[UltraVid id=114 ]Hello and welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share with you my finisher needs fr not just the summer shred but I’m going to kind of share my story from like how I got started into like a fit lifestyle back when I was about eighteen and nineteen that’s when I kind of started working out and like doing this so I’m going to show you where I’m at right now and then I’m going to kind of talk about how I’ve gotten there so far if you watched my videos recently you’ll know I’m doing like a mini summer shred for summertime so definitely have stepped up things a notch which I’ll talk about so first I’m going to show you our mat right now [Music] [Music] okay so now that I have put a shirt on and you saw kind of where I’m at now I want to talk about like how I got there so if you watch my more recent videos you know that I’m doing like a summer of vegan summer shred and if you were watching me for longer than that you know that I’ve been doing the world’s slowest cut because I took like a long time to kind of get myself back to the good balanced and maintainable place so I want to share with you my entire story today starting from when I first like steps foot into a gym I’m one of my most asked questions is like how did you get into fitness or what is fard you to start working out or anything like that so back in the day I was a dancer performing arts was and is my passion like I love to entertain I want to be on stage in front of a camera just like yes ant stands like that’s just that’s just my that’s what I live for so I was dancing for years I taught dance I did competitive theater and I was a choreographer and I did the whole night I did that for for a while and then I hit a point where I kind of felt like I was at a crossroads with dance because it was like I either had to basically like move to New York or California pursue dance or kind of just find a normal thing to do and I decided to go to school and give that up I was dancing every day my day was basically like I would wake up while I was in high school I was in a social program so I would dance during the day I would dance after school I was go to dance classes or I go teach dance so I was very very active I didn’t have to worry about what I ate I pop-tart Oreos like I had some disordered even eating habits but I did not recognize it at the time I was very very insecure about my body but at the same time I like crap I think a lot of people can relate to that I didn’t know how to be healthy I didn’t really care because I didn’t put on a ton of weight from eating McDonald’s and Wendy’s because I was so active so once I came at that point were like I had to kind of I kind of stopped dancing and I was focusing on on school obviously all of that activity suddenly stopped I got a job at the gym ironically I was not into working out I just got a job there and I would be sitting the whole time so I worked at a desk and then I would go to class and I’d be sitting in that come home and I’d be studying or writing a paper and I be sitting and I would still was still eating the same so after a while that started to catch up with me so I was eating ramen noodle and McDonald’s and all this stuff and I started to go kind of fluffy so like I said I was already an insecure child like child I was already an insecure young girl that the insecurity started getting a little worse because I started to feel kind of fluffy and all the go my pants are feeling a little tighter like oh I got some little handles going on here I started to feel more insecure and it was not comfortable in the bikini and I was a little unhappy about that so I was like okay I probably should stop eating pizza and ramen noodles every day and I should probably take advantage of my free gym membership because I worked at the gym right so I committed myself to three days a week that’s like I was like if I do to three days a week I’ll be pleased with myself and I wrote it on a big calendar in my room I was like honestly I probably only made it one or two days a week for a while I didn’t know what I was doing I would run a lot because that was the only thing that I knew like I would just run on the treadmill I didn’t really know what to do with dumbbells or anything like that and as far as eating I slowly started to change the things that would eat like I kind of just stopped going to get fast food you know I was around people who were personal trainers all the time so I kind of would ask them for help and they would be like like oh like have a salad so I started like pushing things out for healthier options and then I got the opportunity to move to California and that was like a dream come true for me because like California is where I want to be and my heart has been there since I was little like I don’t know what what it is about that place it it calls me and so I went out there with my friend and other than my one friend I had nobody out there no friends no family I had to get a new job and I had so much alone time that I was like you know what like I’m not going to I’m not going to just give up my whole new healthy lifestyle that I was attempting to start I say attempt because I failed a lot and since I had nothing else to do because I met friends to hang out with and have to be at school because I pretty much dropped out of school to go to California I would go running outside I would run up and down the stairs I would do push-ups and squats and all kinds of stuff and who knows what my form was right or wrong but it started to feel really good because I was doing something just for myself and it was like every day it was like this little accomplishment and I started to feel like oh this is like like this is kind of fun like my workouts was probably 20 minutes long they were not anything crazy but it was it was fun because like because I missed I had stopped dancing and I really missed that like getting that movement and just like kind of getting in the groove but listening to music on my headphones like it starts to feel good and I started being very consistent and I would do it almost every single day and I was like okay I’m still going to keep it I was eating like Greek yogurt and oatmeal and smoothies and stuff and I was just like making healthier choices remember I said my first progress picture because I was like you know what I’m working like I want to see if there’s any changes in my body so I took a progress picture and I’m a raptor like a few weeks I compared them and I was like wow I actually look a little different like my waist looks a little tighter and so then I was very motivated to keep going like once you if once you get through that first little like rough patch of getting motivated and you see some sort of progress or you feel it and I didn’t weigh myself at the types of witness skill but once you see that first bit of progress you kind of get motivated to continue and so I wanted to keep going I didn’t really know how to how to step things up I didn’t have a plan I was following nothing like I wasn’t even like like I had I wasn’t there wasn’t like Fitness people on Instagram or maybe there was but I didn’t know about it at the time so I ended up coming back to Florida and I was a little bit sad about it but I was happy to be with my family again and I got my job back at my gym that I was working at and I was like you know what now I I really like this whole working out feeling healthy thing I want to like step it up I want to keep going so I asked my friend Jason with a trainer at the gym to help me out and he would I would I would stay after work and wait for him to be done with his clients and like have him show me like showed me the way like and he would show me how to use the machines and stuff and like having that help like honestly changed my life because I would not have probably I probably would have been too intimidated to do anything unless somebody had showed me and helped me along so it’s Jason if you’re watching this Thanks I started to work out like you know a few times a week like I would had a little routine going okay man do like today okay I’m gonna do chest today and I was like just really enjoying it because I wasn’t working for any sort of specific goal I was just doing it because it felt good and like that’s honestly I think the best way to start is to do it for yourself you have to do it because you enjoy the exercises and you have to do it because you know you want to so I never did anything I didn’t want to do like for example I don’t like Zumba I like everything else other than Zumba I love dance I love to work out I love salsa I love hip-hop dancing I love it all I don’t like goombah so I’ve never taken a Zumba class like don’t do what you don’t want to do so after a while of kind of just doing that and stuff I definitely noticed changes in my body but I wasn’t I didn’t have whole lot of muscle development and I would get um there were bodybuilding coaches that went to my gym that would kind of come up to me and be like you compare have you ever thought about competing because you have like a good you know good figure to you know you can set consider it and I was always kind of like at like I went to one bodybuilding show to support my friend and I saw with the bikini girls look like and I thought they looked good and everything it just wasn’t it really interests me I wasn’t like wow I want to do that like I never I never felt like that and so they would say that’s mean I’ll be like oh like I’m so flattered but like now I just kind of do this I like working out just for me and then I went through a breakup and at the end of that relationship one day one of those coaches came up to me and said you should consider competing and I remember I went told my boyfriend at the time Oh so-and-so says that I have a good figure for competing like isn’t that so cool that he said that about me and my boyfriend was like what are you talking about like you don’t have to figure for that like you’re not athletic enough like you’re not fit enough like he basically told me like I didn’t have what it what it takes and I was like you do like do you know like he obviously didn’t know who I was because he didn’t know how ambitious I could be about something so we broke up very shortly after that conversation that’s not why we broke up but they just didn’t help and then after that I hit back one of those coaches up and I was like a like yo like you said that I may have what it takes to compete like I want to try it out I just want to do it one time I just want to do one show see how fit I can get really learn how to workout like a bodybuilder and and do it for fun like just do it because I enjoy it so during that time I really liked what became so serious and I was just like I’m ready to have just to feel good about my body to know what I’m doing in the gym like I was just ready for a switch it was like turning a switch on in my head and I always tell people that like when it comes to making it the decision to have a fit life it’s honestly like flipping a switch that you are capable of it from day one like from way before I was to California when I was trying to commit to three days a week at the gym I was so capable of it but I just didn’t flip that switch and then after my breakup that switch flipped and I was just like this is what I want to do like I am serious about this I want to feel good I want to look in the mirror and be like damn because I didn’t really feel like that and so I trained my ass off I was so committed I was on point with my diet like I did not cheat like a thing on my diet when I was competing like I was so so dedicated I didn’t miss a cardio session I did everything I was supposed to do and I really learned how to workout because my coach trained me like a whole five days a week in the gym so I learned I learned how to do it because I made that decision I flipped that switch and I decided that I was going to be so serious about my priorities with health and fitness I lost a lot of friends I lost pretty much all my friends that I had at the time because they thought I was no more fun because I didn’t want to go out drinking they thought I was weird because I would show up to dinner parties and not need anything because nothing fit my you know my my meal plan and they would make fun of me I got made fun of publicly on Facebook I got made fun of publicly on Twitter people would come up to me in the gym and say things to my face like like people would I would hear literally hear people talking about me like right there people that I knew that would then come to me and be like oh hey Bianca like but right over there they’re saying like well she looked so cool because she starting to look like a man with like I mean if you guys have seen my pictures I don’t think I’ve ever looked like a man and if I did then I look like one hella good man we tell you after I went through about two years of competing after my last competition I had my breast augmentation and I could not train for a few weeks and that was when I hit a really hard depression because I realized I did not have that outlet that bodybuilding training became an outlet for me and I no longer had that because I was resting from surgery and I went through this hole I was at a time of really just self-reflection and I thought about why am I doing this like am i what what are the reasons I’m competing and I realized that what started out as me being in the gym for me became me you know trying to compete so that I can look a certain way to fit an image and I was like I don’t need to fit this image anymore I’m never going to be that the perfect bikini girl because the perfect bikini body doesn’t exist and I decided and I have so many people reaching out to me for help that I decided that I want to focus my energy on helping them Andrey put my energy back into just like loving my body and loving myself the way that the whole reason that I set foot in the gym in the first place was to feel good about myself and to do something that was fun and I brought myself back there and that’s kind of how I got to where I am now and I’ve explored all these other forms of fitness from martial arts to new styles and I got back into dance I’ve been dancing again and it feels amazing and I use that as a form of my fitness and I can honestly say that like to get to you know a point you have to be consistent I flipped that switch on like I was like I’m gonna be consistent about this and yeah like I have days where maybe something comes up and I’ll make it to the gym but I’m going to go to the gym the next day like that’s that’s really what consistency is so my best advice to you what I hope you get from the story is that we all go through ups and downs you might lose friends along the way but you just you have to do it for yourself and you have to love yourself every step of the way like I love myself to my fluffiest and my skinniest I depressed times I had to pick myself up and love myself and and you have to do that like you have to do it for you you cannot do it for somebody else you cannot do it to fit an image don’t do it because you want to look like the girl in the magazine don’t do it because you want to win a trophy do it because you want to be healthy and happy and you love your body and you want to take care of it so that is my best that is my story as much as I could possibly sum it up I hope that it was a little helpful for you I kind of didn’t mention is that the past three years Mike fitness journey I’ve been completely vegan and that has not affected any sort of growth or weight loss or anything like that if anything it’s made me feel better because it gave me more of a passion to do this because now it’s like I’m showing people what you can’t accomplish on it with on a vegan diet so it just kind of inspired me even more but you can absolutely do whatever you set your mind to and I hope that you like my story and I hope that if you have if you have this desire inside of you to become to get a fit healthy body and to be the best version of you I hope that you go out there and do it because you are 100% capable of doing it you just got to turn that switch on turn the switch on get your ass to the gym or maybe it’s not the gym maybe you want to go running when you want to go to yoga class whatever it is and maybe you need somebody to help maybe you need a mentor or a coach like I did my friend Jason was the very first person to mentor me and maybe that’s what you need and there’s a million people out there with great knowledge in their brain so it’s just reach out to somebody or read some books or you Google like you can learn so much with the internet so that’s all I have for you today and if you need any training programs to follow for the gym or even at home check out my website the link will be in the bio you can check out my vegan supply design guide if you need help as far as macro counting on a vegan diet or anything like that and you can email me for online coaching because I am accepting clients as always yes that’s it okay sending you all loving light as always ha peace