The future of vegan business in the world – Jan Bredack, Veganz

[UltraVid id=107 ]I worked 20 years for Mercedes for mercedes-benz I was responsible for sales and marketing at first year in Germany and later for Russia 2008 I became vegan I changed my life completely I decided to start a new business in a vegan area and 2011 I founded the vegans GmbH and in July I opened a full range vegan supermarket here in Berlin really small store within 175 square meters from the beginning it became so famous and so popular and it was so successful in the first year we had sales from 1.6 million euros for this small grocery store it was amazing story and Higgins was in media all over Europe and in some blocks and worldwide and I decided to expand my business and I opened 2013 a second supermarket in Frankfurt and the third one here in Berlin and then the fourth and in Hamburg and yeah right now we have 10 supermarkets all over Europe one in Vienna and one in Park and Czech Republic and two years ago we changed our strategy because only to have vegan supermarket it was not my goal because we want to reach more people with vegan food and we want to bring the vegan lifestyle to everyone and because of this we decided to develop our own product line and we started with cookies and meat alternatives and we started the distribution business that means we signed some contracts with the largest grocery store chains here Germany with IndyCar for example with Kaiser Stanga man with me at all and at least with diem the end is a market leader for drug store in a drug store business and we build up there our own shelves with our products and right now we have in only in Germany more than four thousand distribution points where we are selling our products and we will reach this year more than six thousand here in Germany and we will expand our business all over Europe that means next month we will start our distribution in in Switzerland in partnership at co-op we will build up there one shelf in ambient area with 40 products and in the refrig area around ten products and in we will be in more than 200 co-op stores in switzerland next and later of July we will start distribution with Faust yeah we will deliver our goods more than 1000 per grocery stores all over Austria and and it’s important thing for you guys we will start the distribution and north of Italy in three hundred stores around South Tirol Boston area and Toscana and we will cover also Slovenia Hungary that’s our goal for this year I became in trouble up in my work and we can burn out and I changed my life and this time completely I I met a new girl and she was vegetarian and I invited her for for dinner and she told me no I I don’t want meat I am a vegetarian and overnight I became vegetarian because yeah because of this girl and later my kids were asking me why do you don’t eat meat I read some books and saw some videos some movies and internet and I began to think about my food and what what I eat and during five months I decided to became vegan it was not really difficult I changed my mind said completely I was thinking that milk comes from cows because they are eating grass then the difficult thing was to find the right products and the grocery stores so it was really difficult to delete the descriptions of food and that’s why I I decided to to found a grocery store for only vegan stuff most of our customers are not vegan they are vegetarian or flexitarians they are looking for food that’s sustainable it’s healthy and the most important thing is it’s delicious and we have to offer them our products in a one-block because they will not find our products in different places in a grocery stores we push our grocery store partners to bring our products in a right position in the supermarket maybe in front of vegetables because everybody is looking in a vegetable area or for foods especially here it’s a good place for our products I see no competitors because I’m not thinking about competition the veganism is it’s in a niche right now it’s only vegan products are really 1% or 2% from the whole range of food there’s so much space for everybody and our goal would be to support other companies we will help them to develop more new products and to bring them in shops of the supermarkets it’s our goal I want to be the enabler for the vegan and I will show CEOs are the managers they make the decisions for the assortment that vegan food it’s coming up you can you can earn money you can make money with vegan food and they will decide to bring more food in the shops that’s our goal the mindset of the customers are changing right now more and more customers are thinking about where as my food come from what about the transportation what about the agriculture one more people are thinking about this issues and they are thinking about the influence of environments far from food nobody was thinking about this issue two or three years ago and with new product with the weekend four of the plant based product you will show them at first you can have plant based products they are healthy sustainable and delicious it’s important thing and in the second step our customers are thinking about where this product come from and then you will change the mind of the customers in small steps in our experience for the flexitarians and vegetarians and omnivores it’s important to have alternatives that means meat alternatives cheese our challengers and fish alternatives they want to have the same taste from the products what they have from the animal based products it’s like a bridge from traditional food to plant-based food and they have to have the really good experience about taste that’s why that it’s so important for me to give them good experience with the products we will not open more vegan stores because you have to invest so much money to have some stores all over Europe Australia G is to bring the products in the grocery stores to show them to other plant-based products but our stores are important for they are work like a laboratory we can check out some or a figure out someone’s products but what is going well what is going not well what is tasty what is not tasty our shops are laboratories for food within this experience we can offer the best products for our grocery store our partners our goal is not to open more stores and also franchise is not in our scope right now because it’s really hard to earn money and to make it profitable only a full vegan store it’s not possible and I know what I say that first people cover the grocery stores I think it’s better for all of us to have 100 200 products all over the country for example Italy you can imagine that you have you can find 100-200 product and you are in your favorite grocery store and that’s our goal and if these products going well they will decide to bring more plant-based products they will change animal-based products to plant-based products I see this here in a German market we started with Attica 200-300 products and right now they are developing their own vegan products it’s a big big movements like a wave they come over the German grocery store business our growth in the last two years it was amazing we hired only in last year we hired more than 100 people new stuff and it’s really a challenge for us because you have to bring all these new guys in a right position you have to figure out will be able to make this job the best the best conditions and its really a big challenge for us and right now and summary we are one of 20 people they are working for begins i see the Regan idea the Regan lifestyle will be change our life in the next five years I heard the words of Bill Gates he was saying the future of meat is vegan these aren’t not only words I see really big big big opportunities to bring the vegan lifestyle in the middle of our society that means all the industries all the corporations or the companies will be invest a lot of money in plant-based food and plant-based clothes and plant-based chews and I see really big opportunities to give the big corporations idea of how they can money from this new business and our growth is amazing yeah we trouble every year our figures and it’s unbelievable for us I see a big inspiration for other companies and what we give them or what we gave them and I see the veganism in the next five years on a top of the industry channels

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