Vegan Dating + Long Distance Relationships

[UltraVid id=153 ]I always have to make things food so me and Jasmine have been dating for a year and a half and I thought I’d make a video about vegan dating long-distance relationships stuff like that and just our general advice on how other vegans can meet up and you know issues with long-distance relationships so yeah we’ve been dating for a year and a half and how did we meet yeah so we met on Facebook Jasmin messaged me first and yeah he just basically said he wanted to be friends get to know me and stuff and she was a PC gamer too just like me she’s into different games but you know we had common interests and pretty quickly you know just got serious we fell in love and I wanted to just be like girlfriend boyfriend at first and you know it’s kind of weird to have a long-distance relationship but you know I really liked you and thought it was worth it just coming I don’t know just somebody from Canada somebody from Belgium sometimes it’s just difficult to work out you know yeah maybe not I’m weird though yeah so I thought it was worth getting emotionally invested in her because she seemed really nice and you know with my type of occupation it was pretty easy to just fly out there and at least meet you and actually before we even did that I told her that I love you I was the first one who said that yeah yeah and things you know things got pretty serious pretty quickly awkward you are talking about this yeah yeah things got pretty serious pretty quickly and we ended up meeting in person back in April only a few months ago really and yeah meeting her first in person just felt right didn’t seem weird at all like I know some people who meet online they don’t have anything to say and just the whole you know dynamic of the relationship totally changes but me and her really got along and and then I’m here again came wet in July middle of July and staying here for three months and me and her actually planning on getting married that’s a crazy though yes without the cream yes so I guess let’s start talking about the long-distance relationship thing first because I guess that’s a big thing for a lot of vegans because we’re sort of few and far between so long-distance relationships I guess some of the difficulties we’ve had it’s just really hard only talking on like Facebook and Skype and it can get just it hurts sometimes like right deep in your chest that you know I’m together you know and I guess you kind of have to decide for yourself if the person’s worth that kind of pain in the long run yeah and Jasmine’s definitely worth it now we’re finally together after how long did it take for me to actually see you in person here yeah we were like apart for a year until we actually met each other in person but in some ways it can kind of be good because all you can really do is talk and you get to know somebody pretty well in a long-distance relationship yeah yeah I guess one of the issues is like trust issues because we’ve kind of had that and you know I think you the writer depends on the person the history yeah yeah that did you have not having any trust in anyone it’s very difficult right right you have to have a little bit of trust in the other person and they have to trust you too for it to kind of work out if you think the other person’s gonna like fool around with other girls or guys and cheat on you while you’re apart then you know it might it probably won’t work out if there isn’t really any trust so you know if you’re a fairly trusting person people do have to earn trust though too so and you know all you can really do is talk to them kind of get a good feeling about them and kind of trust your own intuition on things and worked out for us and other problems you think mostly Renner family members of friends trying to tear you apart yeah yeah interests were just talking shit regular person without knowing them at all yeah Jasmine’s sister said some things about me trying to convince her not to be in a relationship with me and my mom did that a lot as well saying it’s totally not worth it you can date other girls in Toronto and I just never let that get to me because I knew jasmine was really special and she was worth meeting so that was never a problem for me so yeah I guess just deciding on whether or not that particular person is really worth the pain of just not seeing them for quite some time getting over family members friends kind of not agreeing with it or giving you trouble and working out some trust issues that’s just the biggest considerations in the long-term relationship yeah I make a very good living and just my job gives me so much mobility and that’s another consideration that somebody else might have to have – yeah yeah so you know maybe you’d have to find another job in an entirely different country because you know Canada Belgium it’s not even you know we’re not even in the same country so someone one of you might have to support the other for quite some time so that might be another issue for you but luckily we didn’t have that problem shut up and the next part of course since were vegan I thought we talked about vegan dating and there’s issues with that because vegans are few and far between I guess I guess the first biggest issue is deciding whether or not it’s actually worth dating another vegan because it’s hard kind of finding each other like for me there’s no way I could be a date a meat eater I just can’t handle it at this point what about you right no people have like the mindset if they can change and go vegan but right so much stress yeah especially initially getting already like it’s not a healthy start a relationship yeah and I like for me it would give me serious trust issues because like you know you can’t expect somebody to just go vegan straight away just because you’re vegan and you’re in a relationship so you’d expect them to like cheat on their diet and then that would give you trust issues like some people just go vegan yeah some people do and some people just take a year but I wouldn’t yeah I I wouldn’t be able to do that yeah oh just grossed me out kissing somebody who just had like meat or cheese or dairy yeah so and then again you might have to go the long distance route if you’re dating another vegan if there just happens to be no vegans in your area other than that like other than the internet a very good place to meet other vegans would be at animal activist events in Toronto there’s the Toronto Pig save and direct action everywhere those are the two big groups I know of and there’s also like vegan meetups that I’m involved in like potlucks and stuff and you can meet quite a lot of guys and girls in there there’s a pretty diverse group but um yeah you just might have to go the internet route and the internet route isn’t always a long-distance thing it might be pretty close I know some vegans are kind of socially awkward and not very open in public thank you like me yeah yeah you’re actually worse No you just pretend and not hate people but deep down inside so I’m social and I’m fluent and that’s something you’re not at all I can make conversation and you get I can talk good all you do is response and he doesn’t make conversation out of your own separate friends basically yes so meeting people on the internet isn’t really a bad route and the benefit with internet dating not necessarily even going to an internet website just going on like some vegan forum and you know you can meet somebody who you already know is vegan and even if you go on a dating website you already know their interests whether or not they’re vegan so you can spare yourself the issue of actually going outside dating somebody figuring out their interest and then you know wasting tons of time and even money figuring out if you’re at all compatible in any way so you know going to a dating website figuring out of somebody’s vegan and if they’re into some similar stuff like you it’s also a good round Facebook though yeah yeah Facebook we met on Facebook it works you know good relationships start on Facebook or other social media sites yeah yeah just becomes what you make out of it I guess yeah don’t count count out a relationship just because you met on the internet it it works we met we get along really well and it’s planning on making it very long-term so I’m not making a face I don’t need to fart I farted like before I came in here I no I don’t think so [Laughter] those are tips for vegan dating in long-distance dating and relationships it’s kind of well yeah we sort of dead oh yeah I go online for dating whoo shut up so those are our experiences with vegan dating in long-distance relationships and some of our own tips and hopefully some of you found that helpful and of course keep making those vegan relationship gains are you doubting let us begin now with the Tao the way it gets to your plate

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