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[UltraVid id=118 ]Tory Washington didn’t hear me vegan that I no longer hear Sony about meaning I don’t put me on a pedestal I take compassion one to the heart and get back to not only the community reanima our environment like the world and the global status I think that wants me hey guys I am Stephen I run around with bodybuilding usually I wouldn’t be in five years ago after being raised luxury vegetarian I’ve never eaten a vegetable eggs investigating warns that the health consequences but I thought why people would like you to get these kind of dissing sisters after looking more deeply into the nativity a discovered video besides the dairy industry in order to avoid mystery eliminate area and the connection with the environment sometimes acquaintances it just wasn’t something I felt like printing so yeah that point on switched never been happier I’ve been diggin out for about six years I put at vegetarian for 10 years so overall plant base for about 16 years I went to my face while I went vegan well cafe specifically put animals when I made that transition going through the prison system bodies rethinking why I’m here and specifically to be a part of something that’s greater than me know if that makes sense that’s just a summary of my journey when vegan specifically put analyst and this lifestyle is one of the most beautiful lifestyle he’s found anyone out there that could anyone out there all right what’s going on everybody my name is Bhima Delgado 27 years old I’ve been being it for about three years but I was born and raised vegetarian and I’ve never eaten a piece of meat in my life my main goal for being a vegan bodybuilder is to just create awareness you know I consider myself to be a walker I consider myself to be aware since a very young age that I was taught not to eat animals because it’s just not my right as a human to choose whether or not something else lives or dies for my convenience and by being a bodybuilder you can just kind of take your body to the absolute extreme and there’s a lot of misconceptions and myths with bodybuilding especially being a vegan that you can never get enough protein you can never build enough mass you can never compete at the highest level while not consuming animal products and I’m a living testimony that you know I’ve never eaten a piece of meat in my life and I’ve been able to create this physique that many people say to be impossible but it’s I built this physique all cruelty free and I’m creating awareness for so much more than just animals I mean you know help the environment you know you help eliminate suffering from the world and the most important part is that you helped create the healthiest lifestyle possible I never had any kind of deficiency and I always ask people all the time you know if you could have more time on this planet with your family your friends your loved ones would you just give up a certain part of your diet to and the answer is always gonna be yes you know I’ve come across people that always talk negatively about veganism they said oh I’d never do that it’s the craziest idea I would lose all my games but you know I’m living proof and I just want to show other body builders and other influencers that it’s possible and you can compete just with the rest of the world solely with a plant-based diet if I can inspire one person in watching this video then I consider my job done that’s why and I just I went vegan overnight I never look back and my advice to anybody would just do your research that you know why you’re doing it if you’re passionate about it a greater purpose to a vegan your it’s gonna fuel you to keep going and seeming to spread awareness about it I mean you know why you’re doing it and just kind of enjoy it hi everybody my name is John Lewis a cave an ass beating I’ve been vegan for 11 years now I actually went vegan because my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and do research and talking to the doctors and I found out that animal protein with the primary cause of her colon cancer and once I did that research I just pretty much never turn back from that point on it’s been 11 years now I think everybody should go vegan just for the simple fact that we’ve been kind of lied to about what’s healthy and was not healthy like I said before I had a guy try to argue with me about us being optiforce because we can digest animal protein but like I had a good friend to say we get that just plastic doesn’t mean a good force I’m saying if I can make one person meeting it would be whoever’s watching this right now if you’re watching this just really think about if you’ve ever thought about it you ever had like second thoughts people try to like talk you out of it if you really think is for you just do it there’s always going to be ridicule but no matter what you do step out the box he’ll do something goofy my piece of advice was somebody wants to go read it is just get ready for the mind frame it’s like anything else in this room it’s like want to be a winner you have that fine frame a winner doesn’t have your people try to stop you before the practice is going to work out whatever can’t see the same thing with veganism if you really want to be a vegan you got a lock out all the negativity this is Tim he can’t even crack it and I became vegan or living a vegan lifestyle about five years ago and I had dumped on a plant-based diet initially when I was sitting around in the hospital realizing that 80% of the people diabetes high blood pressure you’re putting in our meat supply is killing us eating meat in general is killing us not to mention the animals see that pot came next so I went from a plant-based started to the vegan lifestyle once I realize that I didn’t need any other creature on the planet to die adjust to feed me and it’s being a complete win-win ever son my only regret much like some of the other lads is that I never made even sooner I really wish I had now I heard someone say who’s the person in the world you would want it most to go vegan that’s definitely the most important people to you and that’s my family mom if you listen to this I really would appreciate if you had open your mind to the idea of a plant-based vegan lifestyle I know that we’re so set in our traditions in our coaches but if there’s any way that we can concede through our culture we can’t unknown what grandma didn’t know and now that we do I’m suggesting a vegan plant-based lifestyle 26 years old and I’ve been vegan for almost three years right now the one thing I really want to tell people if they ask me how to stay begin answers why there is a big problem say being in a sub just try to stay discipline for a few weeks maybe two months and after this time you can already feel is what’s changing like the benefits are so overwhelming that you really just have to stick with for a short amount of time until the disciplines transitions to a habit and as soon as we have to have it this hard anymore habits turns hard things for easy things that’s always my go-to approach I should try it transition slowly but constantly it’s funny because a lot of people always say so hard to stay in the retreat and turn vegan and I get those people because I was there too I even recorded video a few years ago telling people I could never go vegan and it’s all about your perspective expectations they say it’s hard it’s going to be hard if you say it’s gonna be easy the most important thing is that you just try you try to stay discipline for a few weeks a few months and it turns into a habit to a point where it’s gonna be easy for you you just stay on the vegan diet because there’s so much benefits coming with it it’s not only the recovery and the strength it’s also the feeling that you know you do something good for your environment you’re not only avoiding slaughtering animals they are also helping the planet and that’s a very big thing so my biggest request for everybody is before judging before talking how it could be how it is to try to yourself and make yourself an image what’s possible what’s not you.

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