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[UltraVid id=59 ]Sara and I am friends from across the world she and her family live in New Zealand my family and I live in Hawaii in this video we answered some common questions we receive about raising our children on a vegan lifestyle we are not medical professionals we are simply here to share encouragement our experience and some resources on the topic before we dive into this topic though I want to share with you the American Dietetics associations position on vegan diets for all stages of life the American Dietetics Association is the world’s largest association on food and nutritional professionals is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately plans vegetarian diets including total vegetarian or vegan diets are helpful nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle including pregnancy lactation infancy childhood and adolescence and for athletes alright I hope you find our experience helpful already wait let me write this fear website hi everyone so my friend sheriff new zealand is visiting earth hi been here for almost two weeks now and today’s our last day so we figured we should film a video yeah I mean we did do it like a vlog we did a lot of video I want to do like a topic now about a topic that we loved evacuate out yeah Sara’s posted on her Instagram that we’re going to be doing a video about tips to raising healthy kids and how to get your kids to love the fruits and veggies and stretch and all that stuff so she asked put your questions down below if you had questions about got way too many so we’re just going to answer a few asan said I know Ellen have gone over it in passages that would be so helpful to go over some tips and tricks on how to get extremely picky meat-eating caller to to transition to a vegan diet transitioning well we’ve never done transitioning but we have like some really good tips for like encouraging your children to eat light walls for vegetables and special green start by giving small amounts like we just did today as video and Elvis is hitting like kale rats like that’s a really healthy toddler you can work up a really healthy child you can work up to getting to that point to eat more greens you know my number one tip for get your kids to love greens is to get really creamy mashed avocado and mash it super good into guacamole texture and then just take even just you know I just first starting to get your kids to love greens something just not liking it at the beginning and you just start with one lettuce leaf one really good tiny like a and chop it so tiny like mint like the way you would for like an herb in a dish you know add it’s not avocados and other non sweet fruits they like to cumber tomato or some sauerkraut yet it’s odd like South gap because most kids do like so now I’m fine but if you don’t do sauerkraut or they don’t like sauerkraut just do a little lemon juice and mix it up so it’s almost like guacamole texture and then they just feel like they’re eatin guacamole and as they get older you just slowly add a little bit more greens at a time salads what do we say salads soups soups are really good for adding lino a lot of vegetables because you have this yummy broth you can add in whole we can do rule sets as well hey you got a lot of real suits in your yeah the only green familiar is like the best way to get like healthy greens right but this green space is like mainly a question on how to get your kids to transition from one night to loving just vegan foods in general so I would say go to like a really delicious gourmet vegan websites within like like oh she glows calm or minimalist Baker calm but they have a really great comfort foods recipes that are normal like vegan mac and cheese on vive de hell she’s our stroganoff yeah lasagna I am an onion Isaac all of your other temperature Oh encouraging like healthy habits so your child is going to watch every single move and it’s going to watch what you eat so being really great example for like showing your children like to eat healthy so if you ever sit down eat a salad they all only what are you having on the seller to rather than if you sit down with some ice cream and you give them a salad what are they going to choose I know like this I’m sure like as a kid I would have chose ice cream yeah or anything like some number one most important thing is to be the best example yeah your kid and just surround your household with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables get all the non vegan stuff out of the house yeah anymore I really like when we would transition and we were like oh let’s TV and we had cheese and and Jen’s like oh no we should slow says oh it’s no let’s just get the kids out of the house and it’s do it and we just going to get rid of the animal foods and just leave this just have celery and broccoli in the house ice that’s not satisfying you need like super delicious satisfying plant foods to help them transition so foods like great you know like kids yeah great bananas date fresh dates are super good Kate oh yeah hey toes yams if they like sweet potatoes and then just make all of us delicious recipes are like and veganize it yeah you know it’s not thank you very easy yeah and then just be the best example to that every time that they’re around you’re just throughout their days they see you eating lots of fresh fruit and green smoothies remember next tip I would say is that I’ll let them get involved in the kitchen they can put the green fish or whatever into the green smoothie yeah yeah ever sure like if you thought okay what do you want used me today I’m going to drink of Smitty too like let’s make one together you can take what goes in it let them peel the bananas and put it in your smoothies and then even at the grocery store let me get involved in picking out you know take another photo sounds like whatever fussen wrestles you want which ones do you want today and then that will help them to feel like they have a choice in the matter and they’ll give them like a little bit of empowerment and it as well and if your kids it a little bit older if they’re like toddler agent up three-year-old and up I would say is to inform them where animals come from so that they can make that choice on their own because all children love animals and if they’re given the choice and the opportunity to understand what actually goes on and how a cow becomes me then most children are going to make that choice on their own because they don’t want to harm animals so a really great channel of bite size vegans she has this whole section the kids series section on her Channel she’s a video for every topic got all of her animal foods and different vegan issues like going to the zoo and the aquarium not supporting those things and so she’s the top she’s early on all those topics and they’re so great my kids love them all of us who love them and you learn so much from them and where answers come from and then it gives them that extra umph of like passion because I know that other people are doing it and there’s also like a couple videos on her kids series channel that shows other vegan kids all across the world and that’s talking about it know that yeah okay I’m in a few of the videos actually I don’t really yeah and it’s like ooh and then like she’s video on like what meeting kids their favorite foods you know and then making some other kids yeah their favorite foods are there definitely they’ll want to try it and also the link in the description box below to the bite IV and kids series section that you can show your kids another thing is I’ve actually got a lot of emails from mom saying that they showed their kids so what my being kids already have and then they see Elif eating salad or green smoothie or making his own green smoothie and then it makes help them can I even just being here they wasn’t too keen on salads that yeah so watch like what Elvis is saying Danny just like calls valid and Biff goes oh okay and she copies yeah and then anyone and now she yeah no no it’s valid yeah sure and like Elvis is always been like a super non picky eater since the beginning and he has always eaten whatever I put in front of the baby but then when sandy came out he was just starting out okay now sandy started I find it like he was going to be a little bit picky ER yeah at first and I offered like a salad he was kind little ones that are doing on lettuce but then he saw his brother eating it and before you know it he’s eating that stuff too he was in the gun in this morning actually like picking your kale and eating it if we could join together yeah yeah so together you know imitates and for in this instance this woman’s like her child is super picky like all of those tips combined should have a real impact and actually I mean I don’t have any experience of transitioning my kids from a standard diet to be dialing up and speaking since they’re born but I have babysat a child a lot a few years ago who she was like Elvis is aged like three at the time and she was a super picky eater and I told them online I was going to babysit this child unless you she would let me just feed her what we had the house I wasn’t going to bring wasn’t gonna bring processors and animals listen to that she was fine with that and so the first few days she really struggles like she’s just she always think she really eats bananas yeah I was like I find just many bananas you want she’s like okay I’ll just keep eating bananas and it’s not like we weren’t depriving or anything we often hear so many beautiful food rapes water not always having first date she won’t even eat dates at first avocado she won’t touch avocados or coconut we’ve so many different options but she just wasn’t interested in the foods because they were kind of like unknown to her the only because she grew up on my a super processed food meat dairy based diet heavy waste diet so we just kept giving her the may even answer she wanted and often the other stuff and then finally she tasted a date when we kind of like you’re going to eat this date we the state super good and then she try it and she’s like oh actually see and she’s really good and then everything then she started to be more open to the foods that we were offering and by the end of like two weeks she was full-on eating salads and yeah numbers by good yeah she’s just munching on cucumbers with Elvis and green smoothies and as so much to do with just like being consistent being the example keep offering a wide variety of food and keep stocked up on a really good of my answers you know you want to don’t let your fridge be envy you want to just let them open the fridge and see a wide variety plant food options yeah like if they love potatoes make loads of potatoes right look again NATO fries like just by slicing them up break well water it in black pepper and diffenbach emollient yeah or a homemade tomato sauce doesn’t mean as much as they want this is a whole bunch of it yeah so yeah alright those long answer okay how do you feel secure and knowing your child is getting enough nutrients on a vegan diet we have talked about this a lot like calories make sure your child specially if they’re like not breastfeeding briefings really really awesome or making sure your knowledge has enough yes calorie sort of sterile but other than that make sure you eat enough calories and lots of brain fats like I focus on like chia seeds peanuts ease avocado coconut meat yeah gentleman I’m surely slightly as remains like the main one yet and they’re full of nutrition walnut minaret – yeah well not too really good Brazil nuts also yeah yeah really a little bit of risotto so yeah yeah you don’t use one XFC them and just like one or two but having like a balanced whole food vegan diet with eating like cook children need obviously more fat for your brain development and then breast milk of hindsight yeah like children naturally are going to be having higher hi Diana breastfed yeah and even the World Health Organization recommends ABC breastfed for at least the first years of lightness even when I had Elvis like my first child I had no worries because I’m like I’m breastfeeding and I has all the nutrients my but my baby needs and like eating a home you got yourself that creates a healthier mother a smoker p.m. and getting a sunshine with the vitamin D silos real important yeah if you live in a cold place you might want to come they’re looking into the vegans decently begin vitamin d3 pnls yeah and then b12 is one that anyone whether you’re vegan or not should consider supplementing and your child definitely because loads of people are vitamin b12 deficient whether they get or not actually lots of people who are not vegan has vitamin b12 is personally and making sure when you’re pregnant and you’re breastfeeding so that it’s flow through your milk as well b12 yeah yeah sure and the one that I take is vegan seek global healing b12 t-shirt Washington cuz you know I used to know what do I use like doctors best vegan and capsules and then I open them and put them under my tongue so that it dissolves straight to my bloodstream I don’t actually swallow the table to give it to Justin yes yes yes child portion yeah and then you do feel like you still want to supplement with something else like other than what we’ve said that we do like just do the research and if you comes the conclusions like that would be good for you and now even like we as a family we sell in very similar aspera Lina Hawaiian scrilla make sure alpha lion and barley grass Duke I don’t use a really great rain boot we add that’s a really good for kids oh it really go to kids is a super mild and so high so nice like Elvis like you make scruple yeah need to taste the pepper your banana smoothie do you like frozen bananas with a couple of dates even to bulk up the calories and get extra sweetness and then you add like a teaspoon of Bangladeshis powder some hemp seeds fangs healthy is breakfast breakfast for you to start to make sure you’re getting like lots of nutrients for your baby yeah I feel like the baseline for like ensuring your kids get enough nutrients is like the bar graph cheese powder the Hawaiian spirulina and my cooking same sense knees and just getting enough calories calories getting enough toweling whole plant foods that is the most important thing focus on the higher calorie plan to make it easiest for them to notice calories if you’re just giving them like watermelon and berries like that’s not very many calories there are great foods and they’re so nutrient dense and stuff but like you also want to have a balanced you know I’m doing a more hydrating to ensuring they’re getting the right body bananas and you know potatoes and stuff is a great thing sweet potatoes if that’s what your family’s eating and if you’re eating a more raw space diet then you’re going to want to up even like the bananas and then up their fat even avocado yeah can’t go wrong way avocado yeah and if you don’t have aa kado in your area explain to a lot of people say on my channel like yeah every kind of they’re not in season or they can’t get them or the ones what’s like is good substitute I would say like hint feed yeah while Batman beads and then she uh she see Phe phe’s I he make yummy yak I make this really beautiful like tea seed pudding like fresh fruit on top sometimes to make for breakfast tea I love them oh yeah yeah and then you can even do like tahini and salads yeah that’s right anything else I want to say is like I mean I don’t think when you could just be so obsessed with like how am i answering my kids are getting enough nutrients in one nutrient yeah like I know that’s how are they getting is like in general focus on like a wide variety of whole plants and chia seeds like if you focus just on pea seeds because of the fact well actually they’ve got like a mega set yeah they’ve also got a magnesium they boasts about calcium in this harmony yeah any questions all the time like how you ensure your kids are getting a protein on the vegan diet which is just honestly it’s a laughing if I made enough calorie yes they’re getting a fine yeah we need protein of course but we don’t need near as much protein as most people think we need if we’re getting sufficient calories then we’re getting enough protein because protein is in every whole food so every whole plant food there’s protein and even bananas yes it’s less than you know other foods but we don’t need that much if we’re getting enough calories then you’re getting enough protein only people who are protein deficient in this world today are people who are not eating enough calories so people like anorexic bulimic and starving people across the world those are the people who are protein deficient okay that’s the answer to that one all right so ROS castle and let’s to know what class I could eat okay I can’t hire a video actually on my brain and what sectors are used and how using the stuff like knife I use bum genius and I use soft buns those will amuse most fun units is my fave of that so I is are they called pea pods these people this is this bitch this is your overnight Neffe she doesn’t really need overnight nephews anymore but we use this as well as we use a combination of biodegradable Nettie’s when she was a bit younger we kind of did like that’s what you both just because I just did that I kind of bit more when we went out because we go out a lot so yeah more like going on like greens and like hardcore when I go out even when we travel I’ll bring with my cuticles yes I know we went camping and you bought the whole thing but low heli the kid said my 20 months old and I are vegans how do you deal with family members who are constantly telling you that your child needs animal proteins to be healthy or trying to give them animal products behind your back it’s really frustrating I’m so passionate about this topic this is what honestly like I would not stand it up I am so grateful that my parents and my husband’s parents and our family in general is super supportive of our lifestyle and they’ve never feed it to something we didn’t want them to eat I know at time of the tween month folks tournaments all doesn’t invoice and they’re not passionate as passionate as you would be so yeah that’s hard it really is like can you pack meals that go with the child or will they just not feed them well this is what I was saying is our family members did that to me we’re like they were feeding my kids Zuzu’s i didn’t want them to eat behind my back I was literally tell them like I’m not going to bring my kids to your house unless you that might be the item item because they’re not going to not they’re not going to like not listen to you they want you to bring the grandkids to the house you know and that’s such a part of basic respect for civics yeah like that is such disrespect to feed your children something behind your back they knowingly don’t want you to feed them and then like I just wouldn’t stand for it and just be firm in how you are like firm and loving and polite is so important but just like stand your ground and just don’t let them walk all over you and they’re going to like back down you know and if they just keep coming up to you and just like saying things like your kids need meat your your kids are going to be unhealthy the way to seeing them turn on let it get you down and maybe try slightly like kind of maybe sort of educate them on how why you eat like that how many must be so hard like yeah I’m serious I can imagine struggling I’m so sorry yes I feel like a lot of I’m so bad it sucks it’s like you don’t want to treat any like friction yeah mmmm I really stink but I also think that like boundaries and respect is so important and to get the respect you have to be a little bit firm I thought what I would say you know yeah that’s just like my strong person at least one more meeting like oh but I was honestly like yeah like what you said informing them it’s such a good idea but just in a polite way and to have any kind of like hearing it they don’t want to hear it with a lot of people I like that and I may just be a positive and confident in your choices so that their negativity doesn’t get you down and that will make the biggest difference I know so many people with family who is putting them down or being knighted towards them or trying to tell they’re going to be unhealthy for the choices but instead of just like letting them rock all over them they just stood their ground it was like you know I agree to disagree with you this is me my body so much healthier than the way I was before I was eating I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life and I’m so glad that I’m not no longer harming animals and I’m making choices that are better for the planet and just named positive and confident and polite and I think that is so impactful I think I’ll give you for most cases maybe not all the promote yeah like stand your ground being firm like will make a really big difference and then having more respect for you and feeding your kids what you want them to see them oh so it is this yeah for me it’s not like end of the world if like your child has like something that your grandparent gave them like over a month you know like it’s not it’s not a big big deal but if it’s like happening on like a weekly daily kind of basis and that’s you know like if say for example my mum feed like a lolly to base and it was like purchased sugar full of gelatin or falling I’d be so disappointed I kind of explained her and I’d be like please don’t do that again if it was happen like once you know it wouldn’t kind of bother me too much but it was like a weekly like best going to like my mum every week not that she does caution was to happened and if you go to every week and seeing the same foods and not listening over and over then that would be yeah and I think that that like it’s different for everyone that’s saleable successful and it’s going to be different from oh yeah it is probably so glamorous to have different scales of like boundary yeah okay to have different opinions on how far is too far whatever type of thing but yeah I just and also just like something else you can you send your kid with your grandparents bring over super delicious food not yes not even just for your kids but like a like a big delicious meal for your everybody everybody can enjoy and then you know they might find that well this was actually super delicious and yeah start to be a little more open to it that’s a good idea actually yeah alright like you know as a potato casserole they really turned out like a super delicious vegan potato casserole yeah bread keshi lolly yeah they really really like no I don’t want something you know like I you bring that to share with them most likely I would say that they’re gonna like II thought with your child yeah and then instead of offering its not ordering a pizza or whatever yeah you know yes good this oh I remember where them is but one more thing I want to say is that some people talk about how they’re worried about their kid not eating enough solid food when they’re young yes it’s alright okay it’s your 13 month old 14 months old 11 months old doesn’t eat that much solid food as long as they’re getting breast milk that is the most important thing and you do not need to fret over other people pressuring you to give them more solid food because all you have to do is keep offering the fresh fruits and vegetables and over time they’ll start eating more and more and more standing else and start eating very much solid food till about 16 months old and every baby is different in the models that I’ll bake with she had her first like solids at like seven half they didn’t start eating like I said all her so she’s from it ate a half months but she loved her yeah yeah I was on line by 12 months heels on like three small meals a day like breakfast not a dinner of just like avocado yeah for breakfast that’s horrible yeah it’s like one food not not like even like six different countries yeah it’s like my Vacarro and in coconut and incidental maybe like a few irony you know what we ate just back then but you know II mean I can little something of what we had it was like no salt no oil we’re like super simple like literally well 13 14 month old my kids are eating like three or four bites of avocado for a meal breast milk breast milk in between each day and then maybe a few sips of smoothie and that’s okay like they just actually gradually get older they will start eating more and more of it you don’t need to come into fear by just going oh he’s not eating enough I’m going to just feed him crackers and processed foods to hell yeah eat more like you don’t need to do that just keep offering the fresh whole plant foods that you and your family eat and just be the best devil you can be and don’t offer the unhealthy stuff because you start giving them an unhealthy stuff just to get them to eat more then that is when their taste buds start to change and that’s when they start to not want to eat the fresh fruits that have long term because they’re going to get so used to the processed foods and then that stuff is more thickening they’re just eating fresh fruits and vegetables so I’ll do my best for that yes my kind of advice would be like after twelve months I do offer like we would do food before boobs yes but yeah so I don’t have to be like we’ll play the food it could be one bite of food and then they didn’t want anymore and then I’ll pay off a boob before boobs yeah I make sure it’s yummy like avocado coconut meat even like you yes moody’s oh of course yeah we just movies when it’s green smoothie I came out so Jupiter yeah clothes like mashed anything really yummy so that at least that food that beginning before breast milk is actually young yeah you know right yeah all right we’re done we’re done also sweetie thank you for tuning in bye bye

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