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GF Sweet potato muffins recipe:

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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Vegan Fitness Influencer!

[UltraVid id=121 ]hey guys so I am back with the second video of my transformation series these were highly highly requested after I shared my transformation story if you haven’t watched that that was a few videos ago on my channel so you guys you can watch my entire life back story of my transformation but this video is going to be a little bit more a nutrition based and you guys all wanted to see a what I eat a day but honestly I eat the most boring meals and I usually don’t even cook for myself so I thought it’d be more educational and more helpful for you guys if I actually talked about how I used to eat how I eat now throughout my transformation and how you guys can know what to eat how much to eat all that stuff for your body and your goals and then I was going to show you some of my favorite snacks and meals even though they’re really boring so you guys know that I had an eating disorder for like on and off for like four or five years which obviously is screwed up my metabolism so I was eating under a thousand calories for like most of that entire time period after that I quickly increased my calories up to about two thousand and then slowly worked them up to four or five thousand and that’s how I was able to put on like 50 60 pounds in a year I was eating four thousand five thousand ish calories so I really really helped my my talent metabolism reset built that up so it’s so much faster now it’s like crazy fast now I can still eat a crazy amount of food decide to lean out I cut my calories down to about three thousand they’re like just under 3,000 not sort of what I’m eating right now between 3,000 and just over 3,000 just because I don’t want to be losing any weight right now I want to be either maintaining or even putting on a little bit of weight so I guess you could say that my maintenance is about 3,000 calories and I’m 5 to 140 pounds again as well if you guys didn’t know I’ve been vegan for just over 5 years now so that means they don’t eat any animal products and yeah that’s been really really working for me obviously you have to put a little bit more attention into like getting in your protein I’d be a little bit more creative with meals and stuff especially when you go out to eat I really love the lifestyle and eating that way it really works for me so how what how would you guys know how much to eat what would be best to eat what you’re gonna want to do is I I highly suggest not using online calculators or like basic base calorie ranges or whatever you can search up online because let me just tell you that when I search up how many calories I’m so see burning even if I put in the amount of exercise that I do it doesn’t tell me to eat more than 2,000 calories and I know for myself that if I ate less than 2,000 calories a day I would be nothing like I would lose so much weight so that’s just proof that these calculators don’t work for everyone they might work for some people but I would highly suggest just playing around with your calorie ranges to just play around with what works best for you especially with calorie ranges I would suggest choosing like mm maybe 2200 is a starting range and if you want to lose weight I you wouldn’t you don’t want it to be too fast so I play around with like trying to find a number where you’re not losing more than like a pound a week or something or else you’re gonna risk losing muscle as well which you probably do not want to do and then if you’re wanting to gain weight and you said it at 2,000 say and you’re not gaining any weight then slowly increase I want you guys honestly I always preached eat as much as you possibly can how I typically eat a lot of the questions that I get are surrounding like protein shakes my pre post workout meals joint eat snacks everything like that so I’ll give you guys kind of an overview of how I eat and then I’m going to show you guys some of the food that I eat some of my favorites so I eat like five or six times a day I find that works better for me it just keeps my energy up the entire day I feel that food just really keeps me going honestly so I like to have five or six like small big-ish meals every single day you know like breakfast lunch dinner that is kind of like meals throughout the day so I wake up like super early like 4:30 in the morning usually for 4:30 so I’m usually eating my first meal then before I go to the gym that’s just like a really basic meal I find that if I eat too much really early I get really bloated and I feel uncomfortable during my session so I eat usually the two pieces of toast with some jam and peanut butter and that’s that’s usually what I have as my pre-workout meal so I highly suggest eat lots of carbs before your workout post-workout meal I focus on carbs fat and protein so my post-workout meal is one of my biggest meals of the day I have usually a massive bowl of oatmeal with some fruit peanut butter as well as a protein shake I use the woman’s best protein then I just have creatine in there as well trying it but in 30 minutes to an hour after is like pretty much as fast as I possibly can after my workout I try and get some a good meal in I’m gonna stop talking I’m gonna show you guys we’re gonna head over to my kitchen and I’m gonna show you guys just like some basics maybe get some meal or snack ideas or food ideas for your next grocery trip so yeah let’s head over to the kitchen hey guys so now that we’re in my kitchen my biggest question is always on protein shapes I thought I made to show you guys I guess what I put into my shakes post-workout I eat I eat I drink three of these a day so the liquid of my choice I always use either on milk or cashew milk and then as for protein and supplements that I put into my shake I use this woman’s best vegan protein and I’ve use this throughout my whole transformation I absolutely love it this is just the chocolate vegan protein plants plant-based protein powder and I’ve a discount code in my buy of your interest in trying it out and then one of my biggest singles and meals that I mentioned before is oatmeal so I just Jews I have this massive jar of oatmeal here so I just use plain rolled oats I mix a banana into it to make it a little bit thicker if you guys don’t like oh you know this is really really helpful and then I just put peanut butter and berries in it usually or if I haven’t had my protein shake I can even mix my protein powder into my oatmeal one of my favorite snacks to eat throughout the day is rice cakes with peanut butter and jam I got these from Whole Foods and they’re just I don’t know brown rice rice cakes that’s a great way to get carbs and protein in so that could also be a really good pre-workout for you guys you make it convenient for you if you’re like in school you work full time or whatever you’ll want to pack your food this you’re not tempted to eat out all the time and stuff like that so I have things like these kind bars just protein granola bar type things and this is the maple glazed peek in and see so and this is the almond and coconut I also really like Laura bars as well and they’re just like healthier options of granola bars and they taste really really good in my opinion and they help you get a little bit more energy with protein card stuff like that so I would highly suggest something like this you guys can bring along with you as for bread options as I mentioned I like to eat toast for my breakfast projym this is I got these silver pills like this from Whole Foods silver has sprouted power the big sixteen loaded with 16 seeds and grains to fuel active days it’s like supposed to be a healthier bread which I highly suggest if you’re going to be eating bread try and find a healthier option than just your like plain white bread since I’m talking so much about peanut butter if you want a lower calorie option obviously this isn’t he’s exactly like peanut butter but it’s pretty close I get this from Whole Foods and it’s just a it’s PB 2 which is this powdered peanut butter you pretty much just like put it in a bowl mix it with water and I have to think it tastes really really good I’ll even eat it when I’m bulking I think it tastes awesome if you guys are vegan and you’re wanting more protein options – I eat a lot of like tofu beans even like tempeh obviously my protein powder but there’s also things like organic black bean pasta so this I just get it Whole Foods or like natural food sections and this has 22 grams of protein for a core of this package that’s incredible so this is just like being pasta then obviously how like you can have this like normal beans here or anything like grainy like quinoa couscous all that stuff usually has some protein in it so this is just golden and black quinoa I usually buy in boxes and it usually can be made like rice to like microwave so it’s really really simple if you guys are lazy like me but those are like my protein staples and then obviously I eat a ton of fresh food so like fruits vegetables everything like that and I think that’s literally all like yeah I promise you guys I literally eat so boring I eat the same things every single day but I eat all my favorite foods so I feel like it’s it’s really easy for me Oh another thing another thing is my favorite cereal so I eat tons of cereal because serious like my favorite food and when I got into fitness I refuse to give up cereal so Nature’s Path is a really really good brand I can get this at like Sobeys if you live in Canada or also at Whole Foods so you guys can get in the States as well it just Nature’s Path and these are the kamut puffs and these it’s like really good healthy cereal it doesn’t taste like anything so I had like fruit and cinnamon is up to it but they also have like peanut butter flavor chocolate flavor and everything like that so if you want a healthy cereal option your cereal lover like me and refused to give it up this Nature’s Path cereal great option so honestly you guys you don’t have to give up unhealthy food it’s just fine healthier options or make like meals that you enjoy that are somewhat healthier like if you love peanut butter eat your damn peanut butter that’s how I see it everyone’s number one question so I do not really drink at all to be honest I don’t enjoy it but I drink probably once every like two months and even when I do drink I don’t drink too much so I do not recommend it but this is like literally sitting in the back of my videos like I should probably like talk about alcohol but no I don’t suggest drinking too much especially if you’re trying to make progress of losing or gaining weight it’s going to affect how you train in the gym your energy throughout the date obviously alcohol has calories and those calories out fast so I would not recommend drinking too much especially don’t quote binge drinking every week it’s just going to reverse all your work throughout the week and it’s not worth it if you want a drink here and there 100% that is totally fine but I would not recommend it and I personally do not drink very much at all so yeah that answers a lot of your guys’s questions on whether I drink everything like that I do I started from 80 pounds and I got here you can do it too trust me it just takes a little bit of research on a little bit of work um a lot of work but you can get there as well follow me on instagram and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and i will see you guys next time bye


what i eat to get HeAlThY for 2019!! (vegan)

[UltraVid id=47 ]This is everything I ate today to start my 2019 off right! I hope that I can give you some inspiration and motivation for your health and fitness journey. If you enjoy ‘what i eat in a day’ videos, don’t forget to subscribe and like this video. Thanks for watching 🙂

Everything I ate today:

-rolled oats
-chia seeds
-hemp seeds
-lots of cinnamon
-water/almond milk
-shredded zucchini
-toppings: blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, almond butter

-lettuce, spinach, arugula
-dressing (lemon juice, maple syrup, olive oil)
-baked potatoes

-sweet potato (olive oil, salt, paprika)
-tofu (olive oil, salt, pepper)

i also had a small smoothie for dessert but forgot to film 🙂

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[UltraVid id=11 ]That’s good don’t have pages if you haven’t had a donut peach so this in my Instagram story the other day you have not lived they are the best peaches ever it’s just like a birthday cake flavor yeah they’re just like super sweet anyways guys good morning it is earlier than we usually wake up isn’t it a little bit this morning I’ve made some oatmeal we’re making it a quick oatmeal as you saw I just poured some hot water on my oats don’t normally make oatmeal like that it doesn’t usually come out to be like the best texture but it’s gonna work for us this morning cuz what are you doing this morning we’re going on ATV and four-wheeler anyway it’s for wheeling yes we’re going off-roading okay quad biking are those all ATV in right terms yeah okay we’re going to ATV in we’re going for wheeling like an hour and a half away which is why we’re up early because we have one morning’s lot to do so so we have to drive an hour and a half and actually our Airbnb host yes yeah invited us to go so that’s where we’re going this morning and we’re having a quick bowl of oats with some delicious donut peaches [Applause] just a bit of sugar in office yeah I’ve got no maple syrup maple syrup we were told the trails might be muddy so I’ve changed out of my first outfit because I didn’t want to get that muddy so I’m wearing just kind of clothes that I don’t care about getting money we’re ready to go a TV hour and a half later and we’re at South Africa forest adventures appear going on I don’t want to drive my own because I’m kind of scared it’s me we’ll see we have the GoPro so let’s go go pro footage [Music] so we just finished ATVing that was so much fun I was really scared to do it myself but once I started doing it I was like okay I got this it’s like super beautiful scenery and we actually had to change locations we were at one location and there was forest fire so then we had to move to another location but this location was absolutely beautiful yes now I am so ready for food that was so fun I’m so dirty my whole face is covered in dirt I had to go to the washroom and to wipe it all dirty boy you’re like this haha shirt in your shoes we went through so many like mud puddles and Kyle didn’t lift up his feet he just like let them get soaked by mud but my shoes are clean [Music] would you get their dreams [Applause] Tom had tofu so long like some said ginger I think that’s ginger big chicken burger let’s get into it alright guys we are back home from lunch and I had a shower we’ve just kind of chilled a little bit we definitely needed that shower we got out of the shower and we have white towels and we were wiping like just like you know like drying our face and our neck and there was still dirt coming off of our necks even though we had showered we didn’t realize how dirty we actually were and I have a few friends about join me on my face so I’m not gonna cover them up because I don’t need to cover them up I’m sick of covering them up I hate putting on makeup I haven’t been wearing makeup for like this past month and a half and my skin has been doing really well except for right now it’s very angry at me but I think it’s because I’m ovulating so those of you Latian pimples but I am having a quick snack right now pretty random foods I’m having uh rice cakes with avocado and some light cheese yummy the light cheese you’re actually pretty good even though they don’t look like totally pink they’re not like Thailand light cheese but they still taste good so that’s my little snack I’m gonna do some editing because I have some work to do today and yeah argaï so it’s a little bit later and i’m gonna be making some dinner and today we just had a very long day we got up super early and then we spent probably like four hours of driving in the car today so we’re just kind of beat and I don’t really feel like cooking Kyle doesn’t feel like cooking we don’t feel like making anything so I’m just gonna whip up something super easy and quick and I’m whipping up whipping whipping what I call one of my 10-minute meals I’ve posted a few of these on my Instagram and this one specifically everyone had a lot of questions about so I thought I would make it for dinner tonight because one we don’t have like anything in the house we need to go grocery shopping and we have all the ingredients for this so it worked out perfectly so this is what I’m making we’ve got three cans of vegetable soup this one is vegan we get it from Woolworths everyone was asking in the Instagram comments which a veggie soup that we get and if it has good ingredients and it has pretty good ingredients I mean I could do without the sulfur dioxide but it’s pretty good and it tastes very fresh and delicious so I’m making three cans of these because we’re kind of hungry today usually we just have a can each but and then I’m also gonna be adding some canned kidney beans I’m just gonna drain and rinse these and I’m going to add that to the soup and in this pot I have some kale and also under here some tender stem broccoli which you guys know that we love so much and I’m just going to add a little bit of water and then I’ll put the lid on this and steam it up and while my veggies are steaming I’m going to heat up a soup and there’s already kadhi beans in this soup mix but I like to add in an extra can just to give it a little bit more protein and make it a little bit more filling okay so my soup is hot it probably took like seven minutes I’m adding in some of the steamed kale mix that in a little bit I also have some ciabatta on the side because you need ciabatta when you eat in soup I’ve got the steamed broccolini and then finally we top it with some beautiful avocado I’ve had lots of avocado today but I’ve been craving avocado so this is perfect so literally like no prep time for this meal it’s just super quick and easy literally ten minutes and done Jimmy Jimmy should we get you reaction [Music] [Applause] well there’s a little update on how Jack is doing oh my gosh I miss him so much I know you guys miss him too I see a few of you guys asking about him in the comments so a lot of people seem to think that eating a plant-based diet takes a lot of preparation and time and it’s just too much for them to handle and majority of the time yes you need to be prepared you need to meal prep if you have a busy schedule but that goes for if you want to eat healthy in any diet even if you are eating animal products you still need to prepare the animal products and what’s the difference if you are preparing a piece of meat or animal than preparing plants so I don’t know I’ve never cooked me my parents always cooks the meat I would always just make craft dinner like like but it just as long as making a regular lasagna I know like it’s it takes less time to make I think people just think they need to like think about it more because they they’re not just using like regular cheese or meat anyways I want to show you guys that you can have a delicious wholesome meal in under 10 minutes and there’s so many different variations that you can make 10-minute meals I think I need to make like a series of 10-minute meals like this is super wholesome you’ve got lots of greens healthy fats from the avocado extra beans extra protein and vegetable soup now normally I would recommend yes that you make your own veggie soup and have that prepped in the fridge but we all have busy lives and there is going to be days where you don’t feel like cooking we’re all human we all don’t always feel like cooking every single day so having options like this I think is so important because I think a lot of like what I eat in a day is that you see on youtube from vegans are like them pre planning their day and like they already know what they’re gonna have for dinner that and they make sure that they have extra time to prepare that meal and in reality we all have busy lives and you know so it’s okay to have some canned veggie soup don’t be afraid to have some canned veggie soup or healthy convenience foods I would say canned vegetable soup is a healthy convenience food so delicious wholesome I should do like boyfriend does a voiceover for my wedding so I don’t have bread that often but I love spot-up with soup but if you have like leftover quinoa or something in the fridge that would be really good to even throw in the soup you know just need those calories so guys I hope you enjoyed this video we had a really fun day today going and exploring parts of South Africa that we haven’t seen before it was really cool to like take that two-hour drive and just like drive all the way out into the country and then riding on those ATVs everything seems kind of dead but like it’s just seeing like the vast Murray like the mountains and stuff it was just it was a really awesome day we had a great day didn’t we yes did you have fun yes I enjoyed riding an ATV I was scared to do it but I conquered my fear today of riding an ATV no I was like I’ll just write on the back of Kyle’s because I was too scared but you know do something every day that scares you guys anyways guys I hope you enjoyed today’s video please make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it as it helps to support my channel and leave me a comment down below what’s your favorite convenience or 10 minute healthy meal maybe we can leave some healthy inspiration in the comments down below for everybody and subscribe if you’re new here and I will see you guys in the next field peace [Music]