3 Vegan Ethiopian Recipes

[UltraVid id=192 ]Hey dude what is the difference between a cactus and a Hummer the pricks are on the outside my god this is a crazy joke alright what else you got bring it um why does Helen Keller like to wear skinny jeans I re feeling to go okay what what is the answer so you can read her lips oh my god that’s good okay that’s all I got but I have to know not bad a little better give me at least one more I don’t have one give me the worst one you’ve got that was the course oh okay cool we’re on the same page I don’t have anything worse who likes Ethiopian food I do I do so good you made um so you’ve been making but you learn to make Ethiopian food before you ever went to Ethiopia right like you were getting Ethiopia because you were already interested in the culture exactly yes and I had friends here that were like dude you’re practically Ethiopian now you need to go over there and so I did and I stayed for as long as my visa would allow it and I’m going back here seven years later in November for a whole month that’s great and I really feel like their food is so delicious and everybody should know how to make these easy meals that are nutritious delicious and really easy to find a lot of the ingredients that go into these yeah just when I took a bite I was like but I’m on another place existence it’s kind of like that the flavor is amazing um so I’m definitely glad we want to do this this is you obviously this is not me this is not my kitchen this is your kitchen right is you making food and this is my between cameraman skills and you did an amazing job by the way thank you very much right we Pesci harder ready hey that was the pat on the back if you could hear that dude tell me about a tell me about the hey you can cuss on here that’s awesome yeah this is yeah yeah Oh tell me about the health department calling you okay well that was for my kombucha I know women because I ferment kombucha and I sell it and they called me and they’re like hey you can’t do that anymore it’s not under the cottage law you need a commercial kitchen so you can slap their label on it instead so you got some random ass phone call and you answered it yeah and that thing is I’ve been brewing for like ten years I don’t have ring the phone if I don’t know the number I’m not answering I don’t have a business line so okay yeah um so she’s like is it a girl was a lady yeah was a lady and she was super nice and she just told me you know don’t do it anymore until you have a commercial kitchen that you can slap their label on you like I didn’t know oh yeah I do what I want both so now I have a commercial kitchen and I just have to put in my labels but it’s called kaleidoscope kombucha really good for probiotic health and I teach a lot of different workshops on how to brew it yourself and I’m all about teaching people to improve their lives and their taste buds I like spicy foods and darker biotic and I’m looking at watching the video we’re talking like I love onions oh my god how many onions did we use for this videos like ten of them really did we you you did shows you well you ate it yeah so I hope you guys learned a lot from this video and continue watching anarchist kitchen because Melanie is the oh I got the call-out I’ll attack you on it back again ready made of steel folks the back of ministy what a pat on the back tumeric tumeric a lot of tumeric in this because that’s good for joint health garlic garlic is really good for your breath everybody loves garlic press I love it this morning my son was like mommy yeah pretty really yeah what did you say I was like oh man I haven’t even had my coffee yet like some it takes one to know I’m like baby you still have your baby teeth wait until you get those grown-ups makes a difference I don’t know I think soon you don’t get rid of your grown-ups only so until you get dentures right dude you were saying that um your name in Ethiopia maybe oh yeah okay so the working language of Ethiopia is called Amharic but there are 80 different languages probably more that are spoken in Ethiopia including English they’re very well pronounced in English and my name in Amharic literally means my wife so misty means my wife in Amharic and I was staying with priests who are not allowed to get married Franchesca monks and they would introduce me as a joke as misty my wife and everybody have a really good laugh you’re like inappropriate so when I talk to new people I’m like misty ah not misty so then they laugh okay not my wife instantly your name everyone because your name is hilarious it really it really helps out it’s quite a bit American like hilarious name like Joe Buck yeah this is the butt crack nice to meet you and everyone’s like that’s the worst name in history what about you I like you know it’s kind of like that it’s really easy to like instantly everybody mmm now let’s eat this is so good there’s going to miss you yeah come check me out jiguro