[UltraVid id=109 ]What do you think about the statement that all humans deserve equal rights to life without suffering a life without any pain and equal rights to live out their lives you believe all humans deserve that first of all humans who do wrong yeah they all right to right for pain right ok yeah like they need to get finished writing that there’s no matter of like getting them saved what do you think about then so if we expand that circle of not just humans but let’s say dogs and cats would you say they also deserve that same rights to a life free of suffering for your pain the same as we literally their meat if you saw that a cow here would you be hungry no we will not eat that cow you wouldn’t be hungry right chop chop and how would you feel about it would you would you be happy to see that dead cow would you be unhappy to see the dead body so you won’t be happy to see the dead body so you told me just then that you we don’t care so much about animals right so we don’t care we just want to eat the meat but if you saw the dead cow you wouldn’t be happy so you care enough that it would not it would make you sad to see it so you do car let’s be honest here what would you say the difference between the Chinese student doing the human festival or a festival here where they do the same thing to chickens what would you say the difference is would you agree with the same thing happening for chickens for example is a dog’s life worth more than a chicken’s to them no of course not – then – then both of their lives to them my my life worth is just as important as a dog and values its own life maybe that’s not as we don’t see ourselves as the same level fine but to them their life is just as important to them as – to me and yours is to you and yours is to you you know whether and the same with the chicken with the pig with the cow do you think do you think we need to eat animals for substance that is a personal call which one needs to take yeah but do we name I mean biologically I’d say cuz that’s not personal by biology and science is a science right so I mean biologically speaking do we have to be animals for sustenance no I do I don’t think so biology obviously there are a lot of people who are vegetarians biologically it is not required but you know the human population has like grown so much if we don’t eat meat or some like if you only will other find you find other resources then we are going after me it’s not necessary but we go after pleasure there’s only one life sure until the resources that are available let’s try it yeah if you like it then we go after it and this is illegal then there’s no turning back so unless you feel something bad for them that’s if we don’t have to okay if we don’t have to then what is the difference between say the Yulin Dog festival and just eating meat in a shop because you know that both are necessary right they’re both are necessarily killing animals why would you Lynn be bad and is eating chicken be good it’s satisfying pleasure they want the pleasure right and it’s not necessary and but how is that different from eating a burger when we don’t need to eat the burger we’re eating it because we like it and it’s unnecessary but it’s a pleasure does does pleasure justify any action no she can we use it’s just a note of it God like seal it into a do you think if he made them for us to eat then every very smart and powerful God would he have designed them with emotions and the ability to feel pain if he meant for us to kill them and eat them it’s more complicated off you go and what is that do you think what is the best way to kill an animal is there a good way or a humane way to kill an animal that doesn’t want to die when we don’t have to and what is that way if it’s if you know one we do not breed chickens for our food yeah Rob Lee they might be extinct by know we don’t know right like if they are feeling something or not we do one a what we do when they scream you know when I scream in pain or when we are abusing them and they want like you just can’t forget inky leg and their beat hard when their neck gets good now they have nervous system they have a nervous system and they have nerve endings so they feel a blade the same way we feel the blade they feel fear the same way we feel fear they release adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream when they are terrified I don’t know about you but me personally I would rather my species be extinct rather than be born to be enslaved and killed just imagine that your life is worth as little as that just for a second imagine that you were born and your only purpose was to die you’re born to die literally for somebody else that doesn’t need to eat you but wants to eat you you know is that just is that a reason to be born would you rather your family or your mom or dad was never born or would you rather they were born into slavery than killed they were never born to be honest living being doesn’t want to die right absolutely until and unless it reaches this old age and it can’t move forward absolutely it can’t afford death we just can’t wait till it goes to that old age like our needs for that meat and all why do you think we don’t want to see it yeah because we just want to we want to enjoy it without the guilty thing well what do you what do you think we’re just so used to seeing something else like upbringing whether you like to admit it or not eating animal products causes harm to other beings directly causes harm to other beings do you think that there’s a grounds to say that if it’s not good enough for your eyes then it shouldn’t be good enough for your stomach now if you can’t see it happening and why would you put it in your body every day you have this choice you choose to go ahead and ignore your morals and ignore your feelings and just eat and blindly make these choices or you get to choose to be conscious and make a decision based on how you feel and how what and the information you have you’re a compassionate people I can see that clearly as this conversation has gone on you you are compassionate you show compassion what do you think would stop you from you know taking that compassion into your daily life there are certain things you’re just born with it’s so much with you that you don’t realize it okay there is something wrong here yeah probably some point of time you know like that there’ll be a point we’ll just stop and think oh okay I’ve been doing this for a while and yeah yes I’ve been doing wrong all right sub see you to decide what’s more important tastes lower life you know morals or pleasure it’s your choice to decide what’s more important to you how free could you feel if you if you didn’t have to ignore the killing instead you just didn’t didn’t pay for it no hear that bitch since then it just definitely taught her okay – yea

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