Is There a Spiritual Diet? – Teal Swan

[UltraVid id=93 ]The question that’s been selected this week is what diet can I eat to live the most spiritual life I’m really excited to receive this question because diet has been an obsession not just a passion for me for seven years when we’re talking about what diet is the best for a spiritual life what you’re basically saying is what diet is the best for me health-wise because health and spirituality go hand-in-hand they’re a married partner you can’t really take one away and have the other one remain intact they’re a vibrational match health and spirituality so what you want to be doing is trying to get your diet to a point where the foods that you’re eating are in there whole and complete form where they’re physiologically natural so what you want to be doing is eliminating simple carbohydrates you want to eliminate sugar you want to eliminate dairy you want to eliminate meat and processed foods many of you may know that part of my job is to work as a medical intuitive so when I am asserting this opinion of mine it is the opinion of somebody who is watching energy in the body when I’m watching somebody eat something I can see the way that your energy either resonates or does not resonate with the specific food group and while people all people are different and so they can deal with foods differently and resonate with different foods you know one person might have an easier time digesting meat than another person in general the same way that we could speak about all pesticides being bad for a human biological system we can talk about foods in general being bad or good for a human biological system and that’s the foods that I’m listing here today so the worst foods I’m going to list them from worst to least worst our has followed the worst food you can put in your body energetically in terms of what I’m seeing our substitute sugars things like saccharin aspartame and sorbitol the human body absolutely has a reaction to those chemical compounds like nothing I’ve ever seen I sometimes at times it’s a body reacts to those worse than they would even a drug like heroin so no substitute sugars the second one that is the worst on the list for people is preservatives and pesticides that’s pretty self-explanatory alcohol is after that I tend to disagree based on what I see that even a glass of wine is good for a human system I don’t watch people’s energy I’ve never watched a person’s energy regardless of their body type agree with alcohol the second or second the next worst it would be white flour any of your super simple starches your body treats those exactly like it would be a sugar sugar is an absolute nightmare for the body but if you break a carbohydrate down to it and to the point where it’s a simple carbohydrate your body is treating it exactly the same way that it would is sugar and sugar is a poison so no white flour no sugar margarine is the next worst after that and after that it’s dairy I have never met a person who can handle dairy even when they think that they can so when we’re talking about a diet that’s in line with health and aligned with spirituality it’s very essential to eliminate dairy in general you want to eliminate animal proteins the next one after that is fried foods those are absolutely denatured foods and one after that would be meat as far as energy is concerned the best diet for a human to be on would be a raw food no animal protein diet contrary to formal belief it is possible to get your proteins and get every single compound that you need for your body on a raw food diet and if that sounds a little bit difficult to do which I have to admit really really living healthily is is a lifestyle which you have to work your way into the next-best after raw food is is the vegan lifestyle so that would be the answer to how to live in line with health and spirituality those foods that are whole that are plan based are the ones which human beings in general resonate with the best energetically and likewise their cells and their entire biological system resonate with the easiest and best that being said we can get into a lot of trouble here with people trying to get into a lifestyle of health because a lot of times the changes they make create so much of a problem for them in terms of well now I’m denying myself constantly now this is such a huge stretch for me to get into this new way of living that I’m causing more problems for myself mentally than I am making up for in physical changes this is why I say that even though I’ve outlined here what the best type of a diet is to be on its best to sort of work your way incrementally into this the way to do that is to first change the thoughts that you’re thinking the reason is this when you change the thought you’re thinking change your focus and go on this spiritual path you will find that your physiology will resonate at a different level that instantly means that the more and more spiritual you get certain foods will resonate or not resonate with you this is the real reason why in a lot of spiritual circles you’ll see the same kind of diets among what people would call spiritual masters it’s because they’ve ascended to the certain level where the only feeds foods which are able to resonate with where they are physiologically and mentally are these certain kinds of foods so while diet can help you in your journey to find spirituality if you are following the path of spirituality you will be naturally inspired towards these types of foods so you could play it one way or the other way or a mix of both which is my suggestion and that is the way to get yourself to a healthy spiritual diet you