[UltraVid id=317 ]These 4 vegan apps and 2 websites cover most common questions! Such as: What restaurants are vegan? What vegan makeup brands are there and are they cruelty free beauty products? Where can I meet other vegans? Where are vegan social events? What food items are vegan and non vegan? What alcohol brands are not vegan and not cruelty free?

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How To Turn People Vegan In 2019

[UltraVid id=285 ]We’re going to talk about how you can improve your success rate of turning people vegan. In order to do accomplish this, we first need to talk about the psychology and biology behind change.

Change happens in the brains. You have countless neurons in your brains that receive information, but also transmit information. The incoming stream of information changes the way your brain works. This is called neuroplasticity. But change also happens via a psychological way. Watch the video to find out how!

This video provides practical tips that are focused on providing value to the other person and showing different perspectives.
Understanding different perspectives will allow to have nice conversations and being convincing without forcing anyone to anything.
This video will help you to make it a LOT easier!


HOW DO VEGANS GET PROTEIN? | top vegan protein sources | part 1

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HOW DO VEGANS GET PROTEIN? Here are some of Nisha’s favorite protein sources for vegans and non-vegans and tips on how to prepare these foods. To Find out, watch the Video above

NISHA VORA is a food blogger, photographer, and stylist. After graduating from Harvard Law School and working as a lawyer for four years, she eventually switched her career by turning in her lawbooks for cookbooks and launched RainbowPlantLife, a popular vegan Instagram account, blog, and YouTube channel. Nisha is a Californian at heart but has lived in New York City for the last six years, where she resides with her partner in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Vegan Transformation | 70 to 90 kg

[UltraVid id=119 ]That’s me 2014 adopting a plant-based lifestyle after a while on a whole food plant-based diet I realized not only how create excels and thrive but also how much suffering is done to the animals that we label as food and how severe the impact of animal agriculture is to our environment our ecosystem and planet then I understood how animal products harm our health our planet and of course the animal systems after realizing all of this I was more eager than ever before to build muscle on a plant-based diet not only because I found my passion in weightlifting but also because I wanted to become a great example that you can really build muscles on a vegan diet so more people can understand and less harm is created I learned the principal building strength with Marco learns to proper form of the compound movement was deadlift bench with over his desk bend over rows pull up and did I made sure I’m gonna slide to lower class so I have a positive nitrogen balance to continuously lean ball had a good push-pull legs list and later and upper body lower body split what I’m still doing and then the key to gain strength and mass just the distances focus on getting stronger at the compound movement and of course my form starts at the beginning but I was so eager to improve work and mobility watch tutorials read books film myself and analyze [Music] for words ‘proper and like a strong and strong with the compound movement because drag the key to building muscle mass [Music] sometimes you forget while we’re here it’s easy to fall off track these help us remember I had a dream something no one else could see tell me what it means when your face is falling beneath your knees and you can’t breathe everything you see reminds me of what your not of something you won’t be let it take what you give in that’s how we only had as the Testaments simply how we suggested I hear a lot of people talking like a college hisses this will be an accountant because it states in a business not because they want to do exist because they heard it changes the NASA before no one that’s how we can raise ideas dick heavy I can feel the weight the pressure of success like a hundred million pounds let’s say and I’m staying up late a while away – with gaseous burial pipe the day and age making me feel like the only way I’ll be a theistic time to a label and making money to rap I want to hear my emotion because the world is attacking the very sensible advice that lets the people be happy if you don’t have a reason agree why even the battles of our impressions Oh never [Music] I had a voice that reached a hundred million people a pelham there’s a reason that were all created equal some decide to be great and some the status to an average person’s life assisity what they want to be so you make your decision on notice what I’m doing all the time the light behind of the way as well and again I’ve seen it’s rated in the jungle walls of where I’m living and the words with the descriptive remind me of something written yes that is given down to be able to go this one we’re going to give indicated needed to Levin think you’re trapped in a life that you never wanted to is an infinite from mathematical life I’m saying I’m across and I’m speaking for what it’s working difference to find my friends in each battle cuz I’m a jerk I’m saying I’m a proxy it was what’s working by my friends Hey [Music] damn shirt thank you different person great spirit ahaha to bring me back to the nomadic where we threw the damage my whole thing my great feeling for my sister let me be the flowing liver but the banks the rocks that binder care me okay [Music] basically before my brothers let me be mountain under witty climbs to discoveries settle at progress rate see me all that hinders by reminders to my fingers I must be wrong [Music] Hey Hey great me before Marley can give them strength to face racism and everything girls get you and me now one feel our Great Spirit take me instead got me down the road of reds and kasha lon I am saying [Music] right cuz I believe mind is the body and the body is the mind not only my body transformed but also my life I also met a special girl in the gym she introduced me to a crow yoga and I introduced her to the benefit for being in lifestyle no she also thrive on plans we really got to know each other fall in love and now we live and list together my life just a great you my lip note together with my girlfriend and my two best friends all vegan goodbye I truly follow my classic cycle and life that is better and just in love life I became much closer to the person I want to be and really enjoy the darkness in the channel you you and just in love nice and I hope you do and that my story was not only inspiring but also motivating enough to create a positive change in your life for less harm and more compassion and do you remember my friend and training partner from Percy yeah this guy we adapted the bland based lifestyle together and he also got a great transformation solid cruelty free muscle mass and so can you [Music] [Music] and if you still not believe how greatly you can benefit SF athletes on a plant-based diet just look at my other friends roommates Julianne he also adopted the blend besides one year ago and had a great transformation this hype excitement isn’t where this thing is ejj brazilian jiu-jitsu and look what a plant-based diet did to him he looks great check like a real compassionate fighter.


Vegan Fitness Inspirational And Motivational video

[UltraVid id=118 ]Tory Washington didn’t hear me vegan that I no longer hear Sony about meaning I don’t put me on a pedestal I take compassion one to the heart and get back to not only the community reanima our environment like the world and the global status I think that wants me hey guys I am Stephen I run around with bodybuilding usually I wouldn’t be in five years ago after being raised luxury vegetarian I’ve never eaten a vegetable eggs investigating warns that the health consequences but I thought why people would like you to get these kind of dissing sisters after looking more deeply into the nativity a discovered video besides the dairy industry in order to avoid mystery eliminate area and the connection with the environment sometimes acquaintances it just wasn’t something I felt like printing so yeah that point on switched never been happier I’ve been diggin out for about six years I put at vegetarian for 10 years so overall plant base for about 16 years I went to my face while I went vegan well cafe specifically put animals when I made that transition going through the prison system bodies rethinking why I’m here and specifically to be a part of something that’s greater than me know if that makes sense that’s just a summary of my journey when vegan specifically put analyst and this lifestyle is one of the most beautiful lifestyle he’s found anyone out there that could anyone out there all right what’s going on everybody my name is Bhima Delgado 27 years old I’ve been being it for about three years but I was born and raised vegetarian and I’ve never eaten a piece of meat in my life my main goal for being a vegan bodybuilder is to just create awareness you know I consider myself to be a walker I consider myself to be aware since a very young age that I was taught not to eat animals because it’s just not my right as a human to choose whether or not something else lives or dies for my convenience and by being a bodybuilder you can just kind of take your body to the absolute extreme and there’s a lot of misconceptions and myths with bodybuilding especially being a vegan that you can never get enough protein you can never build enough mass you can never compete at the highest level while not consuming animal products and I’m a living testimony that you know I’ve never eaten a piece of meat in my life and I’ve been able to create this physique that many people say to be impossible but it’s I built this physique all cruelty free and I’m creating awareness for so much more than just animals I mean you know help the environment you know you help eliminate suffering from the world and the most important part is that you helped create the healthiest lifestyle possible I never had any kind of deficiency and I always ask people all the time you know if you could have more time on this planet with your family your friends your loved ones would you just give up a certain part of your diet to and the answer is always gonna be yes you know I’ve come across people that always talk negatively about veganism they said oh I’d never do that it’s the craziest idea I would lose all my games but you know I’m living proof and I just want to show other body builders and other influencers that it’s possible and you can compete just with the rest of the world solely with a plant-based diet if I can inspire one person in watching this video then I consider my job done that’s why and I just I went vegan overnight I never look back and my advice to anybody would just do your research that you know why you’re doing it if you’re passionate about it a greater purpose to a vegan your it’s gonna fuel you to keep going and seeming to spread awareness about it I mean you know why you’re doing it and just kind of enjoy it hi everybody my name is John Lewis a cave an ass beating I’ve been vegan for 11 years now I actually went vegan because my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and do research and talking to the doctors and I found out that animal protein with the primary cause of her colon cancer and once I did that research I just pretty much never turn back from that point on it’s been 11 years now I think everybody should go vegan just for the simple fact that we’ve been kind of lied to about what’s healthy and was not healthy like I said before I had a guy try to argue with me about us being optiforce because we can digest animal protein but like I had a good friend to say we get that just plastic doesn’t mean a good force I’m saying if I can make one person meeting it would be whoever’s watching this right now if you’re watching this just really think about if you’ve ever thought about it you ever had like second thoughts people try to like talk you out of it if you really think is for you just do it there’s always going to be ridicule but no matter what you do step out the box he’ll do something goofy my piece of advice was somebody wants to go read it is just get ready for the mind frame it’s like anything else in this room it’s like want to be a winner you have that fine frame a winner doesn’t have your people try to stop you before the practice is going to work out whatever can’t see the same thing with veganism if you really want to be a vegan you got a lock out all the negativity this is Tim he can’t even crack it and I became vegan or living a vegan lifestyle about five years ago and I had dumped on a plant-based diet initially when I was sitting around in the hospital realizing that 80% of the people diabetes high blood pressure you’re putting in our meat supply is killing us eating meat in general is killing us not to mention the animals see that pot came next so I went from a plant-based started to the vegan lifestyle once I realize that I didn’t need any other creature on the planet to die adjust to feed me and it’s being a complete win-win ever son my only regret much like some of the other lads is that I never made even sooner I really wish I had now I heard someone say who’s the person in the world you would want it most to go vegan that’s definitely the most important people to you and that’s my family mom if you listen to this I really would appreciate if you had open your mind to the idea of a plant-based vegan lifestyle I know that we’re so set in our traditions in our coaches but if there’s any way that we can concede through our culture we can’t unknown what grandma didn’t know and now that we do I’m suggesting a vegan plant-based lifestyle 26 years old and I’ve been vegan for almost three years right now the one thing I really want to tell people if they ask me how to stay begin answers why there is a big problem say being in a sub just try to stay discipline for a few weeks maybe two months and after this time you can already feel is what’s changing like the benefits are so overwhelming that you really just have to stick with for a short amount of time until the disciplines transitions to a habit and as soon as we have to have it this hard anymore habits turns hard things for easy things that’s always my go-to approach I should try it transition slowly but constantly it’s funny because a lot of people always say so hard to stay in the retreat and turn vegan and I get those people because I was there too I even recorded video a few years ago telling people I could never go vegan and it’s all about your perspective expectations they say it’s hard it’s going to be hard if you say it’s gonna be easy the most important thing is that you just try you try to stay discipline for a few weeks a few months and it turns into a habit to a point where it’s gonna be easy for you you just stay on the vegan diet because there’s so much benefits coming with it it’s not only the recovery and the strength it’s also the feeling that you know you do something good for your environment you’re not only avoiding slaughtering animals they are also helping the planet and that’s a very big thing so my biggest request for everybody is before judging before talking how it could be how it is to try to yourself and make yourself an image what’s possible what’s not you.


Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

[UltraVid id=74 ]What are you putting in your body dead carcass pain suffering fear can I have all of my vegans go into that pool of light and my non-vegans in that pool away first statement taste plays a big factor in my eating choices yeah I mean that’s a huge thing for me I think it’s one of my weaknesses actually like butter salt it’s one of my weaknesses I love food actually deepened when I became vegan I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I did before I was vegan my name is Aubrey Davis and I have been vegetarian for 24 years and a vegan for 13 years I believe that humans are the top of the food chain is a human at the same level of equivalence is like a fish right there’s probably a big reason why I’m not vegan anymore right is I didn’t I could I didn’t see that I had to see myself I don’t moral equivalent of a fish and it gets into moral questions like you know why should we have a pet that’s a dog rather than eat the dog and I think the most important question is why should I love my neighbor rather than eat my neighbor my name is Steve Michele ski I was a vegan for a year I was vegetarian for two years I’m a meat-eater now I’ve been so for over five years like I don’t even see like what is like a food chain you know I’m saying that’s just some contract some guy made and put a little diagram and put us the human beings on the top so I don’t leave the question of whether we’re at the top I think it’s a question of what do you do with that if you have a more conscious energy than an animal what do you do with that power do you choose to take a life or do you choose to live in love I put a lot of thought into my meals the way I support my body and my health is extremely important I don’t find that I can function at my best either healthy productive emotionally stable or intellectually capable unless I have a lot of proper nutrients in my diet six years ago I became vegan because I got sick I started to realize that my health was directly attached to what I ate since then my friends and family have supported me to feeling better and I’m better than I once before I got sick I don’t really like cook or anything so I don’t really put too much thought into what I eat I guess I live a fast paced kind of like I’m working late night so I’m waking up early so sometimes it’s easier to grab this quick process sandwich or I wish I planned my meals out more I think I would be a lot I would feel a lot better I think it’s really powerful no matter what you’re eating to put your intentions into whether it’s prayer invocation and there’s such great power and presence versus just like scarfing something down but like can I just really be present with this meal take my time and chew it slowly so that’s the first night resonate with and what I choose to do I would kill an animal I think there’d be tons of context where I’d kill an animal like if if a Lions gonna go kill a baby I’d probably kill an animal I’d kill an animal to save a human life and I get the vegans probably wouldn’t do that if I could do something to prevent killing them besides eating them like if I was protecting myself and we had to we had it like a something that we could do to get that animal away I would definitely try to not kill it I mean Ivy comes down to you with the animal you killing the animal I would I would give up their life for the fish why is it always the case when talking about would I kill an animal like exactly if you were lions running around downtown LA when I was in the hiking there’s there’s mountain lions that coming and kill people you’ve known that right that’s an Orange County that’s not that’s not in the jungle in Africa it’s Orange County mountain lions have killed hikers kids just let them know let the yes I we’re hiking in the mountains and there’s a mountain lion I have to be aware the fact that I’m in mountain lion territory and be like I’m okay with the risk because to be honest I’m not hiking with a gun I have no way to defend my friend you don’t hike with a hiking pole I mean I can pull against a mountain lion I don’t think you’re I just I just want to say like even if I did and even if my attempt were to be successful I would feel awful having killed the mountain lion what way your feelings or your foundation than for your beliefs 100% are human beings animals yes yes sure would you kill another human being to save another human being yes what makes one person more viable to another is it your relationship to that person it would yeah it would probably be so if for example I raised an animal in the wild it’s like an animal I’ve built a relationship with and that animal now threatens the life of a human being but I don’t know but I’ve known an animal its entire life what makes killing that animal as just cause okay as opposed to saving that life I have a live a longer relationship with that animal why would I kill the animal before I’d save that person it’s not relationship you kill them a person / an animal it’s because I believe human beings are animals now I see humans at a different level but maybe a value fish at the same levels person I have we see it very different I do it costs more than it should to eat healthy it’s more expensive to eat healthy I don’t think it’s too expensive farmers market is something that I’m trying to frequent more but sometimes you know you can go spend twenty dollars here and definitely not get as much I definitely want to see that you know maybe that’ll encourage people to eat a little healthier if you can go grab that fresh fruit those fresh veggies for five ten bucks you know I think our culture as a society is just in great towards like the fast food culture and which is cheap and accessible but now I think we have more of established like medical bases on what’s healthy and what’s not healthy and to get that content and to have it be tasty as well is is expensive I’m running in it does not cost more money to be vegan that is a myth it takes planning yes the convenience is less can you grab a hamburger at McDonalds for sure for 99 cents but how much lentils can you buy the issue is capitalism like that is what is keeping us where we are it’s not that humans are smarter and they’re gonna come up with this technology the technology exists it is there we can feed so many people it is capitalism and factory farming and most these companies that are selling us products that are like shitty food they don’t give a fuck about you at all period someone sitting on the island somewhere oh yeah like just stacking bread and then probably fast food eating really healthy food that shit you go to certain neighborhoods certain areas you don’t see the same fast-food you don’t see the same restaurant and it’s all for a reason they know I mean yeah that’s a good point it’s like they don’t have why’s there are many health food stores in the hood like my pant like get an option Weiser Lucas is everywhere and it’s true it’s like gift when you break it down there’s like malicious intent to D harmonize and like lower the vibration of certain people in certain areas and it’s like that’s a part of it too it’s like what am i contributing to true I’ll say this you know when I was 11 years old my father passed away from his second heart attack he was diabetic he was pissing out of a2 by Washington deteriorate my youngest here’s my life for like years and years just to tr-8 taking pharmaceutical drugs and just kind of basically dying slowly because of what he chose the 8th to me I’d rather spend an extra dollar I need organic or something healthy now and live longer than try to cut corners when you know now instead of later my mom would same thing she died she she was eating buckets of ice cream when she passed away she died at 49 years old Wow now choose now the more education that we can put out there just like stuff like this is beautiful that’s what I was most anxious about is learning more of what I’m trying to step into I don’t know if I’ll ever give up chicken I’m just gonna be honest with you I don’t know I want to eat a lot cleaner chicken do you guys have like cheat days ever I am vegan 100% at the frontline ethical reasons always always always and that’s why I don’t think in 24 years I’ve ever gone back it was hard to try new things things I didn’t like found tons of vegan food that was like oh god fuck you people here and then simultaneously realizing that there was options you know there’s always choices and it’s always choices we make like you said you may never give up meat fully but it’s like you’re making a choice or at least thinking for yourself and making a decision and like that’s all you can ask people to do is think for themselves I really appreciate each and every one of y’all I think so really appreciate y’all thank you for coming out what’s up guys I am Amari and I am Jason and am I’ve got a question for you you have a question for me what do you like about little Rhonda what I like about middle ground is seeing people come together and like realize that their labels are not the whole sum of their experience like take it off take it off the labels realizing there’s so much more than their labels that’s right I love that all right well tell us in the comments below why you love middle ground and if you’ve been a label that you want to take off and throw in the ground tell us that as well we love you guys as always please subscribe hit that like button I’ll see you next time



[UltraVid id=45 ]if any of you are wondering why I’ve got my glasses on to remember all the facts about the nutrients I had to put them on so I could see my screen in the background they’re not for sure I promise I just can’t see very well hi guys it’s guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today I’m gonna be doing something slightly different I’m gonna be showing you how to do vegan meal prep so before I went vegan I used to body build and in my Q&A video you guys requested that I made some vegan high protein meal prep ideas for you guys what I’m going to be cooking today is full of flavor it’s got lots of protein and all the other nutrients that you need when you’re training or working out regularly [Music] I’m actually going to be starting with the main meal first because that takes longest to cook and the sweet potatoes are behind me cooking and to serve with them I’m going to be doing a nice bean chili which is full of nutrients protein and it’s really healthy so let’s get cooking that add a small amount of oil or water to a pan add one finely sliced red onion add one clove of minced garlic add one red chili finely diced I’m adding two teaspoons of cayenne pepper one teaspoon cinnamon and one teaspoon of cumin just allow this to cook for a couple of minutes before we allowed all the rest of the ingredients now as you can see I don’t want this to be your typical boring meal prep I want to get some flavor in there it’s really simple to do add 1 cubed red pepper add 3 cups of chopped tomatoes from account its smelling absolutely amazing I’m going to let that cook for a few minutes and then we’re going to add the beans and all the vital nutrients so this chili mix is being cooking for a little while now it’s time to add our beans I’ve got a mix I’ve got a cup of chickpeas which are cooked I’ve got a cup of red kidney beans black beans and sweet corn they’re all cooked and they’re so high in protein complex carbs potassium calcium they’re just really good for when we’re working out and they repair the muscles really well so you want to as much of these into your diet when training as you can just get those in just to bring out some of the flavors I’m adding a pinch of sea salt that’s basically the chili done is so simple I’ve slightly tweaked my actual chili recipe just to make it easier for you when you’re making your meal prep on the weekends ready for the week it’s got all the right all nutrients in there that we need for when we’re training so let’s get on to the next dish so as I say guys I’m doing everything a bit backwards but just to make sure that I cook this efficiently and quickly because you don’t want to be cooking for a long time on the weekend you just want to get your meals done I’m ready for the week basically so for breakfast I’m going to make a really simple porridge which you can add milk to in the mornings whenever you just warm it up in the microwave or you warm it up on a hob whatever you like but I’m gonna make sure there’s lots of flavor in there and lots of nutrients in there and it’s just really simple so grab yourself four containers I’m going to be making four of each course so it wouldn’t be porridge without the porridge oats I’ve got gluten free porridge oats and I’m just going to do a cup in each one after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day you want to start your day right and get some good complex carbs and slow-releasing carbs so that’s what these oats are perfect for check on the chili every now and then just give it a little mix it’s looking perfect I’m going to flavor the porridge with some raw cacao powder which is full of antioxidants really good for the blood and it’s a aphrodisiac whatever that is I’m joking I know what is so the idea behind the breakfast is you just add your milk almond or soya give it a stir and get it into a saucepan or in the microwave and it’ll be perfect every time I recommend adding a cup of milk to this and it’ll be perfect porridge next in I’m gonna be adding some mixed nuts I’ve got some coconut some cashew nuts some walnuts hazelnuts a bit of everything really nuts a pack full of protein really good calcium they’re just super foods in general good fats as well which is what we need when we’re training next I’m gonna be adding a tablespoon of hemp seeds great for your skin your hair also high in protein as well next I’m gonna be adding around about a tablespoon of chia seeds to each one these are literally energy food apparently ancient warriors used to have a little pouch on their belts before going into war and the user munch on a table spoon to give them energy in battle I do recommend added some dried fruit or fresh berries just bring them along separately and just mix them in before eating your breakfast make sure you have a couple of bananas with your breakfast it’s always nice setting out like this at the start of the week bananas again great sugars perfect energy food so that would be my breakfast so guys the next meal is a light lunch which can be served hot or cold I always like to have one meal that I need to warm up so for example the chili and one meal that I can eat on the go which is cool or you can warm it up as well I’m gonna be doing some quinoa which I’m going to add some amazing flavors to I’m gonna make it a lemon and herb quinoa and also serve it with some grilled piri-piri tofu but if you don’t want to use tofu or soy products I recommend serving this dish with some falafel and really to check out my falafel and flatbread video because this works really well and it’s packed full of protein and good nutrients as well but I actually have the most amazing falafel recipe in my book so make sure you pre-ordered that on Amazon it’s vegan 100 or just typing gas Oakley and you can pre-order it now it will be out very soon back to the lunch I’ve got my quinoa here I cooked it off and I’ve got four cups in total that’s a cup for each dish and quinoa is so good for repairing or building muscles because it contains all of the essential amino acids which is vital for when were building muscle or repairing muscles so we need to get this in when we’re training so first up I’ve just preheated this griddle pan behind me and when it’s hot I’m gonna start grilling tofu but first up let’s mix together our quinoa I’m going to add the juice of one lemon squeeze it through your hands so you don’t get any of the pips in as you can see I have a mix of quinoa here I’ve got the red and just the white as well I’ve just steamed this really simple to cook it only takes about 10 minutes so into my quinoa I’m just adding some mixed herbs I’ve just got a mix of thyme parsley and basil add whatever you like chives are really good as well just roughly chop it as I said this meal I recommend having it cold it’s good to have an option of a cold dish especially if you can’t get to a microwave it’s all about getting some really nice flavors into the quinoa it’s got all the nutrients in there you just need to add some nice flavors I’m also going to add a cup of chickpeas just to get some extra protein I just love chickpeas as well it makes it a bit more substantial really smells amazing you don’t have to add salt but I add a little bit of salt to bring out some flavors give that a stir around make sure everything is well incorporated and let’s get on with the grilling of the tofu I’ve just pre-marinated this tofu in some of my piri piri sauce if you want the recipe go to my skewers video that that just transforms the tofu into something really really flavorsome tofu is great source of protein and really good source of calcium as well so let’s grill these and add them to the dish the quinoa add some oil to your griddle pan if you don’t want to add oil just put them on a lined baking tray and cook them in the oven 180 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes whilst the tofu is grilling behind me I’m just going to dish up the quinoa into the bowl and just add around a cup into each one I only like to make four of everything because after four days really you don’t really want to be eating it all the flavors would have gone and everything just doesn’t taste as good really they look really tasty the griddle might add some great flavor and just transform the bland tofu once they are done we will add them to the pots and then we will get on with the final dish they won’t be much longer around about three to four minutes on each side add two slices of tofu to each dish so I’m just adding the last at the tofu to the lunch meal and I recommend when the tofu is cool then add in some spinach but to speed things up I’m gonna add it for you guys now and spinach is literally essential to good health really I eat so much of spinach so I’m just gonna add a handful to each meal I’m also going to add some cherry tomatoes to the dish which are really high in vitamin C and just add another nice color to the dish I hope these meal prep ideas really help you out because they’re really good to make at the start of your week and feel free to sit a love them to your tastes but this is what I would generally eat I’ve had the time to Train I am going to get back into it soon I miss having a little bit of size to me so I’m adding some sliced red cabbage dark pigmented foods such as red cabbage and things like berries work to add more oxygen to the blood and are also anti-inflammatory so the chili is basically done it’s been on the stove for about 10 to 15 minutes and I’m going to get my sweet potatoes out of the oven which I’ve just baked now you can mash you can just peel them or you can just slice them up with the skin on do whatever you want with the sweet potatoes are you’d like to use sweet potatoes because they are great full of vitamin C they’re really how healthy vegetable they’re a lot better than general white potatoes but what I will say if you are training and you want to put weight on I recommend eating white potatoes over sweet potatoes but these are a lot healthier so I’m getting my 4 containers out and I’m just going to prepare these sweet potatoes I just like to chop off the end and open them up as I said you’re welcome to peel these I don’t mind the skin it actually is full of flavor and sweetness I just open it up like that and I’ve got 6 in total so I’m gonna add one and a half to each meal sweet potatoes have too many positives to mention and look at the range of colors we have already it’s just making sure that we’re eating the rainbow and getting loads of nice nutrients into our body and before I add the chili over the top of the amazing sweet potato I’ve got a little recipe for you which is really flavoursome and you can use it in loads of other dishes only making creme fraiche or sour cream which works really well with the chili and it helps cool it down slightly and it’s made from cocoon Utz which are again full of protein and really good for us in this Ninja Cup I have half a cup of soaked cashews and to it all I’m going to add is 1/2 a cup of water I may need to add a little bit more water but we’ll see how this is if you just rolled the lemon like this or will release some more of the juice and I’m going to add the juice of half a lemon because after all we want it to be like sour cream or creme fraiche we need to make it we need to get that lemon in basically to get some acidity into it just squeeze it for your hand add a pinch of salt pop your lid on and blitz it up on a high speed and there we have it is our creme fraiche done simple as that just adds a little coolness to our chili it will thicken up once you refrigerate it it’s just quite warm because it’s been in the powerful blender you need to make sure you blend it long enough so that it gets really really smooth I’ll just pop that aside and then we’ll get it on top of the chili right the Chili’s done and smelling really really nice you saw how quickly it was to make and how stress-free it is and just look at that how beautiful that looks packed full of flavor smells absolutely incredible before I add it to the containers I’m going to add some beautifully cooked broccoli which I’ve just steamed these little trees are actually full of protein believe it or not and they’re also a great source of vitamin K and iron which is essential for a vegan diet so simply get our lovely bean chili over the top of our sweet potato make sure you get a decent amount in there I try to aim for around a cup but the chili just so you know that you’re getting lots of the flavors and nutrients into it and look there’s even some left for your evening meal the day of making this lastly to the dish I’m going to add some ed-a-mommies’ round about a handful in each one these are so high in protein and they’re really flavorsome as well they’re actually soybeans so if you don’t want soy beans just leave them out add something like kale that would work perfectly as well also on top I’m going to add our little creme fraiche I recommend leaving the Chile cool down slightly before adding this I just want you to see the finished dish just for you to squeeze over a wedge of lime I recommend having some avocados in the fridge which you can just cut when you’re about to eat the meals they add some great fats and also some protein so get some avocados in with the chili as well just don’t put them in ahead of time because they’ll go dark and horrible I also like to stay hydrated of course you need lots of water when you’re training so snacking on some watermelon is great is so healthy for you as well but make sure you have big bottles of water that you can drink throughout the day so I’m just going to slice up this watermelon into some nice chunks you can slice this up smaller but I like having a big chunk to take with me wherever I am I go in and bite on it so guys there’s my meal prep done I’ve just got some sweet treats so I’ve got my salted caramel bars that I made in a previous video they’re full of fiber because they got loads of dates in there actually antioxidants because of the Ward chocolate and lots of nuts of course so I’m going to get one of these in each of these containers here and this is a nice snack or if you feel like a sweet treat that’s also healthy I recommend having one of those cherries they’re actually a really good food to eat after working out because it’s a dark fermented fruit again and they get lots of oxygen in your blood but you need after working out it helps repair your muscles so grab a little handful of each of those and get them into the bowl likewise blueberries are the same so have a few blueberries and they’re also a superfood as we all know [Music] so there it is there’s four days worth of meal prep for you guys when you’re working out and training them in the gym full of great nutrients to repair our muscles and to keep us for throughout the day it’s all gluten free it’s all healthy and yeah there’s some options for you there I’ll definitely be doing one of these videos again I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did I’m actually going to go to the gym now and test out some of these meals I’m sure they all taste amazing thank you so much for watching make sure you pre-ordered my book vegan 100 on Amazon please like share comment most importantly please subscribe and if you want to be part of the notification gang hit the bow see you’re the first one to know about my new videos thank you so much for watching and enjoy working out and eating my meals [Music]

Beginner’s Guide to Going VEGAN 🍠🌿

[UltraVid id=15 ]So, you want to go vegan or maybe you’re already vegan but you don’t feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it yet or maybe you’re thinking about it you’re not sure yet you want to learn a little bit more well in this video I’m gonna share with you all the vegan essentials you need to have a healthy happy and delicious vegan lifestyle there are a lot of different ways to eat as a vegan you can be fully raw you can be a fruitarian high carb low fat you can actually just eat Oreos and still be a vegan because they’re vegan as well but the healthiest way in the easiest way to eat is simply to eat Whole Foods vegan diet meaning you’re eating plenty of whole grains legumes fruits vegetables healthy seeds nuts and all those things and by eating that way you’ll get all the nutrients you need all the protein all the healthy fats all the fiber nutrients like minerals and vitamins and amino acids all of that and also make sure that you’re cooking at home for yourself most of the time so that you know what’s in your food and of course that will help you stay healthy one nutrient that I do recommend supplementing is b12 it’s very important for your nervous system and whether or not you’re vegan you should probably be taking a b12 supplement now there’s a lot of information about b12 so I’m gonna link to some of that below so you can learn more and figure out how much you should be taking I’m an ambassador for mega food a supplement company and I take quite a few of their supplements not on a regular basis but for example zinc this is a supplement that I take whenever I feel like I might be getting a cold or something but zinc you can also get from your food it’s just nice to have a little bit of a boost certain times of the year I also have the blood Builder supplement from mega food which is an iron Supplement now I don’t take this often because I’ve never had a deficiency with iron because I get all the iron I need from my food iron comes from greens whole grains legumes another thing that helps absorb iron is vitamin C so if you’re eating a healthy vegan diet you’re gonna get all of that however some people do need to supplement iron maybe you had a baby recently maybe you’re losing a lot of blood with your period this blood filter iron supplement is really wonderful to take and if you don’t get enough sunshine you might want to think about supplementing with vitamin D super important just make sure that the vitamin D you take is vegan another thing to keep in mind is that when you’re eating a healthy whole food vegan diet you can eat more volume than if you’re eating a standard American diet so that’s one thing a lot of people get confused about because I know we’re so often taught that if you’re gonna be healthy then we should have smaller portions of food not the case when you’re eating vegetables and fruits and all these things so make sure you eat a bounty of food eat as much as you need to feel full to feel energized because food is your fuel eat as much as you need to be alive to be happy to feel energized if you’re feeling tired if you’re feeling hungry then that probably means that you should be eating more of the good food I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me that they want to go vegan but can’t because can’t afford it or simply don’t have enough time but the truth is eating a healthy delicious colorful vegan diet does not have to be expensive and if you manage your time well it doesn’t have to take a lot of time either the essentials of a vegan diet are actually very inexpensive it’s only when you spend money on the specialty items like spirulina and maca powder and goji berries and all that that it gets crazy but you don’t need all that to be healthy it just needs the basic necessities okay but what about organic verses can if you can’t afford organic food then more power to you but it’s most important to make sure that you’re eating a vegan diet even if it’s kind of internal produce the best way to get around all this to get rid of all the confusion as long as you live in a place where you have access to it it’s the shop at a farmers market oftentimes the farmers at the farmers market can’t afford the organic USDA certification but if you talk to them and ask them is this grown-up pesticides e is x y&z on this produce then they will tell you yes or no by shopping in the farmers market you can save money and better know exactly what you’re getting planning out your meals in advance can really help you save time and money follow a meal plan so that you know what you’re gonna be eating every single day throughout the week I also like to do the meal prep at the beginning of the week so that my refrigerator is stopped I spent a little time usually about an hour and a half to two and a half hours prepping all my food for the week it’s all in the refrigerator so all I have to do is take it out when I want to eat it and my meal it’s done so much time safe that’s also a great way to save money because you’re less likely to be eating out at restaurants I have so many videos about saving time and saving money as a vegan so make sure you check those videos out as well I’m gonna link them below if you have a little bit more money but not enough time then you can always buy pre-prepped vegetables canned beans and things like that to help you save time in the kitchen one thing I love to use or mushrooms mushrooms tend to be a little pricier but cooking them is a breeze all you have to do is toss them with a little olive oil and salt and put them in the oven or do a quick saute hardly any prep work involved at first when you’re starting out it can be a challenge to do healthy and fast all together but it can be done eventually it becomes second nature the challenge is gone it’s easy and I’ve got a lot of resources to help you and I know that you can do this so if you want to eat a healthy delicious vegan diet you should make sure that your kitchen is always well stocked in your kitchen you should always keep whole grains that includes brown rice quinoa Oh Sparrow freak that also make sure you have legumes like beans lentils and peas always almost every meal I have includes whole grains and legumes in my kitchen I also always keep greens greens like kale collard greens spinach arugula there’s so many different greens in so many different ways to eat them all so you guys know I’m su potato Sol and I love sweet potatoes so I always have plenty of sweet potatoes and others starchy vegetables you can use these in almost any type of dish I also love keeping fruit in my house because it’s a super easy delicious sweet and healthy snack also nuts and seeds are great snacks and they make your meals so much tastier and add so much more texture so make sure you always have those in your kitchen too and of course when you’re putting together a meal it’s super important to have plenty of spices so I have a whole spice cabinet full of spices and I also like to make my own sauces like my dressings tomato sauces curry sauces and I always make sure they have the ingredients to make them on hand however if you don’t have time to make your own sauces make sure that you buy premade sauces at the store and keep them in your fridge or in your kitchen whole foods taste great on their own however spicing up your food is really what takes it to the next level makes it delicious makes you want to continue eating this way forever and ever now if you’re just transitioning to a vegan diet for the very time you might be craving some of your old foods or even if you haven’t started transitioning you might feel like I would go vegan but I can’t give up cheese or chicken well there are vegan alternatives for cheese and chicken and they’re super tasty the technology has come a long way you can trick people with this stuff and you can trick yourself too and you can go vegan too so make sure you try all of these delicious vegan alternatives to animal products especially if you don’t think that you can do a vegan diet because you can’t give those things up I promise you you can give those things up by eating the vegan alternative to them so I understand that in social situations it might be tricky and some people feel like I don’t know if I can go vegan because my whole family is not vegan and I don’t have any vegan friends but it is 2018 you can go vegan and your friends and family will respect you and you can live your life so say for instance you’re going out to eat with your friends or family and you guys are not going to a vegan restaurant first of all I recommend calling ahead obviously you could just look on their website first but if you don’t see anything that stands out if you call ahead oftentimes the chef will offer to make you a vegan meal it’s happened to me multiple times and that vegan meal that the chef made especially for you is usually even better than what everybody else is eating if you’re going to a social event where you’re afraid that there won’t be food say like a potluck or a party you can always bring your own food with you of course bring enough to share with everybody because once they see your vegan food they’re gonna want to try it as well I’ve been vegan for almost 7 years and I cannot tell you how much it’s changed since I first went vegan nowadays non vegans are often the first ones to want to try it your vegan dish and if you’re really going somewhere where you cannot eat anything cannot bring your own food make sure you eat ahead of and if you can’t bring your own snacks with you if you’re concerned that being vegan is gonna be difficult for you because of your cultural and traditional foods don’t worry you can actually make your traditional foods vegan so I’m from the south and I grew up eating soul food but instead of just never eating soul food again or saying that I can’t be vegan I worked to veganize all of my favorite traditional foods everything from chicken and waffles to super to the pie two pound cake I have veganized it all and you can do that from whatever culture you’re from I also really recommend looking into the history of your traditional foods a lot of our traditional foods from all around the world are plant-based in origin and it isn’t until much more recently that animal products started becoming like a big part of it traditions are always changing so it makes a lot of sense to me that you could simply take your culture back to its plant-based route I wrote a lot about this in my cookbook actually which is coming out you can order it now there are so many awesome vegan cookbooks that explore different types of cuisine so Indian vegan soul food vegan African vegan Caribbean vegan Thai vegan Chinese vegan there are also a lot of restaurants that are devoted to all different types of vegan cuisine I went to a cuban vegan restaurant the other day one of my favorite restaurants here in LA is a thai vegan restaurant there’s a an amazing ethiopian vegan restaurant here anything can be veganized in a super delicious and authentic way so don’t let that hold you back it’s also super important to make sure that you have your vegan crew your support group so I understand that a lot of people don’t have vegan friends already most of my friends and family members are vegan so it’s important to get some vegan friends in your life you can join a meetup group of course online there are so many opportunities to connect with other vegans whether it be reddit groups or Facebook or here on YouTube whatever it takes make sure you get at least one vegan friend so that you guys can be vegan buddies and support each other lastly it’s super important to remember why you started this vegan diet and also to stay motivated while you’re living this lifestyle especially at the very beginning because like once you’re a few years in like me there’s no motivation required this is just the way you live so I recommend watching movies reading books and just generally learning more about why it’s so important to be vegan why it’s important for you your health animals and also the environment I recommend things like Cal Spira see what the health which you’ve probably already seen also books like Skinny Bitch the vegan is a fro ism diet for a new America there’s so much and there’s so many cookbooks mine is coming out soon make sure you preorder link below but yeah I just wanted to make sure that you remember to stay motivated and if you follow the tips from this video make my recipes follow the meal plan then you’ll be totally fine and you’ll be so so happy that you chose the vegan lifestyle and if you have any questions make sure you leave them in the comment section below and if you’re already vegan a seasoned vegan like me make sure that you look at the comments give some help give some advices people who need it thanks for watching guys make sure you hit the like button subscribe to my channel and hit the notifications button so you know when I release a new video I’ll see you guys next time [Music] you [Music]