Ridin’ Dirty, Post-Election Thoughts, and Vegan Athletic Apparel!

[UltraVid id=34 ]watch Max is cross line for tips from the pros site daily workings of cycle cross is fine sup guys up to the blog match Thanks it’s cool to be on a professional blog other than the iphone blog that i do yeah check out max’s cross vlog youtube it’s a way cool we use iphones only unlike these fancy cameras number one tip for cyclocross everyone jet for sale across my mouse boat let’s just click mark peanut butter watch Max is cross laundry tips from the pros any insight into the daily workings of cycle cross is mine right 60 miles done I’m feeling the bunk so I’m getting ready to go get some food it’s a recovery and feels good to get out and do a big long ride three and a half hours so post read meal is the classic dilla I just was feeling it today so you forget some refried pinto beans spinach some spices get some avocado going little salsa oh yeah baby whoo so um I’ve had a little bit of time to think about the you know outcomes of this election although I’m still kind of reeling I’m still trying to figure my out and still trying to figure out how to react and what to do and what to go where to go from here I don’t have any answers I don’t really know what to do except continue to follow my passions and follow the things I love love the people that are in my life show compassion lead by example and maybe I’m just too optimistic I’m a very optimistic person but I refuse to give up and refuse to concede into negativity and depression and sadness it sucks this out you know this election was ridiculous from from all aspects but that doesn’t mean that everything is over we collectively are an incredible force and if we focus on compassion focus on love and can focus on inclusion then we can do amazing things try not to get down on on everything and feel hopeless and helpless um because we can do something and I don’t know exactly what that is but I’m focusing on continuing to help people you know be healthy and happy and compassionate and passionate and to not stand for the blatant racism and the misogyny in the the fear and citing behavior and homophobic tendencies and thoughts I’m not willing to stand for it and neither should you this this is such a more important time than ever to truly stand up for that stuff if you ever see it you know maybe we’ll do another in-depth video about this later on but at the same time I don’t feel like it’s worth dwelling on we need to move forward let me know you know leave a comment below what do you think is the best way to move forward from this I don’t like I don’t want to have a lot of negativity on this channel and on thought for food so I want to move forward and keep this fun and entertaining and educational and to hopefully help to provide a you know an educational and safe space for people to comment to learn about how to live their lives better all right back to the normal scheduled goofy weird thought for food blog oh my god guys look what just came in the mail vegan athletic apparel so you guys know that I like to ride bikes we’ve helped riding bikes a lot there’s a lot of fashion I like you know really cool cycling kits and stuff I don’t ever really by myself clothes very much and I don’t definitely have no fashion sense when it comes to everyday normal clothes but I have a pretty good fashion sense when it comes to cycling clothes let’s open this up and see what’s up oh my god yes look at that mm-hmm and anyway bib shorts and so as as you know I like cycling I like the ethical side of plant-based living and this company being athletic apparel is new to the scene but they’re doing amazing things they’re making ethical clothing it’s really high quality really cool well designed and as a result it that it costs a high premium dollar but at the same time it is voting with your dollar for a company that is ethical for a company that is focused and dedicated to helping improve the lives of animals humans in the planet and so they’re just really on board and being on the same page it’s thought for food in a lot of ways and so I just really felt the need to support them and I’m really excited to see them grow and to help change the paradigm of cycling and the thought about cycling and in the world which I’m really excited about something I want to do and to help more cyclists become more aware of the world around them so I’m really excited to wrap this kit set them free alright guys late I’m working on a really cool project that I’m super excited to share with you guys with thought for food it’ll be coming soon but I just want to say super grateful for in this time of uncertainty messed up up stuff that’s going on in our country right now I’m just excited for companies like being athletic and like beyond me and Tesla and SpaceX that are still continuing to push forward and you know set the bar higher for sustainability for ethics and for health and so it gives me optimism it gives me hope and it makes me really excited for the future even though you know despite these crazy things that are going on so I hope everyone has an awesome rest of your night go eat some plants what’s your thought for food