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[UltraVid id=117 ]That will fit not all the chambers you can tell me stories all right good morning guys so today I’m going to show you everything that I eat and drink in a day so you guys saw this morning I already had some lemon water always have that when I first wake up warm lemon water just feels so good really energizing super refreshing beyond that full of vitamin C minerals it gets your digestive tract going stimulates your limp so I definitely start off with some lemon a lot of try it for a month so you guys feel start off with a quarter of a lemon and maybe you know two three cups of water and you guys saw me throw some buckwheat into a bowl there as well and soak it I’m going to have that later on today after my smoothie after my workout so I wanted to soak it because if you guys know buckwheat gets a little bit like fly me high and if you just soak it for a couple hours beforehand it gets rid of all that so I’m just on my bike right now heading to the gym so I figured at least I’d show you guys you know that I’m doing some athletics and stuff today so you can kind of put it into some context what I’m consuming and I’m just going to pull off here and stretch a little bit before my workout like I do and I take a little pre-workout I’ll show you guys what I do there [Music] so this is what I usually take before my workouts called Vega where you workout energizer this version is a sugar-free version so sweetened with stevia but they do make a brown rice syrup sweetened one which is really great if you do them like long-distance sports or endurance sports however if you want to blossom the gym for an hour and a half I really like this one we’ve got your Vermont a which is source of caffeine devil’s claw which helps to reduce inflammation and help obtain green tea rhodiola which is an adaptogen it helps your body deal with stress ginseng definitely a little bit energizing there as well some sodium for the electrolytes turmeric help with inflammation potassium or electrolytes ginger ginger is a cool ingredient it helps other ingredients work together so it’s a synergistic ingredient where it helps other things absorb into your body and make them more bioavailable so ginger always very cool to see so you can see not a whole lot of crap in this and then just stevia beetroot powder acai and pomegranate flavors note it so I put a scoop of this into a little bit of water just a little bit of that lemon water still from this morning and shift it up in about 20 minutes blast off so I got to get warm it up I’m going to warm up have my workout I’m not going to fill a lot of that because that’s not the point of this video I get carried away with these that’s why I don’t have to do them and what I eat in a day I like to them all the other stuff so gonna cut off here maybe show you guys you know bit of what I drink through my workout what I consume through my workouts keep you going and then I’ll show you my smoothie once I get home so we got a stretch warm-up it’s awesome you guys can see what I eat all day get these games [Music] [Music] so I didn’t film much of the work out just a few movements that were easy to film there’s a nice ledge where I set up my camera to get the shot and there you can see crystal working out – that’s my girlfriend she’s awesome vegan – she’s getting stronger here’s meeting there’s some concentration curls I’d never do these kind of funny that way you caught this on still try and get those me Maya Delgado arms so here’s the big intro work out drink just water not that exciting so I just had an awesome workout really good push day so just had an awesome workout really good whole day feels so good I felt really strong today so rather than doing bodyweight stuff I just did some like heavier lifts and deadlift bent over rows seated rows wide grip rows narrow grip it could be like something like dumbbell curls and stuff I don’t always do nude at all it was fun and heading home now to make a smoothie and starving got a big day also work ahead of me so let’s go make a smoothie got to get home first you know what’s up Harry time for my post-workout smoothie so you guys follow me much you guys will know what I make already but here we go 6 bananas a couple handfuls of blueberries 3 big and medjool dates I’m using that protein powder half a scoop of that right there it’s a fermented vegan protein but jinhwan amazing taste so good let’s try it digest really well – 2 tablespoons flax you know some turmeric and black pepper in there and then just pile on the green that’s arugula nice and spicy green super alkalizing full of minerals filtered water blend it all up and I had pulled out some purple cabbage and I always put like a chunk of lemon in there as well I forgot to do that so I’m adding it now the Vitamix is amazing it will blast through anything like that same with the Blendtec any of those high speed blenders they’re so powerful it turns that lemon peel into just a silky smooth delicious post-workout smoothie so here I am taking the first sip I love it every time it’s just the best that is how you recover from a workout guys plant fuels keep the inflammation down refuel those muscles with glycogen lots of antioxidants lots of nutrients tons of minerals and vitamins if you’re just doing protein and water after your workout you think you’re helping yourself you know get on board so now I’m going to go and crush this smoothie and do some work answer some emails help my clients probably have some meetings and now it is time to eat some buckwheat so you can see here it’s a little bit slimy the water turns is kind of like pinkish color which is kind of neat so I just rinsed all that off just strain it and you could probably even eat it like this if you want but I like to cook it a little bit so that’s one cup of buckwheat just so we can easily count this I don’t usually weigh it like that or measuring like that but this is what’s all going in there so we got buckwheat that’s a cup of dry buckwheat and then we have an apple and we’ve got some canned peaches in there you guys have ever tried Okanagan peaches from British Columbia Canada they are to die for so I’ve talked it with some pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds from shredded coconut some raisins some cinnamon and some organic almond milk so this is a healthy lunch this is how I stay lean I stay shredded I build muscle on a vegan diet by eating things like this a bunch of processed and packaged scrap foods like this guy’s gotta be real food alright just got my hair cut I like it nice and short good for the summer I didn’t finish all my food so I’m just finishing it now why would I do that take a bite when I’m trying to film I have a couple errands to run in town and then I’m going to jet home keep working a little bit and then hopefully I have time to do a little workout outside well ab workout before dinner make some dinner good day so far big eating day feel good alright so it’s been doing some work and I’ve got a craving and that craving is movement like I move my body for a little bit I’m going to just work on some ABS and I guess a bit of cardio so I got my pull-up bar today I’ll be doing some like leg raises and stuff on my slackline just for fun got the battle ropes out got the rope and the tree over there we vert dip bars pretty set up I’m going to grab a yoga mat and put it out here as well and just smash it 25 minutes just big for lots of different things just keep moving have fun and then I’m going to be good and hungry for dinner and I’ll show you guys what I make for dinner tonight it’s going to be awesome at a big day I guess I could voice over this quick little workout that I have this is the backyard set up I’ll do a whole video on this perfect pretty cool and I got some rings and the slackline that I was just on really good for balance good core workout and get pretty creative on it you please ring just hang in the tree and I keep those ones up all the time I have some wood ones which are a bit nicer but I can’t full-time just student some leg raises from even pole that’s that bands which a nutbar I made if you guys saw my last video I think woods or two videos ago I go over the making of that pretty fun that’s why spending for the bamboo but it doesn’t just break it like a dowel was it does start to crack it just keeps its integrity for some reason amazed and amazing building material so knee raises and now I’m doing horrible and now I’m doing a little like hip dusters I think I have that a old ABS video that I did [Music] alright it’s time for dinner and I am hungry so here’s dinner you can see it all Whole Foods all good stuff of some sauerkraut there you can go on the side take care of my good gut bacteria keep everything healthy so we are what we absorb you guys know that so these lentils here are going to provide the bulk of the calories from the dish and they’re also going to provide a lot of protein and tons of fiber going to fill me up so that’s what I’m using they’re organic lentils so salt free no salt added can of lentils you can make your own but I just want to show you how simple and how quick and easy this could be and I also needed a easy simple meal idea so I didn’t have some like big plans of what I was going to make for dinner I just kind of looked and saw what I had as a base and I saw the lentils and I just grabbed a bunch of the veggies that I had in the fridge and pull them all out just decided what I was going to make so here I am sauteing some veggies you guys will notice there that I put some water down first on a hot pan I often use water instead of oil for a variety of reasons you guys curious I could probably make a whole video on that but basically I don’t need it oil doesn’t really do anything for me I eat my fats from whole food sources here’s another little trick I learned make a little oven with the cooked food for the uncooked food so that it cooks and kind of schemes in there I’m doing the same with the peanut there so just chop up a bunch veggies I just love how this down kind of meditative Wow and there we have it dinner is done so that wasn’t too hard and that’s a lot of food I ate a lot today and it felt amazing I felt energetic and never bogged down all day and I am going to show you guys this little treat I’m gonna have after dinner I try not to eat much after dinner but I made these the other night and they’re so good basically just peanut butter and ground flax and date I’ll blend it up together think there’s a little bit of vanilla in there too cinnamon as well so good anyways let’s eat dinner alright so that’s it for this video I’m starving tired to the long day but a lot of activity I’m a delicious dinner it looks so good very excited eat it so as you can see I mean you’re not going to lose all your muscles do you go vegan you’re not going to feel deprived I’ve had lots of delicious food today I’ve been satiated all day I’ve eaten a lot like the volume of food is quite big that I’ve eaten if you’ve noticed and I stay lean and trim and strong and high-energy my digestion is good I hope I’ve inspired you guys today that’s what a vegan nutritionist feeds could look like this please comment down below I’d be interested to see what you guys think of this video I’m trying to post more so I just posted one yesterday already film it or another hopefully I can keep it going keep these going more frequent thanks so much for watching I do really really appreciate it go eat alright so thanks for sticking around to the end guys I’m just going to analyze sort of everything I ate today and show you the nutrients and the profile so this is everything I ate you guys can write it down if you want and eat just like me so here the sort of an overview I guess nutrients 3000 calories close to hundred grams of protein over 600 grams of carbs holy that’s a lot and just under 40 grams of fat over 600 grams of carbs guys next time someone tells you carbs make you fat tell them about me please so here are all the rest of the nutrients the minerals and the vitamins and I am crushing RTI’s so we’ll start at the top left and go from general down the carbs fats protein then back up to vitamins down a minerals so we talked about the calories 3,000 cows and I guess I should put into context how much I weigh and how big I am everyone’s always asking what are your stats and I’m not a huge guy but I guess the camera is kind to me people are always surprised when they hear that I’m only about 64 65 kilogram usually around 145 pounds and then five six with shoes on so not a big guy at all but hey I’m working with what I got and I love it so we got no alcohol no caffeine some caffeine in that pre-workout I’m not that shy of caffeine I’ll have a cup of coffee here and there a bit of green tea there’s that water isn’t activating – except during more than that I probably drank posted two and a half liters that day three liters is my goal I really get quite that much 600 grams of carbs we talked about that it’s incredible carbs are our fuel and they don’t make you facts I’ve been eating this much for a long time and I’m as lean as can be so you guys can tell over a hundred grams of fiber that’s very high I think I already is 35 and I know most Americans don’t get there so 102 is super good get things moving through reduce the toxic low in your body fat 40 grams I guess we should touch on the sugars I’ve never even looked at that number coming out to be if it’s attached to fruit and not a refined sugar like I’m not worried about it at all so I’m not even talk about it fat 40 grams I think they’re the are I don’t know what that set at maybe 50 grams it looks like would be like the hundred percent and I’m happy with 40 between 40 45 grams somewhere around there it’s probably good I could have had a bit more if I had a ripe avocado it would have been higher trust me so a lot of those fats are omega-3 fats from the flaxseed and omega sixes are very low which is unbelievable you want a pretty close ratio there and mine’s almost two to one which is unreal absolutely incredible the average American I remember hearing a statistic is close to 18 to 1 6 to 3 so yeah pression an anti-inflammatory good thing to build your cell membranes with full of you know healthy fats these are the ones that you want to be consuming no cholesterol and then we’re going to protein so hundred grams that’s quite a bit that’s more than I thought that I was getting so it’s a lot of protein and it’s only a half a scoop of protein powder so it’s only about I think it was 12 grams of protein of that 12 grams of that is protein powder nonfat all the all these essential amino acids are well well represented you can see there the branched chain amino acids isoleucine leucine and valine or valine some people call it those are all well met leucine supposed to be a hard one to get on if you can diet and I’m just crushing it at over 200 percent 230 percent of that so nope wrong building muscle over here guys trust me so all the vitamins are met as you guys would assume except for b12 which you need to take a supplement if you’re a long-term vegan and then all the other vitamins have been met just you know in vitamin A some people get alarmed when they see it that high our body is fine with consuming that much beta-carotene and plant-based vitamin A however preformed vitamin A that comes from meat in that amount it could definitely be pro cancerous and not good for us vitamins vitamin C Goods vitamin D I did not get 100% of that because we get that from the Sun and if it’s not if you’re not in the sunny environment or you know you’re not getting a lot of Sun and it probably has to supplement that look into a vegan d3 supplement vitamin E look at that over a hundred percent there and that’s probably thanks to some of the nuts and seeds that I was eating vitamin K a lot lots of that so that my body is times the k2 turned into vitamin k2 and then everything else down here minerals and all that exciting everything’s met some people some Keener’s might notice that calcium is 775 I think I got there I can’t see it’s really really tiny but I know it’s over a hundred percent however the sort of RDI that comes from I think the USDA s thousand milligram I don’t think that we need that much when we’re doing other things to stimulate our bone density and there’s a lot of you know evidence to prove that and if you guys are really curious about it you know ask me in the comments and I can provide you with some but a lot of communities that don’t eat dairy and don’t consume nearly as much dairy that we do and have far less calcium intake have a lot better bone density is basically what it comes down to so I’m fine and I haven’t broken anything since I’ve been vegan and I’m pretty reckless so copper iron manganese magnesium phosphorus potassium they’re all met look at that potassium people would think that with all my bananas I was like a billion times you know like lethal dose of potassium not even note 183 but you didn’t know that pretty cool selenium was met I didn’t even have a Brazil nut look at that sodium you know I didn’t add any salt to my stew that day I don’t think but there’s probably more than that maybe in the salsa and that sort of thing and then zinc was met probably with pumpkin seeds and buckwheat got a ton of zinc as well so look at that guy’s I didn’t even really plan this date I just ate what I had and what I liked and I met all my nutrient requirements I felt satiated all day I ate delicious food it didn’t take me a long time to prepare it it was all Whole Foods and you know what look at how cheap all of that food is it’s incredibly cheap so honestly guys get on board with this and I know a lot of you guys are already happy to inspire if you guys have any questions leave them down below thank you so much for sticking through this all the way to the end you guys are Keane and you guys are serious about your health and I love that and respect that mad respect to all you guys that are taking your health into your own hands I love you all see you guys in my next video comment down below give me some suggestions of what you guys want to see alright peace and love

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