What A Vegan Boxer Eats In A Day (David Haye)

[UltraVid id=43 ]Oh crazy the incredibly successful boxer David Haye who was forced into retirement by injuries is making a comeback to the ring and he’s chosen a strict vegan diet to keep his health and athletic performance in peak condition he was plagued by a crippling shoulder injury that some believe can be correlated in part to his previous meat heavy diet and doctors said he would never be able to fight again consuming 24 raw egg whites and four tins of sardines a day their turning point came at the beginning of 2014 when he watched a TV documentary about how animals are farmed killed and prepared for us to eat and he explained I saw all those cows and pigs and realized I couldn’t be a part of it anymore it was horrible I did some research to make sure I could still obtain enough protein to fight and once satisfied that I could I stopped and I’ll never go back some argued that his strict vegan diet would be his downfall as a heavyweight boxer but after a hundred and thirty one second knockout of Mark de Maury hey is looking in the best shape of his life alongside his vegan diet he includes foods known as cert rich foods which are said to activate proteins in the body called sirtuins which regulate biological processes such as aging cellular death inflammation and metabolism and protect cells from dying when they are under stress some of these cert foods include blue briefs parsley turmeric walnuts arugula celery chili kale apples and red onions amongst others the properties in these foods seem to enhance muscle function and improved muscle adaptation so by incorporating these David Haye saw a greater response from his training and a better recovery which allowed him to gain muscle mass David consumes five meals a day and here is what he eats in a typical day first thing upon rising he consumes one green juice which includes kale arugula and parsley for meal one he has pea protein and buckwheat flour pancakes with sliced strawberries walnuts and coconut yogurt then for his first training session he has another green juice meal two is herb marinated tofu with carrot spaghetti red onion arugula and peas meal 3 is a smoothie made of oats vegan protein coconut frozen mixed berries medjool dates mix seeds chaga mushroom spirulina and oat milk meal 4 is white bean quinoa salad with fennel chicory celery red onion dried chili parsley olives and Hermus and finally meal 5 lentil and kale dal served with turmeric buckwheat interestingly studies have shown that vegetarians have a quicker recovery time for breeding rates and muscular performance the non vegetarians named Peters sexiest vegan celebrities of 2014 here in the UK David Haye believes with the help of his vegan diet he can once again become the heavyweight champion thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up I’d love if you could leave a comment below and subscribe for more upcoming videos if you want to see what I’m eating follow me on instagram at 80/10/10 in London you

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