You don’t need money to start a business

[UltraVid id=106 ]You don’t need money to start a business I got a great question for my YouTube viewers love you guys tank wahoo wrote in to say I really want to open my own vegan bakery slash cafe the issue here is money and I don’t even know in a kitchen I came up with baking years ago since my parents wanted me to become a nurse worst thing I did was give up on something I believed in and loved I’m still resentful towards them although really it was my own fault for not going with what I wanted this is a great question and I’ve got three bits of advice to help you with this problem number one is change your mindset you’re telling yourself a story that is holding you back right now you’re blaming your parents you’re blaming them because they had your best interests in heart they were looking out for you they wanted you to be a nurse even though it wasn’t your dream and you listen to them when you give up control of your life of your destiny and put it into somebody else’s hands you have nobody to blame but yourself so stop feeling resentful stop blaming them start looking in the mirror and saying this is on me to fix nobody’s going to give you your dream if you want to chase something it’s up to you to follow it number two is model success if you went out and took out a loan to start this business you would fail right now because you don’t know anything about running a vegan bakery cafe you’ll make a ton of mistakes and you could be in debt for the rest of your life so instead of jumping all in goal model success learn from someone who’s already doing what you want to do go find a cafe that you look up to that you respect who’s doing exactly what you want to become and go work for them learn the ropes understand what makes them successful get as close to the founder as possible take on as much roles and responsibilities as you can you’re getting paid to learn you’re getting paid to make mistakes you’re getting paid to make connections and you’re getting paid to get educated on how to run a successful bakery number three it starts small start right now with what you have you’re starting from here we have this desire to build a bakery your next step you see is being way up here where you want to open up your bake shop and you can’t bridge that gap right the only way you can see it is you have to get some money you don’t have the money you don’t know how to scale that big gap the way to do it is to take smaller steps break that down to the next step to allow you to start making forward progress you don’t start with a bakery you start by doing bake sales here’s a great example of a local Toronto and City vegan bakery cafe called bunner’s I first met the owner actually at a bake sale in the basement of a church she was selling gluten-free cupcakes and they were amazing she went to bake sale after bake sale after bake sale learning what works figuring out who her customers were understanding what recipes people really really liked she learned she saved up she started part-time before jumping all in when she saved up enough money and she knew she had customers she can call on and she knew she had products that people would actually buy she opened up her first location then she opened up another then she started a cookbook then she started a wholesale business and now she’s winning awards for best new bakery best dessert shop best muffin vegan or otherwise so change your beliefs and stop blaming other people model success and go work for someone who’s doing this right now and start small on the side instead of thinking you have to go all-in and launch your own shop and continue to believe for those you’re watching like the video subscribe to the channel see more just like it thank you so much for watching I’ll see you soon.

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