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Hey Gorgeous Skincare UK Nominees for Best Vegan Skincare UK
Vegfest UK October 26th and 27th


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Hello everyone welcome to the Sept/October 2019 video presenting Global Vegan and Plant-based news today for a healthier world tomorrow.

It has been a very exciting few months in the vegan movement globally with many inspiring and exciting news stories.

Three of which we will cover today.

Also, stick around until the end of the video to see who we’re featuring as our unique local vegan business.

Thanks for watching and here is the first VeganOrb News Story


Joaquin Phoenix will be seen soon as The Joker at cinema everywhere and before receiving the first Tribute Actor Award at the Toronto Film Festival, the Oscar-nominated actor and lifelong vegan were protesting against animal cruelty at the St George Subway Transit Station.

Dressed all in black was there to support the BeFairBeVegan team behind the subway campaign.

The event toured inside the popular train station and was created by Anita Krajnc of the vegan advocacy group Toronto Pig Save.
“He’s so busy but he took time out to come to see BeFairBeVegan Toronto because it’s so close to his heart,” Krajnc said to Toronto’s local City News.

A vegan since age 3, Phoenix and fiancé, fellow vegan actor Rooney Mara, led this year’s National Animal Rights Day protest in Los Angeles. Both Phoenix and Mara narrated the 2019 documentary “Dominion”and he also narrated 2005’s documentary “Earthlings,” which has inspired thousands of people to go vegan.
The same day Phoenix was the first actor to be awarded the Tribute Actor Award at the Toronto Film Festival.
And, The Joker won the best prize at the Venice International Film Festival and Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is already being hailed as one of the best of the year.
We are super excited at VeganOrb to see this movie and respect that Joaquin is as bold in his acting choices as he is with his vegan activism.


So in 2020, the event will be over 3 days not 2 bigger and better than before. Put this date in your diary now and VeganOrb will be there again to report on the event.
Check out The Very Creativegan’s exclusive review at the link on screen now and below.


Vegan Festivals can be found in many locations around the world now and one of the most popular and biggest is VEGFEST UK.
VegfestUK came into existence back in Bristol in 2003, with the launch of the Bristol Vegan Fayre – the first event of its kind to mix up veganism with rock-‘n-roll and a festival vibe.
The success of the Bristol Vegan Fayre was the inspiration behind

These events are highly recommended for everyone who follows a vegan way of life and to those who are curious and want to learn more and shop for everything vegan.

The next major event is being held over 2 days on October the 27th and 28th at London’s Olympia.

VeganOrb will be there to capture some exclusive interviews and footage for the channel.

Now it is time for us to feature a unique local vegan person and business who will talk exclusively to VeganOrb about their business and service and this month.

Please welcome Sue the business owner of Hey Gorgeous Skincare UK, the 100% cruelty-free vegan skincare range that I was fortunate enough to review and try out in one of my other Youtube review videos.

The products are absolutely gorgeous and divine and work on all skin types.

Sue tells us how she came about launching the business in the UK and why it means so much to her to be sharing these unique organic vegan skincare products and how they work so well for her many customers.

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Urban Garden Tour – How We Grow Food For Our Family of 6 in Our Backyard

[UltraVid id=213 ]My wife and I decided in spring of 2015 that we wanted to start growing most of the vegetables our family of 6 eats. It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve had friends and family contact me asking how to get started with gardening and I’m going to be sharing as much as I can about what we’ve learned and how we transformed our back yard into a completely self-sustainable food farm. Growing your own food doesn’t have to be difficult and we’re here to show how you can grow your own organic produce economically, efficiently, and sustainably.

Thank you for watching!


This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

[UltraVid id=210 ]As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical farming is one solution that’s been implemented around the world. Vertical farms produce crops in stacked layers, often in controlled environments such as those built by AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey. AeroFarms grows a variety of leafy salad greens using a process called “aeroponics,” which relies on air and mist. AeroFarms’ crops are grown entirely indoors using a reusable cloth medium made from recycled plastics. In the absence of sun exposure, the company uses LED lights that expose plants to only certain types of spectrum. AeroFarms claims it uses 95% less water than a traditional farm thanks to its specially designed root misting system. And it is now building out a new 70,000 square foot facility in a former steel mill. Once completed, it’s expected to grow 2 million pounds of greens per year, making it the largest indoor vertical farm in the world.


THIS IS HOW MY FARM WORKS! – $100K on a quarter acre

[UltraVid id=211 ]About Urban Farmer Curtis Stone:
Curtis Stone runs a commercial urban farm called Green City Acres out of Kelowna, BC, Canada. His mission is to show others how they can grow a lot of food on small plots of land and make a living from it. Using DIY and simple infrastructure, one can earn a significant living from their own backyard or someone else’s.


Tiny Williamsburg hipster garden – Urban Gardener

[UltraVid id=212 ]Brooklyn patio getaway garden in Williamsburg beautifully decorated in vines and edible flowers.

Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green spaces and meeting some of the most creative urban gardeners around the US, whether they’re just off a street or ontop of a skyscraper – we’ll find ’em. This series is produced by SPACES – a YouTube original Home + Design channel.


How Many Vegans Are There Really?

[UltraVid id=122 ]Hey it’s Mike here and today we’re gonna take a look around the world it’s something I’ve been interested in investigating for a while and that is how many vegans are there really we’re gonna try our best to get a level-headed estimate of the vegan population of various countries and globally some of those countries are gonna be easier than others and some have definitely been exaggerated without a doubt the numbers are growing and that’s the most important point but what do we really know okay first off surveys are not perfect no matter what we’re gonna be taking a sample of a population and extrapolating that to the whole population we don’t have nanorobots counting every single person who’s vegan moment by moment not yet at least and there are many other limitations like the sample size itself and what question were they actually asking but for now let’s take our first stop around the world and because plant-based news is based in the UK let’s stop in the UK plant-based news itself did report on that massive 2-year rise in veganism that you probably heard about and so we’re gonna examine that a little bit closer right now this was referencing the newer compare the market.com survey on environmental habits called cars against humanity to a slightly older vegan society survey which had a completely different sample and was not asking the same people the first survey by the vegan society asked 10,000 people in 2016 and got a result of five hundred and forty thousand vegans compare the market asked two thousand people in 2018 and got three and a half million people or over five percent of the population which is massive I’m gonna have to rain on the parade just a little bit for a second Dominika pious eka the PR person at the vegan Society said they quote would be delighted if this increase was the case but realistically we have no reason to think numbers have increased to that extent she mentions that it was not a survey intended to determine the population of vegans instead it was just one to investigate environmentally-friendly habits in particular she says quote there were no cross-check questions asked to confirm the self declared vegan statement and it was easy to misunderstand the question as asking about environmentally habits rather than lifestyle choices you know they didn’t ask things like do you eat eggs which if they say yes obviously they’re not vegan there are many things that can go wrong with a survey like this perhaps there dentally selecting for more forward-thinking urban populations that are more likely to be vegan or maybe people wanted to appear vegan when they actually weren’t hashtag stolen vegan valor so it’s likely that they either got an accurate number from a inaccurate sample or they just got inaccurate answers either way something’s fishy no offence fishes all this being said I do think that the vegan society’s number of 540,000 is out of a date just a couple of V January’s would be pushing it closer to 70,000 based off their reported numbers looking to Google Trends for the search term vegan in the UK we can see that it has grown two and a half fold since the vegan society survey so if the interest on the internet mirrors the vegan population then between 2016 and 2018 we probably went from five hundred forty thousand UK vegans to something more like 1.3 million UK vegans which is still great not three and a half million but still great alright now we’re gonna look at my home country which despite what many people think is not Canada it’s the USA and again we have a bit of a discrepancy between the surveys Gallup did a poll in 2012 they randomly called up about a thousand people and found that two percent of people were vegan then a couple years later in 2014 fauna lytx did a survey of 11,000 people there’s more than ten times as many people much more rigorous but they found that only 0.5% of the u.s. population was vegan and the number of vegans definitely did not go down so either Gallup was a little exaggerated in their figure or vana lytx was wrong chances are fauna lytx was right because it was just such a large survey now let’s move on to a newer one you probably heard about a massive surge in vegans in the u.s. that mirrors that of the UK well from research and markets in 2017 their food trends report said quote 6% of US consumers now claim to be vegan up from just 1% in 2014 that would be a lot of vegans that would be 20 million vegans the problem is they were not transparent in their methodology or their sample size heck it cost thirty five hundred dollars just to look in it so it’s kind of like looking at a black box here we don’t know where they got that 1% figure in 2014 either it could be super rigorous we just don’t know looking at the Google Trends in time period from 2014 to 2017 we do not see anything that would reflect a six-fold increase however we do see a pretty impressive two and a half fold increase so fauna Linux was accurate in 2014 that puts us at about 4 million vegans in the US are one point two five percent of the population which i think is a fair estimate for much of the Western english-speaking world yeah one point two five percent might sound a little low but remember we’re talking about all of rural America we’re talking about the entire South yeah we might have some liberal cities with 10% of the population being vegan in certain areas but rural Mississippi might have like point zero zero one percent in the end we’re looking at a range whether it is fauna lytx with their one point six million or my estimate of four million or gallops two percent which puts us about six and a half million either way it’s growing and that’s what’s important all right let’s move on to the next country which is Australia I know many of you are Australian the sad part is we don’t have any hard data any good surveys from there the closest we have is a reported rise in vegetarians and low meat eaters from 9% in 2012 to 11% in 2016 but that doesn’t really tell us that much about vegans however back to Google Trends in Australia we do see a five-fold increase in vegan searches from 2012 until now which is huge and if we take that 1.25% figure that I came up with earlier we’re looking at about 300,000 Australian vegans down on death all right now before we move on to another country there’s something about these three countries that I want to mention and that has to do with how I’ve heard many people say Oh paleo is more popular than vegan well vegan food and living through some of the Google Trends up comparing paleo to vegan and in all three of these countries vegan is much more popular the UK the US and Australia okay moving on to the next country which is Canada oh Canadia sadly again we do not have a super concrete vegan number but the Vancouver Humane Society found that there are about 12 million Canadians that were either vegetarian or trying to reduce meat consumption not telling us a lot about vegans so please next time ask us to rate question hello there have you ever thought about possibly not consuming a little bit of meat any time and five years that’s like 40 percent of the population Carla now that’s progress sponsored by Canada but I think Canada fall is a pretty close trend to the u.s. in terms of their dietary choices so if you look at that one point two five percent again that’s 450,000 Canadian vegans now I want to move on to the interesting case of Israel you may have heard some crazy numbers you’ve probably heard five percent I’ve heard as high as ten or twelve percent but that five percent came from a Channel 2 News survey which was likely not super rigorous or huge and could have possibly selected for a more vegan population however in 2016 the bureau of statistics in israel found that the population was about two percent of vegan now assuming that that was an accurate figure as of 2016 is probably the most rigorous we can also look to Google Trends for Israel in terms of the term vegan I know they speak Hebrew there but still can show a proportional increase in interest well it raised by about 50 percent which puts us at 3% of Israel and at 8 million people that’s about 250,000 vegans all right now let’s move on to some other countries we don’t have time to look at the methodology of every survey here and they will be linked below but let’s start with Austria and in 2013 0.5% of them appeared to be vegan which is about 40,000 people in Belgium as of 2016 there were about 34,000 vegans in Germany as of 2016 also combining to survey is one that was 0.1 and one that was one percent of the population we’re looking at about 400,000 vegans in India we have an interesting case the government said as of 2005 1.6 percent of the population was not consuming any enoy products which is ridiculously massive and that would be like 20 million vegans we’ll talk a bit more about that a second in Italy we have a range of 0.6 to 3% in 2015 which averages to 1 million Italian vegans it seems a little high maybe I’m wrong I don’t know then we’ve got the Netherlands as of 2014 we’re looking at about 45,000 vegans or 0.27% Sweden as of 2014 we have allegedly 4% vegan which is super high and that would put us up at 400,000 Swedish vegans which seems high let me know if you live there and finally we got Swiss which as of 2016 appeared you have about 83,000 vegans and I know this is not a survey but in terms of my channel in other countries I’m seeing a surprising amount of viewership from some countries such as Finland and Czechia and Romania and Greece which is pretty understandable but also Brazil which is awesome so hey everybody hey there okay so now we have to ask the question what is the global population of vegans no such information exists so we’re gonna do some really bootleg estimations right here right now the first thing what we’re gonna take here is the question can we get a reliable connection between the population of vegans and the amount of google searches for the term vegan within a country we can then take the number search globally and figure out a global figure there at least for the english-speaking world with the browser plug-in keywords everywhere we can get a rough monthly snapshot of the amount of times a vegan was searched in particular countries thankfully they’re ones that we have been investigating already for the US alone we are looking at about three hundred thousand searches for the term vegan each month if we take what I think is an accurate figure of 4 million vegans in the u.s. then that corresponds to about 7 percent of the vegans so there are 7 percent as many searches as there are vegans in the US for the UK there are about 60,000 searches for the term vegan a month and looking at our various estimations for vegans that 7% figure seems reasonable so I’m gonna stick with it now globally we have about eight hundred and twenty thousand searches for the term vegan every month and with that 7 percent figure that means that we have about 11 or 12 million vegans in the english-speaking world but in case you didn’t know only about 20 percent of earth speaks English and looking back to India that would be 20 million vegans if their survey is right but I think a possibly more accurate number is Jane’s there are about 4.5 million genes whoo religiously abstain from animal products and there are also countries that don’t necessarily have access to Google not that they’re english-speaking but China has restricted access to Google they also don’t have a good term for vegan but for some scale if just 0.1 percent China was vegan that’d be like 1.4 million vegans but I want to go at this from two completely different angles to try and get a more accurate answer and that other angle would be adding up all of the countries that we’ve looked at all the surveys we looked at in the video earlier and that lands us at about 8.3 million without India I’d be 28 million with India and if we want to just count the Janes which might be the most accurate it’s about 12 million vegans however that is throwing out most of the world we’re not counting South and Central America we’re not counting China or Southeast Asia Russia Africa the Middle East basically we’re not counting most of the world however those areas likely have lower populations of vegans and that’s the reason that we have vegan numbers in these other places because they have a higher amount of vegans now looking at both of these incomplete pictures of the vegan world which probably hover at around half or two-thirds of all the people that are vegan I think a fair number to throw out there would be that we have about 15 million vegans in the world which is about one half of one percent of the world’s population that’s my best guess at least in the end we need more data we especially need more of those surveys that are over 10,000 people which are likely more accurate given that a lot of the smaller ones especially the ones that don’t disclose their methodologies tend to be superhighway higher than we would have reason to believe you know maybe they accurately reflect some urban areas but probably not the countries that they’re being extrapolated to and if you live in a country that has no data go out and make your own survey or reach out to a local vegan organization or start a local vegan organization and try and make one that has a good variation in the population and very clear questions and so forth alright once again I’m not trying to be a buzzkill by shooting down those higher vegan percentages we just need to take a level-headed look at this and let me know down below if you live in one of these countries and if the numbers that I threw out there seem inaccurate too high or too low and finally feel free to follow plant-based news on all of those social media platforms and of course follow my channel Mike the vegan all right that’s it for today thank you for watching and I’ll see you next


Is this the new Vegan Internet ?

[UltraVid id=100 ]hello everyone thanks for joining me and we actually have a sunny day here in the UK so apologies for the glare maybe in the video if my glasses never think but I wanted to come and talk to you about a new sort of app a new social media new thing that has come to the vegan movement which i think is going to be fantastic I think it’s definitely gonna make going vegan and staying vegan for the foreseeable future so much easier and it’s gonna allow other companies other brands that are vegan to grow together and create a community where people can find everything they want under one place so this thing that I’m talking about it’s called the V society and you can get it as an app on the you know the on app or you can get on Android obviously you can look it on the internet like that obviously I downloaded it today and found it on my phones I’ve down there have been looking for it for and everything and the idea of it basically is you can find everything you want within one thing they’re dubbing it the vegan internet so basically if you want to find articles if you want to find news if you want to find videos you want to find content creators if you want to find clothing food recipe arts literally everything about the vegan moon everything within the vegan room everything you could possibly want to know about going vegan how to stay vegan everything like that reach out to new content creators finding people you can interact with meetups things like this everything that makes being vegan fantastic about like interacting with other vegans you know food clothing everything that that you might find difficult finding out life you go on Google different websites everything is gonna be under one site and they’re meant to be rolling this out further in other countries of these in the UK and everything like that and there can be branching out but something like this is such a powerful tool this is gonna be somewhere like you know maybe like me if you could first me as a content creator you know people on YouTube on Instagram for everything like that where they’re spreading the vegan message there are different things you can come in as you know whether it’s contact great where it’s just a normal community profile whether it’s someone who is an activist this is another platform where you’re able to reach people another way in which you are able to interact with people and ever way in which you’re able to create a community and this is so important obviously when you first go vegan sometimes it can feel very very strange you might be the only vegan within your group of friends within your family within your own little sub sector you know your little group of friends whatever it is to have another community you’re able to reach to maybe finding an area where like if you’re interested in different foods where you can eat different clothing things you might just find confusing all this information is under one site and obviously now that it’s coming as a map and everything like that it makes it so easier to reach and you can message people different like you can follow different groups you can create groups it’s basically another way well what makes Facebook great is the fact that they’ve got groups on there okay but the problem is you’ve got so many different people if you’re gonna be putting up posts trying to spread awareness or just talking about some your incident or just asking questions it’s very very easy to get negativity people you know giving you hate whatever it is for being a vegan if you come into an area which is dedicated just to vegans dedicated for people that want to spread awareness spread information help people wanna meet up weather people create friends this sort of environment is all you could say are protecting them a protective environment but it’s an area where if you’re a vegan you’re interested your transition wherever it is this community is going to have everything you could possibly want and a lot of people when they fail or they’re no longer vegan a lot of time it is because they don’t have that supported out that community they struggle finding things to eat they struggle you know finding out information they just you know a and out with other friends out there’s so many different things that go into some people failing but something like this it’s gonna make going vegan and staying vegan so much easier so I definitely recommend any of you who are curious anyone who’s transitioning and on who’s already vegan download this out whether you want to go online on your PC into it that way or you want to download it I recommend download it give it a go try and interact with people try and create a community if you want to search for me on there my name is under there the same as like my channel name so anyone wants to reach me on their internet it’s just another platform where we were able to reach people and I think that is fantastic sorry I’ve been away for so long I’ve been away from my birthday I went to Central Park so I wanted to sort of just have a bit of a break from constantly thing about ideas and trying to put out stuff so I’m back now I’m gonna be sippin out some more content again so thanks for tuning and I know that I’m over 1500 now so for any of you that have subscribed viewed everything like that thank you your support is appreciated obviously I’m now moving towards 2000 that’s gonna be my next target so thanks for sticking around for me please make sure that you share these videos other people help this channel grow to help reach more people to build a community and I will see you guys in the next one