[UltraVid id=88 ]Hi guys and girls split the vegan again welcome back to my youtube channel and today I’m going to talk to you about true the spirituality because sorry for the I by the way fresh out the shower yet yeah I’ve been thinking today about food and spirituality a lot and like they connect so good that it’s worth talking about i think and when you see people being conscious and being into spirituality they most most of the time of vegan and also most vegans do yoga or meditation or just just yeah it connects so well and yeah for me the same happened in the last like six weeks i got into meditation I got into lucid dreaming astral projection and I learned a lot about it but some people think now that I’m that I might go too fast or I don’t know if that make make sense I even think that I go too fast to be honest and it’s just a lot of information to process when you think about it and seen a lot of videos about spirituality and about awakening and enlightenment and it’s hard to yeah it’s hard to realize it’s hard to to think by yourself okay this is it like this is I mean there are a lot of all things I could learn and get into about just being about living about mind and about things like that I pineal gland and cleansing it with food and becoming more conscious like this is it on that level so and actually some people think it’s weird some people think yeah like I said some people think I’m going too fast but is it is this going too far or is this just how it is and yeah that’s just interesting for me that what what what food did what food did with my mind I don’t know it’s such a such a crazy thing to talk about because I feel cleansed I feel more conscious I feel more alive I feel more humane also because I don’t consume anything that harms an animal or even yeah I don’t know it’s just food and enlightenment food and spirituality food food is everything to be honest food is what makes you what makes you realize certain things and food also impacts your mood obviously and when I eat bad food now even if it’s vegan when I eat lots of chocolate dose of potato chips lots of salt what lots of sugar process you when I eat these bad things I feel I feel okay but not as okay as I could be because I know that I can consume whole foods and be much more happier and my body feels much more happier when I exercise more I feel more happier and yeah food and mind and food in the body is such a an interesting and actually a sacred secret secret bond what they have and when you realize that you actually want more healthy foods and you blame yourself a lot more when you don’t you healthy sir and I actually didn’t even meditate last week and I also ate the worst kind of foods last week so it it’s all it’s all can I don’t know it’s all connected and yeah let me know what you think about food and spirituality because I’m getting into this right now and yeah I just wants other opinions about it because it’s a that’s a cool topic it’s a it’s interesting what food does with our mind with our body especially consciousness just conscious living compassionate living this was it for today so we’ll see you next time please like subscribe comment below love peace happiness

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