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[UltraVid id=156 ]fear formidable and fantastic hey everyone it’s Cory McCarthy and welcome to a new episode this is gonna be an off the path type of topic for me but one of my viewers recently asked me for dating advice for vegans this individual specifically addressed how weird most people perceive veganism and the limited size of the vegan dating pool I thought it would be a fun topic to hit up a nice change if you will besides for most people living a fantastic life includes a fulfilling love life so it fits my motto of fit formidable and fantastic I do want to preface that I am no fucking Casanova or a relationships expert but I have my own experience as and more importantly I am capable of logical thought so I will give my best advice on this matter so just take it for what it is my advice first let’s look at the stats as of 2014 at least in the u.s. 79 percent of vegans were female on the surface this appears to be good news for single vegan men who only desire to date vegan women but you also need to factor in sexual orientation and relationship statuses of the 79 percent of women some will inevitably be homosexual others will currently be involved and possibly even married and the same goes for the men which make up the remaining 21% then we need a factoring desirability of those remaining men and women how many would make a quality partner ultimately this is a relative assessment as different people will find different traits to be desirable and finally location where are all of these single and desirable vegans in relation to you some places are still essentially vegan wastelands where you’d have a better chance of spotting a white buffalo than finding another vegan according to happy cow the top 5 cities were vegans in the world are Berlin New York City Portland Oregon San Francisco and London the runner-up cities were Los Angeles Xian Mei Chang Mei in Thailand I hope pronouncing that properly I’m probably butchering that Singapore Toronto in type nonetheless if you’re a vegan guy you’ve certainly got a larger selection of women to choose from in general and likely if you’re a quality vegan guy you will have more women receptive to you within the vegan populace so unfortunately vegan ladies it might be a bit of a challenge for you so what is my best advice given all of this if you’re adamant that you will only date other vegans will first give vegan dating services ago sweeping your current and nearby metropolitan areas for singles a quick Google search will turn up some tips and services for vegans at your disposal you can also check on social media like Facebook for our vegan singles groups or vegan meetup groups in your area here in New York City where I live we have a group called vegans of New York on Facebook that is and while I have yet to attend one of their social events they do offer them regularly perhaps there is one for your neck of the woods or you know something similar another possibility is to get active in your local vegan community or the nearest one to you attend protests or demonstrations and while the core purpose of these isn’t to hook up and don’t be a creep and go there with that intention but you will inevitably meet other vegans and who knows you might simply click with one or more of them and if your area is that dry on vegans perhaps consider relocating if that’s the possibility for you recall the list of top vegan cities that I had stated earlier and don’t reject the possibility of meeting someone online I mean why limit yourself to your neighborhood when there is a whole world of opportunities out there especially in this electronic age the perfect vegan partner for you might be in another city or country so again use social media and other technology to your advantage and when you are presented with an opportunity in any way don’t be afraid to let your interest be known as the old saying goes if you never ask you’ll never know finally if all else fails and you are willing to be flexible you could consider dating a vegetarian where the gender figures are more equalized at 59% women in four 1% men and who knows she may under converting them to veganism by example they are almost there arguably that said I am NOT suggesting anyone settle I personally would rather be alone than lower my own expectations even slightly but that’s just me so I’m still putting that vegetarian suggestion out there and don’t worry about people considering you weird for your lifestyle choices if the behavior and habits of the average person is any concept of what is considered normal then I am fucking proud to be a weird vegan so follow what you feel and know to be right even if that makes you a pioneer in a sense if we all just follow the status quo afraid to make any waves despite knowing that something is wrong that there would never be positive change or progress in this world so keep your heads up and let the haters hate likely they hate out of fear whether they can admit to it or not possibly a fear of change even anyhow please stir up comments and dialogue below and offer some advice and tips that may have worked for you and perhaps even some that I have been considered who knows maybe your special vegan someone might be watching this video right now people meet through so many different avenues also please like and share this video so maybe it can help someone else and subscribe to my channel for updates on content otherwise I’m wishing you all the best in your respective searches for love and happiness in life get your vegan protein shake recipes free today discover how to optimize protein combining for vegan bodybuilding shakes includes to science back formulas that you can buy online or mix yourself proven to help build muscle as fastest way go to WWE faster vegan calm & download now link is in the description below

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