What is the relationship between diet and spirituality

[UltraVid id=90 ]I read a quote where you were discussing people’s food choices and how that’s connected maybe to their spirituality and I’m wondering if you can elaborate on how that’s connected especially concerning ahimsa thank you I would say I’ve never as I never do to tell people you should do this or you should not do that but you should be present with whatever your food choices are and then the right food choice will happen for you rather than giving a an abstract guideline it needs to come from within rather than as something from without so if you are vegetarian that’s wonderful it doesn’t mean that mediately makes you into a person who is spiritual you could be egoic li identified with being vegetarian in which case it would be a hindrance to the realization of the spiritual dimension so I saw I shocked a vegetarian once when I said did you know that Hitler was a vegetarian that person was very strongly identified with a mental image of me as a spiritual evolved vegetarian and so yes he was a very tired I don’t know why it was a vegetarian perhaps I don’t know I haven’t read about it but I know that when he whenever people around Hitler were eating chicken soup and so he said condescendingly so you’re eating dead bird soup so it really is it comes the answer to that comes from within you and you have to do what feels right what corresponds to your state of consciousness at any time when you go into when you even look at food or even think of food it is helpful to sometimes when I buy some foods I go into a supermarket or some and I look at the shelf I imagine that this is going into my body and then the body either opens after it or closes down and so if you are in touch with the body then that is quite helpful it makes it easier the mind often doesn’t really know what what the body really wants it’s a mind remember some past pleasure and wants to repeat it and that’s where overeating also occurs because it’s just overeating is on the external level on the physical level the need to fail a sense of insufficiency that is ultimately there on the SOI psychological spiritual level the sense of not enough is ego the ego lives from that sense of insufficiency of not enough and of needing more and for some people that becomes into the physical realm in which case and you eat more than the body really needs or wants and again it’s it’s a spiritual dilemma it can only be really ultimately transcended if you realize that you are not that needy entity that says I need more so body awareness helps a lot in food choice and then it’s up to you what it is that you feel and you will know there but you will not be in a dilemma you will know what is right for you and so this is all important answers need to come from within you

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