VegNews TV: The Connection Between Yoga and a Plant-Based Diet

[UltraVid id=75 ]Namaste I’m Heidi rated for free or sole TV reporting on the vegan food scene for veg news TV today I’m at Tadasana festival you you know sokkia you yourself you’re pretty much vegan yeah and tell us why do you choose to observe eating in that way and how do you think it relates to being a yogi for me um well I like to be light in my body so that’s one of the primary reasons I’m teaching all the time I’m practicing all the time I don’t want to be heavy and laid down by food I just need nutrition that’s going to support my lifestyle so for me mostly raw and vegan diet does that so I want light easy to digest foods that give me energy do you think it’s important to be vegetarian or vegan if you’re a yogi personally I do absolutely on so many levels I mean there are so many contaminants being introduced into our food and it has such a sincere effect on our health and when our health is compromised it also influences our ability to be present and mindful unconscious it’s hard to love and be open to even our crisis are conflicted by our digestion is all block or for sick and so it becomes a real insidious cycle and so on that level it’s very important also if we’re supporting companies that are consistent in depleting our soils of their natural resources or water then what we’re doing is creating an imbalance in nature and disrespecting just really the balance of Mother Earth and that’s not appropriate either also of course as a yogi I don’t believe in initiating any kind of harm and so I don’t want to contribute to any kind of factory farming or the abuse of animals in the way that it is and I know that my nourishment can be found it might be a little bit more complex and I take a little bit more time but through a plant-based diet I can get everything that I need to stay healthy and nourished and present and very vibrant in my life and in my health I’ll wait I’m getting a call it’s my agent he’s also vegetarian he’s telling me that being vegetarian leads to better yoga and meditation practice because you’re digesting less saturated fat thank you vegetarian is good karma it’s um it’s reducing our karmic imprints so that we’re creating less suffering in the world less harm with with our diets which is part of our practice to be less harmful to ourselves and ultimately the world around us absolutely obviously the food that we eat is going to affect us on every level of our being physical emotional mental spiritual so i’m far from somebody that preaches vegetarianism or preaches to anybody what they should eat but I feel that people need to become aware of the fact that they’re deeply affected by what they eat and from that point a relationship can be developed a right relationship with food can be developed and that will look like different things for different people right but there’s a great old saying I think it’s a punjabi indian saying Only Fools argue about what to eat and we should all just remember the first law of just gratitude the fact that we get to eat at all and eat good food you know gratitude and always saying thank you before you eat what is your view on eating practices and practicing yoga and how does vegetarianism relate to being a yogi we are what we digest we are what we eat literally like we hear that we are what we eat but when we are engaged in a regular practice of yoga when we’re engaged in a regular practice of self study when we’re questioning our actions and how they affect not only our own lives but the well-being of other people and other beings and the entire environment of our planet then it was a choice that really made a lot of sense to me and it’s something and really looking at my ongoing practice what I choose like this morning even for breakfast had kale salad with tempeh so is about that like all right what am I putting in my body that’s going to fuel me throughout the day and that I can just feel good about this is essentially it’s a lifestyle festival people that are living this lifestyle people that are existing within the space that love yoga daily are spiritual beings they’re educating themselves about spiritual matters or eating healthy foods they’re living a certain lifestyle in this lifestyle is continuing to evolve and magnify and accelerate I hope you enjoyed this episode covering the Tadasana festival for veg news TV until next time namaste you

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