Jaden Smith Opens Free Vegan Fod Truck To Feed Homeless People With Free Meals

[UltraVid id=281 ]Will and Jada Pinkett Smith did a damn good job raising those children of theirs, and their kiddos are proving that more and more every single day. Over the weekend, Jaden took to Instagram to introduce his brand new I Love You restaurant. According to his caption, the purpose of this pop-up food truck is to give “people what they deserve” by offering homeless people in Los Angeles free vegan meals. Smith set up shop in Los Angeles’ Skid Row district, which contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States. Earlier in 2019, Smith announced that he will help Flint’s water crisis by using some of the profits generated by his JUST Water company to install filtration systems around the city in an effort to purify their contaminated water.


2019 Vegan Guide | Heard This? | 3 Simple Ways to Go Vegan Now!

[UltraVid id=257 ]Peace and infinit waters diving deep once again. beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby just woof breathing in that good ass Prada baby. it’s a sunny day and I’ve got a mango smile 7 day vegan challenge shout out to everybody who’s going vegan in 2019. To all of those of you, to all of those of you who are making that giant leap to go vegan, I’m proud of you and a lot of people always ask me what’s the three best ways to go vegan. I’ve been a vegan for over 14 years now. I’m not special, anybody can do this. Anybody can eat better and live better and feel better. Deep divers, did you know that over 150 billion animals are killed every single year ?Think of that while I tell you the three best ways to go vegan. The first way is what I call meatless Mondays and dairy-free Monday’s. Forget about doing it the whole week just focus on the meatless Monday say this Monday no more meat okay?
I know it’s gonna be hard because your mom’s steak is pretty good right? I know but it’s meatless Monday and it’s dairy-free Monday and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna eat mock meat, you can eat seitan tempeh porn.
I love milk Ralph what are you gonna drink? Almond milk on that Monday, then also have more fruit and more veg and then as weeks past, you’re gonna do that on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, then on Thursday, then on Friday, then on Saturday, then on Sunday! Before you know it, you’ve done that for a whole week and then you continue doing that. The second best way to go vegan. How to transition to the plant-based diet is to research, read books like the China study by dr. Campbell which shows the benefits of the plant-based diet. But where am I gonna get my protein Ralph? Chia seeds a complete source of protein III live, has more protein than beef. So does spirulina. So there are plenty of plant-based sources of protein but also find out why you want to go vegan. I’m doing it because I sincerely love animals, not just the dog down the road or the cat down the road. I love all animals and we have to protect animals, what is the third simple step to go vegan. Surround yourself with other vegans, people who love food, plant-based foods. Get out there, start networking, go to vegan festivals, start to realize that being vegan gives you more energy. People are happier, less anxiety, I’m one of those people and then deep divers, well you just say feels so good to be a live baby. Can I get a hello beautiful deep divers? Would just yeah breathing in that good ass piranha baby, to all of you who are going vegan in 2019, congratulations and shout out to everybody who’s been getting the amazing good ass prana shirts at Ralph’s smart comm slash clothes check out the new deep divers on Amazon feel alive by Ralph smart, get more daily inspiration on Instagram at infinite waters deep divers go vegan have a beautiful day infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy, peace you, go vegan, even the cat down, even the cat down the road says that. Go vegan, live better, eat better, feel better, let’s get it deep divers.



[UltraVid id=224 ]This is my morning routine in Bali! I have been in Bali for a few months now, and I hosted my very first fullyrawretreats. I am excited to show you a little bit of what my life looks like in the mornings before I begin the rest of my day.

About FullyRawKristina:
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram lives to inspire a FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy vegan lifestyle at www.fullyraw.com. A raw vegan lifestyle incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. KristinaFullyRaw posts new videos every week that include recipes, tips, tricks, vlogs, motivational, fitness, exercise, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.


People who CAN’T be vegan: the ethics of doing the best you can.

[UltraVid id=151 ]Dream great from being vegetarianism Oh reason you might not recognize right so a lot of people change their names and they change their avatar that change little photo so how would I how would I possibly remember you right but that’s great okay so you you you made the transition from vegetarian to because I’m happy to hear that so what was the problem was it b12 or what went wrong for you we’re taking about 70% of the veggies out there I can’t do not say really really well I don’t if you know Crohn’s disease Crohn’s disease was a funny turning point of my channel because you know durianrider was selling this myth that veganism would cure crohn’s disease because but you and I had a conversation where I hardly went to cheat a stream and I kept saying hey you know I watched your videos and you’re the reason I’m trying to transition because totally kissing his ass and I’m like you’re the reason I’m trying to transition because of all the wonderful benefits veganism his head under Crohn’s disease right so you were pretending pretending he really had Crohn’s disease we know he didn’t right yeah wonderful this and that and then I called them you know if you had friends what type did you have what parts of your body all this other chip medications were you he just literally shut me he also he also never gets the details right about the test he took he makes up stories but the diagnostic test he doesn’t even know what the diagnostic tests are that are used to establish that you had promised t so even that part of his story can’t possibly be true that’s right yeah there’s no way and on his diet he was ever vegetarian or vegan I just want to put in one footnote here it is true some people find improvement by having more soluble fiber in their diet with Crohn’s disease but some of people but right but some people their Crohn’s disease gets worse so I’ve had several vegans get in touched me to dispute this and very often they send me a link to some s some you know peer-reviewed paper on this and I just point out to them if you actually read the paper you think that’s what you’re gonna find a certain percentage got better but somewhat worse so Crohn’s is a very tricky very inconsistent condition to treat and some treatments were for some people some of the time that’s the state we’re at with the science there is like there’s a difference between an incurable disease and a disease for which there is no known cure but Crohn’s disease is definitely a case of a disease for which there is no known cure and in many cases we don’t even understand why people with the disorder respond to their diet the way they do okay the long and short of the answer of what causes Crohn’s to kick in is that you might be a genetic carrier for the trait but there are also mental issues that will throw you into I’m sure you know there’s also there’s also the basically the anti immune disorder theory then you can treat it by doing things like using bee stings and what-have-you so and again it sometimes works but you know the science doesn’t seem to be all the way done that way other wild covered in like cooking oil and doing the Lambada would help me I would do it it’s just if my highest was going between 24 and 27 times a day I’ve had over 20 surgeries I was the one that was in the hospital for a year because I ended up with having few emergency surgeries for blockages and then I was in the ICU and a coma two months I just want to see I think many people watching this video will be wanting me to state my moral position on this you’re not the only person I’ve talked to who for medical reasons as far as we now understand medical science has been ordered to go back on a meat diet or a vision or a non-vegan that I have known people and you know I do I do really sympathize the position they’re in I think that you know in the future I think these are exactly the gray gray areas of medical knowledge that probably will get ironed out like I think it would it’s very difficult for me believe that when Crohn’s DS when Crohn’s disease is fully understood that it would be impossible to be vegan and to have Crohn’s disease but that may be a hundred years from now I mean you know the scientific progress this area is not going to be that fast and you know for these people they’re there to question so just really briefly cuz I know my audience will want me to take some kind of hard moral stand on this there are people who are making the best decision they can with the available information there are people who are making a decision that is life or death and there are people are making a decision that has terrible impact they’re on their quality of life right now which is very very different from someone choosing to eat a hamburger just because they think it tastes good or just because so I really do I really do sympathise and I think it you know it reflects the historical period we’re in in terms of understanding crosses okay so you went you you you remained kind of a reduced read you try to be participating as little as possible in factory farms and so on right you know in my mind ethically aren’t harming the animals so or I just substitutes for things honey has has been a real godsend for me as tumeric for its healing properties but anymore because I feel like I’m adding to the problem so I just switched over to I’m not even sure just better really briefly I knew someone who couldn’t eat any legumes of any kind so no beans no nuts she had the most extreme form of that where she would actually have a heart attack if she ate anything with that and you know for those people even that so that’s a really extreme health condition so you could die on the spot if she ate beans I still do think there’s a moral obligation on them to figure out how what is doing the best you can because my whole approach to morality is based on doing the best you can for someone with severe Crohn’s disease the the answer is going to be very different or some of that kind of really insane allergy but I really commend you because you does sound I mean like eliminating honey and stuff it does sound like you’re making a sincere effort to do the best you can I mean back in the day and this is gonna sound ass-backwards were the easiest on my body because the simple sugars were the easiest for my body to digest things like Lunchables and I lived off that stuff for two years and I was losing weight the Lunchables diet the process I mean we have a burden now where the ileostomy I had last year kind of almost reset my system so that now I am able to increase a lot of the vegetables I wasn’t able to eat before but in small amounts now I can’t eat them and enjoy them good so again it’s like you say what causes this in my case if you like I know what caused my Crohn’s my mother my grandmother and my brother and two of my cousins Oh some type of gastritis ulcerative colitis just different GI problems given if still missing it seems clear there’s some genetic component to it have you have you looked into or have you experienced it’s given that you’ve already had multiple surgeries have you looked in or have you experienced the the treatments that that approached it as an autoimmune disease such as taking insects eggs the eggs of worms or yeah or or bee sting you know wasp sting therapy and I says any of that been tried with you or no so they were actually treating you with some kind of parasite to try to get the the autoimmune reaction to be directed towards the parasite rather than the body and I take it it didn’t work or didn’t work very well and again this being before I was vegan I was on the biologic Samara the Remicade Mouse proteins which now that I know that I would never go on them again just because I feel it’s kind of disgusting and it makes you susceptible to every cold cough and rash okay so it’s more a matter of just being hyper vigilant about watching what I eat you know making sure that I have a lot of imodium what I wanted to tell you was the age of 16 I started to get very bad cystic acne my nose like I was on that antibiotic for six years and then I started to develop antibiotic for that must impact your digestion right flora and bacteria and my probably is what propelled me into having a well as you know there’s really nothing I can say except I’m I’m sorry to hear that I mean you know yeah yeah you know I mean you know as I say there is you know it’s not the case that Crohn’s disease is an incurable disease but right now in 2018 it is there is genuinely no known cure and you know medical doctors are just human beings they’re not members of a vast conspiracy you know they’re not that’s also during writers approach is to vilify the doctors and say that the doctors are secretly trying to keep you down you know the doctors you know they may not know much more than you as a patient you’ve been a patient for so many years and researching it and reading about it because you’re suffering with it you know but the doctors are human beings coping with with very imperfect information and in this case of Crohn’s disease the same treatment can have totally different outcomes for two different patients and we don’t know why we do not know why so there’s this sense of trying all over the place my biggest whatever I I tried to stay out of the ER because I literally did spend all of 2016 I came home I fought for six months to have my second then in September a pound of cantaloupe cantaloupe sized my rate over which they said in the beginning was precancerous then after the surgery when they did more studies on biopsies told me that it was super early stage one so I’ve been avoiding the ER for a long time now and just self-regulating with the medications that I know worked for me but my husband being the brains of the operation and it’s like night and day all of the money that I spent on prednisone and biologics and antipsychotics all these different you know meds that give you 10,000 other symptoms and two tablets a few more today have helped so I’m gonna put up this video I’m not gonna edit that out but I’ve got to say again you understand how dangerous this can be on the internet cuz some other person you said before you were desperate for any hope you know someone like durianrider suggests this you’re you know you’re someone who if someone told you to use a magical talisman to cure it you know I’m also afraid you say that and I put this on my channel I’m afraid someone else is gonna quit all their meds and try to write so guys again keep them up as you said if I no no I understand no it’s fine it’s fine but I just say again this is this is an illness where different treatments have different outcomes for different people and this is not medical advice but she’s talking about something that worked for her or something that helped alleviate her symptoms okay look think look I’ve gotta wrap it up it’s been more than 15 minutes thank you for coming on the show no it’s okay I mean I do sympathise and it’s a terrible struggle that you’re in I mean it’s terrible struggle nutritionally it’s treble struggle of life and death but the thing I want to emphasize here is even for someone with a health condition this extreme where the consequences are so high in terms of your suffering when they’re in their d’art this is someone who is still trying to make the effort to do the best that you can



[UltraVid id=97 ]James Aspey is a animal rights activist from Sydney, Australia.
At the age of only 17 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had 6 weeks to live. He beat cancer after 3 years of chemotherapy and during that time he began partying and abusing drugs.
He turned his life around once again and became a passionate personal trainer so he could help others with their health.

He spent 7 years working on a cruise ship, and partying a lot was the norm. That lead to an eating disorder. His journey changed direction when he met a wise Indian man who told him eating animals is bad karma.

He went vegetarian for a 7 day experiment and felt surprisingly great. He researched into the health benefits and realized how much he has been missing out!

Upon more research he discovered the shocking and violent truth of what is being done to animals for food, clothing, entertainment and medical testing. It led him to the question, “If we don’t need to kill and eat animals to be healthy, what are we doing this for?” The best justifications he could find or hear were incredibly weak.

In 2014 he took a 365 day vow of silence and cycled 5000 kilometers to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.

He broke his vow during a live interview on Australia’s most popular morning TV show.

James is now travelling the world giving free speeches to make our planet a more sustainable place.


Vegans Louise and Frank – Vegan business owners band members & created World Vegan Day

[UltraVid id=96 ]Highways and high five all right but we’re here about the Cabaret which is the cowboy at calomel so how did you like get into creating a vegan cafe gallery event space anymore things add to that well it was all quite random really we always kind of had a dream about some kind of dream that we did reality and then it would have been about a year and a half ago maybe a bit longer I just saw a random sort of facebook post about this particular venue and that possibility of taking over and running into the restaurant like way because we it’s all our daughter very close to you and we knew this space so I just leave trying to believe what I just don’t see it on Facebook and we used to have a chat about it long and hard about it decided we should give it a go because we didn’t at least new order for my situation here to compete against other people happy one I what’s the best event are like program you put on I what’s the thing like you remembered and on our that’s so cool that’s made my day however i think when we’ve had really good bands so we know for us to hear is to burn a couple of times we’ve been heading up to that it would be round I think we did reach the two big on over irrigation and I felt that’s a good number you can still move around is not too jammed you can see the bound in comfort oh yeah a good band lots of people reserves hmm as we got into this staff interested in the arts in as well the selection of staff you lied so let me get something right one of my favorite Oh and she’s she’s great I think she just touch with our it already in to eat her and so she kind of me oh good and raise some money you know as well that was really popular event very committed we had Tom Robinson come and play here who’s who had some big hits in some teas and 80s but it continues to be a BBC Radio 6 DJ uncle and he’s really well known for having glad to be gay and he did a version of that song adopted at one point which is really funny things that because everyone was a bit hesitant about singing because it has yeah and he was like hold on it’s okay you don’t have to be getting to sing this song here everyone and then after that everyone sort of thank you and actually it was really young it’s quite moving actually I found it please you create the world vegan day so how did you come about creating that and what are the achievements you’ve had from it okay well well big day when I was president and we were in the lead up to the Society’s 50th thinking about how to celebrate this amazing occasionally and already have one more I’d already have one idea which is to create a fill and then I’m current exactly remember how the ideas that came into my mind Wow why don’t we created died and so that was much easier than making the film because that was really just a matter of announcing it but when I thought about it was really to commemorate when the society would start it started by very small number of people who have this crazy idea that you could live without essentially live without exploiting animals and at that time which is in 1944 sightings found people literally thought we would die bad enough that you vegetarian now we all know clearly different actually you’re healthier as a beacon who you know you’re gonna Diagne be much healthier but at that time I just thought I find it incredible that those people at the beginning had this idea separately around the country came together as community for the day each other decided to found the society an into doing the war Second World War he’s in line when food was being rationed food was already severely restricted at that time and I’m just so inspired by these people and I felt they deserved to be remembered each year in fact that those people founded the society all those years ago so when we founded well-being well being in day we decided it would be the first of novo the exact date okay about so it was started in 1994 it’s amazing now it’s all over the world people do all kinds of and it just still serves as an opportunity to take the idea how to other people or to simply celebrate it and it’s you know it’s Damon people I think just celebrate create conditions that but you mentioned the film that you created so what was a film about well it was created by four of us really running drugs in in real life you’d be like but that was the first major undertaking actress but that at that time we were ye we were pleased to have the presenter Benjamins great British poet represent and we made a 25-minute promotional film about veganism that was well received I’m still proud of that work which you can see on youtube and yeah the film I’m really proud of go on it’s called truth or dare so lots of people want to start being businesses so do you have any tips for them the starting their own well because it happened to us by accident I just say really I mean we’ve been doing this for just over a year now if you want to get into the restaurant business the best and the key is really to get a good team you enter into this type of business what you need to and to be my advice is to be very determined set your goal and go for it if you make a mistake don’t worry we all do with their mistakes I made loads of the state’s every day and I try to learn from the run be a better person be tolerant of people some people like myself see a vegan argument and change very quickly other people they take but everybody is a potential video so be tolerant of people business other side so ten years to finally get it of you like leaving for life so you have been in a bun so as the band called and what’s it like traveling and playing music and well I think there’s nothing beats being on stage playing your own music in my experience so those of the highlights of my life are being the moment when you’re on stage playing us or moving beats my experience the band ring is calling this frenzy which we lazy about putting music out where we do have a small record deal most about next year do you drop in veganism in your music I think somebody asked you this before about I would say to us but it’s actually I think it’s really difficult songs can below nice but so we have sort of we did earn some gone on our album which is a little violence which cool it’s actually an ex somebody used to play these total king two gave it up because he couldn’t relating children into so that song which is kind of related he was the first he was an actor he changed his mind basically and regretted doing is instead a very powerful thing which is why he used the sample and then I wrote the music around that fitted in with the concept of the album which was an examination of violence what I put over the top of Everest sometimes quite shocking statements from people for examples of moments when they’ve been involved in a violent situation or contributed to violence in this case Ronald McDonald contributed and then become a reformed character i would say stay away from its own writers i find it a bit cringing it’s you’ve got to be very clever to pull it off in a way but other I recognize other people like in small but I have to jump in here and remember that i did do I’ve done a couple of league in field DJ mixes which is a collection of tracks some of them by very well known pretty much i buy very big all students a lot more than I ever thought that was it took me ages reserved so some of there are some really good it’s a great one quiet I goons that figure I did find a lot really do examples might be Dina by the youtube com vegan okay so in my case I have got involved with my local animal rights group in Southampton and I was already vegetarian although I didn’t stay vegetarian for very long because I met some vegans who were in a another animal rights group that was down the road and I came across a vegan society leaflet read it and I just connected immediately with the leaflet the argument like leaflet just very simply made the case for veganism and just like if I recognized immediately thought by the vegan mmm maybe not sort of conscious quite consciously in that way but my totally connected little got it I suppose and then basically I decided with my boyfriend at that time I think maybe we were both living at home or something so we decided to book ourselves a holiday in Jersey go away from here before decided to be season so then we both look begin at that time I was the age of 18 and even really met anyone who was vegetarian but I traveled to Europe I wanted to sort of broaden my horizons on a coached Greece somebody gave me Buddhism well vegetarianism was discussed and when I came back to make moment its soda seed in my mind because I didn’t want to be I realized I wouldn’t want to do that myself for me as well I just wanted to opt out of all that and then about a week later I’ve to go veggie I was in a Holland America parents store in southport and the first edition of the new revamped vegan magazine had come out I happen to see that I open it up when I read the definition I thought actually that makes more sense to me sort of bored out of a live-and-let-live attitude adding one of involved please do you have any tips for people that want to go vegan well I think I really enjoyed it you know it’s presented as you’re giving up something that you’re gonna miss I never missed eating meat or cheese or dairy once I found suitable alternatives the whole world of food opened up for me better healthier I declare a conscience i’m just literally recommend the thing is it’s enjoyable you know you’re not denying yourself something whole different way of living now is the time to go vegan because it seems that it’s really exploded in school now has been in the media but in my experience I will say it is the set maybe not the best decision I’ve made in my life that’s certainly one of the imagine not being thing just say it really contributes to the right thing but it’s the nature of the food itself as well it has so many positive effects on body or mental health emotions and it’s just a more enjoyable really like honest it’s more than that so much go to be I think as I ever not yeah I mean for the future the planets as well aware that fifty percent of greenhouse gas is actually generated from animal agriculture everybody’s we want to save the planet sometimes a lot of let’s go to be 10 billion season in this century a lot of people a book to start eating a hell of a lot more food you can see the beginning of that happening now I think I know it’s more related the future with mass migration because and that’s already it’s all there it’s also a resource we do start making changes and taken on radical ideas like a vegan future the planet will be destroyed by who hmm and append them vation because too many aspects of the planet and it’s all good year round so thank you good you’ll end up XP be coming for a professional a very good start yeah


Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

[UltraVid id=74 ]What are you putting in your body dead carcass pain suffering fear can I have all of my vegans go into that pool of light and my non-vegans in that pool away first statement taste plays a big factor in my eating choices yeah I mean that’s a huge thing for me I think it’s one of my weaknesses actually like butter salt it’s one of my weaknesses I love food actually deepened when I became vegan I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I did before I was vegan my name is Aubrey Davis and I have been vegetarian for 24 years and a vegan for 13 years I believe that humans are the top of the food chain is a human at the same level of equivalence is like a fish right there’s probably a big reason why I’m not vegan anymore right is I didn’t I could I didn’t see that I had to see myself I don’t moral equivalent of a fish and it gets into moral questions like you know why should we have a pet that’s a dog rather than eat the dog and I think the most important question is why should I love my neighbor rather than eat my neighbor my name is Steve Michele ski I was a vegan for a year I was vegetarian for two years I’m a meat-eater now I’ve been so for over five years like I don’t even see like what is like a food chain you know I’m saying that’s just some contract some guy made and put a little diagram and put us the human beings on the top so I don’t leave the question of whether we’re at the top I think it’s a question of what do you do with that if you have a more conscious energy than an animal what do you do with that power do you choose to take a life or do you choose to live in love I put a lot of thought into my meals the way I support my body and my health is extremely important I don’t find that I can function at my best either healthy productive emotionally stable or intellectually capable unless I have a lot of proper nutrients in my diet six years ago I became vegan because I got sick I started to realize that my health was directly attached to what I ate since then my friends and family have supported me to feeling better and I’m better than I once before I got sick I don’t really like cook or anything so I don’t really put too much thought into what I eat I guess I live a fast paced kind of like I’m working late night so I’m waking up early so sometimes it’s easier to grab this quick process sandwich or I wish I planned my meals out more I think I would be a lot I would feel a lot better I think it’s really powerful no matter what you’re eating to put your intentions into whether it’s prayer invocation and there’s such great power and presence versus just like scarfing something down but like can I just really be present with this meal take my time and chew it slowly so that’s the first night resonate with and what I choose to do I would kill an animal I think there’d be tons of context where I’d kill an animal like if if a Lions gonna go kill a baby I’d probably kill an animal I’d kill an animal to save a human life and I get the vegans probably wouldn’t do that if I could do something to prevent killing them besides eating them like if I was protecting myself and we had to we had it like a something that we could do to get that animal away I would definitely try to not kill it I mean Ivy comes down to you with the animal you killing the animal I would I would give up their life for the fish why is it always the case when talking about would I kill an animal like exactly if you were lions running around downtown LA when I was in the hiking there’s there’s mountain lions that coming and kill people you’ve known that right that’s an Orange County that’s not that’s not in the jungle in Africa it’s Orange County mountain lions have killed hikers kids just let them know let the yes I we’re hiking in the mountains and there’s a mountain lion I have to be aware the fact that I’m in mountain lion territory and be like I’m okay with the risk because to be honest I’m not hiking with a gun I have no way to defend my friend you don’t hike with a hiking pole I mean I can pull against a mountain lion I don’t think you’re I just I just want to say like even if I did and even if my attempt were to be successful I would feel awful having killed the mountain lion what way your feelings or your foundation than for your beliefs 100% are human beings animals yes yes sure would you kill another human being to save another human being yes what makes one person more viable to another is it your relationship to that person it would yeah it would probably be so if for example I raised an animal in the wild it’s like an animal I’ve built a relationship with and that animal now threatens the life of a human being but I don’t know but I’ve known an animal its entire life what makes killing that animal as just cause okay as opposed to saving that life I have a live a longer relationship with that animal why would I kill the animal before I’d save that person it’s not relationship you kill them a person / an animal it’s because I believe human beings are animals now I see humans at a different level but maybe a value fish at the same levels person I have we see it very different I do it costs more than it should to eat healthy it’s more expensive to eat healthy I don’t think it’s too expensive farmers market is something that I’m trying to frequent more but sometimes you know you can go spend twenty dollars here and definitely not get as much I definitely want to see that you know maybe that’ll encourage people to eat a little healthier if you can go grab that fresh fruit those fresh veggies for five ten bucks you know I think our culture as a society is just in great towards like the fast food culture and which is cheap and accessible but now I think we have more of established like medical bases on what’s healthy and what’s not healthy and to get that content and to have it be tasty as well is is expensive I’m running in it does not cost more money to be vegan that is a myth it takes planning yes the convenience is less can you grab a hamburger at McDonalds for sure for 99 cents but how much lentils can you buy the issue is capitalism like that is what is keeping us where we are it’s not that humans are smarter and they’re gonna come up with this technology the technology exists it is there we can feed so many people it is capitalism and factory farming and most these companies that are selling us products that are like shitty food they don’t give a fuck about you at all period someone sitting on the island somewhere oh yeah like just stacking bread and then probably fast food eating really healthy food that shit you go to certain neighborhoods certain areas you don’t see the same fast-food you don’t see the same restaurant and it’s all for a reason they know I mean yeah that’s a good point it’s like they don’t have why’s there are many health food stores in the hood like my pant like get an option Weiser Lucas is everywhere and it’s true it’s like gift when you break it down there’s like malicious intent to D harmonize and like lower the vibration of certain people in certain areas and it’s like that’s a part of it too it’s like what am i contributing to true I’ll say this you know when I was 11 years old my father passed away from his second heart attack he was diabetic he was pissing out of a2 by Washington deteriorate my youngest here’s my life for like years and years just to tr-8 taking pharmaceutical drugs and just kind of basically dying slowly because of what he chose the 8th to me I’d rather spend an extra dollar I need organic or something healthy now and live longer than try to cut corners when you know now instead of later my mom would same thing she died she she was eating buckets of ice cream when she passed away she died at 49 years old Wow now choose now the more education that we can put out there just like stuff like this is beautiful that’s what I was most anxious about is learning more of what I’m trying to step into I don’t know if I’ll ever give up chicken I’m just gonna be honest with you I don’t know I want to eat a lot cleaner chicken do you guys have like cheat days ever I am vegan 100% at the frontline ethical reasons always always always and that’s why I don’t think in 24 years I’ve ever gone back it was hard to try new things things I didn’t like found tons of vegan food that was like oh god fuck you people here and then simultaneously realizing that there was options you know there’s always choices and it’s always choices we make like you said you may never give up meat fully but it’s like you’re making a choice or at least thinking for yourself and making a decision and like that’s all you can ask people to do is think for themselves I really appreciate each and every one of y’all I think so really appreciate y’all thank you for coming out what’s up guys I am Amari and I am Jason and am I’ve got a question for you you have a question for me what do you like about little Rhonda what I like about middle ground is seeing people come together and like realize that their labels are not the whole sum of their experience like take it off take it off the labels realizing there’s so much more than their labels that’s right I love that all right well tell us in the comments below why you love middle ground and if you’ve been a label that you want to take off and throw in the ground tell us that as well we love you guys as always please subscribe hit that like button I’ll see you next time


Mental disability, Eugenics, and Vegan Politics.

[UltraVid id=72 ]So I just mentioned in my girlfriend that some people including Peter singer openly say they draw an ethical line and they say if human cognition is below this line human cognitive ability human intelligence below this line then human beings can be killed or eliminated why did this come up because we’re talking about veganism in case you think we only talk about veganism on the Internet and I was pointing out that there are people who basically feel that some animals should have animal rights that’s very common it’s very calm there are people who feel that monkeys should have animal rights but not cockroaches there are people who feel dolphins should have animal rights but not goldfish there are a lot of people for the way that there’s some line where it’s like above a certain level of intelligence animals get special privileges and below that they don’t so you asked me yeah I think you just said how do you feel about that you know that humans below a certain level of intelligence right it’s okay to murder them so keeping it all the way real which is my which is my steez you know I have a brother I have a brother who has never spoken a sentence in any language he is so severely retarded he is so severely mentally incapable I’m told he can eat and you know obviously other people have to feed him he’s never had a job sir he’s only I haven’t which was a big controversy in my family it was a huge source of tension between me and my father was why did you never bring me to visit him why did my father himself never visit this brother and why was this brother’s existence kept secret from me until I was in my like mid-20s it was a big it was a big big moral thing because you get on I’m really into just doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do like if you got this son I’m sure like based on what I’ve been told he may not appreciate you visiting him like I think he’s so mentally incapacitated I think my fault this is part of what my father said my father said that he didn’t like being visited that that maybe triple you know the might not appreciate you coming around and talk to him you may not understand a word you’re saying but I do think in terms of duty and honor you know what I don’t know minimum once a year you got to go and visit your own son I’m you know twice a year like I’m not it like you know okay you’re not gonna go every week to talk to somebody who’s not even capable of maybe recognizing you or appreciating your being there you know like I understand you know I can understand that but anyway so in my own family one of my own brothers a guy with a lot of the same DNA as me has so little mental capacity that to what I’ve been told by his by his sister who’s also my sister in case you haven’t guessed yah is that uh but you know one of his sisters fascist mentality has never spoken a word in any language he’s never spoken a sentence you know he can’t he’s severely obviously you know there are animals that have speech they’re animals they have a that have sentences and have complex speech and speak ideas so you know this is if we’re actually playing this game than my own brother that would be a big question yes so who were you’re saying who are you saying it has that opinion someone in the animal rights yes if Peter singers could fit the most farmers and and to my knowledge and unless a natural vegan wants to come out and clear her name she used to you know support Peter singers vision which you’ve recently brought up and I’m not gonna demonize these people they’re a position I disagree with their position but it’s coherent it makes sense like just really briefly but the same thing within within Buddhism generally Buddhists feel that the more an animal resembles human beings the more it has human rights you know I mean so wouldest Street monkeys and elephants your elephants are quite at quite a high level and very often Buddhists will say they don’t give a damn about fish that fish just don’t count now I you know I’m not gonna demonize their normal people you know I mean these are these are most of them are good people some of them are terrible people whatever you know I mean like people live with that that’s a mainstream ethical belief you know I’m not gonna demonize that that’s I mean that’s important to say even because remember I’ve dealt with really extreme politics here in China we’re surrounded by people who are members of the Communist Party and you tell their own children that the mass murder of millions of people was okay under you know the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution and that’s normal here in China and you got to deal with that face to face I mean you can live in a country that’s full of people who support what the Catholic Church did when the Catholic Church killed millions of people these are mainstream beliefs even if they’re wrong you have to be or even if I personally think they’re wrong you know it’s not I can it’s all I can show you some simple factual proof that they’re that I’m right they’re wrong I can just talk through why I see these things the way they do but it’s so silly your question so where where do I stand on that issue now I just respond to say look let’s raise the stakes let’s talk about my own brother let’s put a human face on it right now why is my brother alive given that he was less abandoned by his own father because the Canadian taxpayer we have a system in Canada which is why the streets of Canada are not filled with mentally impaired beckers which they are in some countries like Laos like in Laos you get a sense of how many retarded people there are because you see them on the street and in Canada you don’t you know in in Cambodia get a sense of how many physical cripples there are the people with one leg because you see them on the street you know I mean in Canada we have a wealthy enough country to support an army of mentally disabled people I think the ethical decision you’re making is fundamentally very different in Canada than it is in Laos or Cambodia that is my honest answer you know what I mean I don’t think every country has the luxury the candidate has now I think in a country again I think it should be democratic and I think it should be transparent you know I don’t think it should be in a black box of issues nobody’s allowed to debate but I do think generally speaking in a country like Canada if you have that debate you’re gonna make rational reasonable choices I mean you give an example one of the issues is so if you have these people who are severely mentally disabled probably you cannot take care of them close to the home of their own parents probably do it decentralizes so maybe in every province you have one or two centers of special care for severely disabled people and then if when the parents want to visit or though other relatives or friends want to visit they have to drive a long way because Canada is a really big country now the Netherlands doesn’t have that problem Denmark doesn’t no offence Netherlands is just not that big but in Canada you could have people who are separated from their children if they if they sign them up for this kind of care but long as it is that is that is a rational budgetary problem where you say well we can’t have five hundred centres don’t the disabled maybe you can maybe you can have five hundred but you can’t have 600 whatever the number is you know you’ve got to make responsible decisions of that also to be a democratic way I mean can I was mentioned you we still have controversies about women getting breast augmentation getting you know silicone breast implants paid for by tax payers part of democracy is drawing quite a bit like for psychological reasons because their psychiatrist fills it a form saying it’ll help raise her self-esteem this kind of thing and getting it paid for by taxpayers now you know different people draw the line at different places but sure I mean so you know part of my answer is I’m actually comfortable with dealing with those questions in a democratic way democracy is not perfect there are lots of examples of issues democracies can’t deal with and deal with really really badly you know John Stuart Mill his big concern was about the majority ruthlessly oppressing the minority and that is a problem when you look at today we’re just looking at Iraq when you look at countries where the majority of people may be Muslim the majority people may be Muslim fundamentalist what kind of government what quality of governance are they going to provide for atheists for Christians for Jews for other minorities I mean in Iraq there was the case of the Yazidis another heart to define religious and ethnic minority within Iraq there are problems with the majority both minority but it’s an interesting counterpoint to note that a lot of the time you have a totally helpless minority of people like mentally disabled people they have no ability to form a union or have lawyers you don’t whoa bargaining on their behalf or something they have no ability to equal the lobby government or play the games other vocal noorie’s my too but I can really give credit democracy is good at some things bad at others the sewage treatment democracy does not handle super very well you know you can make an argument that maybe dictatorships are better at dealing with sewage treatment you know it is funny the way those things go but you know I think that’s actually a very positive thing and can done other other wealthy western counties are positive example that do I think though I mean what I’ve lived in Laos I’ve lived in Cambodia I’ve been involved you know in my small way and humanitarian work in politics and everything there and those are very different art decisions you have to make and you know I have a remember saw one documentary about dealing with mentally disabled in insane people people quite likely had schizophrenia in some poverty-stricken areas of Africa I remember a documentary that looked at it and you know then you couldn’t you get into very different very hard questions yeah yeah that’s your question yeah yeah I think it’s just a case-by-case basis like what exactly the disability level is right yeah I mean it is good that in civilized society is like in Canada you get you can pay for the treatment of these people for their whole lives but that’s what we do yep and and somebody has to draw the line to Mona to somebody else to said how are you actually gonna deliver those services and but I just mentioned my approach here again is not a rights-based approach you know my approach I think a credit come I would say it’s just deontological the question is what can we do for them how are we gonna decide to do what we’re gonna do for them and you know how do we but it’s just about an ethic of care and the most fundamental idea here is doing the best you can and recognizing that in a third-world poverty stricken post world country like Laos the answer of doing the best you can may be may be totally different I read I don’t know if ever mention this to you there was a heartrending account of a young girl who was sold into sex slavery in Laos and came back with her mind completely broken and the conditions that were described that she was living in F XI was returned to her family her family had had a wooden addict probably the house was wood you know I can I can imagine ever living allows the type of house this was so in the upper story they chained her to the wooden post that supported the the wall and what this article described was all day you know with no particular sleeping schedule she would alternate between lying on the floor sleeping passed out curled up in the fetal position screaming and shakin constantly screaming and shaking and running in a straight line you know bovis is pulling on her chain but running as if trying to escape that was how she responded to the experience of being sold into sex slavery and obviously rape repeatedly what have you and the other thing that’s that’s eerie about this if you’ve ever done research on this this area you can interview not dozens but hundreds of young women who went into prostitution at the same age under the same conditions and who even worked with the same pimps because the same pimps work with how do at the same brothel you know what I mean and didn’t respond to the experience in that way at all you know but this this young woman totally mentally collapsed and the question was what can we as lotion society zap our researcher what can we do for this young woman keeping her chained to a wall chained to a post this is not a great solution putting her into a hospital in Laos may be worse let me say if you go to the hospital you know I mean like it’s not I mean what what can we do with cases of extreme mental disability or extreme trauma or extreme insanity mental incapacity without you those are those are really hard questions and I don’t think the Communist Party allows answers but it’s a part of the role of democracy again I don’t see this in a human rights perspective I see it in okay so you have the demos come together and trying to make sober decisions of okay what is the best we can do how we how are we gonna do this and you know in Canada we do have some very generous programs you can see programs about disabled people playing ice hockey you know getting disabled people out and plague them on the ice and you know they can’t wear skates cuz they’ll get you know that’s too dangerous but you know where you give them special shoes and they can shuffle them out of the ice and you have a whole bunch of D poultry there are some there are some very generous things we can do but you know between that and you know actually having someone chained to a wall you know a metal and metal and wood and you know I mean obviously this whole conversation happens in the shadow of Adolf Hitler the reality is the the eugenic policies that they don’t feel they’re engaged in of you know actually exterminating mentally sable people there’s a very interesting history that how that how that came about how the decisions were made I think I think that was the sobering moment for Western civilization to look and say okay either we’re going down this eugenics path or you know or what what does it mean to take responsibility for the fact that in any given society a certain percentage of people are never going to be able to contribute there never be able to hold a job and pay taxes and we got to look at our amassed wealth as taxpayers and just ask ourselves what can we do for them expecting nothing in return and again to keep it all the way real you know there’s also a sense in which that’s not altruism because there’s a sense in which we don’t want to see those people on the street we don’t want to see them begging on the street corners and that is indeed partly for our sake not for their say well some do I mean some do I think I think you know a Peter Singer and someone that’s that’s a real question some do Peter Singer is Pro murder he says if you don’t reach a certain target oh I’m certain with my brother he would support murdering my brother yeah keeping it all the way real about us yeah