The Concept Of Veganism With Asmi Shrestha – Here’s To Life | August 2019

[UltraVid id=292 ]The Concept Of Veganism With Asmi Shrestha – Here’s To Life | Episode 03 – 10 August 2019

A brand new show revolving around lifestyle, fashion, trends, style, fitness, glamour, food and everything else you can think about is here. In this episode of Here’s To Life, Sagarika is learning about vegan lifestyle from Miss Nepal 2016, Asmi Shrestha.

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8 Puerto Rican Vegan Meals

[UltraVid id=262 ]Hispanic vegan meals or as non- Hispanics like to say Spanish vegan dishes. We had all Puerto Rican meals this week. Here is a list of what we ate.
Sopa De Guandules y Bolitas De Platano (Pigeon Pea Soup and Plantain Balls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSXYUQSBdb8
Arroz con Habichuelas y Calabaza (Rice with Beans and Pumpkin)
Arroz Con Maiz (Rice with Corn) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Arroz con Vegetales (Rice with Vegetables) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Tofu Guisado (Tofu Stew) https://youtu.be/35ib5BHvdkI
Arroz con Guandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Ensalada de papas (Potato Salad) https://youtu.be/e0l8nWcTiNE
Tostones (Twice fried green plantain)
Maduros (Fried Ripe Plantain)
Aguacate (Avocado)

Positive vibrations. I’m grateful you’ve been led to this channel. I hope something I’ve said hasn’t just inspired you, but has moved you into action





Vegan Transformation | 70 to 90 kg

[UltraVid id=119 ]That’s me 2014 adopting a plant-based lifestyle after a while on a whole food plant-based diet I realized not only how create excels and thrive but also how much suffering is done to the animals that we label as food and how severe the impact of animal agriculture is to our environment our ecosystem and planet then I understood how animal products harm our health our planet and of course the animal systems after realizing all of this I was more eager than ever before to build muscle on a plant-based diet not only because I found my passion in weightlifting but also because I wanted to become a great example that you can really build muscles on a vegan diet so more people can understand and less harm is created I learned the principal building strength with Marco learns to proper form of the compound movement was deadlift bench with over his desk bend over rows pull up and did I made sure I’m gonna slide to lower class so I have a positive nitrogen balance to continuously lean ball had a good push-pull legs list and later and upper body lower body split what I’m still doing and then the key to gain strength and mass just the distances focus on getting stronger at the compound movement and of course my form starts at the beginning but I was so eager to improve work and mobility watch tutorials read books film myself and analyze [Music] for words ‘proper and like a strong and strong with the compound movement because drag the key to building muscle mass [Music] sometimes you forget while we’re here it’s easy to fall off track these help us remember I had a dream something no one else could see tell me what it means when your face is falling beneath your knees and you can’t breathe everything you see reminds me of what your not of something you won’t be let it take what you give in that’s how we only had as the Testaments simply how we suggested I hear a lot of people talking like a college hisses this will be an accountant because it states in a business not because they want to do exist because they heard it changes the NASA before no one that’s how we can raise ideas dick heavy I can feel the weight the pressure of success like a hundred million pounds let’s say and I’m staying up late a while away – with gaseous burial pipe the day and age making me feel like the only way I’ll be a theistic time to a label and making money to rap I want to hear my emotion because the world is attacking the very sensible advice that lets the people be happy if you don’t have a reason agree why even the battles of our impressions Oh never [Music] I had a voice that reached a hundred million people a pelham there’s a reason that were all created equal some decide to be great and some the status to an average person’s life assisity what they want to be so you make your decision on notice what I’m doing all the time the light behind of the way as well and again I’ve seen it’s rated in the jungle walls of where I’m living and the words with the descriptive remind me of something written yes that is given down to be able to go this one we’re going to give indicated needed to Levin think you’re trapped in a life that you never wanted to is an infinite from mathematical life I’m saying I’m across and I’m speaking for what it’s working difference to find my friends in each battle cuz I’m a jerk I’m saying I’m a proxy it was what’s working by my friends Hey [Music] damn shirt thank you different person great spirit ahaha to bring me back to the nomadic where we threw the damage my whole thing my great feeling for my sister let me be the flowing liver but the banks the rocks that binder care me okay [Music] basically before my brothers let me be mountain under witty climbs to discoveries settle at progress rate see me all that hinders by reminders to my fingers I must be wrong [Music] Hey Hey great me before Marley can give them strength to face racism and everything girls get you and me now one feel our Great Spirit take me instead got me down the road of reds and kasha lon I am saying [Music] right cuz I believe mind is the body and the body is the mind not only my body transformed but also my life I also met a special girl in the gym she introduced me to a crow yoga and I introduced her to the benefit for being in lifestyle no she also thrive on plans we really got to know each other fall in love and now we live and list together my life just a great you my lip note together with my girlfriend and my two best friends all vegan goodbye I truly follow my classic cycle and life that is better and just in love life I became much closer to the person I want to be and really enjoy the darkness in the channel you you and just in love nice and I hope you do and that my story was not only inspiring but also motivating enough to create a positive change in your life for less harm and more compassion and do you remember my friend and training partner from Percy yeah this guy we adapted the bland based lifestyle together and he also got a great transformation solid cruelty free muscle mass and so can you [Music] [Music] and if you still not believe how greatly you can benefit SF athletes on a plant-based diet just look at my other friends roommates Julianne he also adopted the blend besides one year ago and had a great transformation this hype excitement isn’t where this thing is ejj brazilian jiu-jitsu and look what a plant-based diet did to him he looks great check like a real compassionate fighter.



[UltraVid id=97 ]James Aspey is a animal rights activist from Sydney, Australia.
At the age of only 17 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had 6 weeks to live. He beat cancer after 3 years of chemotherapy and during that time he began partying and abusing drugs.
He turned his life around once again and became a passionate personal trainer so he could help others with their health.

He spent 7 years working on a cruise ship, and partying a lot was the norm. That lead to an eating disorder. His journey changed direction when he met a wise Indian man who told him eating animals is bad karma.

He went vegetarian for a 7 day experiment and felt surprisingly great. He researched into the health benefits and realized how much he has been missing out!

Upon more research he discovered the shocking and violent truth of what is being done to animals for food, clothing, entertainment and medical testing. It led him to the question, “If we don’t need to kill and eat animals to be healthy, what are we doing this for?” The best justifications he could find or hear were incredibly weak.

In 2014 he took a 365 day vow of silence and cycled 5000 kilometers to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.

He broke his vow during a live interview on Australia’s most popular morning TV show.

James is now travelling the world giving free speeches to make our planet a more sustainable place.



[UltraVid id=17 ]hi I’m Satya and today we are going to discuss pickup limes top 12 tips for any beginners venturing into the world of veganism now this is a highly requested video and I’m very happy to share it with you today but before we begin there’s a few important things that I need to mention I am in no way pressuring you or forcing you to become a vegan that’s just not my philosophy I think you should always do what feels right to you and let others do the same and if you have no interest in adopting a vegan lifestyle you certainly don’t need to in order to still enjoy this video in the tips that I share including more plant-based foods into your diet is a win all around if you’re somebody who has a medical condition your immune compromised or your feeding young children I would recommend seeing a physician or a dietitian before you begin that way you’ve just got your basis covers and finally if you’re interested in learning more about my journey into the Egan ISM the difficulties I experienced when I first started or the fears that I had with coming out as a vegan diet ition I’ve already written about it on the website so I will leave a link to that in the description box below in case you feel like checking it out okay all of that aside now let’s get started forget what you heard about vegan food being bland the lifestyle being too expensive you’re not getting enough nutrients or just being too complicated to incorporate into your life if you go into it with a negative mindset it’s just going to feel like a punishment but trust me it is the furthest thing from that feeding this way is nourishing delicious and wholesome it’s food that loves you as much as you love it back and like anything else it gets easier with time and practice you’ll find more affordable places to shop and making meals will be just as quick if not quicker to make in time so forget everything you think you know and dive in with an open mind some people feel like when they become vegan they need to also simultaneously become zero-waste minimalists gluten-free sugar-free oil-free Fitness warriors not to mention an expert in vegan nutrition but why all the pressure you’re going to learn more and more about veganism with time and you can start to adopt these other lifestyle practices down the road if they even resonate with you at all but biting off more than you can chew just leads to in digestion so slow and steady friends like I said everything we do is harder and requires more of our time in the beginning so intentionally schedule some extra time when it comes to preparing meals at least for the first few weeks you’ll get faster don’t worry the lifestyle change is going to be complicated if you’ve got nothing on hand to work with so start by stocking up on the pantry essentials I’ve made a video on this already so I’ll link it at the end of this video if you want to check it out and you know what else if you’re just starting off please don’t go to the extreme and forbid yourself from having any treat foods only to look at other people who have them and then envy them now veganism is just as fun I always enjoy having some dark chocolate in the home and Robin always likes to have a bag of chips for whenever we’re in the mood and because a Whole Foods plant-based lifestyle means that you’re likely eating well the majority of the time you don’t have to give yourself a hard time for occasionally enjoying some treats something like some homemade vegan banana bread or homemade vegan cookies or muffins it’s all good in addition to the pantry essentials you’re going to want to also make sure that you are stocked up on things like fresh produce breads those plant-based meat alternatives I’ve already made a comprehensive cursory shopping list on vegan essentials so if you want to get your own free copy you can check out the link in the description box below this is not a deprivation diet it’s an eat in abundance lifestyle so a lot of times when people first think about veganism they start to think about all the things that they can’t have beef chicken fish cheese yogurt butter ice cream milk but that’s not the right mindset instead what we want to do is focus on all of the things we are adding and let these foods naturally replace the other stuff adding more plant-based dairy alternatives like soy almond rice or coconut milks and yogurts more whole grains more fruits more vegetables more nuts seeds trail mix of beans lentils tofu you get the idea and one more tip if you’re new to vegan take advantage of the different mock meats also known as textured vegetable proteins that are available at most large chain grocery shops when Robin first transition to eating more plant-based he says this was the only reason he was able to actually stick with it some mock meatballs mock ground beef and mock chicken helps in your transition for sure and if you don’t know how to cook tofu they even have pre season tofu available in most shops as well with time you can start to substitute for other more wholesome plant-based sources of protein if you’d like things like making your own tofu tempeh lentils and beans but in the beginning go ahead and use all the resources available to you when you do start to include more beans and lentils as your plant sources for protein and carbs start slow a lot of people go from having nothing to having a cup or more in a day and then they wonder why they’re experiencing in digestion or gas it does take our body some time to adjust so start seriously with as little as two tablespoons a day gradually increasing to a quarter of a cup half a cup full cup or however much you want so a gradual increase in intake can help to mitigate the hold gas and bloating I understand that it can be overwhelming in the beginning especially if you don’t know what to make so start by learning just a handful of recipes that you enjoy and learn them well these are going to be your default with this lifestyle picking up momentum there is no shortage of plant-based recipes on the web Pinterest and YouTube are two places that will offer you thousands of delicious recipes simply type in vegan recipes and you’ll have more options than you can imagine and if that still feels like too much work you can always go to the pickuplines Pinterest page with boards that have already been created and organized for you into breakfast smoothies drinks snacks main meals and more as always the link can be found in the description box below it is common to feel more hungry when you’ve just made the transition keep in mind that plant-based foods offer fewer calories for more bulk fruits vegetables and legumes simply can’t offer the same amount of calories as you would find in the same amount of fatty meats butter cheese or ice cream so if you’ve just finished an entire meal and an hour to later you find that you’re still hungry then honor your hunger and eat some more if you feel it’ll help it will take you some time to adjust but just trust that your body will adjust and find its own balance very soon [Music] I say this a lot because I think it’s the most powerful tool that we’ve got and that is what is your why power why is it that you want to adopt a plant-based lifestyle is it for your health for the environment for the animal can you be more specific and can you write it down by seeing it on a regular basis and constantly reminding ourselves of the why it’ll be more likely to stick and the other thing it does is it helps us to shift our focus away from the losses the things we think we’re losing like our ability to have chicken and instead what it does is it focuses our attention on the gains so gaining improved health gaining and improved environmental footprints gaining the peace of mind knowing that an animal’s life wasn’t taken for us to enjoy our meal now regardless of what your reason is and there’s no judgment the question to be asking yourself is why because it allows you to shift your focus away from the things you think you’re losing and instead focus on what you are actually gaining so you messed up furiously don’t sweat it just do as much as is reasonable to you there’s a few glorified stories of these people who became vegan overnight and never looked back and we all envy them because to be honest the path and journey into veganism is more of a zigzag when it is a straight line I mean think about it you’re rewriting years or decades of teachings about how to eat and you’re reconfiguring habits that you lived with for your whole life so the boat may Rock a couple of times if you trip just turn it into a dance and keep smiling in other words if you slipped up it’s seriously okay onwards and upwards yes a vitamin b12 supplement is recommended but how often you need to take it depends on the dosage I’ve written a very brief article on this I’ll leave the link in the description box in case you want to check it out and if you’re also living somewhere where the Sun is not shining so much or maybe it is but you are wearing sunscreen then a vitamin D supplement is also recommended but this applies to everybody not just vegans for me veganism is not just compassion for the animals the environment and for my health but it also means widening the circle of compassion to include friends family acquaintances and even total strangers unfortunately in the world of plant-based nutrition there can be a fair bit of criticism and judgment when it comes to the choices of others you might have heard or read somebody say well you eat fish you’re not a real vegetarian then or if you had honey then you can’t call yourself a vegan and according to the strict guidelines that might be true but I say drop the strict guidelines and just do your best I mean having plant-based foods most of the time is a clear win compared to nothing at all and if you’re somebody who is already following a plant-based lifestyle I would encourage you to share and spread the message with love answer questions openly and honestly and never judge or criticize the decisions of others just lead by example and if they feel inspired they’ll be more likely to join than if they were feeling pressured or were made to feel inadequate in some way all right so those were pickup lines top 12 tips for anybody who is transitioning to more of a plant-based lifestyle and I also have a bonus tip for anyone who might be interested you can always go to your doctor to get some blood work done before you begin and again six to twelve months down the road of course you don’t need to do this but it might help to increase your confidence and to help reassure you and your loved ones that things are going well in many cases the lab work comes back indicating no issues or in some cases certain lab values may have improved things like cholesterol which is why some people choose to follow such a lifestyle but in other cases it could come back and show a sign of deficiency and I mean that was the point right to make sure that things are going okay so no worries remember you’re in the learning stages of it all it could just mean that you overlooked a certain food items that you’re now going to start to incorporate more into your diet and if you choose not to do this as well no worries also if done correctly there should be no deficiencies on a whole food plant-based diet ok so that’s it for today I hope that you enjoyed this video and if you did it would mean the world to me if you gave it a thumbs up because to be honest I was a little bit nervous about making it hoping I was going to answer all of your questions and if you’re looking for more credible sources of information I will share some links for you in the description box below one of them is a book called becoming vegan they also have a book called becoming vegetarian written by two registered dietitians and it’s a very comprehensive resource for anyone who’s wanting to learn and know more and it’s all evidence-based and backed up the other one is a website as well as a YouTube channel called nutritionfacts.org run by a vegan physician named dr. Greger and he’s got some great information there as well so you can feel free to check those out.