What happens to our body if we go Vegan for 1 month

[UltraVid id=150 ]Let’s face it, we all have that burning desire to indulge in delicious things every now and then of course I’m talking about the milk bacon cream chicken grilled cheese and more but what if you decide to give up these super tasty goodies more like quitting the sweets and making a big switch to the plant-based lifestyle ever consider doing this if so you’re not alone today many people have taken the big step to try out the vegan diet for their health and a few other reasons of course going vegan is also great for animals and our planet as a whole pretty sure you get the point well if you’re actually considering going vegan I’ll recommend you get a better idea what it feels like to make the big switch of course there are quite a few of compelling benefits to plant-based diets but you should know that the diet can be a bit difficult to follow in essence it’s not necessarily easy to switch and stick to the vegan way still interested if so you’re awesome in this video I’m going to let you in on what to expect in your first 31 days without meat dairy and every delicious thing in between note it’s going to be based on my personal experience let’s dive in week 1 during the first week of your transition there’s a good chance of trying to figure out how to eat properly in other words your diet will be all over the place personally I wasn’t eating enough fruits and veggies and sometimes I end up filling up with high-fat foods say nuts and more yes this is one of the most common mistakes newbies are likely to make so take note as the week went by more like towards the end I started feeling more tired than usual following this change I decided to decrease fats and increase my portion sizes well to be honest the change didn’t really affect how tired I felt week 2 moving forward the body weakness followed me into the start of the second week but the good news is I started regaining strength as time flew more like towards the end of the week and this leads to yet another uncomfortable side-effect you are likely to experience gas and bloating trust me mine was super annoying but the good thing is these symptoms are a normal part of the transition in essence it’s just a way of your body adapting to all the fiber you’re consuming as you probably expect it the bloating got better after a few days and by the end of the second week pretty much everything was gone I also think it’s great to let you in on how I fell in love with my veggies in fact it feels like my taste buds changed as I turned vegan right now I can’t seem to get enough of roasted pumpkin mushrooms broccoli potato red peppers and more who knows you might feel the same way to week 3 here’s the thing my third week of veganism was awesome first off the bloating was completely gone and I no longer felt weak and tired what’s more getting out of bed was no longer a chore it became easier than I expected week four yes as I said before my third week was awesome but trust me the fourth was super I literally fell in love with my skin the glow was amazing the change in my diet had a great impact on my skin my complexion became clearer than it has been in years so basically those with skin issues are likely to love their skin after going vegan that’s just how it is and finally I actually lost some weight but of course the results weren’t immediate the big idea here is that plant-based options are lower in calories than meat grilled cheese chicken bacon and more pretty sure you get the point all in all losing weight as a vegan depends on what and how much you eat the big secret is to stick with balanced and healthy choices it’s not going to be easy but trust me it’s totally worth it so what do you think do you feel veganism is for you there’s no doubt that a full time vegan lifestyle can be a bit difficult to adapt but based on all the benefits I think it’s worth giving it a shot stay healthy