Vegan Business Opportunities

[UltraVid id=105 ]hi I’m dr. McAdams from vegan media and today I want to go through some of the opportunities some of the business opportunities they’re available in the vegan community and what I’ll do is I’ll start by going through my own journey into veganism I’ve been a vegan for over 10 years and prior to that I was probably a vegetarian for 15 years so what made me turn well basically it really was about health and it was about animal cruelty and I wanted nothing to do with animal cruelty whatsoever I just wanted to completely eradicate it from my life as best as possible because when I looked at my dog I see all sorts of animals now I had it all start well when we’re not the suits are tuned vegan that means eliminating all animal products as best as I possibly could over a period of time but then this avoid isn’t it so there’s a void what shoes do I worry of what belt do I wear you know what what clothes what food most importantly food and eating out what happens there and so there’s there’s thousands of business opportunities hidden in vegan community because basically people they’ve got money I know a lot of rich vegans they want to spend but they don’t want anything to do with animal cruelty and they don’t or animal exploitation and so being a vegan there’s food clothes eating out and then you get into other secondary kind of products not really secondary but a whole bunch of other products book covers cars bags I’ll just try to rattle through a whole bunch of products that I’ve since eradicated and bought vegan versions of it and then after you become a really good foodie and you’ve read you learn to read labels what happens to you as a person you change and you want more change and you want to become better at what you’re doing it’s just a natural sort of human thing to do you just want to become bigger better and brighter so you start looking at everything from there you look at your health and you think oh god I’ve got to exercise so what are the business opportunities with people that want to exercise there you go I’ve got a list I could sit here and go through probably 50 products 50 exercise products from clothing through to gay it’s through to getting the right personal trainer and you’ve got you’ve got exercises another area that people want to improve so it’s their health and along with that could be supplements as well the next the next thing that hadn’t told one thing I forgot to mention was family my whole family is vegan so I’ve got three gorgeous young daughters they’re vegan the dogs vegan so that that’s another huge kind of like business that where I have to fork out but it’s another vegan opportunity another vegan business opportunity from here we’re probably looking at things like eradicating the amount of waste that we collect like I’ve seen after Christmas that the recycle bin was like doubled full it was I couldn’t believe it the man of actually trash that’s generated it’s just not on I want to change that so how can how can I change that I’m more efficient more efficient methods of buying products and I would buy them I want to reduce the amount of plastic I want to reduce the amount of carbon footprint I don’t care what it is but as a family we all want to reduce the amount of waste that we we produce following in from that is getting into gardening now I don’t know about you but I’m not a gardener I don’t have a green thumb I don’t know that very much about it at all and so but there’s a whole opportunity I need to file a spade need to buy a compost bin I need to and so so it goes on it and if you tie it to the vegan side of things then it’s it’s another business opportunity and we could I could keep going further but as you can see that there’s a void left if you eliminate all the animal products then you have the opportunity to sell vegan products to vegans and I’ll tell you something about vegans as well because I’m like that I’m loyal I stick with people that are doing the right thing and they’re following the same beliefs that I follow and we all talk to each other as well so from a business perspective veganism can be big bucks you’ve just got to take the off Unity’s.

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