Portobello Live! Music Festival x Sustainability on Screen (London’s Debut Vegan Film Festival 2019)

[UltraVid id=85 ]Hello and welcome back to Lauren’s vegan vlogs today we will be discussing portobello live best of all let’s go it’s the wrong vegans yeah welcome back to the channel if it is your first time my name is Laurent hmm very nice and simple isn’t it and today we are discussing Portobello live festival which is coming back for its fifth year now up until now it has been an amazing music festival centered around the message of one love and the creative community of Portobello which has been a breeding ground for creatives for years of decades now absolute decades it’s amazingly amount of talent musicians actors creatives writers that have all come out of Portobello and the scene still holds strong today hence the festival now this year comes with the addition of sustainability on screen an amazing amazing edition which represents the very first vegan Film Festival to be held in London and that is absolutely huge interest has come in from all over the world and it’s so exciting to see that the hosts are gonna be Richard Hobday JB McCormack and Claire every these two guys you may already know them the little London vegan amazing well done you we really like your channel I know all your pages and stuff it’s really cool and of course JP he runs the most amazing vegan market there is a nuns in the Portobello night market it is awesome every second and fourth Thursday of the month and he will be taking care of food at the festival so you know it’s gonna be ah so good now let’s get into the films that we’re gonna be seeing the documentaries we’re gonna get to talk about and of course those amazing Q & A so you can expect to see such titles as unto earth which is a community sustainability project we’ve also got the ever-popular Dominion we know we know what’s happening there for those of you don’t get ready we’ve got 73 cows because 72 just wasn’t enough when you’re 73 very Hudson not anything to do with the plane don’t want completely different story sure a beautiful vegan documentary named the end of meats gonna be really cool I cannot wait to see that one we have urban mermaid I don’t know it’s just what I figured it would look like another moment right which is going to be an environmental documentary and finally we have vegan round-the-world which actually sounds like a great name for a song maybe like a cover of rockin around the world whatever there will also be amazing panelists which are gonna pop up on the screen right here because there’s just so much going on and the panel is absolutely star-studded as well as you can see Bob but but but yes it is all happening up here so this is going to be a really really exciting event for the vegan community in London and even more so for the vegan community in West London because for those of you don’t know London is a very big place and when you live on one side of London it’s not always that easy or comfortable to go to the other side and as many of you know East London kind of holds the heart of the vegan community right now with so so so many events and restaurants all being over there such as unity temple oh just it’s too many and it’s too depressing so I’m not gonna get into it which go okay right but this festival represents a humongous change for us in West London it shows how big veganism has become and it shows that that West London is ready to accept it and embrace veganism into its heart so please do check out the ticket link down below up so you might be wondering why it is that I’m getting all hype on this as well well the reason is actually very simple because I’m going to be taking over this social media are you’re going to see this crazy face on all of the channels Instagram Facebook Twitter and YouTube so check all the links down in the description they’re right down there along with the ticket link which is surprisingly cheap so just don’t even think about it just do it it’s gonna be two days seven stages amazing movies amazing food amazing times and this is it this is it guys we’ve finally gotten to the point where we are being accepted with open arms into an enterprise had no reason no need to actually go vegan but they wanted to and that is what counts that’s what we all want for this world we don’t need to make people go vegan people need to want to make the change and this is the driving force and it is happening right now so it’s beyond exciting I am absolutely losing my marbles as you can see so please let me stop talking you go check out the ticket link like dislike leave your comment down below let me know what you would like to see it the fest well let me know would you like to see me do in preparation for the festival because I’ll be taking you on a journey with interviews and segments and videos and posts and all sorts of amazing things as we get closer and closer to the event so let me know what you would like to see down in those comments below hit that subscribe button just do it do it do it do it now and I will see you on the next vlog thank you