[UltraVid id=154 ]Because I’m gonna go vegan and he’s not vegan we can’t date anymore I would have made a really big mistake hi guys I’m Francesca welcome back. Today we’re doing a video talking all about how my boyfriend is not a vegan before we get into it I just wanna remind you guys if at any point you like what I’m saying be sure to subscribe leave a like give a comment down below let me know are you dating someone who is not vegan as well and also I’m gonna have some video playlists pop up throughout the whole video so after you done watching this one if you want check out more you can just click over there and they’ll be bunch of videos for you to watch so with all that being said let’s get into it so let’s backtracked when I first met my boyfriend back in January 2016 we just recently celebrated our two-year anniversary if you watch that vlog so when I first met him I wasn’t a vegan we actually had grilled chicken on our first date I cooked it for us we made pieces on Valentine’s Day so I was not a vegan he knows me as a vegan and a non vegan and in April 2016 is when I decided that I was going to go vegan at that time he was very supportive he was just a little concerned like are you gonna be getting enough you know vitamins protein all the usual stuff you usually hear from people but other than that he was super supportive and very excited for me it was awesome because honestly if he wasn’t I probably would have broken up with him since we were so new into the relationship and I always promised myself I would find someone who was going to be supportive of me and proud of me and if he wasn’t then it would have been someone else but he was so that’s why he stuck around and I remember he just said like cute little things like one time we went on a picnic and he like made me a sandwich that was vegan and he like wrote vegan on the tinfoil everything even though there was only two of us but it was just cute little things like he really supported me and then of course when he found out about the Instagram because I didn’t tell him initially he was super supportive of that and everything and he watches my YouTube videos so he is overall just an amazing supportive person and I’m so lucky that he’s my boyfriend because he just is always happy for me and supportive so obviously we’ve been dating for a while now and he tried last year in January 2017 to go vegetarian at that time we weren’t living in the same state so it made it a little hard for him because he doesn’t really cook for himself and he was kind of like well I came home and I ate an apple today for dinner and I was like okay well that’s not dinner and he’s a big guy he’s like six foot one very muscular very athletic so I was like you’re gonna be super hungry and he was hungry and cranky and eventually he went back to eating um you know like an omnivore regular diet if you have watched any of my other like lifestyle videos you know I’m very big I’m not pushing veganism on anybody nobody push it on me and I don’t want to push it on anyone else so at the time I was like yeah it’s okay don’t worry whatever and my boyfriend eats everything in sight like he loves like Buffalo cauliflower pizza always less my vegan chili so he is very open to trying being in foods so that was always really nice and then in January 2018 he decided to go vegetarian again and now we’re living in the same place so it makes it a lot easier he’s been fully vegetarian since then and it’s good because then since he’s here I can make sure he has a lot of food that he likes and like hearty meals and you know he’s not just eating an apple for dinner so that is basically my experience so far like that’s kind of been like our little journey together a cool thing I guess about my relationship with my boyfriend is he loves animals like he’s always been a very big animal lover so he understands where I’m coming from with the veganism and obviously he did decide to go vegetarian so that’s like a very big step so we do have that common ground however obviously he’s still eating dairy eggs and I’m not so it’s kind of cool because it kind of challenges both of us to listen to the other one and here we have to say and let’s say he goes I saw like why eggs are good for us and then I could say well I saw YX are bad for us and it kind of challenges us to listen to the other person broaden your horizons and also just like gain more knowledge which i think is really important in a relationship I think it’s really important to challenge each other and it pushes me to learn more about being a vegan and it pushes him to listen to me it pushes me to listen to him and you know it provides a nice way for us to have a good conversation it’s definitely been very interesting obviously the longer I’m vegan the more passionate I am about these feelings but like I said nobody pushed veganism on me so I’m not going to push it on him if he eventually turns vegan that’s amazing but I want him to do it in his own way in his own time just like I did it in my own way in my own time are going to be people who disagree with me and they would rather their partner be vegan and that’s totally fine that’s why we all get to have our own relationships and choose who we want to be with if I were single now I don’t know if I would still want to be with someone who is vegan because I remember when I was single like two years ago and I was dating around I lived in New York City at the time I was going on a million dates with a million kinds of guys and just surveying the whole lot if you will um I have some really good dating stories if you guys ever want to hear them and I found it so hard to just find somebody who just like wanted to be in a relationship right like at that point I was like I just want to find somebody who wants to hang out with me for like a month you know what I mean and just finding somebody like that was hard enough as it was let alone finding somebody who was genuine who was honest she was hard-working who was you know a good person inside all those things I didn’t like them being vegan on top of it would just be kind of another requirement and if you’re single you know probably how hard it is to date you know it’s hard to find somebody who you feel like very comfortable with and who you can’t feel like you could see a very big future with and all those things and it takes a while to find them and I just feel like potentially adding veganism as another requirement or not a requirement but you know something I’m looking for could be hard that’s not to say you should sell yourself short but I just think potentially if I were single again and I was vegan and I met Ferdie I don’t think him not being vegan would have pushed me away from him if that makes sense and the only reason I’m telling you guys this is because I know like a lot of people are single and let’s say you’re dating and one of your big requirements is you want this person to be vegan right but then you meet this amazing person and they’re nice and they’re kind and they’re funny and they’re hard-working and they’re generous and they’re you know they’re everything you’re looking for except that they aren’t vegan I mean of course it’s your decision it’s your relationship but I would say maybe try to keep an open mind maybe they’ll be open to veganism maybe they’ve never been exposed to it before and you can I’m not telling you to change someone but like I said like you can expose them to new things take them to vegan restaurants you know think like that and maybe they’ll be really open to it and maybe they’ll change like a lot of vegan non vegan couples who date and then the non vegan person ends up going vegan just because they’re exposed to it and then they think it’s really cool to you got to keep an open mind and not think just because somebody isn’t vegan that they’re not a good person so two questions that I got asked by you guys were what am I gonna do if I have kids well we’ve talked about a little bit but we kind of never really come to a conclusion and we’re so far off from having children like that is so far in the future that I’m just kind of gonna let time take its course and when that time comes I’ll figure it out when I first went vegan my thoughts as opposed to now two years being vegan are completely different I have completely different opinions completely different standpoints so time changes everything don’t have these kids yet obviously I’m not even close to having kids yet so I don’t want to like think about that if that is the thing that is super important to you then do you make sure to talk to your partner about it make sure that you guys are on the same page but like I said time changes everything and who knows what I’ll want in three to five years the other question I got asked is how can I stand it when he eats meat and dairy well obviously doesn’t eat meat now but how could I stand it when he ate meat I’m the only vegan I know I don’t know any other vegans so I’m surrounded by meat and dairy and eggs and all that stuff all the time so it doesn’t really bother me I grew up eating that my whole life I’ve only been vegan for two years and I’m 25 years old so yes I don’t particularly like to be around it but it doesn’t entirely bother me either yes the smell is different now it is funny how my nose has changed and how ground beef smells like death now yeah it doesn’t really bother me because I’m surrounded by it all the time however I guess I could see if you live alone and you’re vegan and you have a lot of vegan friends then yes maybe having a partner who isn’t vegan and I’m eating that kind of stuff around you would potentially bother you overall the thing that I hope you guys take away from this video is that if you have a supportive loving partner significant other person you know whatever don’t push them away because they’re not vegan I think that would be a really really big mistake like I could not imagine my life without my boyfriend and had I been like oh well mmm because I’m gonna go vegan and he’s not vegan we can’t date anymore I would have made a really big mistake he is too good of a person to pass up all just because he isn’t vegan and like I tell you guys with anything and like if you’ve watched my other videos if the person is supportive of you if they’re willing to try new things for you if they’re trying to you know make the effort for you give them that benefit you know don’t push them away don’t make them feel like their efforts aren’t good enough the one thing I will say I guess to play devil’s advocate yes if you find yourself in a situation where your partner is not supportive where they are making fun of you where they are not really getting it and its really bothering you then yes break up with them because they’re usually not supportive than in other aspects of your life I’ve said that before if someone doesn’t support you in one aspect of your life and they’re probably not supportive you in other aspects of your life and you should probably move on and get rid of them get rid of the toxicity I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know it was kind of a mishmash of a video and it was like all over the place but I hope it helps you to open your eyes a little bit see a little bit more what it’s like to date a non-vegan and that it’s not so bad and yeah I’ll see you guys in my next video please make sure to LIKE um and subscribe all that good stuff if you enjoyed the video and go watch some more videos right now I’ll see you guys in my next one bye