Why These 13 Actors WENT VEGAN (pt 1)

Celebrities are embracing the vegan lifestyle. Ever wondered what made them go vegan? Find out what sparked the change, in part 1 of “Why These 13 Actors WENT VEGAN.”

~ Liam Hemsworth from “The Hunger Games” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.” Bonus: wedding photos from his recent wedding to vegan singer Miley Cyrus.

~ Woody Harrelson known for his roles in “Zombieland,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Now You See Me.”

~ Maggie Q from the “Divergent” series, “Mission: Impossible III,” and the popular TV drama “Designated Survivor.”

~ Joaquin Phoenix from “Her,” “Walk the Line,” and “Gladiator.”

~ Rooney Mara known for her role as Lisbeth from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and Therese from “Carol.”

~ Natalie Portman, Oscar winner for her leading role in “The Black Swan.” Her recent film “Vox Lux” features an entirely vegan wardrobe.


Vegan Athletes on WHAT THE HEALTH.

This is a clip from the documentary WHAT THE HEALTH, where Vegan athletes talk about the benefits of a vegan diet and how their health has improved exponentially after becoming a Vegan. They also break the protein myths about a plant-based Vegan diet. I do not own this video and it is being uploaded only for educational purposes. To learn more go to http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com

Hope you enjoy this video and I also hope that you viewer make the change to veganism.

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