How To Turn People Vegan In 2019

We’re going to talk about how you can improve your success rate of turning people vegan. In order to do accomplish this, we first need to talk about the psychology and biology behind change.

Change happens in the brains. You have countless neurons in your brains that receive information, but also transmit information. The incoming stream of information changes the way your brain works. This is called neuroplasticity. But change also happens via a psychological way. Watch the video to find out how!

This video provides practical tips that are focused on providing value to the other person and showing different perspectives.
Understanding different perspectives will allow to have nice conversations and being convincing without forcing anyone to anything.
This video will help you to make it a LOT easier!


5 Ways Your Body Changes When You Stop Eating Meat

Many people don’t realize that beneath the flavors of meat lie a deceptive twist that could impact your health forever 350 million people suffer from diabetes and meat is a major culprit but did you know with one dietary change you might be able to cure it yet cutting out meat comes with a cost and for some people that cost is their sense of taste here are five ways your body reacts when you decide to stop eating juicy but sometimes deadly meats and while we’ve got you here don’t forget to click on the link that just popped up above or the one in the description below to get your new awesome Moton t-shirt today and save 10% because you are awesome get rid of diabetes in just months as good as it tastes meat can be deathly crippling for a diabetic a 2008 study of 8401 participants found that the relationship between meat intake and diabetes was incredibly strong over a 17-year period just one serving of meat per week increased the risk of diabetes by 74 percent did you ever think you or a loved one could one day be throwing out your diabetes medication meat eaters with diabetes can dramatically change their fate by cutting back on me most especially red and processed meats in fact some studies have shown that not only could veganism prevent type 2 diabetes but could even reverse it Marco Ramirez who came from a family with a diabetic history was able to get off all diabetic medications within just two months by eliminating animal products eating low fat foods and avoiding high glycemic foods many diabetics even when aware of the dietary benefits of eliminating meat don’t realize just how powerful it can be on the surface meat seems harmless enough and it’s a threat that’s invisible to the naked eye but the proof is in the pudding there have been dozens of studies that prove just how beneficial vegetarianism can be to individuals struggling with issues like diabetes you could lose your taste buds they say the first bite is the sweetest regardless of your diet your taste buds are the key to a true culinary experience and the average adult has anywhere between 2,000 to 8,000 of them and there’s nothing like biting into a fork full of food and savoring every bit of flavor unfortunately one of the side effects of cutting back on meat is losing some of your taste buds this is because meat products contain an abundance of zinc a mineral that is crucial to the ability to process taste lack of zinc can result in hypo Gousha the reduced ability to taste things or agiza the inability to taste things at all but this doesn’t mean that vegetarians are doomed to a tasteless life to win back that sense of flavor you’ll just have to work a little harder to make up for the lack of zinc you’d normally consume with meat products you’ll have to work towards taking and double the recommended daily dose you can do this by taking supplements and eating nuts whole grains and beans which are all great sources of zinc and now it’s time for the quiz in the early 19th century Americans were major purveyors of meat one of the most famous 18th century writers of all time joined in on the trend and once wrote breakfast would have been no breakfast without a t-bone swimming in butter which famous author said it is it a Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels be Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice see Herman Melville Moby Dick Dee Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol stay tuned for the answer and don’t forget to like this video and hit that subscribe button as well as the notification bell so that you never miss out on awesome boggling sub videos and fun quizzes you’ll need to use the bathroom a lot as a regular meat-eater your body reacts when it doesn’t get what its accustomed to when you cut out meat you’ll notice that you are becoming gassy and are often bloated thanks to this unfortunate symptom new vegetarians are quite familiar with quick bathroom runs this is a result of taking in more fiber than usual while on a plant-based diet think of it as your digestive system throwing a temper tantrum it’s not used to as many veggies beans whole grains and fruits and these adjustments don’t always bode well with your body but don’t worry you aren’t doomed to a life of passing gas as you adjust to your new lifestyle so too will your digestive system these early systems are for lack sation in the long run because it helps keep foods moving smoothly through your system just like a vaccine your body has to go through a little bit of struggle before it settles into a comfortable spot you can decrease your risk of cancer in 2015 the World Health Organization found that processed meat was considered a carcinogen that could increase the risk of colon or rectum cancer by as much as 18% this means the link between cancer and meat is much stronger than most people think many consumers of meat believe that eating caged and hormone free foods relieves them of the potential side-effects but no matter how you slice and dice it it’s all still harmful even me that’s unprocessed promotes cancer part of the reason is because meat lacks a substantial amount of nutrients and fiber that protect humans from various cancerous agents and that’s not all when you stop eating meat not only are you protecting yourself from the risk of cancer but also reducing the risk of diabetes heart disease and high blood cholesterol with an immense amount of health benefits many vegetarians or wannabe vegetarians consider meat deduction and investment for their future earlier in the video we asked you about which famous author enjoyed a nice steak dinner for breakfast every morning if you said Charles Dickens you must be a literary Wiz Dickens wrote three of the most famous English titles a Christmas Carol Great Expectations and Oliver Twist he was visiting America when he learns just how much the Americans loved meat and joined in in 1870 Charles Dickens passed away due to stroke and while we can never know for sure what caused it we have enough medical advancements today to know that high meat consumption increases the risk of stroke but before he passed he cemented himself as one of the greatest literary artists of all time stick around for more mind-boggling knowledge nuggets and don’t forget to get your new awesome mo don t you’ll lose weight overweight individuals face much greater health risks than others and Americans are some of the most obese in the world cutting L meat can help people lose weight because they’re no longer biting into such calorie dense foods that t-bone steak Charles Dickens loved comes in at around 210 calories and that doesn’t include any seasoning or sides when meat is involved the calorie count of a meal quickly the Journal of General Internal Medicine found the people who were on a vegetarian diet were able to lose more weight than those on non vegetarian diets so before you know it you’ll start shedding pounds in no time red meats are high in calories while protein and processed meats like bacon ham and hot dogs are chock full of fat calories and sodium which make it difficult to lose weight compliment your dietary change by exercising regularly and getting your protein dosage through non meat alternatives bonus knowledge nugget did you know that many people believe that the Americans up today are consuming more meat than ever but this is largely a myth as we mentioned before in 1909 wealthy Americans consumed 200 pounds of meat on average while poor families consumed 136 pounds today’s American families consumed just 100 pounds of meat per year on average half of that of a wealthy American at the turn of the 19th century and in 1909 the average life expectancy was around 52 compared to 2015 average life expectancy of nearly 79 okay folks that brings this list of five ways your body changes when you stop eating meat to a close do you know any other benefits or drawbacks to cutting out meat let us know in the comments section don’t forget to like and share this video and most importantly 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Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

What are you putting in your body dead carcass pain suffering fear can I have all of my vegans go into that pool of light and my non-vegans in that pool away first statement taste plays a big factor in my eating choices yeah I mean that’s a huge thing for me I think it’s one of my weaknesses actually like butter salt it’s one of my weaknesses I love food actually deepened when I became vegan I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I did before I was vegan my name is Aubrey Davis and I have been vegetarian for 24 years and a vegan for 13 years I believe that humans are the top of the food chain is a human at the same level of equivalence is like a fish right there’s probably a big reason why I’m not vegan anymore right is I didn’t I could I didn’t see that I had to see myself I don’t moral equivalent of a fish and it gets into moral questions like you know why should we have a pet that’s a dog rather than eat the dog and I think the most important question is why should I love my neighbor rather than eat my neighbor my name is Steve Michele ski I was a vegan for a year I was vegetarian for two years I’m a meat-eater now I’ve been so for over five years like I don’t even see like what is like a food chain you know I’m saying that’s just some contract some guy made and put a little diagram and put us the human beings on the top so I don’t leave the question of whether we’re at the top I think it’s a question of what do you do with that if you have a more conscious energy than an animal what do you do with that power do you choose to take a life or do you choose to live in love I put a lot of thought into my meals the way I support my body and my health is extremely important I don’t find that I can function at my best either healthy productive emotionally stable or intellectually capable unless I have a lot of proper nutrients in my diet six years ago I became vegan because I got sick I started to realize that my health was directly attached to what I ate since then my friends and family have supported me to feeling better and I’m better than I once before I got sick I don’t really like cook or anything so I don’t really put too much thought into what I eat I guess I live a fast paced kind of like I’m working late night so I’m waking up early so sometimes it’s easier to grab this quick process sandwich or I wish I planned my meals out more I think I would be a lot I would feel a lot better I think it’s really powerful no matter what you’re eating to put your intentions into whether it’s prayer invocation and there’s such great power and presence versus just like scarfing something down but like can I just really be present with this meal take my time and chew it slowly so that’s the first night resonate with and what I choose to do I would kill an animal I think there’d be tons of context where I’d kill an animal like if if a Lions gonna go kill a baby I’d probably kill an animal I’d kill an animal to save a human life and I get the vegans probably wouldn’t do that if I could do something to prevent killing them besides eating them like if I was protecting myself and we had to we had it like a something that we could do to get that animal away I would definitely try to not kill it I mean Ivy comes down to you with the animal you killing the animal I would I would give up their life for the fish why is it always the case when talking about would I kill an animal like exactly if you were lions running around downtown LA when I was in the hiking there’s there’s mountain lions that coming and kill people you’ve known that right that’s an Orange County that’s not that’s not in the jungle in Africa it’s Orange County mountain lions have killed hikers kids just let them know let the yes I we’re hiking in the mountains and there’s a mountain lion I have to be aware the fact that I’m in mountain lion territory and be like I’m okay with the risk because to be honest I’m not hiking with a gun I have no way to defend my friend you don’t hike with a hiking pole I mean I can pull against a mountain lion I don’t think you’re I just I just want to say like even if I did and even if my attempt were to be successful I would feel awful having killed the mountain lion what way your feelings or your foundation than for your beliefs 100% are human beings animals yes yes sure would you kill another human being to save another human being yes what makes one person more viable to another is it your relationship to that person it would yeah it would probably be so if for example I raised an animal in the wild it’s like an animal I’ve built a relationship with and that animal now threatens the life of a human being but I don’t know but I’ve known an animal its entire life what makes killing that animal as just cause okay as opposed to saving that life I have a live a longer relationship with that animal why would I kill the animal before I’d save that person it’s not relationship you kill them a person / an animal it’s because I believe human beings are animals now I see humans at a different level but maybe a value fish at the same levels person I have we see it very different I do it costs more than it should to eat healthy it’s more expensive to eat healthy I don’t think it’s too expensive farmers market is something that I’m trying to frequent more but sometimes you know you can go spend twenty dollars here and definitely not get as much I definitely want to see that you know maybe that’ll encourage people to eat a little healthier if you can go grab that fresh fruit those fresh veggies for five ten bucks you know I think our culture as a society is just in great towards like the fast food culture and which is cheap and accessible but now I think we have more of established like medical bases on what’s healthy and what’s not healthy and to get that content and to have it be tasty as well is is expensive I’m running in it does not cost more money to be vegan that is a myth it takes planning yes the convenience is less can you grab a hamburger at McDonalds for sure for 99 cents but how much lentils can you buy the issue is capitalism like that is what is keeping us where we are it’s not that humans are smarter and they’re gonna come up with this technology the technology exists it is there we can feed so many people it is capitalism and factory farming and most these companies that are selling us products that are like shitty food they don’t give a fuck about you at all period someone sitting on the island somewhere oh yeah like just stacking bread and then probably fast food eating really healthy food that shit you go to certain neighborhoods certain areas you don’t see the same fast-food you don’t see the same restaurant and it’s all for a reason they know I mean yeah that’s a good point it’s like they don’t have why’s there are many health food stores in the hood like my pant like get an option Weiser Lucas is everywhere and it’s true it’s like gift when you break it down there’s like malicious intent to D harmonize and like lower the vibration of certain people in certain areas and it’s like that’s a part of it too it’s like what am i contributing to true I’ll say this you know when I was 11 years old my father passed away from his second heart attack he was diabetic he was pissing out of a2 by Washington deteriorate my youngest here’s my life for like years and years just to tr-8 taking pharmaceutical drugs and just kind of basically dying slowly because of what he chose the 8th to me I’d rather spend an extra dollar I need organic or something healthy now and live longer than try to cut corners when you know now instead of later my mom would same thing she died she she was eating buckets of ice cream when she passed away she died at 49 years old Wow now choose now the more education that we can put out there just like stuff like this is beautiful that’s what I was most anxious about is learning more of what I’m trying to step into I don’t know if I’ll ever give up chicken I’m just gonna be honest with you I don’t know I want to eat a lot cleaner chicken do you guys have like cheat days ever I am vegan 100% at the frontline ethical reasons always always always and that’s why I don’t think in 24 years I’ve ever gone back it was hard to try new things things I didn’t like found tons of vegan food that was like oh god fuck you people here and then simultaneously realizing that there was options you know there’s always choices and it’s always choices we make like you said you may never give up meat fully but it’s like you’re making a choice or at least thinking for yourself and making a decision and like that’s all you can ask people to do is think for themselves I really appreciate each and every one of y’all I think so really appreciate y’all thank you for coming out what’s up guys I am Amari and I am Jason and am I’ve got a question for you you have a question for me what do you like about little Rhonda what I like about middle ground is seeing people come together and like realize that their labels are not the whole sum of their experience like take it off take it off the labels realizing there’s so much more than their labels that’s right I love that all right well tell us in the comments below why you love middle ground and if you’ve been a label that you want to take off and throw in the ground tell us that as well we love you guys as always please subscribe hit that like button I’ll see you next time


BBCs Most Positive Vegan Item EVER – Paul Kerton

Hi it’s Paul firm hand chair ball saying recently I spent a couple of days filming with BBC online for a settlement all about vegan health and sports performance it was so same positive couldn’t believe how well it came out awesome in it it did so well it was actually the second most watched I am on BBC News Online and it also made it onto the BBC TV daytime show victoria derbyshire now you know I watched it on the TV I thought you know generally when you get a real positive thing about veganism on mainstream media then then put on someone you know with a counter-argument to pre-clear it so I just watched and I saw they prefaced it without the studies come out and we need to cut down on all our meat consumption to save the environment they put my little clip on and then they cut to the next segment so awesomely positive comment down below guys do you believe like me that this is the single most positive piece the BBC have ever put out about veganism my philosophy is that we can have an awesome physique we can optimize our health without harming animals and with causing less harm to the environment so why would it be some did an incline dumbbell press and if if the upper chest would be a benefit also to the front delts and triceps always eating more animal products than anyone that I’ve ever met I’m 10 kilos of chicken breasts a week I just drink 42 points of milk either tuna their eggs the steak two typical bodybuilding fair being a bodybuilder of course have to weigh everything out back in the day when you said the word vegan people would think of a tall lanky long-haired kind of hippie nowadays we’ve got top-level sportsmen we’ve got actors actresses singers nowadays it’s all about health and performance last summer at age 44 always the most ripped up everything I had razor-sharp ABS the number one thing people say about a vegan diet where do you get your protein you need meat for protein my argument why am i twice your size then if you’ve enjoyed this video and you feel like it may be of benefit to others why not help grow our wonderful community by sharing this out on your social media and together we’ll help inspire everybody it’s going vegan for victory