World’s Vegan City! || NAS Daily in Israel ||

[UltraVid id=41 ]hi eat meat but I have just arrived to a place where I don’t need it this is Tel Aviv Israel it’s the city that has considered the vegan capital of the world because in this city two hundred thousand people are we can begin we can begin again because I am a vegan it’s the highest percentage in the world of vegans which means in this city there are hundreds restaurants that use no eggs no meat normal no animals just plans and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s delicious do you like it nuts you can’t even speak this how much along it is there’s chicken they eat mushrooms beef artichokes milk coconuts and meat is from mush and this burger is vegan in the city of Tel Aviv people don’t hate me they just made so much delicious vegan food that you don’t even need to eat meat

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