Vegan Disgusted When Date Orders Fish | First Dates

[UltraVid id=144 ]So your name is I’m Rachel h-hurry with an eye hi there what are you having a vegan cider a vegan cider there’s a thing yes the revolution in oil change oil contains why would we kill so many animals that are so beautiful and compassionate and the tree it’s all wrong get them wolf I was like spotting the killing of the animals as a vegetarian he’s supporting me the torture of the animals yes you have a chance to look at Vinnie I’m vegan sold out veggie that was curry but we could make it vegan food to take the yogurt out there for you that’s okay I used to be vegetarian and then I was really hungover and I had a bacon sandwich and then I didn’t go out so if you don’t really like crazy films one of these nice na beds someone is just like will piss you off all night long but then you’ll be like actually I like this guy further lady squared muscles the fish bones are also blended up into it okay anything else thank you I can smell the fish and that’s me nice little fishes everything that I ever feel I just say I feel like if you can express yourself you can be yourself and if you can’t take you I am you can off even you’ve killed my friends my friends I I’m just gonna say that I don’t think though is that I don’t think there was that much chemistry there and she does in that way exactly what I said yeah do you think I shouldn’t have eaten fish no no I’m not saying that I’m just saying it just put me off personally yeah I’m not on you I don’t feel I don’t make you feel bad this obsession ya know I named it yeah you did try and make me feel bad though you

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