What Is Vegan Leather Made Of?

[UltraVid id=306 ]What Is Vegan Leather Made Of?

Vegan leather has been quite popular with the rise of vegan fashion. But what is vegan leather? Is it eco-friendly? Is vegan leather durable? What is vegan leather made of? In this episode we will be discussing the various leather alternatives – some synthetic leather options.. some plant based leather alternatives such as pineapple leather (pinatex leather), cork leather, apple leather.. and some vegan brands that utilise these new vegan fabrics. Hope you enjoy it!

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[UltraVid id=266 ]Going cruelty-free with Shoes and clothes, is really a great way to bring change in this world. Changing that kind of habit endorses the fact that t society as a whole, needs sustainable mindsets. Since the tendency of people who do so is growing, this automatically makes this market more and more affordable for everyone.  And of course, as a bonus, it helps to reduce animal cruelty.

Here some Vegan Shoes Brands you definitely

want to look into and have in your shoe collection:

Altra – Escalante for Men  and Women

Native-AP Mercury Liteknit

Bourgeois Boheme