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[UltraVid id=108 ]So you want to start eat vegan business if you’re not vegan get lost I don’t want to see you you cannot start eating in business if you’re not vegan you may make a few bucks you may make a return on investment but I’m here for the long term and if you’re here for a short game you’re not going to win right in life as you know it it’s a cliche everybody talks about a Garavito Lopez all the big people say that a tradition is a marathon never sprint ok so if you’re not vegan please go vegan then you can come back but if you want to start a vegan businesses it’s great because you understand from a consumer standpoint how vegans feel how they know how would you cater to they are and you’re kind of immersing that feeling so it’s a lot easier to go out there and deliver value because you know their needs you know what they need and then you can get value in return right because you cannot sell a thousand dollar package if you never invested a thousand dollars in yourself you cannot go ahead and sell things the vegans if you never put yourself in the vegans shoes right so you need to first of all know what people want and firstly don’t start a business because you want necessarily to help other people if you look at anything that has ever been created by big people it came from an internal struggle that they had to overcome it may have been expressing through other people but if first and foremost has to come in from something that you need to express and that hurts more for you to keep it inside to not solve it than to actually express it so what I mean is let’s say you want to start selling protein big vegan protein looks right well it has to come from a point where you love bread and you who want to get the protein and you have never found a vegan options then you go create you’re passionate about and you find a solution for yourself and then you want to share it to others that’s for me what I feel and that’s personal experience that’s what I know right I started for businesses five businesses in the past is the best position where you want to be because first of all your satisfy your true result your suck your filling your cup first and then you can fill up others because you have a solution to a problem other people face right so heads comes the same you need to start a business only if people are asking you for we need to solve a problem for yourself and then and people coming to you like hey how did you solve that right but again you have to start somewhere and you need to develop that skill so pointing kids let’s just make this fun is sweet let’s go right ahead and show you exactly a few businesses you can start first of all you can start a coaching business right you could go online and literally everything I want to show you is online why online because that’s automated right you can automate the process and you can kind of focus on which you view the time to focus on what you do best right because of course you can still do Brook mortar which is an absolutely great balla yeah but I invite you to think of the online process because as entrepreneurs we want to live a lifestyle right and that allows us to live the lifestyle grow community which is the biggest thing out there right now so coaching business what would you need of course you need some credibility you see some testimonials how would start a coaching business and very simple I would first of all build on my own transformation if I’m not shredded if I don’t look like a personal trainer I would not start a personal training business if you have experience in that niche or is the skill you want to develop first focus on yourself right get yourself shredded get yourself to a point where you realize you’re an ideal physique then go to others and say hey I want to do the same thing for you get at least get least 10 testimonials okay usually they say 100 testimonials yell at least 10 to establish your credibility right at the same time as you’re doing this and for any specific business start producing content start getting yourself out there start putting posting on Instagram so posting on YouTube start posting on a podcast start posting on any platform start writing blogs do anything that gets you out there promoted so that people can establish yourself as a credibility usually takes around six months to establish yourself as a credibility from the point where you start blogging every single day to the point where you are after six months right and it’s all about writing thousand word blogs or like doing fence videos it’s not starting ones quantity will lead to quality right the more you do it the more your brain will adapt and the more you will be able to produce great content others hence a point comes in from high-volume right so number one post content relevant to every business you want to start and number two get some solid testimony doing coaching what are you doing selling you Oh be online like I’m doing whether you’re selling scars whether you’re selling any specific product online what are your job shipping firms get 10 testing those 10 people who can represent your brand because they’ve already won for your your value exchange process and they understand what you stand for how you interact and it could absolutely prove that you are legit right because there’s nothing better than to then other people talking about you then you just talking about yourself right people will trust what others are saying about you than what you just say about yourself right logical so what I invite you to do is you can you’re coaching you can do sell products online you can do drop shipping you could literally go online and say how I saw jewelry you could literally start a beauty business which I’m doing I’m doing social media marketing I mean to help the in businesses with their social media grow their social media platforms online so they get more sales I sometimes also do product based so I hope is missus sell products online so input products coaching businesses you name it right maybe coaching services even like one-on-one interactions it really depends you could also do that but the same thing applies you need to build your skill build yourself from that special snap points you so you got your own transformation and then you help other businesses do it so you can say hey I’m starting this new business be really honest I built this in the past which allows me to establish myself in a credibility I just need your help I’d love to be able to work for you for one month 30 days 14 days see how I deliver results and then maybe you can give me a testimony and we turned censoring my beta group called a beta group because it’s your testimony where you only get testimony to the truth right same thing for jewelry you want to get your jewel first you want to set up your store set up your incorporation process don’t up with that legal it’s really really important and afterwards reach out to ten different influencers okay I would usually do in one location like say Montreal say Vancouver so one location specifically 10 influencers which are relevant to be in that niche and say hey I want to send you a free product keyword for me can be a brand ambassador I want to build a long-term relationship with you and usually more often than not they will say yes okay promising influencers are really great people they love working only understand as a new brand you want to build a relationship and they will be genuine about that okay so always build testimonials whatever you’re doing and how do you know exactly what kind of business you want to build very easy okay no overthink the process number one is just about starting right you just got to start and you got to get your foot in the door and then you could always read a rate right you might start off selling with rings and then you realize boom I want to sell necklaces boom I want to sell scars I want to sell hats I want to sell underwear I want to sell shirts bro you get what I mean so you always have to reiterate but the importance about starting that because I started b2b I realized I really like retail I’ll be like building brands so that’s what I’m moving more into okay maybe starting a restaurant we’re not sure yet I’ll keep you posted for that but the point is would you want to be remembered for and like I said in my other videos I want to be remembered for skill and a niche my skill is number one social media marketer in the vegan Miche you could be number one jewelry store in the beginning I’m sanctuary and the end digital marketing it would be number one hoodie store in vegan niche right and I always invite you to go specific don’t sell jewelry shoes clothes make it simple make it people come no I want to buy this I’m gonna go there don’t be a Walmart can’t be a niche and that’s where the money is to be made right now mm of course you can go a technical building website but once you identify what you want to do what you send for the product the the problem solving in that would people the consumers are thinking about specific mindset then it’s very easy for you to excel you just need to take the technical standpoint of building your store getting sourcing the products and bringing everything everything all together it comes to have to come with a vision the problem you are solving do you need any help I would love to help you out if you have any questions and 20 min consultation down below we’ll answer any questions don’t worry I’m not gonna pitch my services I’m already filled up so don’t worry about it too casual link down below if not hope you enjoyed the video let me know down below what you want to start nobody’s gonna steal your idea I promise you if you have the idea this is gonna be stuck in your head beliefs so other people can understand what you guys are nice share down below what you want to start as a vegan business hope this helps

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