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[UltraVid id=317 ]These 4 vegan apps and 2 websites cover most common questions! Such as: What restaurants are vegan? What vegan makeup brands are there and are they cruelty free beauty products? Where can I meet other vegans? Where are vegan social events? What food items are vegan and non vegan? What alcohol brands are not vegan and not cruelty free?

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What I Eat To Stay Strong & SHREDDED Vlog | Vegan Nutrient Analysis

[UltraVid id=117 ]That will fit not all the chambers you can tell me stories all right good morning guys so today I’m going to show you everything that I eat and drink in a day so you guys saw this morning I already had some lemon water always have that when I first wake up warm lemon water just feels so good really energizing super refreshing beyond that full of vitamin C minerals it gets your digestive tract going stimulates your limp so I definitely start off with some lemon a lot of try it for a month so you guys feel start off with a quarter of a lemon and maybe you know two three cups of water and you guys saw me throw some buckwheat into a bowl there as well and soak it I’m going to have that later on today after my smoothie after my workout so I wanted to soak it because if you guys know buckwheat gets a little bit like fly me high and if you just soak it for a couple hours beforehand it gets rid of all that so I’m just on my bike right now heading to the gym so I figured at least I’d show you guys you know that I’m doing some athletics and stuff today so you can kind of put it into some context what I’m consuming and I’m just going to pull off here and stretch a little bit before my workout like I do and I take a little pre-workout I’ll show you guys what I do there [Music] so this is what I usually take before my workouts called Vega where you workout energizer this version is a sugar-free version so sweetened with stevia but they do make a brown rice syrup sweetened one which is really great if you do them like long-distance sports or endurance sports however if you want to blossom the gym for an hour and a half I really like this one we’ve got your Vermont a which is source of caffeine devil’s claw which helps to reduce inflammation and help obtain green tea rhodiola which is an adaptogen it helps your body deal with stress ginseng definitely a little bit energizing there as well some sodium for the electrolytes turmeric help with inflammation potassium or electrolytes ginger ginger is a cool ingredient it helps other ingredients work together so it’s a synergistic ingredient where it helps other things absorb into your body and make them more bioavailable so ginger always very cool to see so you can see not a whole lot of crap in this and then just stevia beetroot powder acai and pomegranate flavors note it so I put a scoop of this into a little bit of water just a little bit of that lemon water still from this morning and shift it up in about 20 minutes blast off so I got to get warm it up I’m going to warm up have my workout I’m not going to fill a lot of that because that’s not the point of this video I get carried away with these that’s why I don’t have to do them and what I eat in a day I like to them all the other stuff so gonna cut off here maybe show you guys you know bit of what I drink through my workout what I consume through my workouts keep you going and then I’ll show you my smoothie once I get home so we got a stretch warm-up it’s awesome you guys can see what I eat all day get these games [Music] [Music] so I didn’t film much of the work out just a few movements that were easy to film there’s a nice ledge where I set up my camera to get the shot and there you can see crystal working out – that’s my girlfriend she’s awesome vegan – she’s getting stronger here’s meeting there’s some concentration curls I’d never do these kind of funny that way you caught this on still try and get those me Maya Delgado arms so here’s the big intro work out drink just water not that exciting so I just had an awesome workout really good push day so just had an awesome workout really good whole day feels so good I felt really strong today so rather than doing bodyweight stuff I just did some like heavier lifts and deadlift bent over rows seated rows wide grip rows narrow grip it could be like something like dumbbell curls and stuff I don’t always do nude at all it was fun and heading home now to make a smoothie and starving got a big day also work ahead of me so let’s go make a smoothie got to get home first you know what’s up Harry time for my post-workout smoothie so you guys follow me much you guys will know what I make already but here we go 6 bananas a couple handfuls of blueberries 3 big and medjool dates I’m using that protein powder half a scoop of that right there it’s a fermented vegan protein but jinhwan amazing taste so good let’s try it digest really well – 2 tablespoons flax you know some turmeric and black pepper in there and then just pile on the green that’s arugula nice and spicy green super alkalizing full of minerals filtered water blend it all up and I had pulled out some purple cabbage and I always put like a chunk of lemon in there as well I forgot to do that so I’m adding it now the Vitamix is amazing it will blast through anything like that same with the Blendtec any of those high speed blenders they’re so powerful it turns that lemon peel into just a silky smooth delicious post-workout smoothie so here I am taking the first sip I love it every time it’s just the best that is how you recover from a workout guys plant fuels keep the inflammation down refuel those muscles with glycogen lots of antioxidants lots of nutrients tons of minerals and vitamins if you’re just doing protein and water after your workout you think you’re helping yourself you know get on board so now I’m going to go and crush this smoothie and do some work answer some emails help my clients probably have some meetings and now it is time to eat some buckwheat so you can see here it’s a little bit slimy the water turns is kind of like pinkish color which is kind of neat so I just rinsed all that off just strain it and you could probably even eat it like this if you want but I like to cook it a little bit so that’s one cup of buckwheat just so we can easily count this I don’t usually weigh it like that or measuring like that but this is what’s all going in there so we got buckwheat that’s a cup of dry buckwheat and then we have an apple and we’ve got some canned peaches in there you guys have ever tried Okanagan peaches from British Columbia Canada they are to die for so I’ve talked it with some pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds from shredded coconut some raisins some cinnamon and some organic almond milk so this is a healthy lunch this is how I stay lean I stay shredded I build muscle on a vegan diet by eating things like this a bunch of processed and packaged scrap foods like this guy’s gotta be real food alright just got my hair cut I like it nice and short good for the summer I didn’t finish all my food so I’m just finishing it now why would I do that take a bite when I’m trying to film I have a couple errands to run in town and then I’m going to jet home keep working a little bit and then hopefully I have time to do a little workout outside well ab workout before dinner make some dinner good day so far big eating day feel good alright so it’s been doing some work and I’ve got a craving and that craving is movement like I move my body for a little bit I’m going to just work on some ABS and I guess a bit of cardio so I got my pull-up bar today I’ll be doing some like leg raises and stuff on my slackline just for fun got the battle ropes out got the rope and the tree over there we vert dip bars pretty set up I’m going to grab a yoga mat and put it out here as well and just smash it 25 minutes just big for lots of different things just keep moving have fun and then I’m going to be good and hungry for dinner and I’ll show you guys what I make for dinner tonight it’s going to be awesome at a big day I guess I could voice over this quick little workout that I have this is the backyard set up I’ll do a whole video on this perfect pretty cool and I got some rings and the slackline that I was just on really good for balance good core workout and get pretty creative on it you please ring just hang in the tree and I keep those ones up all the time I have some wood ones which are a bit nicer but I can’t full-time just student some leg raises from even pole that’s that bands which a nutbar I made if you guys saw my last video I think woods or two videos ago I go over the making of that pretty fun that’s why spending for the bamboo but it doesn’t just break it like a dowel was it does start to crack it just keeps its integrity for some reason amazed and amazing building material so knee raises and now I’m doing horrible and now I’m doing a little like hip dusters I think I have that a old ABS video that I did [Music] alright it’s time for dinner and I am hungry so here’s dinner you can see it all Whole Foods all good stuff of some sauerkraut there you can go on the side take care of my good gut bacteria keep everything healthy so we are what we absorb you guys know that so these lentils here are going to provide the bulk of the calories from the dish and they’re also going to provide a lot of protein and tons of fiber going to fill me up so that’s what I’m using they’re organic lentils so salt free no salt added can of lentils you can make your own but I just want to show you how simple and how quick and easy this could be and I also needed a easy simple meal idea so I didn’t have some like big plans of what I was going to make for dinner I just kind of looked and saw what I had as a base and I saw the lentils and I just grabbed a bunch of the veggies that I had in the fridge and pull them all out just decided what I was going to make so here I am sauteing some veggies you guys will notice there that I put some water down first on a hot pan I often use water instead of oil for a variety of reasons you guys curious I could probably make a whole video on that but basically I don’t need it oil doesn’t really do anything for me I eat my fats from whole food sources here’s another little trick I learned make a little oven with the cooked food for the uncooked food so that it cooks and kind of schemes in there I’m doing the same with the peanut there so just chop up a bunch veggies I just love how this down kind of meditative Wow and there we have it dinner is done so that wasn’t too hard and that’s a lot of food I ate a lot today and it felt amazing I felt energetic and never bogged down all day and I am going to show you guys this little treat I’m gonna have after dinner I try not to eat much after dinner but I made these the other night and they’re so good basically just peanut butter and ground flax and date I’ll blend it up together think there’s a little bit of vanilla in there too cinnamon as well so good anyways let’s eat dinner alright so that’s it for this video I’m starving tired to the long day but a lot of activity I’m a delicious dinner it looks so good very excited eat it so as you can see I mean you’re not going to lose all your muscles do you go vegan you’re not going to feel deprived I’ve had lots of delicious food today I’ve been satiated all day I’ve eaten a lot like the volume of food is quite big that I’ve eaten if you’ve noticed and I stay lean and trim and strong and high-energy my digestion is good I hope I’ve inspired you guys today that’s what a vegan nutritionist feeds could look like this please comment down below I’d be interested to see what you guys think of this video I’m trying to post more so I just posted one yesterday already film it or another hopefully I can keep it going keep these going more frequent thanks so much for watching I do really really appreciate it go eat alright so thanks for sticking around to the end guys I’m just going to analyze sort of everything I ate today and show you the nutrients and the profile so this is everything I ate you guys can write it down if you want and eat just like me so here the sort of an overview I guess nutrients 3000 calories close to hundred grams of protein over 600 grams of carbs holy that’s a lot and just under 40 grams of fat over 600 grams of carbs guys next time someone tells you carbs make you fat tell them about me please so here are all the rest of the nutrients the minerals and the vitamins and I am crushing RTI’s so we’ll start at the top left and go from general down the carbs fats protein then back up to vitamins down a minerals so we talked about the calories 3,000 cows and I guess I should put into context how much I weigh and how big I am everyone’s always asking what are your stats and I’m not a huge guy but I guess the camera is kind to me people are always surprised when they hear that I’m only about 64 65 kilogram usually around 145 pounds and then five six with shoes on so not a big guy at all but hey I’m working with what I got and I love it so we got no alcohol no caffeine some caffeine in that pre-workout I’m not that shy of caffeine I’ll have a cup of coffee here and there a bit of green tea there’s that water isn’t activating – except during more than that I probably drank posted two and a half liters that day three liters is my goal I really get quite that much 600 grams of carbs we talked about that it’s incredible carbs are our fuel and they don’t make you facts I’ve been eating this much for a long time and I’m as lean as can be so you guys can tell over a hundred grams of fiber that’s very high I think I already is 35 and I know most Americans don’t get there so 102 is super good get things moving through reduce the toxic low in your body fat 40 grams I guess we should touch on the sugars I’ve never even looked at that number coming out to be if it’s attached to fruit and not a refined sugar like I’m not worried about it at all so I’m not even talk about it fat 40 grams I think they’re the are I don’t know what that set at maybe 50 grams it looks like would be like the hundred percent and I’m happy with 40 between 40 45 grams somewhere around there it’s probably good I could have had a bit more if I had a ripe avocado it would have been higher trust me so a lot of those fats are omega-3 fats from the flaxseed and omega sixes are very low which is unbelievable you want a pretty close ratio there and mine’s almost two to one which is unreal absolutely incredible the average American I remember hearing a statistic is close to 18 to 1 6 to 3 so yeah pression an anti-inflammatory good thing to build your cell membranes with full of you know healthy fats these are the ones that you want to be consuming no cholesterol and then we’re going to protein so hundred grams that’s quite a bit that’s more than I thought that I was getting so it’s a lot of protein and it’s only a half a scoop of protein powder so it’s only about I think it was 12 grams of protein of that 12 grams of that is protein powder nonfat all the all these essential amino acids are well well represented you can see there the branched chain amino acids isoleucine leucine and valine or valine some people call it those are all well met leucine supposed to be a hard one to get on if you can diet and I’m just crushing it at over 200 percent 230 percent of that so nope wrong building muscle over here guys trust me so all the vitamins are met as you guys would assume except for b12 which you need to take a supplement if you’re a long-term vegan and then all the other vitamins have been met just you know in vitamin A some people get alarmed when they see it that high our body is fine with consuming that much beta-carotene and plant-based vitamin A however preformed vitamin A that comes from meat in that amount it could definitely be pro cancerous and not good for us vitamins vitamin C Goods vitamin D I did not get 100% of that because we get that from the Sun and if it’s not if you’re not in the sunny environment or you know you’re not getting a lot of Sun and it probably has to supplement that look into a vegan d3 supplement vitamin E look at that over a hundred percent there and that’s probably thanks to some of the nuts and seeds that I was eating vitamin K a lot lots of that so that my body is times the k2 turned into vitamin k2 and then everything else down here minerals and all that exciting everything’s met some people some Keener’s might notice that calcium is 775 I think I got there I can’t see it’s really really tiny but I know it’s over a hundred percent however the sort of RDI that comes from I think the USDA s thousand milligram I don’t think that we need that much when we’re doing other things to stimulate our bone density and there’s a lot of you know evidence to prove that and if you guys are really curious about it you know ask me in the comments and I can provide you with some but a lot of communities that don’t eat dairy and don’t consume nearly as much dairy that we do and have far less calcium intake have a lot better bone density is basically what it comes down to so I’m fine and I haven’t broken anything since I’ve been vegan and I’m pretty reckless so copper iron manganese magnesium phosphorus potassium they’re all met look at that potassium people would think that with all my bananas I was like a billion times you know like lethal dose of potassium not even note 183 but you didn’t know that pretty cool selenium was met I didn’t even have a Brazil nut look at that sodium you know I didn’t add any salt to my stew that day I don’t think but there’s probably more than that maybe in the salsa and that sort of thing and then zinc was met probably with pumpkin seeds and buckwheat got a ton of zinc as well so look at that guy’s I didn’t even really plan this date I just ate what I had and what I liked and I met all my nutrient requirements I felt satiated all day I ate delicious food it didn’t take me a long time to prepare it it was all Whole Foods and you know what look at how cheap all of that food is it’s incredibly cheap so honestly guys get on board with this and I know a lot of you guys are already happy to inspire if you guys have any questions leave them down below thank you so much for sticking through this all the way to the end you guys are Keane and you guys are serious about your health and I love that and respect that mad respect to all you guys that are taking your health into your own hands I love you all see you guys in my next video comment down below give me some suggestions of what you guys want to see alright peace and love


Date Night Makeup // Vegan & Cruelty-Free //

[UltraVid id=69 ]sorry I really dislike that voice that’s better okay hello everyone my name is Lisa I’m the bait vegan because that Vietnam Egan and today it’s gonna be a slightly different video because Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought I’d show you how I do my makeup for Valentine’s Day with cruelty free and vegan makeup and I’m also partnering up with madam glam to give a little giveaway today this video isn’t sponsored but they did send me lipsticks and they want to give away some lipsticks to you guys so I love love love love love love their lipsticks like I don’t think you guys understand how much I love their lipsticks the only thing is I wish they had more colors but they’re not making any more colors than they have right now some of you might have seen the collab that I did with the coral channel where they DIY this whole lighting set up vanity type thing for me I’ll leave a link for the video in the corner I guess it’s the mirrors messing it it’s in one of the corners because I’m shooting a mirror so it’s like reversed but then it’s also it’s just very good I’m just very confused so yeah I’m gonna do my makeup for a typical like date night look let’s get into at my makeup so I’ve written down my skincare after I took a shower I showed off with some rose water toner and then I use this vitamin E essence from the body shop it feels kind of like tackier and like my skincare kind of sinks deeper into my skin afterwards and then for my mornings I also use this vitamin C constitutive serum and then this body shop the vitamin C glow protection first thing I’m gonna do is my eyebrows so I use the NYX precision brow pencil and I also use this mirror to like help me be closer cuz like this mirror is like nice and big but not close enough I gotta see the detail and also if you guys are wondering what the heck is going on with all these spots on my face I’ve been eating like crap lately of eating a lot of processed foods and oil and junk and not a lot of produce so and not drinking a lot a lot of water it’s just my skin but concealer will help about in a moment so time to do my eyebrows all right so then I feather it out with the back of the spoolie thing on the back of the eyebrow pencil thing really precise descriptions Lisa you’re doing great also if you’re wondering why I’m wearing like a headband it’s just to keep the whispies out of my out of my way this is like a Aluna headband that I got from my Sailor Moon convention cuz you know me I love Sailor Moon I showed you guys like kind of in my vanity here I have like a bunch of these like bento box sort of things I’m just gonna pull them out I’m not gonna go into this entire makeup collection this is Mike my lipstick hoard although I do have some concealers in here that don’t actually belong in here I’m not gonna go through all this today unless you guys want me to go through my entire lipstick collection but we’re just gonna like focus on one I’m actually gonna put on my face first things first concealer I discovered this cover FX concealer this is gonna come up in a wedding vlog soon ish it’s like probably gonna be in three wedding blogs so hopefully I’ll be a lot faster with the wedding vlog stuff soon so I’m just applying some concealer over my spots if I knew more about color theory I could color correct it but I don’t oh my acne now covered up I do have a concealer sponge but I haven’t washed it in a while so I’m not gonna use it maybe sees my finger so don’t mind me as I cut out my kids [Music] okay I still look a little bananas that’s okay this is just the bottom layer I don’t do the whole triangle lighting thing contour thing properly I don’t know I just like looks kind of crazy on me maybe if like I did it properly but like every time I do it I look like really cakey so I just don’t do it anyway that’s the base I’m going to use this probably a little too old when I resent pure second skin foundation this is like an oil-based one so like my skin you really likes this because my skin is like combo oily dry cuz sometimes my skin’s like super super super oily and then sometimes it’s super super super dry right now it’s kind of dry which is I’m not surprised based on all the acne that I’m having in the lack of water I’ve been drinking you know in light of that I think I’m gonna use my Beauty Blender and the oil based on me should probably have this like for two years maybe I don’t know it’s probably expired but because it’s not like a thing that I put on my face like it doesn’t like directly touch my face I’m not really worried about it being like full of bacteria you know I’m saying so I just did need a beauty [Music] I ended up moving a lot of my concealer off of my face with a Beauty Blender so I’m just gonna go back and put in some more it’ll look kind of ghostly right now but you know what that’s okay sorry cuz we started with some lip I’ll mark already but my lips are feeling kind of dry that’s just the David’s T lip balm yeah it’s actually a via game which is really cool and I just like the way it feels it like disappears not like immediately but like relatively quickly doesn’t like steak goopy on your lips okay foundation is done I’m gonna add some color back into my face this is the pixie bronzer in the shade summertime there’s not a lot of shades there picks you could definitely improve their shade range but you know this is drugstore stuff that I found that I was like hey I like this I just use a sigma extreme structure contour fo for brush and I know I decided to use that voice we’re just gonna roll with it and like my face is just really big so I’m just gonna add some to this side so there’s like some false shadow that’s little god that’s too much oh no oh no your girl messed up can you talk not a beauty guru bronzer applied I think I’m gonna go with the cream blush today but I also like this baked Milani blush that I have I have to I have Dulce pink and very I’m alright why am I saying it like this so I’m just gonna use this between the sheets super shock cheek from colour-pop this one’s actually probably my favorite blush I’m probably doing this so wrong no blush added I was actually studying like the way that Asian culture applies makeup and they like their blush placement is like so interesting I always do my makeup kind of more westernized because I’m Western but I want to like learn how to do it more Asian so I can look more aged in blush apply so I have this Carli bybel palette you guys have seen this before vegan cruelty free I’ve hit pan on one of the shades because I really like it but yeah I’m gonna use the rose gold one I’m going to use the high cheekbone highlighter fo3 brush by Sigma so I have this no filter setting powder from colour-pop it’s okay it’s the banana one I don’t like hate it I don’t love it so I’m just gonna put it underneath my eyes and just like set my whole face with it cuz I don’t know I don’t know what I’m doing the thing is I watch actual beauty gurus and like I see the technique that they apply their makeup and but then I’m like do I want to do that though like I know that’s the way you’re supposed to do it but sit now it’s time to do my eye makeup so I have this makeup geek palette that I like sort of filled out with a bunch of other stuff I have makeup geek pans in here but I also have some color pop pans in here as well these eight here or all makeup geek this one’s makeup geek and then this one’s makeup geek and then the rest geez for or color pop and this one’s color problem so these two blush pans are also makeup geek and then this one is color pop this is actually supposed to be a bronzer but when I got it it had like highlighter sort of like Sheen to it I don’t really love it so I just kind of have it but I don’t know what to do with it cuz it’s like it’s not really quite dark enough to be bronzer and it’s too dark to be a highlighter it’s just like really awkward so sometimes I use it on my eyes but I don’t know it’s just weird as you can tell I lean towards like purpley brownie blushy looking ilex I wish I could experiment more with other stuff but I just I don’t have the skills they just go it to fake sale this is probably like my favorite blush powder that was way too much Lisa so we’re just gonna you know what we’re just gonna blend this out because I went a little too – ham on that and I’m using this furless ppb one blending brush so I have one monolid and one double it’s this is a double it I this is the Monell it and I even if I apply the same amount of makeup to both it looks way different on be each eye so this one it looks like I applied a lot less and this one I went a little too high so I’m done messed up I got a I got a wipe away some of that you know then I’m gonna go in with a darker shade with my I don’t even know what this brush is called it’s like a it’s one from BH Cosmetics it says number six I don’t know what that means it’s just like an angled fluffy creasing brush I don’t know I’m not gonna go into cabin fever like my second favorite shade from the makeup geek palette I’m not gonna make that mistake again I’m also gonna get some on my bottom lash lid and then it looks a little crazy so I’m gonna blend down what looks alright probably right my makeup boys looks nicer with this eye the model lid just I never know how to actually put on makeup on it and then I have this like one patch of skin that just like absorbs color but then doesn’t blend out it’s just like if you like put anything on there it’s like hi I’m patchy I’m gonna add some eyeliner now this is the Stila of waterproof liquid eye thing oh I made mistake I think I just painted my eye nice there’s like a line from my eyeball up until my eyelid huh I think there’s just like a black line on my contact now I’m beautiful I kind of messed up the inside inner corner but you know what just like don’t look at it that’s gonna bother me actually so I’m going to choose my Marcel instant eye makeup remover I’m gonna try and fix that Marquart what a q-tip just take off the aisle in here that I messed up that looks slightly better okay eyeliner is like kind of fixed again with some double ended versus the monolid I have to put on like more makeup on this one to show up than this one and it’s trying to fill in that like one kind of bald patch that I wiped makeup off on and then I thought mascara so I have the legendary lashes a volume two mascara from Charlotte Tilbury and I really like this eyelash stuff mascara that’s what it’s called I don’t curl my eyelashes because I’m lazy and I wait for that to dry otherwise if I can link I scare everywhere now time for the lips have been really diggin lipstick lately for today I’m gonna use I don’t know which one I’m gonna use I’m gonna swatch them for you for funsies also so you can see how certain shades look on me so with the giveaway with madam glam they’re giving away one matte and one velvet though I have to Velvets to max so I can swatch them for you so I’ll do the velvet ones first the top one is velvet red queen fig and then conspiracy and then cherry wine I really like the matte ones the velvet ones they don’t stay on my lips quite as well they are bullet lipstick so like they’ll rub off they’re not like kiss proof or whatever like you’ll get transfer pretty much everywhere especially because sometimes I like to wear lip gloss on top of them so like it’s like extra transferee but that’s just me but I really like the darker like the more purpley shaded ones and like I thought I wouldn’t like the warmer shades because normally my skin doesn’t really go well with the warm shades but these ones are actually not too bad they’re not too orange so I really actually like all four colors so I think I might go for the cherry wine one that’s probably my favorite one out of the four every time I email them I like thank them to make more but they’re not making any other shades right now coz madam glam is like a nail polish company I have a bunch of their gel polishes because they’re cruelty free and vegan and I like the gel polishes better than a lot of like the regular nail polishes they’ve like stay on my nails a little a lot longer and I have one of those like UV light things cuz you know I’m Vietnamese and my family does nail stuff but I can do that another video if you guys want they actually sent me some nail polishes as well and they’re like different shades and I normally would have picked those are the lipsticks if you guys want to enter the giveaway all you have to do is subscribe to their Channel you might need to make your subscriptions like public so that they can check that you’ve actually subscribed for they the giveaway and yeah list out the two sheets that you would like if you won the giveaway I really love the packaging on these lipsticks too they’re just like super satisfying and like luxurious bullet lipstick things if that makes any sense I just like it like feel so like luxurious it anyway so I’m going to use this color pop and lippie pencil in the shade oh I say puts on like fish but no it’s just poison it’s like pretty janky it kind of falls out a little bit so that’s fine I’m gonna use a mirror again to make sure I apply this properly I struggle a lot with putting on lipstick because my lips don’t have a very clear start and end point if that makes sense where my lips end and the lip shade ends the color of my lips ends are not the same so it’s like do I color the part where my lips end or where the lip shade ends I end up doing where the lip shade ends because if I do the full lip it looks like I have like a clown face then I put on some lipstick so yeah this is the matte cherry wine I find that this is like my favorite lipstick feeling there’s other lipsticks that like they feel really dry or like you can feel them like sucking out the moisture of your lips but I don’t find that happens with a lot of white ones but yeah this is generally the makeup look that I do whenever I’m feeling like a date night so I’m gonna set it with my all-nighter Urban Decay settings ready I’ll let that dry and that we good that’s it this is this is the look some of you are asking me for like an updated get ready with me or like what my general go-to for makeup is depending on like how my skin is I’ll switch between the bare minerals powder foundation or the second skin foundation from 100% pure I also have a fenty Beauty one but that I usually only wear when my skin’s like really oily cuz that’s it’s a mattifying foundation and my skin does not like that when it’s dry it gets like really patchy so I have like a couple dry spots here that even this oil-based one is like let’s get so happy with I’ll list out all the makeup that I use down below and also if you want other makeup content I’ll link to channels that I use all the time down below logical harmony which I use their website all the time to check whether or not things are cruelty free vegan if they’re owned by parent company that is or isn’t cruelty free you have to sort of decide for your own if like where you draw the line in terms of makeup and then Rianne from wife life or Rihanna hy her branding is like kind of different depending on where you go like on Instagram choose wife life but on it YouTube it’s rien H Y if you want to check out her channel as well she does all vegan the cruelty free makeup and she doesn’t like a little bit more like luxurious makeup looks I’m very jealous of her bottom eyelashes I had like a total of five bottom eyelashes per eye they’re not as like cute and fluffy like hers are like I just Asians just don’t have as many eyelashes white folks do that’s just like we just have fewer eyelashes anyway that’s a lot of rambling I’m gonna stop now and I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know this is not food content I’m gonna be coming out with more food content soon but you know experimenting with other stuff and it’s Valentine’s Day so I thought this was relevant anyway thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you guys have delicious steak bye Wow I scratch my head with like this the edge of the barrel thing Frank that hurt there’s a lot of hair in here because I’m gross okay he’s just popping off because I have a weird shape head can you just stay on please oh and yeah enter the giveaway don’t forget to enter the giveaway for madam glam more details down below okay bye


How To Plan Vegan Bodybuilding Meals | High Protein

[UltraVid id=31 ]hi it’s full from hand shovel today I’m going to show you how to plan your vegan bodybuilding meals okay so today on batch cooking some meals to take to the gym so I’ll talk you through my fill process how I put my bodybuilding meals together say for a vegan you know the higher protein sources they goom’s number one here I’ve got mixed beans any types of beans will be fantastic you’ve got black beans a Dukie beans mung beans there’s a hundred and one different beans they all be a really good addition I’ve got lentils as well pair those with a starch generally I’ve been using brown rice today I’ve got quinoa been dropping my calories down a little bit on my cut now so the quinoa has got 14 grams of protein per 100 grams a lot more than you find in rice so keep my protein up as the total calories comes down also you want to work in plenty of veggies essential for health your dark green leafies are among the more nutrient dense vegetable so every day you should have a good sir from the dark green leafies today cavalo Nero you know kale chard spinach any of those you know will be fantastic good range of different colors in your veggies as well so you’re getting a good mix of all the different antioxidants they all have different properties in addition the more spices and herbs you can throw in the bear these really are superfoods they do some amazing things for your body today on choosing chillies curry powder which will have a good amount of tumeric in I’m also pairing up with black pepper so the black pepper has paper in which works well with the cumin in the turmeric and that really allows exponentially more bioavailability just again really essential nutrients through you via health amazing properties but garlic pie knows I’ve not got fresh garlic today I’ve got a good amount of coriander again any any spices any herbs really good you notice there’s no overt fact of these meals this is because I think that humans are designed really for carbohydrate and not low fat affair for us you know in disease prevention in reverse so however you know you do need some good quality fat say things like cheer and flexy to the Amiga threes you know some nuts some maybe our condos so I think we have flat seats in my morning meal in my porridge in the evenings I’ll eat a small amount of it up to a half an avocado but free that they are you know fat typically with these salt ingredients I make chilies curries soups casseroles steamed fries I say steam fryer I don’t cook with oil obviously and I’ll show you my method job number one get the grains on to kick next we steam fry all the veggies save for the leaves in the goom’s on a nice high heat this will typically take you about 10 minutes keep adding water if it starts to or Draya the next stage is to add all your spices and then you want to stir fry those for a further minute at this stage today I’m adding in vegetable stock sometimes I might use canned tomatoes for a change a little stir in and then if you using split peas or dried lentils now’s the time to pop those in as well and any leaves okay so I can put the lid on now let that simmer for about 15 minutes and now the last stage I’ll add in le cooked beans give that like a minute or two to heat three last minute as well adding any fresh herbs that you’re using so here’s the finished product 40 grams of protein cutting 75 grams of carbohydrate and a ton of micronutrients that you don’t get in white rice chicken breast and tuna okay the taste test boom this is the best tasting bodybuilding meal that you can have you know this is the sort of stuff I take to the gym with me to eat people will be sitting next to me recently was a young lad he had white rice chicken breasts a little hot and sweet chili sauce you know to make it half palatable and it just looks so bland and dead you know this speaks of life is so vibrant and as we all do it the only oxidants are all the micronutrients that make us really healthy and stave off disease I asked him what his macros were and my meal had more protein than his incomparable carbohydrate so you know why eat a bit of dead flesh the amino acids in this are just as good but this has got a lot of other stuff with it you know animal products are relatively devoid of nutrition comparable to to plant products so there’s no need to do it it’s not helping your goals it’s just making your life bland and shortened in it if you’ve enjoyed this video please like and subscribe go vegan for victory


How To Succeed Going Vegan In 2019!

[UltraVid id=12 ]Hey, it’s Kristin and you have decided that this January you’re going to embark on the most beautiful journey of your life you are gonna quit meat and dairy and go vegan that wasn’t crazy at all big congratulations to you for making this decision your future ancestors are gonna be very grateful for you not destroying their future or very grateful but at least we’re on the side of people that weren’t destroying their future kind of depends on how the future ends up looking but keeping it real your life is going to change dramatically if you make this change because it’s just gonna be a thousand times more awesome I’m so cringy today so I compiled a list of the best tips that I found online and combined them with some of mine that I think are super important because I know that a lot of people make going vegan a new year’s resolution and what’s important to me is to help you do this as effectively as possible and also not struggle so that you can keep being vegan for infinity for step number one I would say sign up for the January I have the website link below because they do send you I think daily e-mails with helpful information and recipes I haven’t tried it to be honest because I was vegan a long time before I learned about be January but I know it’s been useful for a lot of people so I am definitely recommending that as the first thing you should do and also if you have a calendar make sure you mark your calendar today I’m going vegan January 1st so that you can see it it can inspire you and make you feel like you have to do it because it’s on the calendar next step is to make sure you watch documentaries like cowspiracy forks over knives Dominion earthlings definitely listen on YouTube to the speech the greatest speech you’ll ever hear by Gary Yourofsky that’s a really good one also what the health is really good and I’m just gonna link below all my favorite documentaries in order of importance to me personally so yeah if you’re gonna watch something just start from the top and then slowly keep watching more and more now look into your fridge and pantry do you have animal products in there if you live alone and you have control over all of your food I would say take that and give it away you do not want to have those foods in your home because the first month is very unstable months a lot of unpredicted things are gonna happen so it’s best to just sort of remove the temptation from your home so that you it’s so good it’s much harder for you to slip pop definitely don’t throw it away just give it to someone that’s gonna need it someone that you probably really dislike also just so maybe speeds up next I would say try and get your loved ones on board friends or family or your significant other because it is a lot easier Oh Gigi no honey no because it is a lot easier if you have help and try as much as you can to also watch the documentaries with other people because then you know they kind of also pushes them to to follow this along with you so on vegan food and living I found some really good tips one of them is to follow meal plans especially if you’re into planning your meals and just are the more organized person to be honest I’m not the type of person that would do that and that’s not how I transitioned into veganism for me I what I did if you are lazy I would say since you’re not gonna plan your meals just take your favorite meals and veganize them or take meals that are already vegan that you’ve been eating for me it was pasta and just eat more of it in the beginning another thing that I would say is make sure that you’re eating enough because especially if you’re making a switch to a hell Phoebe can diet a lot of the stuff that you’re gonna be eating it has a lot less calories than you know meat and dairy so just make sure that you’re eating enough if you feel like you’re hungry all the time or hangry all the time or not satisfied with your food it’s because you’re not eating enough so either add a little more fat in your food like healthy fats avocado extra virgin olive oil nuts seeds or increase things like protein so even more lentils eat more chickpeas because those are a little higher in calories and more satisfying so that’s my advice for that and the other thing is be open to trying new things I know that until I went vegan I honestly hadn’t even tried half the food that exists in this world meat and dairy kind of keeps our dietary preferences very narrow-minded when in reality there’s just so many different foods that we could be eating their seitan and tofu and chickpea cookie dough and banana ice cream and there’s so many different plants vegetables fruits that I wasn’t eating before and there’s just so many different and new things that I tried that I really love now and my diet is just so much more diverse and interesting so definitely don’t be afraid to try out new stuff because chances are you going to like I found this tip on self.com and it is jazz up your food with condiments and that is so true for me I think that condiments just if especially if you’re like me and you’re not really into cooking and a little bit lazy with just anything that’s kitchen related and food-related condiments are really gonna save your life so find just different vegan condiments barbecue sauce and heaney mustard just experiment with the different flavors that you like and just add those to your food to make it more exciting if you’re not really a great chef so eating at home is working at it’s going really well but the dreadful time that you have to go and eat out is approaching and you don’t know what to do so the first thing that I would recommend is either download Foursquare or happy cow or both I would recommend both because if you’re not really getting any results on Foursquare then you can check with happy cow or if you’re not getting any results with Abaco you can check with Foursquare you can use those apps to search for vegan or vegetarian restaurants or I think they also show you restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian options and then the other tip that I have to give you is to not be afraid to ask your waiter what is inside a meal or if they can veganize a meal and if you’re too shy to do that just think of this okay when you go to a restaurant you’re giving people money to make something for you to eat that’s gonna go inside your body and most of the time none of us care to ask and figure out what exactly is in this concoction that we are shoving in our mouths and putting in our bodies I mean it’s kind of crazy if you think about it I don’t know the bread could be made out of yoga mats or like the hot dog you ordered contains puppy fetus you’re never gonna know if you don’t ask so just don’t be afraid ask and ask your waiter for help to make you recognize something if there are no bacon options on the menu and honestly if the menu has zero vegan options and they can’t make anything begin just ask your friends politely can we go somewhere else it’s not such a big deal for the last tip the first month of going vegan is always more tricky and I don’t think anyone has gone vegan the first month and didn’t have some mishaps or failures at some point I know for me my first month of going vegan I did slip up a few times okay it didn’t happen again but accidents are gonna happen also be prepared for that I’ve been vegan for almost five years now genique is everything okay she’s talking to the birds and you done I’ve been vegan for almost five years now and just last month I accidentally ate something that wasn’t vegan I thought the bread was vegan it wasn’t happened stuff like that is totally normal and you should not let it bring you down at all just get back up and go back to not eating innocent animals and also not destroying the planet for future generations since meat and dairy is one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions so there’s that cow farts and that’s it welcome to the vegan Club we are a good-looking people and just make sure you enjoy it and have fun cuz there’s no reason not to you’re doing something fantastic for yourself for animals for the planet you should be happy and proud of yourself for doing that and that is it thanks so much for watching give this video a big thumbs up if you found it useful comment below letting me know when did you go vegan or when are you planning to go vegan and also subscribe for more videos like this in January I’m gonna be focusing a lot on creating content regarding veganism with advice information food that kind of thing so definitely stay tuned for that by subscribing or hitting the bell notification to get updated every time I post a new video whoo that was a lot huge thank you to all of my patrons for supporting me making these videos possible and I will see you guys soon you