Best Vegan Toasted Sandwiches!

[UltraVid id=237 ]These vegan toasties are so yum! As good as/better than any grilled cheeses or toasted samis I have eaten in the past 😀 These are my two favourites; mushroom and caramelised onion, and roast capsicum and pesto XX

Favourite Vegan Toasted Sandwiches!
Mushroom & caramelised onion;
– ciabatta or any bread
– 2-3 mushrooms – flat/Portobello
– 1 brown onion
– 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
– rosemary
– garlic salt
– 1 clove garlic
– 2 tbsp vegan mayo
– tomato relish
– margarine or olive oil
Roast capsicum & pesto;
– ciabatta or any bread
– 1 capsicum
– 1 zucchini
– pesto – 1 cup spinach, 1 cup basil, 1/2 cup cashews, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 lemon juice, 2 cloves garlic, salt, nutritional yeast flakes
– hummus – 1 cup chickpeas, 1 lemons juice, 2 tbsp tahini, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tsp cumin, dash- paprika, pepper & salt
– handful rocket or whatever greens
– paprika
– pepper & salt
– margarine or olive oil

I hope you enjoyed this video ♡


Vegan Millionaires Shortbread YEAAAAAAAHH!!!

[UltraVid id=145 ]Hi, today I’m going to be showing you guys how to make vegan millionaire shortbreads I know what you’re thinking ah that sounds long it’s not it’s really easy but the one thing that you really do need for my recipe is a condensed a condensed can of soy milk a can of condensed soy milk and there are other ways of doing it which you can look up online but this is the one that I found the best for like holding its shape and you if you follow me on instagram you might have seen that I was doing it giveaway for said before you get millionaire’s shortbreads and these are the exact ones I’m gonna be giving away so if you were the winner you can see me picking my nose where they’re making them and working it in the batter quick sidenote firstly I don’t know what’s going on with my eye makeup today I cannot get it even you know people are like oh why browser sisters not twins for what what’s the thing with winged eyeliner and secondly what’s gone on here my hair started to go kind of greeny gray I’m not mad at it though I don’t mind it anyway complete side note that let’s actually get on with some cricket are we okay so let’s get started what I’ve weighed out so far is a hundred grams of caster sugar and 220 grams of plain flour in my bowl I’m going to give them a stir we’re making a shortbread base first just make sure all the sugar and all the flour is combined before you add the butter just to make sure it’s all mixed evenly really okay oh me whoops hey well annoyingly that was just off camera but I did actually flick flour all over myself now I’ve had a quick clean up after the break I’m gonna add in 125 grams of soy butter I’ve got this dairy-free pure one you can use whatever you want vital lights another good go to say 125 grams are going in here Oh oh my god 124 let’s leave it there cuz otherwise I’m gonna go over it right you do not leave this guy’s misstep and are we on camera yes you’re just gonna go in with your hands so I’ve taken off all my lovely little sparkly rings and we’re just gonna start combining this bit is really fun it’s kind of it feels kind of gross but also lush so I’ve lined my Tim and this bit is really important so don’t try to get away without doing it which is something that I probably would have done back in the day before I was a genius I’ve just put parchment paper in and these sides have got a bit more of the soy butter just spread around it I promise you you are not getting this guy out of the tin if you don’t mind it like I said be sensible and do it got my dough here look at that for buttery biscuit base I’m just gonna press it in and then we’re gonna work it into all of the corners so it’s nice and even and super flat and I’m probably going to fast forward this bit because I doubt you want to be doing this for 10 minutes right it’s all pushed into the corners nice and evenly the neater you can get it the nicer it’s going to work when you take it out I’ve pricked it with a fork to ensure an even think as Mary berry would say and I’m going to put it in the other at the moment I’m on gas mark 6 so I think about between 180 200 200 might be to got 180 in a fan of them and I think it’s going to go in for about 15 minutes but I’ll let you know cuz sometimes everyone’s oven is different everyone’s having gets hot then of the Robins just make sure it’s in the middle of the oven so that one side doesn’t get more cooked than the other okay let’s do this right the shortbread still in the oven don’t start heating the caramel until the shortbreads out and quite cool I’m just going to show you basically the start of the caramel so in here I’ve got half my tin of condensed soy milk which I threw away this is the brand that I had set on the camera yes it is so yeah so I’ve got half a can of that I’m doing this recipe in half quantities because I made it the other day so I only had one pan just double it if you want to make a big batch but yeah half of that went into here and then I put in a tablespoon of golden syrup and then 50 grams of brown sugar and I’m just gonna mix it all together before I put it on the heat I just wanted to show you what it looks like and then I’ll show you again when I’m heating it and what it looks like then so my shortbread base is out I think it was in for about 20 minutes it’s nice and golden oh my god I can smell it smells so good so now that’s how I’ve started to put the heat on on the old caramel should probably move the camera but it’s just starting to melt so I’ve got it on a really low heat and it’s probably going to take about five six minutes to be the consistency that I want it to but basically you want all the sugar to have melted all the butter to have melted and it will start to thicken up just keep you need to stay in the room with it so don’t go off and go to the toilet or anything like that and yeah I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done oh hey I’m so annoyed right it is pretty much at the consistency that I want now you can see how much it’s not even on the camera yeah how much it’s thickened up but it’s still a pourable which is great because once it starts to set it’s really hard to spread evenly so I’m gonna pour it on in a sec alright guys we’re going in oh my god make sure you get every single last bit this is actually a great tip that I’m about to share with you that I haven’t done but I’ve just thought of have a pan up our pan a oh my god look at that I’m gonna move it around a bit in a sec fill in all the little gaps isn’t gonna be so great what I was gonna say is have a sink of hot water ready because once it’s set onto your pan you’re gonna be right that’s that bit done now we just need to leave it to cool yeah right now we are going to make the top at the chocolate top the caramel isn’t completely set but it is hard to the touch still a bit warm though and this is perfect for pouring it on because it’s not going to mix it and it’s still at the top it’s gonna sit on top I am making my chocolate for those of you again who follow me on instagram you’ll see that quite often I post little handmade chocolates this is how I make them and I just really like to do it it’s basically just coconut oil golden syrup or agave if you want to be sugar free but if you want to be sugar free don’t do this recipe because you’re a heart attack and cocoa powder ah basically you just combine like this quarter cup of melted coconut oil with a quarter cup of cocoa powder make sure it’s all in there you can’t just use store-bought chocolate if you can’t bother to do this thing or if you can’t get a hold of coconut oil and mix it together it’s so chocolatey and so like rich and it just sets in the fridge when the coconut oil goes hard I just really like making it but like I said buy your own from just make sure it’s vegan dark chocolate and you can just Mouse it with a tiny bit of soy cream or even a splash of soy milk just to make it a bit more ganache like so it cuts nicely and doesn’t shatter right so that’s the chocolatey syrup but if you eat it like this it will taste disgusting because it will be so bitter so we’re gonna add some golden syrup and I’m putting in about a tablespoon I don’t want this to be too sweet because the whole thing in itself super-sweet so again combiner and if you’re making if you’re going to use this to make little chocolates this is the stage as you can see it’s getting like really glossy and beautiful this is the stage when you just pour it into the little molds to make sure it’s all whipped up if you don’t mix it properly it has a habit of separating and all the sweet stuff goes at the bottom and then you get a very bitter cocoa on top it’s actually not that bad because it kind of tastes a bit like a truffle but I don’t want that for this because I’ve got a post them as well so these need to hold up in the post okay now I’m going to pour it on there will be a link below to a CD available with one of my singing on it they went really I did not know by man my mum okay that’s make sure you’ve got all of it you don’t have to rush massively with this part because the coconut oil doesn’t really satin till it’s gotten pretty cold in the fridge they pour it on just drizzle it around make sure that all of the caramel is covered oh my god there it is now it’s gonna go back in the fridge to set when it’s kind of half there I’m going to put some decorations on the top if you put them on now they’ll literally just disappear free the chocolate look in that is how you make raw vegan chocolate by the way so I’m gonna put it in the freezer because I want it to hurry up but if you’ve got all day put it in the fridge so that’s it they’re done it was a sip as that thank you so much for watching and as always if you make any take a picture and tag me on Instagram or Twitter or whatever you want to do just let me know because I love to see you guys making my stuff thanks again bye


Why Most Vegans Fail & How We Can Help

[UltraVid id=134 ]Anji and Ryan discuss a recent study released by the Humane Research Council regarding lapsed vegans & vegetarians, called “How Many Former Vegetarians Are There?” Not only have we seen friends and family fail with the vegan diet, but we’ve had our own failings as well. We chat about these issues, as well as share some of the HRC’s tips for helping yourself and others to get back onto — and stick with — a healthy vegan diet.

Read the original article & research paper here: http://spot.humaneresearch.org/content/how-many-former-vegetarians-are-there


How Vegan Diet Affects The Psychology of Humans: Dr. Will Tuttle

[UltraVid id=127 ]Hi my name is ken Specter with happy cow and I’m here in Las Vegas Nevada at the health healing and happiness Expo and I’m here with dr. will Tuttle he’s written a book called the world peace diet it’s an amazon.com best seller and he is an author a composer pianist and a speaker who is heard internationally he’s also heard all over the internet in his various videos dr. Tuttle how does the vegan diet affect the psychology of humans yes thank you so basically as I discussed in the world peace diet can eating animal foods being forced to do that from time our little children is not good for our psychology for our emotional stability for our capacity to be sensitive to the sufferings of others it really represses our natural wisdom and compassion being forces little infants to participate in rituals mealtime rituals where we’re eating the flesh of animals who are abused and killed and the secretions of those animals dairy products and eggs and so once we move toward a plant-based diet a vegan diet when we especially when we do it for compassion for animals then we open the doors for our psychology to begin to heal our emotions to begin to reconnect actually we going to reconnect with our emotions and our feelings and our sensitivity and we begin to take the armor off our natural self-confidence can begin to flow again our natural self respect because when we’re not respecting other beings we’re not going to really respect ourselves and I think eating animal foods essentially reduces not only our natural wisdom and compassion but also our natural self-respect so I think it’s very important for us to understand these things whether we’re vegans or whether we’re previous and as we move toward a plant-based diet for ethical reasons to also understand the reasons why that when we cause suffering to other beings we’re simply going along with a cultural program that is not in our best interest so one of the things that going vegan does I think psychologically is it helps build our character we have to go against the current of not only our own programming but the programming of our society as well the other thing I want to emphasize is that when we go vegan it’s important for us to make an effort to understand the big picture of our culture’s food system and I go into this in the world peace diet quite a bit but basic idea is that in the beginning we’re usually pretty shallow in our in our understanding and it’s quite easy to fall back and to be eating meat and dairy again because the doctors or our friends and family or the boss or whoever it is makes life difficult for us but if we are able to persevere through that we very often come to what I refer to as the second stage of veganism which is the angry vegan stage because now we’re angry because people we understand why don’t they get it I’ve went vegan why don’t they go vegan don’t they care we get outraged and angry so it’s very important I think for us to move beyond that stage because that’s a not a good stage to be in and and not to move into the other stage which very often often happens which is the closeted vegan stage so then if being angry is so miserable then I just won’t tell anybody I’m a vegan and I’ll just hide it and do not let anybody know and then maybe they’ll leave me alone that’s also not satisfying and healthy either so the third or I think there’s multiple stages actually beyond these beyond the shalour stage the angry stage the closeted stage and these are what I refer to as deep veganism where we are actually understanding the whole picture and a much deeper level we realize that people are programmed to eat animal foods we’re not opposing them we’re seeing together that even as a vegan I’ve been in many ways programmed by my society and so we realized that veganism is essentially a path of psychological and spiritual growth where we’re adopting a whole new way of relating not only to animals but to other people into ourselves and we’re being a force for compassion and healing and radical inclusion and we realize that veganism isn’t really nothing to be proud of it’s simply coming home to our own heart to our true nature and seeing beings when we see beings rather than seeing things and to be effective as vegan advocates were called to live this understanding at a deep level which basically means to understand that our cultural programming so when being so competitive and judgmental and shaming other people and getting angry and all that to really have compassion and kindness for everyone this is the path of veganism it’s really to me an enormous ly positive thing it’s something anyone can engage in and I think the more of us to do it well we have to it’s critical times we live in Kent I think we all know that in our bones it’s time for us to make these kinds of positive changes and veganism is really a path of liberation of Awakening and fundamentally of empowerment it’s empowering and and getting out of the prison of being a consumer only caring about myself but you actually have compassion for animals future generations hungry people ecosystems slaughterhouse workers and really for even other people who are eating animal food to have compassion for them and realized that as we live our life with joy and abundance and with delicious food and so forth and support that we are making the most positive difference anyone can make in our planet today so thank you all for listening and thank you happy cow for the great work you’re doing to help bring the vegan message to the masses to everyone thank you great thank you so much well I’m Ken with happy Cal this is dr. will Tuttle and thank you for watching bye-bye



[UltraVid id=97 ]James Aspey is a animal rights activist from Sydney, Australia.
At the age of only 17 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had 6 weeks to live. He beat cancer after 3 years of chemotherapy and during that time he began partying and abusing drugs.
He turned his life around once again and became a passionate personal trainer so he could help others with their health.

He spent 7 years working on a cruise ship, and partying a lot was the norm. That lead to an eating disorder. His journey changed direction when he met a wise Indian man who told him eating animals is bad karma.

He went vegetarian for a 7 day experiment and felt surprisingly great. He researched into the health benefits and realized how much he has been missing out!

Upon more research he discovered the shocking and violent truth of what is being done to animals for food, clothing, entertainment and medical testing. It led him to the question, “If we don’t need to kill and eat animals to be healthy, what are we doing this for?” The best justifications he could find or hear were incredibly weak.

In 2014 he took a 365 day vow of silence and cycled 5000 kilometers to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.

He broke his vow during a live interview on Australia’s most popular morning TV show.

James is now travelling the world giving free speeches to make our planet a more sustainable place.


Vegan Spirituality Retreat

[UltraVid id=92 ]My name is Lisa Levinson I am a vegan activist I organized vegan spirituality meetups that meet monthly and also annual retreats to me vegan spirituality is the practice that includes and is based on compassion for all living beings so veganism is a spiritual path when we decide to be vegan it’s including all living beings in our ideas of compassion we need many many tools on this path and I think that’s what vegan spirituality brings to the movement sometimes the best thing that people can do is stay centered take a deep breath and just acknowledge we stand I think what it does is it helps you to plan ahead for where you need to go I think it’s desperately needed in the movement in general spirituality is a part of the human condition no matter what we call it passion heart love it all comes from our true eternal spirit and our own inner wisdom that humanity is capable of infinite unconditional love and care for all beings the retreat is an opportunity to really celebrate to bond together in a way create a sacred sanctuary where we can create our own rituals that relate to being vegan it’s about joy it’s about community it’s about love it’s about compassion it’s about empathy it’s about understanding one another and know that we all are suffering these each retreat contains elements of connecting to nature we have a walk that people take or going into nature on the property and sitting and doing a quiet meditation we offer meditation and yoga these are ways to connect with ourselves and then we invite speakers to come and share their view about veganism as a spiritual practice spiritual mentality is a an awareness of the interconnectedness of all of life and how our actions always boomerang back be kind to each other whatever you most want for yourself give that to others take some time out relax spend some time thinking about what it means to be doing the kind of work you’re doing we invite you to join us for a vegan spirituality retreat there are lots of fun it’s a great opportunity to meet people the vegan movement and also meet people who just you relate to meet people who also feel that veganism is part of their spiritual nature and it’s just a fun day it’s a really great event and I hope you can join


VegNews TV: The Connection Between Yoga and a Plant-Based Diet

[UltraVid id=75 ]Namaste I’m Heidi rated for free or sole TV reporting on the vegan food scene for veg news TV today I’m at Tadasana festival you you know sokkia you yourself you’re pretty much vegan yeah and tell us why do you choose to observe eating in that way and how do you think it relates to being a yogi for me um well I like to be light in my body so that’s one of the primary reasons I’m teaching all the time I’m practicing all the time I don’t want to be heavy and laid down by food I just need nutrition that’s going to support my lifestyle so for me mostly raw and vegan diet does that so I want light easy to digest foods that give me energy do you think it’s important to be vegetarian or vegan if you’re a yogi personally I do absolutely on so many levels I mean there are so many contaminants being introduced into our food and it has such a sincere effect on our health and when our health is compromised it also influences our ability to be present and mindful unconscious it’s hard to love and be open to even our crisis are conflicted by our digestion is all block or for sick and so it becomes a real insidious cycle and so on that level it’s very important also if we’re supporting companies that are consistent in depleting our soils of their natural resources or water then what we’re doing is creating an imbalance in nature and disrespecting just really the balance of Mother Earth and that’s not appropriate either also of course as a yogi I don’t believe in initiating any kind of harm and so I don’t want to contribute to any kind of factory farming or the abuse of animals in the way that it is and I know that my nourishment can be found it might be a little bit more complex and I take a little bit more time but through a plant-based diet I can get everything that I need to stay healthy and nourished and present and very vibrant in my life and in my health I’ll wait I’m getting a call it’s my agent he’s also vegetarian he’s telling me that being vegetarian leads to better yoga and meditation practice because you’re digesting less saturated fat thank you vegetarian is good karma it’s um it’s reducing our karmic imprints so that we’re creating less suffering in the world less harm with with our diets which is part of our practice to be less harmful to ourselves and ultimately the world around us absolutely obviously the food that we eat is going to affect us on every level of our being physical emotional mental spiritual so i’m far from somebody that preaches vegetarianism or preaches to anybody what they should eat but I feel that people need to become aware of the fact that they’re deeply affected by what they eat and from that point a relationship can be developed a right relationship with food can be developed and that will look like different things for different people right but there’s a great old saying I think it’s a punjabi indian saying Only Fools argue about what to eat and we should all just remember the first law of just gratitude the fact that we get to eat at all and eat good food you know gratitude and always saying thank you before you eat what is your view on eating practices and practicing yoga and how does vegetarianism relate to being a yogi we are what we digest we are what we eat literally like we hear that we are what we eat but when we are engaged in a regular practice of yoga when we’re engaged in a regular practice of self study when we’re questioning our actions and how they affect not only our own lives but the well-being of other people and other beings and the entire environment of our planet then it was a choice that really made a lot of sense to me and it’s something and really looking at my ongoing practice what I choose like this morning even for breakfast had kale salad with tempeh so is about that like all right what am I putting in my body that’s going to fuel me throughout the day and that I can just feel good about this is essentially it’s a lifestyle festival people that are living this lifestyle people that are existing within the space that love yoga daily are spiritual beings they’re educating themselves about spiritual matters or eating healthy foods they’re living a certain lifestyle in this lifestyle is continuing to evolve and magnify and accelerate I hope you enjoyed this episode covering the Tadasana festival for veg news TV until next time namaste you