[UltraVid id=64 ]today we are going on the MSC divina holistic holiday at sea cruise you guys probably know that I’ve been talking about this and it’s very excited about it and today is the day so we’re just at our Airbnb right now in Miami I was just steaming our clothes we got this little like steamer thing and I was steaming Derek’s clothes and I’m like you know what you could use this to make oatmeal or like a MacDougal soup because it just boils the water and then comes out of there first three days on the boat we are on the boat and we’re not like we have three days at sea so we’re gonna have to get creative but I’m just really excited because there’s so many vegan doctors on this cruise like T Colin Campbell and dr. Greger and dr. Esselstyn and Rip Esselstyn and you guys those are my heroes and I’m so excited to meet them plus they’re just like tons of other cool people and there’s like a really epic gym and there’s so many of you guys coming and I’m just excited to meet everybody and hang out and eat some awesome vegan food it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be great let’s go friends yeah okay [Music] [Music] bring it bring it definitely amaze [Music] it’s really nice in size Derrick’s excited there’s a casino let’s my game I like it because I don’t have to think I can just put the money down blackjack confuses me I’ve never actually studied or trying to learn but I just like roulette yeah get the camp up there we go vlogging did I just suck at this so I’m not saying some weirdoes game or just wandering around the ship trying to find like our room yes you play video games oh my gosh they have packed me in oh you are gonna get your butt beat set the very back oh yeah shrooms actually kind of big you guys a little room tour do it for at the very back of the ship look how cool that is so cool if you go in here got a TV Oh frig sparkling water area near my bed couch here we just have a bathroom Oh light does not work um yeah light all right well whatever Oh social media person look at that [Music] your expertise for locks hopefully we don’t need these rescue boats oh yeah so fancy I think this is where the lectures are very cool I guarantee you they’ll have a big vote for you there’s no bingo I’m sure those big job with the demographic of the ship which is going to be a little bit older nothing thought there’d be bingo on it okay we’ll go get a drink Derick is ready to cart [Music] [Music] neighbors on his Robert Robert yeah we got James I see like all the cool people are back here yeah you missed your like grand entrance at the like ceremony thing yeah and they called your name and you weren’t there and then we got Derek we are all dressed up going to a fancy dinner they say hi Nikki potato with him cut gel Justin and again this guy [Music] I [Music] let me love you know [Music] I get saltier and you gotta temperature bringing from looking like that and then a few hours so how does it happen well you gotta lower the concentration of salt how does the fuck they do there we need to blend out the salt hold on to it and can you say aye aye sir I may retain water and between these two mechanism and those extra fluid starts leaking out telling people notice our ankles are swollen we feel all bloated and they get on the scale there are pounder to have you we have made it to st. Thomas the last three days we have been at sea we just made it

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