Top 3 Things Vegans Can Do To Increase Their Longevity: Dr. Michael Greger

[UltraVid id=60 ]hi I’m Ken Spector with happy cow and we’re here in Las Vegas Nevada at the health healing and happiness expo I’m here with dr. Greger and he is a physician an author a nationally renowned lecturer and he’s the founder of nutritionfacts.org what are the top three things that vegans can do to increase their longevity in terms of life span beans actually so it’s a legume consumption or pulse consumption so beans peas lentils the one if you look at long live populations around the world so the longest living formally started population in the world are these Adventists at Aryans living in California then there’s the okinawa japanese if you go around the world and see who lives the longest the one thing they all have in common is leg them they all eat their beans whether they’re eating you know brown beans the Mediterranean or the reading their tofu and you know whatever it whatever bean it is that seems to be the best predictor of longevity is whether or not and how many beans we number two is probably nut consumption eating nuts may cut our cardiac mortality number one killer in half just that alone I’m so encouraged even ounce and nuts like a palm full nuts everyday nuts or seeds and probably the third thing they can do is you know stuff their face with as many fruits and vegetables as possible the healthiest fruits berries the healthiest vegetables dark green leafy vegetables so the study I recently profiled on nutrition facts that are that just a single daily salad could literally add years to one’s life span right healthy years so these aren’t just you know years of disability healthy years literally just doing something that’s delicious and so you’re a second delicious and you get to live longer that’s what plant-based eating is all about and as a bonus question what would be the top nuts and then the top beans for nutrition that you would recommend whatever not you like whatever not you’ll eat but walnuts are the healthiest nuts number two pecans in terms of beans actually black beans topped the list but look if you don’t like black beans you know you can go to Pinto which is I forget down the list you know dark red kidney beans are good actually chickpeas are kind of lower down the list but look if you liked it please like comment go for it absolutely any be anything you’ll eat is a healthy bean lentils are wonderful to me okay terrific thank you so much dr. Greger be sure to check out dr. Greger on nutritionfacts.org he has incredible videos and an exorbitant amount of information check them out and check out happy cow comm thank you I’m Ken Specter bye bye

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