Why I’m a Vegan and A Christian

[UltraVid id=66 ]hi everyone and today I wanted to talk to you all about Christianity and veganism and why I’m a Christian and a vegan and why I think that as a Christian being also conscious about the environment and being stewards is like really really important and so I’ve had lots of questions in the past like also you’re Christian you’re vegan like why would you be vegan when Jesus ate fish and this and the other and so I was like okay I’m gonna do a video on it so here is the my video okay so first of all at the very very beginning of creation it says in Genesis that God gave Adam and Eve when he made them in the Garden of Eden every every plant every seed-bearing tree and apart from one and I don’t was told to like tender lands and be a steward and look after look after the beautiful creation and so that was like God’s original plan for humans and to have like a relationship with with humans with Adam and Eve and for everything to be in unity and happy and everything going well and all lovely and beautiful and pretty and him to not actually eat animals that wasn’t part of it they actually in Eden had animals as companions in fact Adam was given animals first before he was given Eve to like look after so I don’t have talked the animals and I cared for them but long story but basically the animals didn’t fulfill him enough and so God decided to make him a woman and a female so then there was Adam and Eve in the garden and they all you know like happy living with the animals and eating all the lovely free I know I can talk more about about that in another video but basically we the whole in there and got in Eden cause probably plan they were basically fruitarians which is like in the perfect world it was just like the perfect site of cycle of the tree blooms fruit and it has seeds inside so obviously they would eat the fruit and the seeds have passed through and as they walk around the earth they pick them out and they grow lovely new trees in all these different vacations it’s a quite a lovely picture really but yeah unfortunately when ad when Adam and Eve got tempted by the tree of temptation and the serpent they ate the fruit from the tree they shouldn’t be eating from and it was the tree of knowledge of good and evil and so because they disobeyed God that meant that bad things came into the world and one of the one of the things that Bahamian to the world was death and that is the thing that we you know we all know happens decay in the cycle of life now happens that way and as you go through Genesis you realized that actually God in this fallen world gave humans animals to eat then so he was like to know we’re okay on the ark well when they landed back safely after the flood subsided like I now give you animals to eat as food and so they ate animals from that point onwards so yeah originally God’s perfect plan it was for us to eat plants but the survival reasons animals do actually sustain as this figure too which is great for our survival of the species right however now for a lot of people in society where there’s an option like and all the scientifically things have done is that basically that we can survive really well for a lot of people really well on vegan diets right um in different circumstances people were different with different types of foods but majority of the time more plants are good in our you know and we should be um one of the things going back to quickly about that stewardship thing is that do you think we’re being a good steward of this world supporting industries that allow these terrible things to happen to animals so the industrial farming intensive hunting baby carves away from cows and like plucking feathers out of chickens alive and grinding up little baby chicks is that morally does not morally sit well with us and that’s what you’ve got a reassertion of your personal what you’re spending our money on what we spend our money on it’s like a vote for what we believe in and if what wants us to be good stewards of the world we do the best we can but if we do know that that thing that we do purchase is contributing to the devastation of our world then that would be a biggest step to really just consciously make a decision to think well if there is a vegan option there is a plant-based option there’s a better option there is even like a better option if you still want to eat me is to go for the organic because it’s just not as damaging to the world and to the harmful animal or going for the free-range like organic eggs instead of the normal eggs there are little baby steps you can take towards that but obviously when you go to your restaurant tend to not do obviously the good quality stuff that doesn’t involve all the terrible things but that’s something to think about being a steward what are the questions obviously that comes up is like oh well Jesus came down and ate meat fish these things he fed the 5000 with the fish and the bread that’s what story has always said to me like all of us say that again it’s fine I’m like well obviously a few things I would say to that is number one the reason he did that was not to prove that he could eat me another way here the reason he did it was for to display his powers of what he was and who he was and to really just show that he cared and came to provide for people because he can provide things and there was so that was completely different moral of the story but the fact that he did use the fish was show that whatever people had at the time he was utilizing that rather than like judging them on that because we shouldn’t be judging people on their food based things we should just be you know pointing each other in good directions and better directions as we see but um obviously the practices back in that time but nowhere near as destructive as what they are now like now in the oceans with the fish they have humongous big trailers and they just basically trawl up gather in with these humongous Nets everything that exists in their field throw back things that they don’t want that they can’t get money from and then just sell the rest of the things and that is that a really good method of doing things that’s valuing our lovely earth and planet and things probably not so where we spend our money you’ve got a thing like mmm even though that’s cheaper is it worth it to allow that to happen and I know it’s a really tough one but then it’s kind of like there are alternatives so looking into those is a really good idea um but yeah I just want to say like as as as a Christian I think it’s really morally like a really great thing to really consciously look into our food because our food is the most most damaging thing to the world bonused it literally exceeds you can look at the science it exceeds why even though transport is really bad it exceeds transport even and obviously there’s loads of different things we can assess in our lifestyle but food is a really big thing and it’s one thing that we can take as a step towards that right direction like I know like close exploitation slave exploitation even just one thing about you know when we are supporting that industry not only are we supporting the workers who are in that industry which is terrible the things that they have to do they have to actually be in that environment and kill animals and as workers they have to chop it all up in things and I wouldn’t want anyone to be in that job and even the fact that they to grow huge huge fields full of grain to feed cities to feed these cows and things up these cows and pigs up with all this will this grain which could have been growing these fields could have been grown to feed populations it could feed so many more people so we’re even kind of when we are purchasing our high volumes of meat mmm eggs and cheese in that we are really contributing to you unfortunately like poverty in the world because we’re not utilizing our land resources in an effective efficient way which we should really be doing our stewards respecting our our world so yeah that’s just a few little things I wanted to mention and I hate that it’s kind of giving me some insight into Christianity and veganism plant-based eating and just remember it like you don’t have to go the full way if you want to go vegan there she just it’s everyday isn’t every choice every meal isn’t every choice you know just add in some extra vegetables into your meal I have some extra beans as well as that on the sides and then ease it out it’s fine but if there is an option to have a vegan one just go for a vegan meal a day at least that’s baby stuff in the right direction so everyone’s on the journey and I really respect everyone on their journey say yeah I hope you enjoyed that I am doing Christian mentoring so if you are interested in signing up to that the forum will be down below it’s great to have like a group to mentor that’s so much fun and we really just encourage each other on our journeys and put your children aren’t Direction chair like pretty interesting things amount so yeah I hoped I was having a lovely day and I will speak to you in my next video leave me a comment and a like bye

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