of Pittsburgh employees and first responders as they, with Rip’s help, embark on their own Seven-Day Rescue Challenge. This campaign is aptly called “The Heart of a Hero,” which is the theme for this entire season.

These people are just like you. As you’ll hear— they have doubts and trepidations.

The hurdles to a whole-foods plant based lifestyle are universal, which means the solutions are universal.

If going plant-strong is your New Year’s Resolution, then our resolution is to arm you with experts, stories, and inspiration to help you succeed and thrive, just like these everyday heroes in the City of Pittsburgh.