Vegan Food in Stockholm, Sweden

[UltraVid id=174 ]We’re going to show you where to eat in Stockholm Sweden they just had lunch at Lau way we think that by you saying it was delicious it was lunchtime so there’s only one meal option they just brought us out what they had me for lunch which was really cool yeah but reservations get super super tight during dinner time but apparently can anything come yes it’s like as a fully vegan restaurant so always wonderful ticket all right we hit gold there are three being fun just right here at number one it’s good store the red awning behind shavette good door and then that lays them choker yeah I am vegan punishment and vegan bakery cafe yeah and then number three right next to it is my good story it’s a restaurant that they have vegan food it could only bore a little or something like that but it’s kind of like a diner we are now at and oh yeah ahead mrs. Meighan bakery and the stuff that we got looks oka we couldn’t decide we got a raw Snickers are and then we got a thing that looks like a brown brownie chocolate cake type of thing then I got our ultimate lusted and out pal God is soy milk latte and we’re going to drink this I need this time probably go to the next phase and now we are at goods store which is a vegan grocery store it has a ton of things that vegan cheese’s vegan need to begin protein powder vegan desserts vegan drinks begin products basically you can get anything here it’s awesome and we want to come back and get some things for a taste test video so stay tuned for that oh we just got done eating flesh drinking at Stockholm raw is so cute inside there’s amazing seating and light to just study or work on stuff or just eat delicious vegan raw dessert and kombucha so it’s a mostly vegan cafe except for money so like cut out the honey but it’s very delicious and a cute place to just hang out so we are at a sticky Mickey which is a gelato place here in Old Town Hall they are not vegan but they do have to be in gelato options and their cones are turning vegan in 2011 and all of those subjects are also being so you have a really good variety of the eruption so we’re in gone the Sun she’s like the old town of stock bulbs there’s three options we got that the in gelato place we just showed you we got this place Hermitage which is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant and right down there we had a recommendation to go to a vegan bakery you can see on the corner so she’ll be like stop now like should be I don’t know how this works there’s too many options so we went into this completely vegan bakery that a girl at a coffee shop recommended times that we would not have known anything about and it is called sattva oh my gosh it’s a bit windy here today switch oh wait is that the most amazing is coming for dinner and delicious with the time menu transpired menu and there was an entire vegetarian you’re looking perfect place to go because must write to wanted and yeah any place you want where would I be as a person and in society without rioted in the we visited back you sit which is a vegetarian restaurant where we had another seven chords vegan meal what’s really cool about this place is that the area next to it turns into an outdoor nightclub called true garden true Jardin I don’t know it translates to the garden we got to visit one of Alan’s favorite places Herman we had a 100% vegan buffet as well as the barbecue that was happening down on the deck with a beautiful view of Stockholm part of the place that you have to go for a beautiful view and wonderful food thank you so much for watching and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and comment down below any other tips you might have for vegans visiting Stockholm.