The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

[UltraVid id=143 ]This is all my kitchen equipment and then here it’s kind of like pots and pans keeps the soup in there French press and I’ll move on to the next room and I’ve got my bed along with my closet on the side right here my surfboard this is my baby [Music] [Music] you know people ask me a lot of times like why I do this it wasn’t really anything I thought about it was just once I got this like I knew this is what I’m just gonna do this you know I didn’t do it really a thought process that went into I wanna you know make this liveable I want to do this and this and this is just this is what I’m gonna do that’s not terrible throw for your camp members in there be alright with Hannah so I get to learn a lot about myself just you know you’re by yourself a lot here it’s like complete you know alone we were in a meeting and she touched out for blue jays was making a joke about somebody’s van in the parking lot and how it had grown grass all around it I saw like Nora’s kind of laughing so I introduced myself and I met dia I met the big hippie so guys you know most guys aren’t hotels or houses you know he’s just a simple guy so he parks it at the beach or the old Walmart there and you know sleeps out no one giving me a hard time because you guys are here they love it I always want me to make cook for him and stuff [Music] a little kind of a nice shake I hold it [Music] every time I start it up like it’s it takes five minutes for me to get going so I like stop at a red light and all just die out you deal with it and you just gotta be patient really take that into other forms alive I guess I think my first year in pro belong to us in twelve I had an eight-and-a-half er a that’s not good that’s really bad and I became a bulldog on the mound it’s controlled chaos you know off the field I don’t really I never get like that but I’m human and baseball gets into my mind on my car maybe I can remember out some push-ups like it makes you feel like you know I did something to get better today I think of all day there’s an opportunity to do more just like tonight like before I lay down to sleep I’m gonna go to pull ups at Walmart well basically this is where I do my pull-ups like see if I can demonstrate a few before I get kicked out of here her Cyrus get a roll start and she’s off right now see that kind of I guess into it I can fill it up for 25 bucks but I usually try to my stop it gas station I felt like usually like five to seven bucks Inc if I have a full tank I’m always gonna go off on some kind of crazy adventure never know where I’ll end up so I gotta keep myself inside of a little window there’s time try to drive and I’ll kind of like start kicking myself because I’ll see something interesting and I’ll pass it by I’m just like dang it should I should I like check that out and so I I think recently I’ve done a lot better job if I see something I’ll hit the brakes or even like turn around you know but like now it is like I’ll just pull off to the shoulder and and like kind of get in the grass you know and then just go to it and walk this is what I look for like this is the way I was raised up and that’s what I enjoy just because money is there doesn’t mean that it’s you know you gotta have nicer things and you used to have you know no I’m not a money could really buy this I’ve been offered more than what I paid for it before and I just it’s easy for me to say no just because it’s like it’s a part of me just ever been in it and all that stuff sounds weird but it is you

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